Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fixation on the Darkness (The Last Saturday)

So, as I am spending the last Saturday evening of 2008, I'm happy to tell you that I've made progress on the new song and have written about 500 new words to the book. The new song is really going to be great, probably my best new song musically, and the lyrics aren't that bad either. I guess I could already reveal the theme: it's simply a lonely, homeless man's thoughts on a Christmas eve. It's very deep yet it combines my two different styles of writing nicely.

Just to remind you, everyone who is reading this blog and hasn't voted on the awards yet, you have a rough 25 hours of time to vote. At the moment I have received 5 lists back, which is already pretty satisfying, but I won't draw a prize unless I can get 2 voters more, so get on voting! It seems like a few categories are already settled, but that doesn't mean your votes can't affect.

My Demon Hunter & Killswitch Engage interest continues, as it seems that I just can't get enough of these two melodic yet heavy metalcore bands at the moment. I'm downloading the latter's Alive or Just Breathing bonus discat the moment, and I couldn't be more excited. Who knows, I might even drop a review next week.

As I got my interest back on writing the book again, I can pretty much promise you to translate a new chapter next week. It's been awhile, so I suggest you take a brief look on the earlier chapters. I'm also going to start a completely new chapter in Finnish incase I got time during the rest of the holiday. As already stated, the new song is nearly finished what comes to the guitar parts and the lyrics, and I'll be really annoyed if I can't get it finished soon.

That's about it. Bye bye Saturday...

*Headbangs to the breakdown of One Last Sunset by Killswitch Engage*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Infected, Pt. 2

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've had a lot of stuff going on, Christmas only being one of them. I've been scheduling my next EP (yes, it's going to be an EP), started a completely new song and finished the lyrics for the collab, among with eating tons of chocolate, Christmas ham and other Christmas food. I didn't have that much presents this year, only some basic things like clothes, chocolate and shampoo, but it's fine - I did get 100 euros and I'm getting an effect pedal next week. And Christmas isn't about material things for me anymore anyways. It's more about peace, relaxation and holiday for me now, without forgetting the spiritual context.

Even though I've already been extra industrious, I'm going to continue on the same path and write something new for the book tomorrow, and possibly finish the lyrics and the guitar track I started today. Lately I haven't been listening to any Christmas music despite the season - I've been more comfortable with Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage. With the 100 euros I got for gift I'm actually thinking of buying the prime's live CD/DVD set 45 Days. We'll see if I can find it from a local store.

My guitar has became a true friend for me lately (lol), as I've played it for hours this week too. I've been learning some Demon Hunter songs and I've given a second try for alternate tunings (the new song I started today is played in Drop C). Even though I still need a lot of practice on the cover of One Step Closer I told you about, I have a feeling that I'm starting to get advanced with guitar.

As far as the awards go, they haven't really taken off yet, as I've only received one list back, but I hope it's only a matter of the fact that everyone has been busy with Christmas lately. However, I feel that it's necessary to remind you that the voting closes on 11 PM THIS SUNDAY (28.12), so do make sure to drop in your list until then.

Just incase you haven't seen the lyrics for the collab yet on LPP, here you go:

Hanging on a letter
never sent or received
Tears cleanse the stains
which never breath here
I blow a black whisper
below the seeping pain
so your heart will grasp it
and let me down once again

I want to be sick! [X2]

Sucking me closer to
a state of emptiness
your threading perfume
scrap me into pieces
Losing all these memories
Darkness makes me demur
Feeling so lonely now
I crawl to lament for you

My wishes come true [X2]
but so do you

This season of perplexity
bleeding and ardor
Flaming my darkness
with fireworks of God
the fuse must be burnt now
my icy heart is moaning
I’m sliding to roses
And towards to thorns of love



And yes, the bridge is going to be screamed. I'm so excited of this new, heavy direction of mine... Yet I promise that there are going to be some of those melodic, guitar-picking parts too like on GAMH.

I guess that's it... I won't post tomorrow unless I got something big for you, so I guess my next post will be on Saturday.

"Lightless, in fear, Karma shove, me down; December, inside this ice"

Monday, December 22, 2008


First things first, A THOUSAND APOLOGIES for not posting last weekend. I've been struggling with a virus/spyware infection for the past 4 days, and the only way to access internet was using safe mode (which, eventually, lead me to having 200 infections more). Now I think I got everything back to normal again though, let alone the fact that my windows has reseted itself and my keyboard is pretty messed up.

But let's go deeper in with what was up before the infection. During Monday-Thursday, I developed one wicked drum track for the collaboration between me and Shield No Shield, and decided to start another collaboration with my fellow friend Max (who most of you know as e-pcMAKzzz), which is going to be a cover of Linkin Park's One Step Closer. The rest of the week, during the moments when I've been stressed out because of the viruses, I also completed the solo for Memory and started a new interlude track which will probably be used as an intro piece for my next EP/album. I still haven't recorded anything major though, if we ignore the short drum demo I recorded on Thursday. Hopefully, as soon as I get everything sorted and all the Christmas presents etc. handled, I'll be able to offer something new for you. I feel your hunger...

But you know what, that's enough with my whining and updating, here comes the thing you've all (hopefully) been waiting for: The Breath of Darkness awards begin as of this moment! Please click the link below and download the text file which has a list of all the categories and nominees, with small descriptions for each. Then, select your own favourite out of each category, make a list of them and send it to me over MSN, ICQ or Yahoo, OR then simply drop your list in the comments of this blog. The deadline is Sunday night (28.12) 11 PM, when I will start counting the votes. IF there are enough voters, I will also offer a prize for one of the voters that's going to be drawn. Next Monday, I will present you two winner lists: one based on your votings, one based on my own decisions.

The categories and nominees in an .rtf wordpad file:

Now that I'm on holiday and my computer seems to be working again, I think I can finally relax, make music and enjoy Christmas. Clearing up the virus really wasn't good for my schedule though, and I still got a lot of stuff to do... But the awards are on now, Christmas is here and I don't have school in 14 days, so why complain?

"Cover up my twisted thoughts, shattered all around
Muffled sounds, recurring dreams;
Melatonin smile"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winters Lost

I'm afraid I have nothing new to share for you this time around. While I have spent time jamming with my guitar for hours today, it hasn't really resulted to anything major. I haven't written anything new either. Overall it has pretty much been the kind of a day when you just do nothing big and rewind a bit.

If nothing else, there is one new thing about today: Thanks to FCY-JMDK-WLKY, I've come across a band called Riverside. They're a progressive rock/metal band from Poland, and after hearing a couple of tracks, I'm downloading their Rapid Eye Movement album now. Too bad I won't really have any time to give it a listen today.

Just so that this blog post won't be so short, here is a preview of one of my newest demos, currently untitled:

Sometimes my paranoia
poisons me to think
of something stabbing me inside
sanctifying itself
I hate myself for this
deviation of thought
And I, cannot understand, or
push aside this blur

Now my self-destruction revolves
My hateful shadows will remold
Instead of exploring my blindness
my faith is wounded

I’m walking on a bridge
of strings of burn
which fly me and abide
through these eyes
So I lay my flesh
arise beyond myself
these lonely clouds of torment
and destructibility

My body cramps and crumbles down
My senses divide disconnecting the bind
The artificial walls shove me into the absence
Until I drop the lens

With those words, I'm ending the week. Next time that I post, it's holiday and Christmas is only a few days away...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay, first the bad news. I'll have to delay the awards for at least another week, I'm just not ready for them yet. I know, it sounds like it's never going to happen, but just be patient, it will.

Then the good news. I've been working on about 3 tracks this week - one of them being Memory, one being a collaboration between me and Shield No Shield, and one being the instrumental for the track so far known as Martyr. Memory is going to have a solo added, and I've also been fooling around with some drum patterns for it. So far, the collaboration only has a guitar track from me, plus some raw lyrics that are currently unfinished. And, as far as Martyr goes, I've got a chorus melody and a potential verse riff. I think I've showed you the lyrics before, but incase I haven't, here they are (note that this is only a rough demo version at the moment):

I ‘m not a martyr
I ‘m just a creature lacking belief
And I could not die for Him
Until, I ‘m aware of the Truth

The other night I was standing outside
glimpsed at the sky with tearful eyes
The searchlight upon me reflected the sound
of something poisoning my heart till it slips to the ground
The whispers in the autumn recall
how my belief used to be primary
With all the comfort now being torn
nothing remains the way it should be

My only fear is that the evil

rips off my heart and wrings it to black
The dreary angels set off my dreams
The moody prayers are no more in blaze
Tribulation or human need
Burn my neck so I foresee
Is there grace above my cry
or was I too weak to take the wine

The grace is beyond my careful reach
But somehow the light offers me relief
How could I accept the freezing of today
while my circle gets broken and open for pain
Oh God please forgive me, my faith crosses failure
you have the power I shall be afraid of
take my regret and heal my soul free
until I stray to seek for an easier way (again)


I will make a bridge for it later. Another good news is that I finally realized how to make my guitar sound heavier this morning. It was as simple as turning the guitar's volume settings to maximum. The outcome is great and there's clearly a new, raw edge hearable.

Once again, yesterday evening I had to go to church. It was actually pretty good, even though you can't really relax with your friends around. Walking home on a dark evening was yet again amazing. Here is the playlist:

P.O.D. - Draw The Line (Fundamental Version)
The Accident Experiment - Mind Death Machine
Head - Save Me From Myself
P.O.D. - Lie Down
Shinedown - Fly from The Inside

This week I haven't listened to anything new really, just tried to settle for Killswitch Engage and some random stuff my player picks. Tonight, I'm just going to sit back and take it easy. Christmas is only 1½ weeks away, and I only have 5 days of school left to go. As my music is doing well too, life's certainly good. However, one negative thing is, that I haven't written anything new for the book lately. Maybe tomorrow I'll make something new for it. No one knows what will happen, so until then;

"Kill the day and fill me, break my past renew me/Lift up my head, I'm weary/Strip my thoughts and I'll...

Kill this day, now fill me"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take This Oath

So, last night I wrote a 2-verse demo, which is pretty much a love-related cry-out song. I actually have a riff for it already, and it's going to be a very strong power-ballad. Today, I've been pretty tired, and I've done nothing new really, though I have started one of my old forums going again. Addiction For Art ( is a forum I started last spring, and it's meant for all kinds of artists from poets to designers. I've already had a couple of new users, so it should be fun. If you're an artist, feel free to join or at least check the site out.

I'm currently working hard on the awards, and I might get them going already next weekend. Don't forget to vote when they're being set off, because the voting time will be exactly one week! I want all of my readers to get involved. Who knows, I might even have a prize on it's way for the voters...

As far as the future goes, meaning until the next weekend, I'm more relaxed than in a long time now and I should be full of energy when the next week starts. I will keep practicing with my singing, guitar playing, keyboards and drums, and I bet I will have some sort of a recording for you next weekend already. School-wise, no one knows how stressed I might be tomomorrow (I still don't know a half of what has been going on last week), but I'm pretty positive at the moment. We'll see how everything works out.

The snow has melted all around Finland, but it doesn't stop Christmas from coming... So, everyone, "Open your eyes, look to the sky, I got my wings, and I'm starting to fly... starting to fly... starting to fly, yeah..."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Different Kind of Freedom

This week I've been able to do a lot stuff I've wanted to do for awhile now - I've been sick for most part of the week (Monday-Thursday) and so I've been able to relax and stay home for the past 4 days. I've made a lot of progress on my demos, and soon I should have something out already. Too bad that now I have to work harder than usually to catch everyone up in school.

Being sick has also inspired me to look for new bands and new music in general, and I've been into 2 new bands this week - Killswitch Engage and Kinetik Control. The prime is a metalcore band very similar to Demon Hunter, and at the moment I got 2 albums by them. I pretty much love their ability of mixing up melodic and heavy riffs together, plus they got really unpredictable rhythm changes throughout their songs. As far as Kinetik Control goes, they're a Finnish hybrid bringing metal, pop, rock and electronica together. They've only released one album and one EP so far, but I think that their sound is very unique and full of potential. The fact that they're Finnish makes it almost unique for me already, because I usually don't listen to many non-US bands (because lets face it, the best music is done overseas where I live).

If there has been something negative about this week, it has been the lack of my writing. I've probably spent around 10 hours playing guitar and read for about 5, but writing lyrics or stories just hasn't been my thing lately. I'm going to get something done tonight though, because I've also started a collaboration with Shield No Shield and I feel like I need to write something else before starting the lyrics for that one.

No Friday or Saturday events have been held for 2 reasons, one being that I want to play it safe and not go out yet at this condition, and second being that any shops aren't open today because it's the Independence day of Finland. While I know that going to school on Monday will be hard, the fact that in 2 weeks an equally long Christmas holiday will begin, gives me hope. By the way, don't worry, I haven't forgotten the awards - they'll be set off soon too.

I guess that's it... With all the great memories and a completely new spirit this week has rewarded me with, I can't wait (and am hoping that you can't either) for Christmas and my further musical and lyrical efforts. So, here goes my One Last Sunset of the week....

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Watch Your Words

I apologize, but after a short evening including pizza, music and a few new lines added to my new song, I got nothing new to offer really (because I really don't want to show you the lyrics while they are still very incomplete). As far as today goes, I woke up pretty early and went to the Church as planned, and it turned out to be a really long visit, which I couldn't really enjoy (not that Church isn't a peaceful and relaxing place spiritually, but whilst surrounded by friends and other people you can't really pray and sing in peace). With the occasion held after the Church, about 3½ hours of my Sunday had been taken. Not really nice, but what can you do, I want to graduate from confirmation school. For the rest of the day I've been playing guitar, surfing around the net and other boring stuff. I'm probably going to read and maybe play some more guitar during the rest of the evening, I'm really tired.

So that this post won't just be another whine, I'll promise to keep you more updated on The Breath of Darkness awards, which will be held in December. It's really hard to decide on a date just now, but I presume my last week of school will be the first potential option (that's in 2 weeks). Believe me when I tell you that it's worth the wait. I'm also planning on making another musical surprise for you (the first one was the Spanish acapella of Memory on GAMH, incase you didn't notice). Just hang in there... I know I will.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


After a pretty solid week I'm spending the last saturday of November with open minds. I have to go to the Church tomorrow morning because of confirmation school duties, and due that I'm a bit stressed, but I think I'm still able to make the best of tonight.

As far as the past week goes, I've been developing a new demo in the side of studying. Also, this week I've been watching TV more than ever. I've started watching a Finnish music channel called Voice, and noticed that in between the basic pop and gangsta rap songs there's some 'real' music too in the mainstream - e.g. Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Kanye West. The prime has found its way to my playlist too - yesterday I got Coldplays Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, and even though I haven't really given it a proper listen yet, it seems very creative and, no matter that it's a lot more mellow than the music I have come to listen to recently, I see it having its own special place in my playlist and inspiration zone at the moment. They've also started showing the re-runs of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and that if something is a classic TV show which I enjoy.

Earlier today, I got Linkin Parks new LPU CD, which, for everyones surprise, is full of humoristic studio demos similar to childrens songs. Many have been disappointed by it, but for me, as a former LP fan, it's a sign that LP might not be such a sell-out band afterall and that they still deserve a chance from me. Of course, Minutes to Midnight was a step forward and the peak of creativity for them, but it was just too soft for me... Oh well, maybe listening to Coldplay might get me back into Linkin Park too - besides, their old material still rocks hard and the whole band is the reason why I'm into heavier music anyways.

Yesterdays Friday Night Event didn't really happen, because for some reason I couldn't make my headphones to work. This morning I was able to make them work okay and I was able to go for a walk on the afternoon. The playlist looked like this:

1. HURT - Losing
2. Coldplay - Lost!
3. Adema - Everyone
4. KoRn - Here It Comes Again
5. Demon Hunter - Coffin Builder
6. Skillet - Open Wounds

For tonight, I'm going to continue developing the new song (which is going to be amazing by the way), read, think about the past month (which has been the best month of my whole life so far, by both, negative and positive experiences) and listen to music until my ears hurt lol. Let's see if I have anything new to offer for you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, another weekend has passed. While studying, listening to music and making 3 walks outside (one each day), I've been frustrated and my countless guitar playing and time spent wondering around what to write hasn't resulted into anything new. I still have got a few demos, but those haven't developed much at all during these 2 days.

Ignoring the undeniable frustration, I have been able to relax at times and especially my walks outside have each been unforgettable. As presumed, I haven't had any time or inspiration to continue reading, and my extra space left for reviewing or such didn't really happen. However, instead of being sad about it, I have already made some plans for the following week and the next weekend already - until then, I do have quite a lot of stuff to go through though, e.g. 2 very important tests. But I'm pretty hopeful at the moment.

The music I've been listening to has stayed pretty Tool-related, yet I have kept my player on shuffle quite a lot as usual.

Not much to talk about here... As a side note, Christmas is coming and I'm very excited about it. The whole week has been surrounded by a winter-alike weather, and I'm pretty happy about that too. Let's just hope I can hang in there for 4 more weeks...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prying Open My Third Eye

Good Saturday morning. During this post I'm going to share a lot of different stuff that will hopefully make you feel as delighted as myself at the moment.

Firstly, this week I've been experimenting more than ever, as I've been practicing my voice for hours (and in my own opinion, made some progress already), played guitar for at least an hour every day, and also started playing keyboard a little. Not only have I came up with a plenty of new stuff going around, I have learned to experiment and try new things too. I've also started listening to Tool again and that way matured even more, and as a conclusion, I think that this week has been one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of my musical development.

My school week was pretty medium harsh, but I was able to go through it properly. I had a difficult test (and more to come next week) and yesterday was a pretty awful day. Seems like the schedule for the next season of school is an absolute let down. I gave the EP to my music teacher though and the week could've gone worse too...

Here is the playlist for last evening's Friday Night Event:

The Accident Experiment - Arena
Ünloco - Empty
P.O.D. - Cain
Deftones - Fireal
Project 86 - Hollow Again

During the weekend, I will have to read for a Chemistry test next Wednesday, however I'll be writing new material for sure and listen to some more Tool and perhaps take another new band to listen to too. I seem to be having a progressive phase right now, first AeX, now Tool, and who knows what next. The Accident Experiment and Tool also have another thing in common - both have very poetic and secular lyrics, and that has influenced me to write lyrics also very poetic and multi-interpretational. I can already say that there's at least one future song by me in process that's going to be strongly influenced by Tool, especially their album Ænima, which is actually the album I've been the most into this week.

I've read over a half of the book I started reading last week, and so far it hasn't let me down. Might be that I won't have time to read it this weekend though. Despite this, I'm going to leave some space for a moment to write a review or finish the chapter I started last Saturday. I will make a report of what's up tonight or tomorrow.

'til then...

"Come down... Get off your f**king cross. We need the f**king space to nail the next fool martyr! To ascend you must die! You must be crucified! For your sins and your lies! [sic] GOODBYE..."

And no, that's not atheistic. Look deeper into it...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arena of Life

So yesterday, I was supposed to celebrate my birthday for real. As I couldn't really think of a reasonable way to party, I wrote a lyrical demo and started a new chapter for my book, while eating lots of icecream, cookies, chocolate and pizza, without forgetting quality music. So in the end it was a pretty normal Saturday, yet I don't really mind, because I enjoyed it as always. Also, this morning I was able to come up with a riff for the demo.

As far as "quality music" goes, recently I've listened to a lot of The Accident Experiment. I also got Grammatrain's debut yesterday and early this morning it was time for some Stone Sour. I just love how I got the time to get to know new bands and new stuff again.

Just so you won't be disappointed, instead of revealing the lyrics I wrote yesterday, I'm going to show you another demo that I wrote last weekend.

How does it feel like
tonight’s paralyzed
and in the same time
it holds peace inside
Wicked whispers fly high
while I come to life
the fall has captured
my empty state of mind

What has came to be
In this slate of disease
the silver is blue
and the gold turns to hue
The weak touch of light
hurts my bare eyes
But no one can sense
what I do above this fence


Set what you hide
deep down in your mind
To some other place
Somewhere out of graze
Stare at your fate
and if it’s incomplete
concentrate on faith
and make it complete

Ride on to low
stop before dawn
follow the purity
metaphors of thorn
I came to feel
Something unseen
rock my soul, play it out
feel the rhythm, without a doubt


And it’s not only a dream
to be able to breathe
the same word than Him
until the rebirth
I will stay standby
as far as the light
reaches my bleeding
my wait is unhealing

As far as the rest of today goes, I think I'm just going to be lazy, read and not hold any pressure about anything. It's time to turn quality music and relaxing activities into quality time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Truth Behind

Alright, I got a ton of things, but let's start from the very beginning of this week, while I was busy with finishing off the EP. I was able to mix Soar and make sure all the songs were decent enough by Tuesday night, but then had a sudden change of plans, when I had to mix Ascend Me, Blind Tone myself as Bass-Meca couldn't find a way to fit the guitar in or put the vocals on key. So it took me basically the whole evening to even come up with what it is right now (which clearly isn't the best mixing result). So, most of the finishing work concerning the booklet had to be done early on Wednesday morning. It was all fine though, and I don't remember being so excited in a long time.

On Wednesday afternoon, I released the EP, and also joined, while my excitement was high throughout that time. However, seeing the first reactions the EP received and wasting the night with no party spirit, stuck with studying, in the end of it all I was disappointed.

During these last two days I've been thinking about what people have said to me about the EP, all the negative yet encouraging feedback. There has been a lot of it, and after being depressed and mad about it, I've come to terms with it and now I just can't wait to start practicing even harder and come out with a more mature, professional and overall better material. I have realized that I rushed too much with Glimpse At My Horizon, especially with the drum and the vocal tracks. The latter ones suck, and the drums are flowing with the guitar too much. With the feedback and my own honest observations I think that I'm able to improve on a lot and will evolve as a musician very strongly during the next few months. My intention with the EP in the first place was to fulfill my dream, yet I've now realized that God had a vision to make me face the bottom, and make me learn not to take everything I do for granted. In the end I'm feeling pretty positive right now.

Considering other things, I've started reading a new book, it's a sequel to the one I read last summer and really liked (and which also inspired me strongly with my own book), called "Snow Drift: Riff". It's at least as good as the first one and I'm literally addicted to it at the moment. I had 3 tests at school this week, and they all went either well or good enough. After releasing the EP I've also been able to release some stress and while I'm going to celebrate my birthday for real this weekend, I'm very relaxed and happy.

My Friday Night Event was spread to two parts this time, as I did it for the first time in 3 weeks. Here are the playlists:

During my walk/run in the rain:

Demon Hunter - Through The Black
Korn - Here to Stay
Project 86 - Pipe Dream
P.O.D. - Bridge to Burn
Shinedown - Better Version

During my regular event:

Alien Ant Farm - Wish
Skillet - Forsaken
Demon Hunter - Screams of the Undead
P.O.D./Christian Lindskog - Anything Right
Demon Hunter - Coffin Builder
Skillet - Open Wounds

Now I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the Friday night by reading and relaxing. I will post tomorrow - hopefully after a wonderful day.

Once again, thank you all for your support and feedback. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glimpse At My Horizon EP

IT'S HERE! No time for explanations, I'm just going to copy/paste the text from one of the booklet's pages and post you the link to the EP. Don't forget to leave feedback!

In November 2008, while turning 14, Jon2 sets off his Wicked Breath project with the Glimpse At My Horizon EP. With no further skills than imagination and passion for making, listening to and living through music, the 13 (now 14) year old boy has created his own style of simplistic hard rock riffs combined with dark, Christian lyrics and basic yet rhythmic drum comps.
While you, the listener, one of the rare and selected ones to receive a hard copy of this EP, might notice that the vocals are often off-key, the guitars are sometimes untuned and that the volume and the different levels switch a lot, you can’t deny the talent in the lyricism. After studying and writing lyrics for 3½ years, Jon2 has learned to combine metaphoric and advanced writing with a Christian touch to simplistic and dark story-telling with little sparkles of hope. As a novelist too, this boy might just hit it big someday, so don’t put your expectations too high for this EP, but definitely take it seriously.

Wicked Breath is: Jon2 – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

I’d like to thank my parents for giving me birth, looking after me and loving me no matter what, my fellow friends and supporters Max, Sheldon, Sam, Aarne, Dequartas, Frank, Sanfer, Jason and Shade, and everyone who has ever loved, hated or been comfortable with me or my work. However, most importantly I’d like to thank my Lord for giving me this life and the strength to go on, not only with this EP but with life in general. This is the ultimate prize and proof of that.

12.11.2008 @ Jon2Studios



Friday, November 7, 2008


Sitting in my room, surfing the net and listening to music while having a break from recording and mixing, has never been this serious or restless. I've been busy this week with a lot, however now I'm settled down and just trying to relax by eating pizza and listening to the Deftones.

Soar is about 70 % ready at the moment, and as I'm in a critical hurry, the EP is still very close yet so far. The booklet is about half-ready and Soar is missing a few drum and bass parts. In the middle of a test period I've been able to write a few new demos too, but it's as if working on the EP has been nothing but an endless struggle. Next Wednesday, however, it will end one way or another.

That's right. Next Wednesday, the 12th of November, I leave another era behind myself and turn 14. I'm planning on having a small party for myself next Friday, but the release of the EP, however, shall offer the biggest pleasure. I will make a post on Wednesday at exactly 1.59 PM with a link to the EP (2 PM is when I was born). That is, if everything goes according to the plan.

Influence-wise, I haven't come across anything new, but I've downloaded some Project 86 and P.O.D. rarities lately. Sad news concerning the latter is the rumor that they've cancelled their Europe tour and gone on hiatus. For a band that's bigger than just a musical act, I feel really bad for this kind of thing happening. As for the reason of the break, nothing has been announced yet, but I speculate it has got something to do with Marcos again.

I hate to leave this post so empty, but I really got nothing else on my mind right now. I haven't had any time to read, continue the book whatsoever, and TV has pretty much been my only way of relaxing this week in between of studying, recording and mixing. I really need rest from all this.

There is one thing I would like to talk about a bit, and that is the US Presidental Election that was held last Tuesday. I've been on Obama's side since I started following the politics last winter, and it was a joy to see him give a beautiful speech after winning the race (pun intended). This is a huge step forward for the USA, no matter how cliché that already sounds. I really believe in him and his visions of stopping war, poverty and healing the economy, slowly yet certainly.

With that note, I guess it's time. I won't promise anything about tomorrow this time, but I swear that on Wednesday I will make a new post.

"I feel sick, right here! I FEEL SICK!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breakdown Is Near...

This week has been completely insane. Not only has it gone really fast, I've basically finished Winter when it only had some guitar parts before this week, started recording Soar and started 2 new songs. And the 2 new songs are both heavy and potential-rich, and I already have a lot of plans for them.

Of course, getting back to school has slowed my work down a bit, and for example, the book hasn't done any progress (and probably won't in a while). During this and the next 1½ weeks Glimpse At My Horizon EP is my priority, and I'm full of enthusiasm for releasing it on my brithday, 12th of November.

Outside my projects, I've spent a very unstable week. The first 2½ days were really difficult for me, and the next 2 were really nice, mostly due my positive attitude. During the start of the week, I also spent a lot of time on mixing and recording Winter, so it increased the amount of stress and that's probably why I was so uptight. At the moment I'm feeling pretty neutral, knowing that next week is going to include some tests and tribulations.

Yesterday I didn't do my traditional Friday night event - first time since it's so-called birth. I was mixing the last bits of Winter and I wasn't really on the mood either. In the end, I didn't feel so bad about not doing it anyways.

Today, I mixed Winter so that it's 99% ready, and have been pretty loose since then. Might write something tonight, don't know yet really, but fact is that tomorrow I want to get free from all the mixing and recording for sure. Maybe I'll translate a chapter, maybe I'll just watch TV and read all day long.

One last announcement is that this week I've gotten back to Papa Roach (thanks to a buddy called FCY-JMDK-WLKY). I got their Getting Away With Murder album, though I haven't really given it a proper listen just yet.

So, until tomorrow;

"So come on and shine with me, like the beautiful star you are... And leave it behind with me, 'cause forever is not that far..."

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Useless Sunday II

So here I am, once again, after sleeping for 9 hours, playing useless junk on guitar for ages, and doing a bunch of other stuff I'm sure you're not interested to hear about.

It's time to place a serious topic onto the table.

Time. A concept I'm sure everyone has heard of, and many pondered. What defines time? We all know, that it's related to a lot of space stuff and all, but if we go deeper into it, what really defines it?
Spiritually speaking, there is no time for a believer, there's only eternity. However, as living beings in today's society, we need to reach and have a hold to it from time to time. That seems to get harder and harder though - time is either going too fast or too slow, and because it's time, you can't do nothing about it. But what if you could? If you could stop time by snapping your fingers, or go far back to your past from a blink of an eye, what kind of an impact would it have on you, and other people? This leads us to my new favourite subject at the moment - what would happen if people would be given the power to control everything?
I have the vision that God has an ability to control everything if He wants to. I mean everything, from time to human minds, from birth to natural disasters. However, I believe that he lets go a lot of that power He has, in order for us to make mistakes and learn through them, develop our own personalities and be ourselves, and in order for the world to breathe, so to speak.
It can't only be a coincidence if you find yourself in the middle of a spiritual struggle one day either - God not only watches us, but defends us and Himself while the evil tries to control us even more. So, basically, the universe is controlled by people, God and the evil, creating a balance that is determined by the confrontations of the 2 latter.
So, back to the original subject, what would happen if God gave all of his power to us, unthankful and greedy people? Well, we obviously wouldn't stand a chance against evil, and the evil is too smart to let go of his own strenght. We would be able to control our stress, enjoy whatever we wanted to for an undefined amount of time and while used correctly, we could set the world to a harmony with no war or conflicts (and the opposite is, that the world would burn down in 24 hours due no one thinking about anyone except for theirselves). But then, the next snap of our fingers would take us to slaves of the evil and we'd face the opposite of harmony - terrorism. Only then, it would be a lot more destructive than 9/11 or any other human terrorism.
So, as a conclusion, it might be for the best if we're not given any more responsibility. Let God control us, let Him heal us and let Him love us. And that, my fellow readers, might just be the best power you'll ever feel, or need.

Okay, I admit, that's not a serious topic, it's just a bunch of my recent thoughts and conclusions. But there you have it. Feel free to share your thoughts.

Until the next holiday, I stay useless.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Waking the Fallen

So, today I've been super active. Not only did I write a review of Avenged Sevenfold's Waking the Fallen, but also translated the next chapter of the book. Here is the chapter:


Freak, Part II

Four impatient pair of eyes stared towards Noah when he stepped into the music class carrying a black and white Fender Stratocaster and a black folder. He took the folder to the table that was at the back of the room and set his guitar to an open stand. He didn’t even notice that he was late, until Mark coughed and while Noah turned around, gave him a severe look.
- Oh, I’m late? Sorry, I had inspiration to write a bass track to this song…
- No matter what, you’re over 30 minutes late. We don’t afford to pay extra for this…
- No problem, we didn’t even start yet. Right? Summer tried to calm the situation down desperately. – Right?!
- Yeah, it’s okay… Adrian said blandly. Noah opened his folder and started to browse it like he was looking for something.
- This is not going to work, believe me, Mark whispered to Summer.
- Yes it is, let’s just start playing, Summer said headstrong. Adrian lifted his shoulders and Mark and he already reached for their instruments. Hannah stepped in front of Summer and said half out loud: - Why are you doing this?
- Why am I doing what?
- Destroying our friendship for that… that… boy?
- I’m not, I’m just thinking what’s best for the band…
- You’re only thinking the best for you. You’re clearly having a crush.
- Oh come on.
- Well then, why are you trying so hard to adjust him to our group? Hanna said nodding towards Noah.
- Because he is the missing piece of this group. Summer moved Hannah from her way, walked to the stand and grabbed the bass. Hannah sneered and went behind the drums herself. Noah looked by his shoulder and went to the center with his guitar, close to Adrian after he had noticed that everyone else was already ready to play.
- What are we going to play? He asked.
- Well, last time we improvised this one thing, Mark said. – If we try playing that as we can remember it, and then you can come in with whatever you want to after you’ve understood the idea? Others seemed insecure, but Noah nodded understandably. Mark clearly wanted to start testing Noah right from the beginning, Summer thought.
Adrian started a bit uncertainly by playing the intro an octave lower than the last time. Moreover, the whole song sounded a bit wrong by everyone’s parts, and it was less original than on the first time. By the middle of the song, the melody started to sound correct though, and everyone started to play more self-confidently. Noah seemed to look convinced. He was just in the middle of starting something, when he suddenly waved his hands telling others to stop playing.
- What now? Is something wrong?
- No, no, I just had an idea, Noah said while writing something down on a piece of paper that had been lying on the table. Mark sneered.
- You think you have the right to interrupt our jam just because you got an idea?
Noah answered while continuing to write:
- No… I never even asked for it. I only waved so that you’d hold on until I’d come in a bit later. A silence was awoken, until Noah stopped writing and said:
- Now we can start from the top. Mark couldn’t believe his ears.
- What? From the top?
- Well, that should be the best place to start from, it’s kind of hard to continue from the middle of it…
- Don’t you even think that you can just come to this band and start controlling us and our music… Mark got mad, but calmed down after realizing that others weren’t backing him up – they were already playing the intro of the song. Mark looked at Noah angrily, but started to play. Noah grabbed his guitar again and tried to get his writings - whatever they were – memorized. After a couple of melodic changes from each, Noah started plucking something very simplistic yet beautiful, which fulfilled the other music amazingly well. Adrian lifted his look from the keyboard and accidentally skipped a note. Summer started smiling, and as she looked at Hannah, she started to smile too. Mark was the only one who didn’t react at all. Soon though, he too had to be surprised too, as Noah grabbed the microphone that was standing a couple of meters away and started to sing with Finnish-accented English. The lyrics sounded very dark yet poetic. Noah sang a pair of verses, then pushed the mic aside and switched his plucking to an even simpler, yet more powerful riff. Summer began to play a bass line that wasn’t included on the original song, and others started improvising changes too again. The song just continued and continued even after 6 minutes of playing, and no one wanted to stop – and no one didn’t, until Mark’s plectrum got a scratch so deep that it became unable to use. The whole group was smiling when they placed the instruments back at place. Noah went to the table once again to write something more to his paper, before taking it to his folder. While turning around he faced Adrian and his satisfied look.
- Where did you copy those lyrics?
Noah answered shaking his head:
- By practice. Write lyrics for 5 years and have a good imagination. My singing voice isn’t that good, and I can’t hit the high notes, but it’s pretty good for heavy music.
- Definitely.
- How about the riffs? Noah asked. When he saw Adrian getting a more neutral look on his face, Noah decided to add:
- I know, that they’re simple – I’ve never been the kind of guy who practices chords or takes lessons. I’ve learned to know my guitar by writing own riffs and melodies.
- Okay. It sounded pretty good though. Adrian looked behind himself and saw Summer and Hannah both nodding and smiling. When Noah looked towards Mark, he turned back to his guitar. Noah walked pass Adrian and the girls, stopping a couple of meters away from Mark.
- What about you? Noah said. Mark didn’t even move, so Noah continued:
- I don’t want to destroy this band, but to me a member of it and bring my own flavor to the mix. Mark turned around and looked thoughtful. Noah continued once again:
- If you feel like you’re the leader of the group, and you’re afraid of me taking that place away from you, don’t worry. The tension was able to sense from Adrian, Hannah and Summer’s faces. Noah reached his hand to shake it. Mark slowly stepped forth, still looking serious. After taking his last step towards Noah, he stopped. Quickly he reached his hand too and they shook them. The whole room sighed out of relief with Adrian, Hannah and Summer. Then, Noah said with a tone that only Mark could hear:
- Because you just know that I’m going to.

Later the same night, Noah was walking home. He was on a good mood, and still very inspirational. He had always kept himself as a bad member for a band, because he liked writing songs alone and wasn’t social at all. However, now he felt like this view had changed.
Noah had a feeling like this band could really turn into something. The first song was instrumentally exhaustive, and lyrically he had written one of his best texts. The progressive song was really addictive and it didn’t cause any trouble for Noah to remember it. With little adjustments, it could turn into a perfect song. Noah glimpsed at the sky and put his mp3-player on. His cell phone’s clock was ten to nine.
At the middle of the trip, Noah decided to go to the market to buy some Juice for the rest of his walk home. After coming back from the market, he bumped onto Summer.
- Hi. Where are you going? Summer began.
- Home. Just bought something to drink. You?
- I just have to buy some bread, my parents forgot to. Shall we walk the same path?
- Okay. Noah left outside the market to wait for Summer, while she went in to buy the bread, and a couple of minutes later they started walking by the lighted road.
After a while Summer opened the conversation.
- I liked those lyrics of yours a lot.
- Oh, thank you, Noah said smiling a bit.
- How can you write something like that?
- I don’t know… During the years I’ve just developed, and still am. I’ve always written stories and lyrics.
- Wow. They were pretty dark though.
- Well yeah… I don’t want you to think that I’m an emo or something. I can just write sad songs the best. It just feels more natural for me to write that kind of stuff than some sort of party songs for example. And those don’t have any context anyways.
- True. I personally like both, I mean happy and sad lyrics.
- Okay. I write positive texts too sometimes, but those are usually Christian then.
- Christian? Summer was confused.
- Yeah. Believe it or not, but unlike many others of this age, I’m a Christian – I mean a one that believes, one that’s not just a member of the church or gone through christening. It’s also hearable in my output.
- Oh, Summer said. She was surprised, but only positively, despite the fact that she didn’t believe in anything herself.
- Do you believe then?
- No I don’t really. However, I like to think that there’s a possibility, Summer replied carefully.
- Alright. I’ve never really even thought of another option. The faith just exists, Noah said looking serious. For a moment, Summer even got scared of Noah’s look. Suddenly, Noah said:
- But, shall we talk about something else?
- I don’t know, how do you feel like? Summer said caring. Noah switched the subject without saying a word.
- The thing we played today sounded pretty cool. We have an original sound.
- Yeah, we do. Your guitar and singing fitted well.
- Can’t argue, though others seem to be against it, Noah sighed.
- Not anymore. You convinced everyone, even Mark, Summer comforted.
- Maybe. I think that he just didn’t want to be against the rest of you. As Summer’s face looked hollow, Noah continued:
- But thanks for being on my side.
Summer smiled and glimpsed at the detached house on the other side of the road.
- This is where I live.
- I see. Well, it was nice talking to you. Good night. Noah stopped and stood at place while looking Summer cross the road. Summer even waved from the door. Noah waved blandly back.
After Summer was gone, Noah sighed and put his mp3-player back on. The shuffler picked the next song, and Noah was shocked, how well it fitted – the song was P.O.D.’s Know Me.


So that this post wouldn't be too long, here's a link to the review:

Anything else... Well, here's the list from yesterday's Friday night event, though I wasn't able to write down the songs I skipped:

1. KoRn - I'm Hiding
2. Deftones/Maynard James Keenan - Passenger
3. Project 86 - Bottom Feeder
4. HURT - Falls Apart
5. Project 86 - Safe Heaven
6. Project 86 - Run

Can't think of anything else at the moment. Have been listening to Avenged Sevenfold lately (as you can probably realize after reading the review) and I'm downloading Jason Truby's String Theory right now. I'll post tomorrow with my last post of the week (and my holiday). Should include some deep stuff.

PS: The Breath of Darkness Awards have been delayed until December. I'm going through so many bands and new influences right now, that it just wouldn't be fair to arrange the awards right now. But hold on for it, it's going to be fun.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Here we go again. Not a single post in 2 days, though I promised one... So you think I've been busy? Well, depends...

On Wednesday, I worked a bit on Winter, but completing the whole song isn't going to be done until next week. However, I started a new song, an instrumental one, and went through a lot of different tabs by P.O.D.

Yesterday, I continued my laziness throughout the day until I decided to go through some more P.O.D. and P86 tabs. I practiced them for awhile and then continued with the isntrumental track I had started the previous day. I also finished the over all 8th chapter of my book (by the way, I'm going to translate the next, 6th chapter during the weekend). The Finnish version now includes 58 pages, though it might increase while I format the text.

Today I've decided to take it easy due the end of the holiday. I will possibly write something utterly unnecessary or continue playing and practicing stuff.

Anyways, here is the part 2 of "Walk", which I wrote on Tuesday night:

After I had recovered from the fall, I tried to get up. However, I couldn’t. I tried to fly, but my skill of flying seemed to have disappeared like ashes to ashes and once again I was numb and without a body.
After a moment of scrabbling and wondering, the structure below me started to collapse. First, I could only feel rumble and wobbling, but finally I started to dash downhill. I hoped that this all would just be a nightmare and that I could wake up already, while I sensed the temperature heating up. Was this hell? Everyone always says that hell is underground. However, was the structure I laid on earlier, even ground? I couldn’t think of a single reason for me going to hell. So, almost like from the power of my will, the temperature started to cool down. First, it was very soothing, but then it started to get a bit too cold, and I felt like freezing. I was still very confused and nothing seemed to make any sense. Before I even knew it, all my thoughts were pulled away and smothered very quickly. I was falling towards a freezing death and I couldn’t even think about it.
With my last strength, I created the following thought, a spark of hope: “What if I could survive from all this?” However, that thought became my destiny. My speed got faster and I felt everything disappear, freezing into the coldness. No one could hear my inner scream and I would die in an imaginary world, of which no one barely understood anything, or even believed in. It was time to really test was there a God or not, and if there was, would He let me die?

We'll see if I find time and inspiration to write another post today or tomorrow, but I can guarantee that this isn't the last post of the week.

"You want the good life - you break your back/You snap your fingers - you snap your neck"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Thread of Light

As I've made a lot of progress concerning the EP during these last two days, I can't help but to think about the fact that almost a half of my holiday is gone. Not that I haven't enjoyed every bit of it so far. Here are some things I've done and am planning on to do.

On Sunday evening, I finished the book I had been reading for the last 2 weeks. I haven't told you much about it, so I think now is the time. The book was called Blown in the Wind and it painted an image of a girl who was bullied in school due her over-weight. In the beginning of the book, she also lost her mother, and all the pain she had to go through the years resulted to her having a relationship with a manipulative, 30-year old man as she was at the age of 17. The man was dating and making love to several other girls and women just when the main character wasn't looking, and was able to manipulate each and every one of them. Together, the girl and the man planned to build a bomb and launch it at the elementary school she had studied in when she was young and had been bullied. In the end, while the girl found out about her twisted boyfriends double-life, she went to the school building on the 6th of December (the Independency day of Finland) with the bomb, but there was no clear statement saying she actually commited her plan. Anyhow, it was a really dark book which I liked - though the end could've been a little less darker. I already started another book, but as I've only scrolled some pages, it's impossible to say what the plot is like at the moment.

Yesterday, I started working on the booklet for my EP. I was able to finish 2 pages, both having lyrics and drawn details. As I still have to think about what details to insert, I can't do much progress. As for the rest of the day, I pretty much just hung online, played games and listened to, read interviews and watched videos of Project 86.

Today, I had a big day. I had planned that I would record and mix the whole day, and it happened. I finished 2 songs, Poet Inside a Black Hole and Ascend Me, Blind Tone (the collab that was formerly known as Blind Tone) and started Winter. On my way of finishing the EP on time, I stepped at least 2 more steps forward. After the hard work I've been pretty lazy, but am planning on to write some stuff tonight. Tomorrow I'm also having another big day concerning my EP, as I'm going to continue with Winter.

Until then... "Time to burn this design, to free ourselves/We will burn this together/Time to fuse this design, to make us one/We will burn this together"

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Sunday, 19th of October 2008 has been a rather eased-down day. Most of the day I've been lazy - watching TV, playing online games, reading - but there is one special thing I've done, and that is translating the rest of the 5th chapter of my book. Because I hadn't posted the first half of the chapter earlier, here goes the complete chapter:


Freak, Part I

Raindrops poured down the school’s scratchy windows. The whole school was locked inside. Hannah couldn’t think of a time when it had rained as much as now. It did, however, support her current mental state perfectly, so it didn’t really worry her.
Hannah, Mark, Summer and Adrian were all together for the first time in the school’s music class. Music being the previous subject they had, they had asked teacher Aspenforest if they could stay to play. Aspenforest had given a permission with the condition that all the instruments would be back on their places as the next class would begin, and that the noise wouldn’t be too loud. All in all, the music teacher was pretty calm, so often his warnings or conditions weren’t supposed to be taken seriously, because they definitely weren’t meant to be received that way.
As the most excited, Adrian had already started circling around the keyboards. Moreover, he had already placed the microphones too. Mark had grabbed the guitar and played some chords, to warm up I guess. Summer was tuning the strings of her bass in the back of the class. Hannah was the only one who hadn’t taken her instrument yet or even prepared for it. She stared outside with an empty, translucent look and sat on an old wooden chair motionless. She had shut all outside factors out and concentrated fully on her thoughts. It was a lot to do, because her head was like a hurricane with all the vain thoughts and confusing feelings. Hannah would’ve loved to play, but her state in that moment didn’t simply let her to.
- Are you okay? Summer asked so abruptly, that Hannah startled. After she awoke, she noticed, that Mark and Adrian were staring at her too.
- Yeah, I am, sorry, I’m just a little absent today, Hannah explained and got up from her chair. Summer seemed worried. Hannah tried to reach Mark with her look but he had already moved his concentration back to plucking his guitar.
Hannah sat down behind her drum set. She took a pair of wooden drumsticks. She hit the bass drum a couple of times with her feet and revered the set with her eyes – partly cause her own set was half smaller, partly to have something else to think about. She noticed how everyone else seemed to be warming up professionally, playing complex chords and lines, while she was just kicking bass. She was a bit embarrassed. What if she was too bad to play in the band?
Suddenly the door got opened. A tall, brown-haired and black and blue-wearing boy came inside carrying a guitar and a handful of papers. He seemed a bit surprised to see that the class room wasn’t empty.
- Oh, sorry, I didn’t know there were some people in here…I’ll come back later, the boy said with a low voice and turned back towards the door. Adrian remembered to be polite.
- It’s okay, come in, there’s plenty of room to play, he said and smiled friendly. The boy turned again, but only to say:
- Thanks, but I prefer playing alone. Nothing personal, I’m just shy. You’re having a band, right? Good luck with it. Well, I’ll come later.
The door was closed as the boy left the room and the class was filled with silence. Mark and Adrian looked at each other and Summer tried to reach Hannah’s eyes too, but she had already fallen back to her thoughts and went through things which she had forgotten concerning drums. Surprisingly, Mark broke the silence by saying:
- Should we actually play something? I mean like a cover at first?
- Probably, but I guess we should first see what everyone of us can do, Adrian said. Afterwards he realized that he had sounded ruder than he had meant to sound. Mark looked at him strangely, but turned his look away from him while saying:
- Well, I don’t think that anyone of us is really good. I guess we can start with something simple like Smoke on the Water.
Hannah let her thoughts go and lifted her head. Mark was surprisingly cold. Was it because of the break-up? Hannah continued watching, as Mark played the main riff and tried to remember, how the Deep Purple classic went. Hannah couldn’t concentrate at all.
- Don’t tell me we’re just going to start off from scratch? Shouldn’t we first at least know the tabs, Summer pointed out asking. Hannah and Adrian seemed uncertain, and Mark even disappointed. For a moment there was a dead silence controlling the room, until Adrian decided to break it.
- Yeah, it’d be really hard to start playing just like that, I can’t remember the song completely myself. Everyone seemed to agree, except for Mark, who wasn’t even listening.
- There’s nothing special about it except the main riff anyways, Hannah said trying to sound convincing.
- Moreover, this is the first time we’re trying to play it …
- Alright, let’s do it like this then, Mark interrupted. Let’s look up some tabs from the internet and then practice them alone, and then let’s gather say at the end of the week. Fine?
Everyone looked a bit confused, but in the end everyone nodded one after the other. Adrian looked at Summer and smiled. Summer smiled back. Hannah looked beyond the drums for a moment and broke Adrian’s and Summer’s contact. Adrian tried to shake the embarrassed feeling out of himself by glimpsing at the clock instead. The break would soon be over.
- We are going to play something at least, aren’t we? Or practice? We soon need to quit, let’s try something at least.
Adrian’s idea must have been great in everyone’s opinion, but it didn’t receive any response. Everyone was either too concentrated on their own stuff or then they just didn’t have the right words. But Adrian was too motivated to let the last 5 minutes go to waste. He glimpsed at his keyboard and started to improvise something high-pitched. No one said anything or reacted in any way. However, after Adrian had played the loop a few times Summer followed with a bass line that fit the keyboard beat better than well. Hannah decided to start a double-bass comp . A short, improvised keyboard loop had developed into a nicely going song. Only Mark’s guitar was missing.
Mark took a glimpse around. Everyone was expecting him to come in. Mark’s mood was in need of something heavy. So, by heart, he tuned the guitar down to D and started playing a strong power chord. In the end it completed the song as a whole very well. Summer took her line a bit higher, while Hannah switched the original cymbal to crash. After a couple of bars Adrian switched his keyboard track, this time a bit lower. One after the other everyone kept changing the thing they were playing, making the others follow. Mark played a short solo in the end of the jam. After they had ended the song, the break was already over and Mark realized, that they were all late. Soon they placed the instruments to where they belonged, grabbed their bags and headed off the class.
Before stepping out of the class as the last one of them, Hannah looked outside one more time. The sun had started to shine and once again it supported her state flawlessly.

Two very frustrating chemistry classes and one delay warning per each richer Adrian, Mark, Summer and Hannah sat on the schools stairs waiting for the optional classes to start. It hadn’t rained in one hour, and most likely, the P.E. groups – to which Adrian and Hannah belonged to – classes would be held outside. A couple of seventh graders were very happy about the slush and were throwing snowballs at each other a little farer. Strait walked to them looking rather red and yelled something with his unclearly rough voice. The most of eighth and ninth graders were inside. Besides the four bandmates sitting on the stairs, only a few boys and girls had bothered theirselves to come out. The majority of these was holding hands, kissing or having fun otherwise.
Suddenly, Adrian decided to open the discussion.
- The thing we played earlier today was pretty cool. Adrian hated the feeling of silence and he thought that it was important to talk about things inside the band when they were all face-to-face, and not through phone calls or text messages.
- It was, Mark said. He didn’t sound convincing. The schools headmaster walked by and forced them to say hello in the middle of the conversation with their serious looks.
- We should’ve recorded it, I can’t remember the tempo anymore, Hannah complained. – It sounded pretty good though.
- That solo of yours wasn’t that easy either, Adrian said to Mark. Mark had lowered his face down and lifted up his head abruptly when answering.
- I can remember it I got it memorized. However, what I’m concerned of is that it seemed to miss something.
Now even the girls started to look at Mark’s pale face. What could this mean?
- Hey, don’t give me that look, I’m just expressing my opinion. It had all the instruments and I’m not saying that it didn’t sound good by it’s basics, but it was missing it.
- What are you talking about? Talks about it are just excuses in my opinion, Adrian said. Summer thought otherwise.
- No, I know what you mean. But what can we do? Bury the band before it even got started?
Mark shrugged. He didn’t have a single clue how to repair the lack of it, but he had always been the kind of person who didn’t worry about stuff much. In school, for example, he did well even though he only listened to teachers with his left ear. The band didn’t need his caring for long though.
- What about that boy? Should we take him in? Summer asked.
- What boy? Adrian said for himself and for Hannah and Mark too. Summer pointed towards the yard with her head. The boy who had visited the music class the same morning sat alone on a wooden seat and was reading an English book looking concentrated. Three boys sat right next to him looking intently at a cell phone, which one of them clearly owned.
- We’d take him to the band? Adrian said and lifted up his eyebrows. Mark laughed and shook his head. Hannah was quiet.
- Why not? Summer defended.
- Why yes? Mark replied. – He’s weird, shy and just the kind of lonely wolf our band doesn’t need.
- I agree… I got nothing personal against him, but he just doesn’t fit this thing, Adrian accompanied.
- But…
- Summer, believe us, he doesn’t fit in. No offence, but he isn’t that good-looking either, Hannah tried to convince Summer.
- Come on! He’s not weird or shy, he’s got mystery. And none of us is somewhat a model either.
- Yeah, but that’s the point. Maybe we should look for a figurehead who can sing and has looks… Adrian suggested. Hannah nodded and Mark looked amazed that he hadn’t thought of it himself. Summer, instead, got even more mad.
- Alright. If you’re not going to ask him to come in, I will.
- But Summer, it doesn’t work that way, the band makes the decisions together, and none of us three want him in…
- Let her go. He won’t say yes anyway, Mark calmed Adrian down while Summer started to walk towards the bench on the left side of the yard, where the boy was sitting. His friends had already left, which soothed Summer.
- Hey, Summer started carefully. The boy lifted his head.
- Oh, hey. He stuffed his book to his bag and moved so that Summer got a dry spot to sit on. Summer sat down. She didn’t know how to start. From the corner of her eye she noticed a lot of glancing coming from the stairs.
- Um, you play something right? I mean when you visited the music class earlier today.
- Well, depends… I write lyrics and then write some simple guitar melodies and drum comps to the background, the boy said humbly.
- Oh, Summer almost whispered. She felt herself embarrassed.
- You play bass I guess?
- Yeah. I’m not that good though, I haven’t played that much lately, Summer said blandly. She reminded herself that the faster the situation was over, the better.
- So, I just came to ask if you would like to join our band, Summer finally said, but the boy shook his head.
- I told you already, that I’m too shy. Besides, I like playing alone and making songs. Then I can decide on everything myself.
Summer became silent. She couldn’t come up with anything that could make the boy convinced. However, Summer liked his mysterious and shy character, it had something. It had it. So, she didn’t leave herself an option.
- Well, even though you would belong to a band, it wouldn’t mean that you could not write songs…
The boy startled. He looked at Summer in the eyes for awhile looking thoughtful. For a moment he even smiled, but then lowered his mouth corners again and said while looking at Mark, Hannah and Adrian:
- What do the other members of the band think about this?
Summer was stunned. It was like the boy could foresee.
- They agree with me, they want you in too, Summer lied. She knew that the boy wouldn’t believe her. Summer simply couldn’t lie.
- I don’t think so. If they did, they would’ve came with you to ask me to join.
- No, they just didn’t want to…
- Please, don’t. I know that they wouldn’t like it if I took over all the freedom. The band would break up before we even got started.
- But they could get used to it, Summer spluttered, even though she didn’t believe it even herself. The boy laughed a bit and lifted up his shoulders. However, Summer decided to continue.
- And if they don’t, then let’s just come up with something. Come on, assent, let’s see how it starts to flow, Summer smiled trying to encourage. She couldn’t understand even herself why she was bothering. The boy looked doubtful. Finally, he said:
- Alright. I can show up to a couple of practices, let’s see about it again after that. But when we’re deciding about my future with the band, you’ll listen to what the others got to say too, okay?
- Of course, Summer said and rose up. She gave her phone number and was already on her way back to the stairs, when the boy said:
- By the way, you can call me Noah. Summer smiled as Noah got up too and left towards the English class carrying his bag.
After arriving back to the others, Summer almost drowned to an ocean of questioning faces.
- Well? What did he say? Hannah wanted to know first.
- Did he laugh at you? Adrian queried.
- Oh please don’t say that he said yes, Mark whined. Summer continued walking towards the door, and said like she was just in passing:
- He assented willingly. Let’s practice with him for 2 weeks and during that time I promise to make you convinced, Summer said proudly and went inside leaving 3 most confusing faces behind herself.

If you were awake enough to read that completely, I won't torture you any longer. I still got to mention though, that I downloaded the 4th Demon Hunter album today, and so far it sounds absolutely mind-blowing, maybe even better than the self-titled debut album, which I thought was the best DH album out of the first 3 I got. As no one knows what tomorrow (my first official holiday day) brings, I'm ending this over all 60th blogpost of mine with the following quote from Demon Hunter's

"Oh, voiceless, wasted/You soaked your heart in gasoline/Now light it up and burn/Voiceless, wasted/I came this far to drag you down/And watch you take your turn"