Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Night Rains Down But It Can't Kill The Sun

So, here is the demo as promised:

Silence I sense inside myself
Hushing the toil from my bed
For a moment I feel not lonely
When I step into imaginary
Sun is waiting for my lead
Pain is struggling to get to me
Collapsing my earthly body of sin
while my spirit flies eternally

Don’t force your soul just wait on
Let your burdens take the fall
Dream inside will be reborn
So lie down
Lie down to sense the dawn

Even though this is only a short demo, - unlike the idea I posted 2 weeks ago - this is going to be developed as a serious tone. I'm basically begging for your comments, so please give me some feedback.

Another promise I'm keeping this time:

Sunday has been a really nice one. I haven't done much, but the overall feeling has been good. During the afternoon I wrote some more of my demo and jammed with my guitar. I read my homework, watched some TV and surfed the net feeling relaxed. As the week is ending, I'm not worried about the new one and am leaving the last day of the week behind ready for the new challenges ahead.

"I return to my shelter, and I crawl in a bottle; I'm losing my will for this, so over emotional/Confession of depression, this life I'm second-guessing; like ashes to ashes, I always seem to fall down...""

Why Does It Feel Like Sunday?

So, the weekend hasn't been what I expected (again), however, I'll proudly be presenting my latest lyrical demo this evening. Keep your hopes up for that.

Anything else? Well, I could go with another serious discussion, but I just don't have any mood for that right now. So, why not share a bit of my boring weekend?

Friday was a normal Friday with the anticipation of the approaching weekend. Nothing special happened - I spent some time with my friends after school, and then came home to eat candy and pizza and surf in the net (normal Friday activities for me). I went to bed about 10:45 PM.

Saturday was quite nice too. I relaxed with another period of internet and music. My demo got filled with 2 more lines and I came up with a couple of new riffs. I went out, chatted on MSN, listened to some music and then went to bed about 11:00 PM. Good day, but that special something left missing.

I'll post the story of today in the evening.

One more thing - I've opened a forum for different kind of artists. All poets, songwriters and drawers are welcome. Check it out at

See ya this evening...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bored (on a Friday)

Hey again... Finally the weekend is here. I'm really tired and probably will be doing all those things I promised to do this weekend tomorrow... At least that's what I'm hoping. I'm way too sleepy to write anything really philosophical this time, so I just might use the easy way and type something useless. So, why not review some of the tracks that inspire me this week (->).

Deftones - Bored

This is one of my all-time favorites from the Deftones. Awesome main riff, which cannot be confused with any other one. Straight after Chino Moreno's poetic lyrics and Abe Cunningham's drums hit in, you'll have what it takes to enjoy and relax for 4 minutes with good music. As I'm more concentrated to the music I have no idea what the lyrics represent... But it doesn't really matter to me, as long as it sounds good. Often people say that 'Blind' made KoRn - well, all I can say is that 'Bored' made the Deftones.

KoRn - Lies

Recently, this has became one of my favorite KoRn tracks. The riffs are heavy as usual, bass is funky and drums hit hard, however, I find something really special in this song. Is it Jonathan's lyrics, the drums and the screams, the hard main riff - no idea. All I can say is that KoRn took the wrong direction lyrically between their debut and their newest effort. Overall, 'Lies' is an awesome song with a good meaning and great lyrics.

P.O.D. - Image

A 3-second bassline starts off this track. Then the drums come in... and when Sonny's scream and Marcos' riff step in, I'm already in the mood for some plain and raw P.O.D. 'Image' is one of the best tracks from their best album in my opinion -Fundamental Elemements of Southtown - and as P.O.D. is my favorite band, this is also really close to ranking as one of my favorite songs. A typically amazing message for P.O.D. with great lyrics, hard-hitting drums, raw guitar plus wicked bass - and there you go, one of P.O.D.'s best and rawest songs. It's undescribable.

See ya tomorrow... Hopefully I post early in the morning with good news. Good night all.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Lie Down, And I Sleep, And When I Wake - I See Thursday.

I think it's needless to apologize about not posting in 4 days (!!), so let's just start off with what's up with me.

This week has been another stressful one, but as I've started seeing, the end of the week (Thursday, Friday, the weekend) is usually really releaving and enjoyable. It just seems that the start of the week is so full of different events I'm not that keen on nowadays. Anyways... I've been working on a really short demo which I'll probably be posting during the weekend (better not give any promises so you can't blame me for not keeping them). Slowly the summer is approaching and so is my holiday, so maybe there is light at the end of the tunel afterall...

Then the serious discussion(s). I'm going to make this the longest post ever made by me, so take your time.

Ever wondered, what's happening on the other side of the world while eating your lunch, getting ready to sleep or having fun with your friends? Ever seen a film or a document about an ancient culture that has been buried now and caught yourself hoping that this beautiful culture would still be alive? Ever watched the news, heard about a bad accident somewhere and said to yourself "I wish those people will be ok"?
If you have done any of the things mentioned above, you're quite ready to read this blog. If you haven't done any of those things, close your eyes for a moment now and think about the Earth. Think about all the different cultures there are. Think of all the different languages there are. Think of all the different people who live and die being on the same endless planet as you.
Finished? Good. Now let's discuss about it. I mean the planet we all live on and the people who are here. I know many of you who are reading this blog already have different beliefs, cultures you live in etc. and I also know that it's really hard to understand a foreign culture before you become a part of it yourself. It's as impossible for you to imagine my life here in North-Europe than for me to think about your life in some city down in Africa.
As this may sound ridiculous, weird and/or psychiatric, I'd like you to put yourself in someone else's position now. It can be almost anyone, as long as he/she is not in the same country as you. It can be your cousin who lives 1 000 kilometres away from you in another country - it can be your penpal from another continent - or it can simply be a fictive character who lives on the other side of the world than you. Just think about being someone else coming from a different place than you (or living in a different place than you at the moment). Imagine, what are your daily rutines. What's your religion? What language do you speak? What kind of friends do you have and what do you do together? Just think about it for a minute. I swear all of you will pass this test.
So, what was the idea of all this you might ask. Well, there really is none. I just wanted to lighten up the diversity we have in this world today. During all the sad things happening around us, it's sometimes nice to take a look at the good things we have, such all the different cultures here. Some are ancient, and unlike the one I stated previously in this post, they've stayed as a traditional part of a certain community for many generations. There are languages, that have been evolved during the years and are difficult to learn, but have really interesting words and sentences, without even mentioning the style of how it's written. Good example of this is the language we speak here in Finland - Finnish - which is actually one of the most difficult languages in the whole world, but still is surprisingly colorful and rich.

I do know, that some of you familiar with my blog might think it's boring to preach about things like this from day to day, post to post. But hey, this is my blog, and I just want to hand out my views on things here. You can freely have and share yours, but if you think you can do it all better, just try. I'm not saying I've putted a lot of work on this, making a blog is easy. However, it takes certain kind of dedication and thinking to be where I am right now with this blog.

Now, feel free to comment on to this post. During the weekend, you'll be able to read/review my most recent demo, read more posts like this one and more... Ah, I need to stop making promoses I can't keep. See ya.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

...And The Saturday Will Follow

Sorry, no post yesterday. However, I think it wouldn't have been anything you would've wanted to read anyway. There's really happening nothing in my life right now - I'm artistically-looking in a maze, and my other life is either really stressful or boring. So maybe it's better that we just move on to another serious topic.

What's the deal with humans? We're walking disasters with surprisingly lot of wisdom, our senses are quite accurate and we can live for many decades. Is this a result of evolution or God's will of creating creatures similar to Himself?
Our brain are capable of thinking - our eyes are capable of seeing - our ears are capable of hearing - our nose is capable of smelling - our mouth is capable of speaking. Plus we can feel things. Despite the question how is this possible we need to be thankful and take adventage of our senses. Moreover, you need to remember, that some senses have been taken away from man. Some can't see. Some can't hear. Some can't think clearly. When a human is capable of doing all the things mentioned above, in theory he/she is or at least should be happy. However, still we see people making a huge number out of really small things. This might sound preachy, but we can't do anything else than say 'thank you' for all we got. We could've been born as animals (and maybe someday we even do, see the post of Monday the 14th) who don't have even the half of what we do. At the end, the things you can enjoy are little - so enjoy as long as you can.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soon I Let Thursday Go

Hey. Nothing special coming at this post, don't read unless you really want to. I had school as always, and other than that I just spent time in the net. At the end of today I'm just basically forcing myself to write something for you.

If you really want to dig something out of my day, it'd be the way I've gotten back into the Deftones again. Yesterday evening I started listening to their album 'White Pony' first time in a while and it obviously sucked me with itself. Great album, one of the best I've heard - in fact, it's instrumentaly so awesome, that it makes me forget the fact how Chino's lyrics are mostly extremely controversial and their subjects are usually something way too much for my age. However, I do think the album rocks and that I could give another chance to them. I did listen to them at the start of the year, but it kinda faded...

Nothing else... Just slowly getting tired.

"And I'm your passenger..."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Change (In the Story of Wednesday)

This was a really bad day for me. Personal reasons, not going to share sorry. However, I have written this story for you to read. While reading, try looking it from a different perspective than used to.

Once there was a boy named Jack. He lived in a Christian boarding school, though he wasn’t into religious things at all. He didn’t have many friends - mostly because of his views, which were more or less atheistic – but he did have one person he could talk to and have fun with. He was another non-believer called Max.

The boys got into trouble a lot as a cause of their radical behavior and strict opinions. Their good grades were the only reason why they were kept in the school and their parents the main reason why they were there in the first place. They continued acting badly after seeing that the boarding school was dependent on the student’s reports – excellent reports to be exact. Moreover, there were only a few students available who were able to bring the school some glory.
Well, everything went pretty well – boys kept teasing their teachers and professors by sharing their non-belief to others, and the annoyed headmaster kept warning them with no consequences. Everyone was, or forced to be happy.
However, then there happened something which gave the control back to the school’s head. Max started getting worse and worse grades, and it didn’t take long before it was his time to go. Unlike Jack, Max had also lots of other friends at the school and many were sad when he left. Jack wasn’t. When people were talking about Max, Jack said: “What’s up with the talk about him? He was just a funny mate. And you can always have new mates.”
Though Jack denied it himself, Max’s leaving had a noticeable impact on him. He became lonely and he wasn’t sharing his radical opinions openly anymore. Soon his grades went down too, and it was his time to go home this time.

As Jack was taken near his home with a taxi, he was thinking nothing else but the freedom he had. He was extremely happy, and was only scared of his parent’s reaction.
About 2 kilometers away from his home, the taxi left Jack. He started walking calmly and was worriless. However, he didn’t arrive his home that way.
About half-way through the way, he suddenly started losing his sight. First he couldn’t recognize the view anymore, and his eyes started to swell. At the end, he lost his full sight - he came simply blind. Jack fell on his knees and started feeling a burning pain in his eyes. He rolled in the bushes and left there lying.
After spending a night in torture, Jack tried to get up. He couldn’t do it. He was basically half-dead. Preparing to his death, he took a deep breath and was willing to accept his destiny.
However, then he felt a stitch of strength in his soul. All these happy and wonderful thoughts started flowing to his head and he felt someone else’s presence. Slowly he opened his eyes. Guess what – he was able to see again. And just imagine what he saw.
Another atheist had been proven wrong.

And no - this is not a true-story.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mindtrip to Tuesday

Boring day again. Nothing special to tell you about. I'm going to continue writing my latest lyric after this post and listen to some good music. But before that, I'll share some more of my thoughts.

This is a thing that has been in my mind for a while. It's not afterlife-related, but before we continue discussion concerning that (possibly tomorrow) I want to talk about this.
During the past centuries, music has evolved a lot. First there was almost only classical and church music, and look at it now - there is everything from rap and hip-hop to metal, rock and pop. And these are just some of the major main genres - there's a also a lot of sub-genres and more main genres.
Why am I bringing this up, you might ask? Well, the thing I'm kinda interested about here is what our religious gods think of all this. For an atheist, it's clear - nothing, because there are no such heroes as gods. However, a Christian like me could easily wonder - what does Christ think of today's music? Is listening to my favorite music a sin if it doesn't praise Him? And can you listen to heavy music if it praises Him then? What about listening to satanic music - is it the only way for you to get sent to hell?
My personal opinion is, that no one's taste of music shouldn't be sneered at. Everyone has their own views on things and everyone has unique thoughts about music. However, I can't imagine myself listening to death metal with it's satanic messages and encouragements to some serious evil stuff, and either can Him I assume. But then, when we go to music that's neutral - not judging or praising either - is it okay? What about music that's heavy or otherwise disturbing but includes a good message? I'm sure it's not the way Jesus intended expressing faith to be either. However, times have changed, and maybe His thoughts are different too...
Discuss... and more commenting please. When we want answers we cannot get, we need to make up our own asnwers.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Say Goodnight to the Bad Monday

This day wasn't special either. School was ok and the week is going to be terrible from now on. But that's ok - I have other things in mind for this post.

As you may have noticed before, I'm interested about what happens after we die. Is it just a short moment as our heart stops beating and it's all over then? Or does our soul fly away from our body like the legend explains and rise to either heaven or fall towards hell? It's ironically an eternal question do we live eternally or do we not.
In many religions, there lives a belief that our soul travels eternally. These religions are widely known in Asia and Africa. Many beliefs, mostly known in Europe and America, also rely on the belief that we can either burn eternally in hell or have all of our dreams come true in Heaven. However, there is a serious controversy in all this. Although we believe that our soul moves on after we die, it's not the same than our life with our body and the flesh. It's mostly spiritual after that, and as a faithful Christian I admit, that there are things outside the frames of spirituality I enjoy. These are, for example, expressing myself through music, eating and walking. These are all things we can't do as we are addicted to living only through our spirit.
While you think about that, let me point out another fact. As we believe in after-life, we also often believe that we can born again as another human being, animal etc. This is a warm thought, which I'm comfortable and actually quite happy with. However, there is one or two problems. If we do circulate like this, from person to another, from animal to another, what is the thing that defines what we are worth? And is it possible for us to go through some life in heaven before we change into another creature? Is it our sins that define what are we going to born as next? And how is it rewarding if we only jump from a life into another, never having the rest we've been promised to get as long as we follow His name? And one more thing - why can't we remember our previous life? Is it forbidden for a reason?
These are questions we can ponder and debate on - but the answers will never see the day light. At least not the day light we know.

Discuss while waiting for my next post. This week is going to be all about this.

PS: Clicky for new demo

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fundamental Elements of Sunday

So, the day wasn't so special afterall. I have used countless moments jamming on my guitar and writing new lyrics, but it's up to you to decide if it's creative or not.

With guitar I just tried different things and came up with almost nothing. But I might have something... You'll hear it tomorrow.

Then the lyrics... I have been writing something all day, and while it's not long, it has meaning and it's quite good in my own opinion. Check it out and comment.

Is the paradise forthcoming
or left behind, ignored
My sacrifice is beating
until it sees the dawn
Does the dark hold something
we seek but cannot reach
When will we wake up
the truth at our feet

The range of my eye
is shallow as my mind
Dreaming of how the sky
would fall as we die
If wisdom is power
then we’re just doubters
looking for a shelter
from what we don’t know

The whole week has been quite a busy one, but also in the same time a really interesting one. It has been enjoyable sharing my boring every-day-life with you and I'll definitely continue doing it - in the future this blog will also have a lot of other things than just my daily rants.

That's pretty much it... So I guess I'll see ya tomorrow!

"I lie down, and I sleep, and when I wake... sustain me."


Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday. I was tired and thought I'd double-post today then.

Nothing special happened yesterday though... I made my homework, watched TV, listened to some music and spent some time outside. A boring day... But as it is the last day of the week, I believe that today I'll finally do something creative. I already have a lyrical demo on paper and I'm going to develop it during today.

What else... well, next week I'm going to continue my recording sessions and record some more a'capellas. I'm also planning on recording a cover... But I have no idea by who. If we get lucky, I'll be offering you a full version of Winter next weekend.

That's pretty much it... In the evening I'll post again and update the "Inspiring Songs of the Week", so stay up.

"We follow the truth and never your trends!"

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Clutch It Like A Friday Night

Yeah, weekend arrived! Finally I can rest (and work on new material of course).

This day has just been like a big, endless wait. That's what fridays usually are to me. Nothing special happened today, with the exception that I finished a work in crafts, a chair to be accurate. It's not that great though, but at least I did my best.

What else? Well, to be honest, nothing. The idea I've been telling you about during the whole end of the week is basically just going to be used as a bass line in Winter (my latest song). I have no lyrical inspiration. I'm really going to stretch my boundaries this weekend.

Well, that's about it. Nothing special... But keep your hopes up for tomorrow.

"A Toast To My Former Self..."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Scream of Thursday

Hi friends. It's the 5th post of mine in total, and weekend approaching. Let's see what's going on.

The part of the day I spent in school was quite decent. I enjoyed it at times - hated it during the other moments. But it was fine. During the time I've been at home, I've just been lazy and tired, only been playing little - mostly a demo I have in my head at the moment. My lyrics have been quite bad this week, and I'm not really inspired or anything. But hey, maybe the weekend will open up the darkness for some light...

Then I would like to take a couple of lines to promote my forum, dedicated to P.O.D. It's called Let Your Spirit Fly!, and it's a free-based forum with low activity at the moment. However, that is only due the fact that there's only a few members. I hope you'll join the forum and get it going with your messages.

Let Your Spirit Fly! Forums

Lastly, I'd like to share some of my plans for the next couple of days. During the weekend, I'm going to work with new material (as always) and without any promises, I hope I can come up with something and develop the early demo I have in my head right now. We'll see what happens... I'm sure I'll end up with at least one writing or such.

That's all for now...

"Keep on looking up!"

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

This Ain't No Ordinary Wednesday

Well, while I didn't come up with pretty much anything last evening, I did record the 2 a'capellas I promised to work on today afternoon. They show you my beautiful voice (sarcasm) and what a teenager can do with a bad-quality microphone combined with his mouth and soul.

Winter A'capella

Fake Portrait A'capella
*Note that these are vocal-only demo versions of songs, and there are lacks.

What else? Well, this day has once again been a complete opposite of the previous one. This was supposed to be the most awful day of the week, but it has actually been a quite good one. I'm excited about the evening - I'm planning on writing something, and it's not necessarily a lyric.

"Shine With Me... Like the beautiful star you are."

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sold My Soul to Tuesday

Hey, it's me here (again, obviously).

First of all, I'm sick of everything right now, so ignore my tone. Secondly, I'm really frustrated. Yesterday evening I finally got the feedback I had been waiting with joy and ironically feared. As it seems, my songs are quite identical and full of clich├ęs. 2 or 3 people agreed with this opinion soon when I asked them about it and it hit me hard. The work I had spent working on different styles and subjects had gone to waste. The honest opinion was taken with joy - the negative and straight-in-the-face comment was feared. However, as a true artist, I discussed about the subject more and more with people and when I went to bed about 3 hours after I had gotten the original feedback, I was quite positive.

Then, this morning, I had to go to school. I was tired, but eventually the day was ok. However, my frustration begun to grow again when I grabbed the guitar at home and got stressed about not coming up with anything creative. And I'm still frustrated. Exactly 24 hours ago I was like spending the happiest day in a long long time, and then today - well, it has honestly been one of the worst days in a while. Talking about ultimate irony.

Well, I'm planning on writing something today evening and recording a couple of a'capellas tomorrow. I guess this is one of those cases when you have a ton of positive factors and things around you, but the few negative ones are just bringing you down...

And yeah, this was another boring blog... But hey, I did share my feelings. And, somehow, I feel a lot better now.

See ya later.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Tool of Monday

White room. Open, muted TV. Music is playing. Atmosphere is similar to one right before the apocalypse.
I'm sitting in my room, even though school is not over yet. No, I'm not ditching... I'm sick and listening to Tool - a way better option in my opinion. However, I have to go to school tomorrow... And it's going to be a stressful day.
But hey, this is not the idea of this blog. The idea is to share my work, let others criticize and comment on my texts and overall enjoy different opinions we have in this world. And most of the time, what it's not supposed to be about is my personal life. So let's continue with the decided concept, shall we?

Many of you reading this know me as Jon2 from various forums. If you do, you will also know that I'm a lyricist and a religious songwriter. I don't want to brag, but I admit that I have talent in writing. It's just a shame that talent doesn't reach music. I mean, you have no idea how much music means to me, but I just don't have the patience to study an instrument or such. I do play guitar, but not very well.
At this blog I'll mainly share my own work, but also others work I like and listen to. You'll be the first to know about my lyrics, stories and such, as soon as we get things started (meaning as soon as this thing gains popularity).
For the record, all my songs are copyrighted. So DO NOT COPY THEM.

I'm looking forward to your comments. Please express your opinions on my posts. Don't be afraid to disagree with me. This blog is going to be more than just a portal to sharing my lyrics. All, and I really mean ALL of my writings are going to be included here. So keep your eyes open.

"Clutch it like a cornerstone, otherwise it all comes down..."

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Boy With a Dream

Once upon a time, there was a young boy who had a dream. A dream to fly. It was an impossible dream, and everyone laughed at him because of that. But the boy kept believing that someday, his dream would come true.
Then on one rainy day the boy got hit by a car. He was taken into a hospital, but he soon passed away. His parents cried all day long for 3 weeks, and because he was their only child, the pain was even harder to take. As a tribute to his memory, he was burned and his ashes were spread around a sea near the place the family had happily lived. He was finally able to fly.
Two years later, on a sunny morning, the boys mum was eating breakfast near the window. She was tired of work and the fact that she and her husband could never have kids anymore. So while she was sitting there, having a piece of bread and a glass of juice, a white pigeon came to the window. She smiled and gave the bird some bread. The bird seemed to be happy with the bread, but after having it, it stayed at the window and dropped some tears. The mum was unable to believe her eyes when the bird cried. She tried to touch it, but then it flew away. She was confused a bit, and was on her way to leave the table and go to work, when she saw what the pidgeons tears had constituted.
The window board had the following words written in blue: "Mummy, don't be afraid. I'm ok. My dream has finally came true. Now I'm able to fly wherever I want."

Welcome to the blog of a 13-years-old lyricist/songwriter/singer Jon2.