Sunday, June 29, 2008

Useless Sunday

So, finally, two posts in a row! Must be like 1½ months since I last did that. And now I see why my post were so short back then - there really isn't that much to tell about, because in 24 hours time there usually doesn't happen that much. Oh well, here goes for nothing...

Today, I finally got some more songs by Ünloco - I got 8 to add to the collection of 4 I got previously. They are quite randomly from all of their releases though, and the quality is... Well, something that doesn't make the songs justice at all. But meh, it's better than nothing. And, besides, it's great to have something to balance the whole over-listening thing towards the Deftones' Around the Fur I've been doing.

Today is the final match of the Euro 2008, which I'm excited of (not only it is the final, but also a great excuse to be up later than usually). I'm cheering for Spain, and really looking forward to some penalties. We'll see what happens...

Also, my inspiration just seems to be all over the place right now: as of today I'm AGAIN writing a new song. I got a verse in process, and it's great, though I think I'm going to use it for the collab, see what others think. I'm not going to post it here just yet though, but hopefully, soon. My inspiration is honestly so big right now, that I really don't know where it takes me. I can be sitting here tomorrow with no progress at all, or then I might have a full song. No one knows that, with the exception of God maybe. Oh well...

I'm thinking of starting a new project, to replace the remixing project, which would be reviewing some musical releases by my favourite bands. I used to do that, and it was really fun, though as a perfectionist, really frustrating. Also, my reviews were really long back then, and if I now start doing the whole thing again, I probably will cut them a bit shorter.

I think I'm going to go now. We'll see if I'm in the mood for posting anything tomorrow or on Tuesday. Until then; "Waiting in my room, I’m lying on the bed, 'cause outside is just too cold..."

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Around the Varying

Aight, time for the first post of the week. As this week has been a pretty lazy one overall, I've enjoyed it more than the previous one(s). Besides the EP Project, all my projects have went through low development. But hey, the most imporant thing is that I'm having fun, right? I've been in the mood for making music and writing lyrics, so why not do it? Who knows, maybe next week I'll be inspired to write the book again. This week it has only made progress of 5 pages. My remixing project is dead, I didn't even finish the Runaway remix. But, maybe, just maybe, I'll get it going on soon. All I care about right now is that I stop stressing, because 4 weeks of my holiday has been thrown out the window.
About the last sentence - well, not completely thrown out the window. My EP has made huge progress during this week. I've pretty much finished the track I started working on in the end of last week, it's entitled "Poet Inside a Black Hole". Here are the lyrics:

I’m like a forsaken shadow that’s empty/a raindrop awaken, not falling, not bursting/I am not immortal and I’ve lost my breath/self-pity and it’s daughter collapse my heart/

Chorus: Black sight/in my eyes/lonely run/to demise/shape in/the mirror/that used to be me/my star died/with tonight/forgotten breath/blowing by/as the glimpse/of my eye/waters down/killing light/

The grey has fallen and the sun is bleeding/these poems were taken as my chest was open/I hold on my prayer to get to salvation/but can’t sense my savior when rain drowns me within/GO!

Bridge: I’m the poet inside this black hole/which I do not know how to escape from/[Reversed]: I’m a poet inside this black hole/which I do not know how to escape from/

Black sight/in my eyes/lonely run/to demise/shape in/the mirror/that used to be me/dark inside/runs to hide/the beauty/sees the light/now the grey/is the one/that’s empty and drowned/

Great text in my honest opinion, one of my best. The instrumental is ready too, but due my broken mic, all I got is bad-quality recordings of it. However, if you are interested to hear them, contact me and I'll send them to you.
As for the other EP news, it's scheduled to be released in the end of August 2008 now. The album art will be made by me, Bass-Meca of Phase 51 and e-pcMAKzzz. I got 5 tracks for the EP now, and 2 are still in process. The tracklist, however, is pretty clear already, so let me share it with you. This is the unofficial tracklist for my first-ever EP:

1. Intro - The Anticipated
2. Strayed
3. Lie Down
5. Winter
6. **
7. Poet Inside a Black Hole

* = Collaboration with MC-ERA and Bass-Meca, which is still without a name and is still a work in progress
** = An instrumental track, which I haven't started working on yet.

The official date will be hold until I got all the tracks ready and recorded, so it's not necessarily in the end of August. I'll let you know of the changes in the schedules though, so don't worry.

The nomination for the LPP Awards started last sunday, and it ends this sunday. I've got so many nominations, that it's just shocking... I guess my work hasn't been made for nothing. I appreciate all the nominations, thank you.

By the way, I downloaded Deftones' Around the Fur just 2 hours back, and I got to say, that now when I have all of their albums, this is clearly in the top 3 with White Pony and Saturday Night Wrist, if not even the best out of all. Really impressive.

I'm going to sit back and enjoy my holiday from now on - jam, sleep, read, write stuff, hang online... whatever, as long as I feel like it. Now I hope you get the title of the post. I'll post tomorrow, or maybe even tonight, we will see. But for now, "Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away)..."

Btw, I'm really sad because the Euro 2008 is over soon and I haven't had the time to watch more than just a couple of matches. Oh well, there is always the qualifications in between the EC and WC, and football is coming all the time on TV... I haven't been into football that much before though, but I've really started enjoying it now. With that said... *waves hand*

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stress, Emptiness, New Stuff

Stress, teenage and small irritants are not a safe combination. I've learned that the hard way this week. My projects are basically killing me, and even if there would be none, I couldn't relax because of my character, I just can't help it. Incase you are interested, these are the projects I'm struggling with:
  • EP Project:
    Writing music and lyrics for my EP
  • Novel Project:
    Writing my book
  • Remixing Project:
    Fan-remixing some of Linkin Park's and other band's songs
  • LPP Awards Project:
    Helping to arrange the awards for a Linkin Park fansite I'm a moderator on.

You can see why I'm stressed and haven't posted in a week... Plus my microphone somehow got broken and it couldn't've been a worse time as I'm currently writing 2 songs in the same time. Oh well, life kicks me, but I'll bounce back...

It has been raining some during this week too, causing the fact that my friend hasn't had the chance to visit me. Doesn't really matter though, as I like to be alone... But it'd be nice just to have fun and hang with your friends sometimes.

However, let's get to the projects now, as they are all I can pretty much post about anyways. The EP project you know already, but most likely you haven't heard/read my latest demo. The collab I was talking about last time has been pushed aside for a moment now, but instead, I've started working on the closer track of my EP. I got this following verse ready for it:

I'm like a forsaken shadow that's empty/a raindop awaken not falling, not bursting/I am not immortal and I've lost my breath/self pity and it's daughter capturing my heart/

And, I got this instrumental (ignore the ending riff, because of the broken mic I haven't had a chance to record a better version, so it's a bit crappy now): meta name="ProgId" content="Word.Document">

Then, I'll talk about the whole book project. If I remember correctly, I told about it last time already. However, last monday, I started it all from scratch. I got about 14 pages and over 2 000 words at the moment. It's currently written in Finnish, but I'll try to get an English translation for those of you who don't understand Finnish. As for the storyline, it's a lame teenage lovestory first, but transforms into a band-related drama. I'm sure you'll like it, and I'm really excited of it myself.

Then, the remixing project... Most of you might not know that in the past, I've remixed some, particularly last summer I was all into remixing. Or, shall I call it "fan-remixing", as it's just putting different parts of songs together? Anyways, I've started it all again, and I'm hoping that soon I'll have enough material for an album. It might take a while though... But I'm already in the middle of my first remix in awhile, half-way there with that. It's going to be a remix of Linkin Park's Runaway (for those of you wondering, the reason why I'm remixing LP is because it's easy to remix due the many versions of songs they have).

The awards thing is LP-related too (again, I'm a mod on an LP forum just because I joined there a year ago, when I was still a huge LP fan... I'm still a fan, but not a big one). I'm a moderator on a forum called The Linkin Park Projekt, and as one, I've decided to help the staff with the planning of the awards. It's going to be great.

The Euro 2008 has been really interesting so far, I've really enjoyed watching the matches. Netherlands was my favorite after they won Italy, but now I'm going for either Russia or Turkey (I just love the fact that small football countries can have a chance to play in the final).

That's about it... I'll promise that next week I will post at least twice. And oh, by the way, I've come across another new, great band: Ünloco. They were a "nu metal" band, active between 2000 - 2003, releasing 2 albums. I'm currently looking for their material, and if you can help, just hit me up. I got into them through Disturbed, as Ünloco has 2 songs on Disturbed's live album "Music as a Weapon II". Their song "Empty" is one of the best songs I have ever heard.

Enough said. Later!

"I, I feel so empty inside... 'Cause I'm a freak in your eyes... I feel so empty inside... And it's killing me..."

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Five Finger Life Punch

So, here I am with my second post of the week, as promised.

First, I'd like to take a moment to post my latest lyrical demo. It's currently only a verse, but I'm working on it. So far, it's brighter by it's subject than my other songs, and it's bringing forth a new style of mine. Check it out and give me some feedback please.

Rain forgiving me/buries the memory/holding on my wish/of ataraxia/everlasting breath/blows itself to me/vision rising from/the mist of the sea/

Next I'm going to explain the title of this post.
I've recently gotten into some new bands. I've been looking for something really heavy. A friend of mine showed me a pretty good Finnish band called Sonata Arctica. During Thursday and Friday I spent a lot of time listening to them. However, on Friday, there happened something clearly unexpected - I found an even greater band called Five Finger Death Punch. As Sonata Arctica plays progressive metal, Five Finger... is more like groove metal. They both have a melodic flavor in their music, which makes it even better. I really feel like I can get influenced by these bands.

Now, let's type in the serious discussion. This time I'm going to talk about music again. In fact, why not continue we're we left last time?

What is good music, what is bad music - what is pleasant music, what is disturbing music?
I'm going to take two different perspectives on this - my own perspective, and other people's view. Let's start off with mine.
To me, good music is being made with your soul - something, that's being done without thinking of pleasing others, just listening to your own heart. Now, I'm not saying that if you don't believe that man has a soul you cannot do great music. I'm talking about something that's possible for us all. Making good music with your soul in the game means simply that you express your feelings and show what you got inside hidden from others. It's taking risks not caring what will happen when you fail. It's dedicating yourself to your music, almost like dedicating yourself to God. But hey, let's not strive into the religious subject.
Good music also consists of diversity. With that I'm talking about breaking the boundaries and forms that control our musical freedom - I'm talking about using anything you can possible imagine as an instrument - I'm talking about playing with your teeth if that's the only way you're capable of playing. Diversity also leads into personality. Don't listen to others. Accept criticism, take adventage of it, but if someone tells you to do something you really don't want to, then don't do it. Always, when someone tells you to change something in your music, think about it carefully. Lastly, enjoy your music and the new worlds and chances it opens for you. Afterall, the truth is, that there is only one thing greater than music. And that would go to the religious department, so I shall not say it now.

Then your perspective. I cannot have an idea of your musical perspective, but that's not the point. I'm going to share a general perspective of music with you now, that's the perspective of today's artists and listeners.
Nowadays, people are too much into the outlook of their favorite artists, and other things that are able to be seen with your eyes. No one in the mainstream is focusing on what you got inside. Great artists don't get a deal when a pretty girl shows up. However, that's probably not such a bad thing. I mean, as these talented, great underground artists/bands would get a lot more popularity with a label behind them, they wouldn't probably be the same anymore. Underground music is extremely colorful and full of young, musical spirit. When you look at MTV, it's not music, it's like a short-trailer of a film that's going to flop. When you hear a song from the radio, it's just someone singing something another person has written, but doesn't have enough appeal to sing it him/herself. And the instrumentals - oh, would I enjoy today's mainstream music so much more if they were only acapellas! And who knows, they might even get worse that way with no one being able to really sing so that you can relax listening to it. And then, when you go to MySpace to check some underground music - it's got soul, talent, and most importanly - no one is controlling what they're doing. Think about that next time when you're in a store wondering would you buy Timbaland's new CD or the debut of Five Finger Death Punch.

I'm off now to watch some football. Next time I'll post, it'll be sometime in the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Live Free, Be Free, Die Free

So, it's been another week... A good one. I really enjoyed my first holiday week. I read, slept, spent time with my friend, made music and wrote lyrics. It was a really refreshing week really. But now, I need to start working again - partly on my summer job, partly with my music.

As I said, I worked with my music last week. Well, that's not really true. I jammed a little by the end of the week, but the result was quite frustrating. I did came up with a couple of riffs, but they were either too much like my previous work or then I just didn't feel them if you know what I mean. During the beginning of this week, I've been a bit depressed - not only cause of my frustration with music, but also because of the rainy weather, which has been going on for 2 days now.
However, today, I made some progress. Some extremely surprising progress. I'm again stepping into a field of a new genre. This time it's hip-hop. I know, it sounds quite crazy, but let me type the story.
This morning, as things weren't working for me with guitar, I thought why not mess up with my keyboard. So, I sat down, and started playing randomly. Soon, I got the idea for this wicked melody. As soon as I had played the first bits of it, I realized that it would go well with some rapping, like a hip-hop beat. Then, I remembered a collaboration I was working on with some of my net friends, who just happen to be a DJ and a rapper. It had faded a bit during the previous week, so I thought why not show the beat to them and let them judge. They had a lot to say about it - positive and negative - but we decided to use the beat. This weekend we will work hard on the collaboration and I can already say, that I have a strong feeling it's going to be big.

What else? Well, not much. I'm really stressed, because I got so many projects going on, and with most of them I'm pretty stuck. I started writing a book last week, but I'm going nowhere with it at the moment. I can't go to my summer job because of the rain. This blog is basically dead... And the list just keeps on continuing. I should relax... But hey, it's just my character, I can't help it. I'm constantly stressed of something. I'll just need to take it easy and try to enjoy the summer. Hopefully the rain will stop soon - I hate to be stuck inside all day.

I'm not in the mood for anything serious now, sorry... But now I promise I will post again this week and perhaps then I'll write something... well, readable.

"In the dark with the music on, wish I was somewhere else..."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

28 Days of Suffering

28 days. A small amount of time in space; a small dot in the timeline of a poster in the history class; a useless, but compulsive part of a human lifetime. As it is all that, it is also a terribly long gap between my writings. I didn't forget you people, neither did I forget this blog, but I was worried that I would forget something extremely important while there has been a ton of tests going on. But now, my 10-week-long summer holiday has begun, and it's time for me to start posting here again.

Last time I posted, I wrote about music, and promised that there would be continuations soon. However, at the moment, I'm a bit too tired to write a long serious post, so let me just write some random stuff concerning what's up.

Firstly, I've worked hardly on my music, and guess what - I've gone forward a lot. Remember the 2 songs I had written, Strayed and Winter? Well, that number has doubled itself during these 28 days. Right now I got one new full lenght song with lyrics and music, entitled Lie Down, and one instrumental piece, which is currently untitled. The latter is going to be used as an intro for my EP. You can hear both of these songs on my MySpace, though the version of Lie Down doesn't have vocals yet, and neither one of the songs are final. But soon you'll be able to hear the full versions and hopefully rate them.

The lyrics of Lie Down have changed a bit after my last post, in which I showed you 2 verses and one chorus. The current version look like this:

Solace I sense inside myself
Hushing the toil from my bed
For a moment I feel not lonely
As I step into imaginary
Sun is waiting for my lead
Pain is struggling to get to me
Collapsing my earthly body of sin
as I fly away eternally

Don’t force your soul just wait on
Let your burdens take the fall
The dream inside you will be reborn
So lie down, lie down
Lie down to sense the dawn

Prayer speaking out his heart
reaching out for the stars in the dark
Erasing his hollow humanity
receiving the immortality
With a thought I manipulate
without a soul my existence would be a waste
The shadowy play is crossing it’s fate
the night is rising finding itself late


Close your eyes for a brand new view
The sky is out there for you to feel
Staring right at the reflection of Him
As awakening becomes a sin

Lie down [x4]



Not bad, ha? Well, wait until you read my new song, which is still unfinished. While waiting...

As this blog is certainly a "blog", let me share some ordinary stuff happened during the past 4 weeks. It's needless to say, that I've been struggling with numerous tests. In the end, they all went pretty well, and my report of the 7th grade is something I can look at with pride.

As school has taken all my time, I don't have much happenings to tell you about besides the school itself. And school is just boring for you to read about, so let me talk about something else.

Another thing that has, and is still keeping me busy, is a virus that has infected my computer. Most likely it came with an ActiveX control I installed, as problems started floating after the installation. My computer is slow, the desktop is crazy and I can barely do anything. I installed Spyware Doctor, and it detected some of the infected files - but as it appears, it didn't help me out at all. Now I just have to rely on the good old TuneUp Utilities and some net friends. Let's hope I can clean this mess - otherwise I might be into some trouble.

What else... Nothing, I guess. I promise that soon you'll be able to read the new lyrics I'm working on at the moment. I'm also working on a collab, so keep your hopes up for that. But until then...