Sunday, July 27, 2008


Hello. I have some amazing news. Yesterday, at 11 PM, I finished the instrumental after a 30 - 45 minutes long jam. I've mixed a low-quality version of it for you to listen - though it's very much needed to note that this isn't going to be the final version, as some slight changes might occour and the quality will be higher in the final version. But anyways, for now, here you go - An 8-minute-long, extremely progressive instrumental rally, Soar.

What else. Well, as last night didn't go as I planned, I'm going to be up late today. Also, I'm feeling very melancholy because the EP is finally having it's final touches - all the time I was working on it, I never came to think how hollow I could feel when the project is almost over. Excluding Strayed, I've been working on the EP for the last 7 months, making more or less progress every month. As I've gained many new memories and experiences, and most importantly developed a huge amount, I'm very proud of myself. I think that if my inspiration will keep going as strong as during the summer when school starts again, I may be having another EP coming out sooner than you think. After all, at this point, I feel like anything and everything is possible.

For the rest of the night, I'm going to relax, maybe write something, don't know really. This has been the first weekend in a long time when I haven't really felt relaxed or comfortable in any way despite everything I've written and done. But meh, sometimes you just feel down without a reason and you can't help it. It's just annoying as this is the 3rd last weekend of the holiday and I would really like to relax and enjoy it.

I have no idea what I'm going to do tomorrow, but perhaps I'll do some homework, as I still need a lot more money for drums. For the rest, my whole next week is pretty full of different stuff actually. Let's hope I will find a way to relax.

Lastly, I'd like to mention that I've gotten into some new bands lately, most notably HIM and Scars on Broadway. I have HIM's newest album Venus Doom - which is great, but hasn't really done the final convincing on me yet - and have listened to the debut album of Scars on Broadway through their MySpace. I really like "They Say" from the latter, very addictive.

And no, I don't like the language shown in the title of this post. Just thought it would be cool. Don't judge me, I'm tired.

"They Say it's all about to end..."

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Sorry I couldn't post yesterday, I had a lot of stuff to do. The instrumental is almost completely finished now, and the name "Soar" can almost be confirmed. Interesting is, that near the end of it, there's going to be a tapping effect - instead of playing the guitar normally, I will be tapping the strings with my plectrum. It really works for the part it'll be used in and people have already said it's really nice.

Another project of mine, the book, hasn't really made any progress lately, so today I decided to translate the whole 3rd chapter. Here you go:


Making of a Band

While I was standing at Hannah’s door the same night, I almost died of excitement. It didn’t make me feel any better that while asking for her address in a text message after school, she had warned me of her curious little bother. She had also recommended to say incase one of her parents came to the door, that he had came to pick her up for an evening between two friends. How anyone could ever swallow such a story when both of them were dressed in their best clothes?
I carefully rang the door bell and felt, how my heart bumped blood to my anxious body a thousand times per second. While hearing steps I took a deep breath and some odd instinct told me to close my eyes. It was time.
- Oh hi, you’re early. I opened my eyes and luckily Hannah stood in front of me, smiling and trying to place her earrings.
- Yeah, I thought, that I shouldn’t be late, I said and tried to look calm. My anxiety got eased and I started to reach the feeling I had had while talking with Hannah for the first time.
- I’ll go now, Hannah shouted to her parents. There was no answer, but Hannah didn’t seem to expect it either. We went to walk towards the centre of the city, to the movie theater.
- So, what movie are we going to watch, I said, causing a short silence. Hannah had kept the movie we were going to watch as a secret.
- I won’t tell you, let it be a surprise, Hannah answered.
- Okay, as long as it’s not one of those weeping films, I said and realized, that I had said something wrong. However, for my surprise, Hannah replied:
- No it’s not, you’ll be surprised.
Hannah felt herself very nervous. It didn’t show out, like it did with Mark, but still, you could sense it. Hannah had noticed since the first meeting, that she and Mark had a special connection, and that they didn’t even have to talk to each other to share a comfortable feeling. Mark was also nice, but still Hannah felt extremely strained. This would be her first date. She didn’t know, was it going to be Mark’s first, and she didn’t have the guts to ask. All of a sudden she realized, that maybe she wanted to talk for a change after all.
- Can I ask you something?
- Sure, whatever you want, Mark said and nodded.
- Before me, have you ever been with a girl, like out, just the two of you?
- Do you mean a date? Mark said with a confusing look on his face.
- Yeah, Hannah said quietly. She was embarrassed.
- Well, actually, you’re the first. I was out with two girls once, we had a dinner, but they were friends of my brother’s and my brothers were with us back then.
- Oh, you have brothers?
- Yeah, three. Two, who both have moved away from home, and then one little brother, almost 10 years old now.
- Ok. Are your parents then… you know…
- Old? No, they’re not that old, though they’re a bit old-fashioned by their habits sometimes, Mark said. They both laughed, which made the atmosphere a bit more relieved.
- What about your parents? What are they like? Mark encouraged himself to ask.
- Well, it depends on how you look at it…They’re pretty old-fashioned too at times. My dad works in a tobacco company and my mum is a shop assistant in a market.
- Oh… How about your little brother, must be annoying?
- Yeah, how did you guess? All the time he tries to hide things and asks me to play with him just when I’d had to do something.
- Oh well, that’s how it’s like, I got personal experience… But I guess it could be worse.
- Yeah, in the end, I guess we have quite normal families.
- At least they aren’t criminals or bums, Mark said and took Hannah’s hand. Hannah smiled mildly. She felt good to know that the conversion went well too.
About ten minutes later, they arrived in front of the Kino theatre. The clock was twenty past seven. The movie would start at half past. Hannah still hadn’t said what movie they were going to watch, and Mark was suspicious, if the thing they were going to watch wasn’t a movie after all. A few butterflies in their stomachs they both sat down in the middle of the theatre with some popcorn and candy.
- Come on, tell me what it is, Mark kept asking while holding a candy bag, Hannah trying to reach it.
- No I won’t, now give me the bag, I need to have something sweet, Hannah giggled and tried to wrench the bag out of Mark’s hand. Some heads turned around, and the look on everybody’s face said, “try and behave well, will you teens”.
- I won’t give you a single candy unless you tell me what the movie is, Mark said, laughing himself too now.
- I can’t, that would spoil the surprise, Hannah said giggling even harder than before, but this time more quietly.
- Tell me now or I will take the popcorn too, Mark said and while trying to catch the popcorn he heard how the candy bag ruptured. Hannah covered her mouth with her hand, and started taking the candies off from the floor. In the same time the lights went out, and people started hushing even more vehemently. As Hannah got back up to sit she saw how Mark was smiling widely.
- How did you guess that I like the Simpsons?
- Well, you talked about them when we met… And do you seriously think I haven’t noticed the Simpsons stuff your school equipment are full of? They both smiled. Mark was just opening his mouth to say something, when Hannah said:
- Don’t worry, I think the Simpsons are quite funny too. I totally crack up at Apu every time. Mark grinned and took Hannah’s hand once again. Hannah fell for the trap, and until she realized, Mark had taken a candy out of her hand. Hannah tried to look like she was hurt and punched Mark in his arm. The smile didn’t go off their faces though.

After the movie, Mark took Hannah out of the theater. After a couple of moments of thinking, they decided to still go for some ice cream and hamburgers to a café near by.
- Two chocolate soft serves and medium hamburgers please, Mark said to a fake-smiley girl who was receiving orders. They walked to an empty table close the rear window of the building.
- Shall we both pay half of it?
- Yeah… I’d pay it completely myself, but I have some things I need to save for, Mark said.
- It’s okay, Hannah said, while the waitress placed the trays on the table. Mark grabbed a hamburger while Hannah continued the discussion and asked:
- What are you saving for?
- Not for anything special… You wouldn’t be interested…
- Come on, tell me, Hannah said carefully.
- Well, if you need to know, for a guitar. My old one got broken some time ago, and I haven’t had the money to buy a new one yet… I used to play it all the time.
- Oh… Fortunately, I play drums myself, Hannah said happily.
- Wow, Mark got astonished. – How many years have you been playing?
- About three… I’m not that good really though, and recently I haven’t played that much anyways.
- Oh… Same thing here. Mark stared outside for sometime and ate his last bit of the hamburger. His anxiety had disappeared like smoke in the air, and he wasn’t really concerned of anything, even though he hadn’t even done his homework yet. Hannah made him feel carefree and relaxed. Mark started to find new sides from himself.
Suddenly, a great idea struck Mark.
- Hey, listen, I got this amazingly great idea. What if we’d make our own band? Hannah’s mouth got wide open, until she started smiling again.
- Sounds wonderful. I’ve always dreamed about something like that. But who else should we take in then? It can’t just be the two of us.
- Well, one of my friends plays keyboard and sings, so there we’d have a pretty good package already.
- Oh, ok. Is he good?
- He is, at least judging from what I’ve heard.
- Well, this might actually become something then! Hannah exclaimed while eating her soft serve.
- But we still need a bassist. Anyone in mind?
- No, Mark said a bit tamely. At first, he hadn’t even realized how much work could creating a band take.
- Well, cheer up, Hannah said. – We will find that bassists eventually. After all, the band doesn’t have to be ready today. However, we need to decide on some style…
- Yeah. At least I listen to a lot of hard rock and metal, but if needed, I can play some lighter rock too. Rock band is what we’re making here now, right?
- I guess so… I’m pleased with metal a lot myself, but a couple acts playing a lighter genre belong to my favorites too… Hannah said carefully.
- We can always do a combination, like many different genres combined with rock. That friend of mine listens quite a lot of classical metal and rock. Hip-hop works with him as well.
- Well, then, Hannah said and smiled again. – This can be fun.
- Of course it will, Mark accompanied with his smile. They got up from their seats.
After they got outside, Mark said with a bit rough voice:
- Well, I think I have to go home now… I’d see you home but I got tons of things to do at home…
- You don’t have to explain, we’re not that old-fashioned. I had a great time.
- Me too. Phone each other?
- Yeah, and let’s meet at school. Talk with that friend of yours about the band, ok?
- Ok. Mark waved his hand and started to walk on the left side of the dirty road, while Hannah quickly started to walk in the opposite direction. Mark looked back once, twice, thrice, before he grabbed his cell phone to inform that he’ll be home soon.
Mark was so happy, that he threw a coin for a bum he had always ignored.
Mark was in love.

Last night, I was up late, and had a great time while being out at 11 PM. Nothing like being out at that hour, as a storm is coming.


The translating took most of today, so I haven't done a lot else. As for the near future, the collab will be having it's final touches during the next few days, and I'm also thinking of continuing the original, Finnish version of the book.

I'll be posting at least once tomorrow, but until then, enjoy the 3rd chapter.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


As we are aware of now, the universe is huge, and it's not only consisted of the Solar System. So, let's think of everything else there is out there in space.

One thing is stars, of course. Though you might think that they're only a simple name given for the funny lights shining on the night sky, the concept is a lot wider. Let's start off with all different types of stars there are. Now, the sun is a star. It's probably the most well-known star in the world. You would consider it being at least one of the most brightest and largest stars, would you now? But no, this isn't the case. Sun is only a mediocre star, as it's temperature is about 5500 celsius degrees, and it's brightness is shady while compared to Sirius or Canopus for example. So why do we keep seeing sun brighter than these two stars? Because it's a lot more nearer than the others. If Sirius replaced the sun, we'd need a lot more than just sun glasses, because it's light intensity is over 23 times larger than sun's. It is, the 3rd nearest star while looking from here though.

Over all, stars are being classified to the following spectrums by their temperature (Harvard's system): O, B, A, F, G, K and M. As O is the hottest and M is the coldest, sun's spectrum is G.

Besides stars, there's also a lot of other objects wandering through the universe. Everyone has probably heard of black holes - empty holes that suck everything within them, including light. Black holes are extremely hard to recognize, and they're black because the light around is being taken within themselves. Asteroids are stones that are smaller than actual planets but bigger than meteoroids - which on the other hand are rocks between the size of 10 - 200 metres. There's a significantly big asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Metereoids and asteroids are also known for at times being hit to the Earth. Almost each planet has at least one moon - an object, which circles the planet for the amount of one month (which isn't necessarily the same lenght than on Earth, as it depends on the size of the planet and the speed and orbit of the moon circling it). Comets are like metereoids, but instead of being fully stone, they're mostly ice. While looking at these from the Earth, they seem to be having a long tail. Also, besides the asteroid belt, there's a zone called Kuiper's belt, which starts after Neptunus. Pluto belongs to this zone, among with over 800 other kind of objects which consist of snow and ice.

As a conclusion, there's a lot of things out there in this universe that we cannot touch or even see.

The discussion will be continued later.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Empty Wings

Sorry for not posting on Monday or yesterday. The last days have been completely vain - despite writing an outro for the instrumental and finishing up the bass track for Winter, I'm unsatisfied with myself. The book hasn't gained any new pages, nor has the translation. I cleaned my room today, but other than that, there isn't really anything I can do to earn any more money for the drums right now.

Here's a short review I finished last evening.

Review: P.O.D. – Will You (Single) [2003]

1. Will You

I rarely review singles, but I happened to have all the songs from this one, so I thought why not. Moreover, it’s very much notable for including 2 b-sides.

“Will You”, the single’s a-side, is a really strong and emotional track. It includes heavy, yet still melodic riffs by Jason Truby, constantly pausing drums by Wuv, which make them seem like a smooth, barely recognizable effect. Traa introduces some of his most addictive bass lines in the bridge, and Sonny sings and screams about love in a very emotional way throughout the song. Seems like everything is there, but the song does tend to became a bit repetitive and it’s missing some of the edge many other P.O.D. songs have – not only the ones on “Satellite” and “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown”, but on “Payable On Death”, the album this single is from in the first place. It’s still a good choice for a single, and while the album sales for “Payable On Death” were a disappointment, “Will You” did well on the charts, especially on MTV’s Total Request Live. Convincing, but not the best from the band – in fact, it’s not even the best on the single.

2. Will You [Chris Vrenna Remix]

The remix of the previous track has got a more peaceful, intimate and orchestra-alike feeling, and a lot of the guitar is missing. Vocals are almost the same than on the original version. Drums have been completely re-made into an echoing rhythm-keeper comp, and the acoustic guitar on the chorus fits perfectly with the new theme. It is usually easy to compare the original version of a song to a remix, but not with this one, as the instrumentals are just so much different. It’s refreshing to listen to this remix though. Don’t have any cons on this one, so I guess this is the winner of the two, if there was any competition in the first place.

3. Cain

“Cain” offers you the best moments of the single. While the single started off with a heavy a-side and was then followed by a peaceful remix of the same track, the third song, Cain, is a beautiful instrumental, which should’ve replaced “Eternal” on the “Payable On Death” album for no doubt. The start of the song has got a bit of repetitive, but addictive guitar riff, which sounds extremely complex. The song over all introduces Jason Truby’s softer, alternative fingerpicking side. Traa’s performance is also notable, as it blends perfectly with the guitar, using a bass line, which reminds me strongly of “Celestial” from the “Satellite” album. And, that song is, after all, one of the most mind-blowing things I’ve ever heard in my life. Midway-through the song, the melody starts to change, and that’s also when your ears will explode out of pure pleasure if you’re a fan of the previously mentioned “Eternal”, the wicked intro and verse parts of “Asthma” (from the Payable On Death album), or Jason Truby’s earlier work with Living Sacrifice. Towards the end of the song, after reaching it’s climax, the tempo slows down a lot, causing a long-time-listener of the song to get sad – not because the song changes into a melancholy one, but because you just can’t get enough of this. However, everything good has its ending… In addition, no matter how much you would hate music like this, you can’t deny that this is technically an almost perfect musical piece.



I'm too tired tonight to write the serious discussion I promised. I'll type that tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the review and comment on.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Disturbed, Rain & Chocolate

Let's start off with the serious topic first - I'll talk about the instrumental and explain the title of the post after that, among other things.

There are people who like to go abroad and travel a lot. These people like to refresh their life by changing the view from time to time, get to know different cultures etc. I happen to know some people like this myself. But, then there are also people like me, who like to stay at home, enjoy routines and keep the view as it is. Nothing wrong with either one of these types, but I'm bringing this up because it helps me introduce this whole astrology topic.
As people travel, they get to know the Earth. Now, while people get to know the Earth, many have hard time realizing what the universe is like. While the United States seems like a big place, it's nowhere near how large the Solar System is. I know that the people reading this have different ages and probably only a few can remember or even knows all the planets and their positions on the Solar System, so let me clear some of them up. Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun. 1st is Mercury, and 2nd is Venus. Planets 4 - 8, in order (from the sun), are as follows: Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. It's boiling hot on Venus and Mercury, especially on Venus, where the temperature can be nearly 500 celsius degrees. In addition, on the farthest planets, the temperature is close to -200 c. Pluto was the farhest planet until in the year 2006 it was re-classified - today, it's classified as a dwarf planet with the tenth sun-circling object, Eris. To keep this simple, I'm not even going to mention the distance between each planets, because they are nothing compared to the distance between the Earth and the Moon for example. And, there's a lot more than the Solar System. The System is just a small part of the galaxy we live in, often referred as "The Milky Way". And that galaxy is just a tiny part of the whole universe.

Still aware of what I'm talking about? Good. Now, unless you've studied this subject like I have (well, not really studied, just read some books, and that was ages ago), you'll be shocked. Not only are we like a pin in the middle of the universe, the universe is growing all the time. It's already taking years for a space probe to reach the farthest planets of the Solar System. So, what would be your estimation of the human knowledge reaching everything there is out there in space and in the universe? Hundred thousand years? A million years? Billion years? Feel free to guess more, you'll never reach the correct answer. There is no possibility for any object created by man to reach the point where the universe ends. No way. We're struggling already to get info about the planets surrounding us - without even mentioning the whole galaxy. It's just not happening even though the technology keeps developing. Forget about it.

I know this text didn't convince you yet. To be honest, I can't remember that much anymore about this space subject I was all into and read about years ago, but I can try and the internet is such a great place when you know what to look for. The idea of this text was just to make you realize how big the universe we live in really is, and how the distance to another continent you call "long" is nothing. I'll cocntinue the discussion later...

Then to what's up. Well, it's been raining the whole day here. Not that it's a bad thing, as I love rain. I had to go to the corner store to buy a newspaper, and imagine how much I enjoyed listening to great music while walking in the rain. It was beautiful. I also bought some chocolate, which I'm all addicted to now - during the last 3 days, I've eaten 600 grams of it.
I'm also into Disturbed again - especially their new album "Indestructible". I had most of the songs from it on my computer, and 2 of them - "The Night" and "Perfect Insanity" - on my cell phone's player. So, while it was shuffling some tracks for me, it played the 2 songs, and I instantly had the thought "Why did I forget about this album?". So, now I've got the whole album, and I've been listening to it throughout the evening. It's great.

I've also done even more progress with the instrumental. It's just getting better and better you know... I think I might record what I currently have written of it so far with my mp3-player's microphone, because even though it will be awful quality, I need to let you hear it. I'm buying a new microphone very soon, so it won't be a problem for long though.

The weekend has been a completele dream, just like the past 9 days ever since the last weekend. It's ironic that while the holiday is coming to it's end, I'm having the best time ever. Yesterday I had another beautiful 1 - 1½ hour(s) while listening to music by the window. Not only tht, but I also got a special place now, very much near my home where I go to just sit down, enjoy the view and listen.

I've also updated the inspiritive lists, check them out when you have the time. I'll post something again tomorrow, or at least on Tuesday.

"Give into the night..."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Build Me A Bridge...

"Wicked Breath in the house! How's everybody been? Well? Great! Hey, we got some things to share before we continue... Is it okay if we talk about some stuff? No? Well, I kinda knew that would be the reaction I receive, but meh, we need to do this. Just feel the anticipation grow inside you..."

No, you're not lost inside my dream - you're just reading my currently most recent blog post, made with a smile on my face. Once again, during last night and today afternoon, I made a lot of progress with the instrumental. I'm pretty much done with the first half of it. Secondly, I've been thinking of a good name for the EP recently, and at the moment it looks like it's going to be titled "Glimpse at My Horizon". I'm so excited...

Then, I'm not sure have I told it yet, but I got the limited edition bonus tracks of P.O.D.'s Testify a couple of days ago. Or actually, the rest of it, as I had 12 of the 13 artist commentaries, a crappy version of "Generation", the Will You Remix made by Chris Vrenna, and the "Let You Down" Demo "New Wave" already. However, the two tracks I was missing out of the b-sides, "Bridge to Burn" and "Every Time I Die", positively surprised me - big time. Especially the latter is just amazing - so groovish and aggressive in the verses, yet so beautiful and straight-up-rockish in the choruses and the bridge. Awesome. "Bridge to Burn" is great too, as it has the reggae vibe in it's verses that's clearly missing on the entire Payable On Death album (Reason I'm bringing this up is because it's a b-side from the making of that record).

I know that I promised you a serious writing, but despite that I'm on the mood right now, I just don't have that much time. I might post it later today though, but most likely it'll be posted tomorrow. And that's a promise.

"And I can see you smile, glowing on your face/And Every Time I Die, you take it all away/Your lookin in my eyes, there's nothing left to say/And Every Time I Die, you take it all away..."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Black, Blue, Red - Flying Through My Head

Thought it was about time to post. A lot of things have been going on recently, and I'm also typing a preview of a serious discussion I'm going to post during the rest of the week. Let's begin.

Firstly, I've continued developing the instrumental. It sounds really promising this far, and quite groovish overall is how I'd describe it. I'm really excited of it and working on it almost every day.

Secondly, I just finished writing the 5th chapter of my book in Finnish. It's really turning into an interesting story, and not just some cheesy teen drama, like it's been this far. I'm looking forward to writing and developing the plot. I'll soon also translate the 3rd chapter so all of you who can't understand Finnish can follow the story close.

This week might of just been one of, if not the best of, the holiday this far. Not only have I made the progress mentioned above with my projects, but also enjoyed myself and done stuff I've rarely done during the holiday so far. Examples of these are reading and watching TV, which I haven't been doing that much earlier, but done both for a mentionable amount of time during this week. I've also spent more time just sitting and listening to music than usually, due the way I got deeper into P.O.D. last weekend. As the next weekend is ahead, I'm starting to get excited, because even though it's holiday, weekends are always their own type of event and I like to think that they always have something special to offer.

Then, the preview I promised. As of lately, I've been pondering a lot of stuff, and sometime during the weekend I'm going to spend some of my time writing about space, the universe and all this astrological stuff in general, but from a reader-friendly position. Now that I hopefully got some of you excited, you share the same feeling than I do.

During the start of the week, I've also gotten to know Alter Bridge a lot more better, as I got both of their albums now. I really love "Blackbird", and I'm trying to find time to get into their debut "One Day Remains". Yesterday, thanks to a user on LPP who posted some rare demos, I also started getting back to System of a Down. And at the moment I'm listening to P.O.D... So you can only imagine how inspired I am.

And, oh yeah, the title of the post is just something from the top of my head. Thought it sounded quite nice.

I'll post something tomorrow. Until then, shall Rosa Linda and other P.O.D. instrumentals bury my mind...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Crawls in My Skin

So, I got good news. I didn't write anything in form of lyrics or the book, but I did make huge progress with the instrumental during a jam I just had. It's going to be awesome, honestly... A grunge-ish start and then a breakdown... Woah I'm so excited and I should be sleeping in an hour.

Anything else... Well, it has been a hot day again, but I did go outside for a while. Didn't enjoy it that much because of all the flies around though. I also came across one great, new band, Alter Bridge. Can't believe I haven't heard of them. Good mix of (post-)grunge, rock and metal.

While I still have some time left, I just might write some lyrics. But I got nothing else to share with you for now. Tomorrow, my friend is coming - this time for real - and it's probably going to be a fun but exhausting day, so don't keep you hopes on posting tomorrow. This became one of the shortest posts I've made in a while... But what can you do. Until tomorrow, Sunday crawls in my skin...


Aight, here is my week shortly.

On Monday, instead of doing any homework, I went to buy a CD by KoRn - See You on the Other Side - and I was pretty depressed during the whole day over all. Tried playing some guitar and writing lyrics, but no success. The day was a completely useless one.

On Tuesday, I went to see my grandma with my mum. It was pretty good, as we walked through the city and went to some shops etc. We were all pretty exhausted after that though. I also wrote some new pages for my book. Then again, at home, it was nothing special really, even though I did take an inspiritive walk at the beach. A better day than the previous one had been, but I've also had better.

On Wednesday, I finally did some work. Also, I chatted with MC-Era about the collaboration, and I think we made some progress with the lyrics. Pretty good day.

On Thursday, I kept doing a little bit of work and that way earning more money. Nothing else to mention though.

As for the rest of the week, there happened quite a lot (or then I just feel so because I can't remember anything special about the beginning of the week). On Friday, as my friend couldn't visit me like we planned, I decided to vacuum the house, and earn - again - some more money. Friday was a really sunny day, and I enjoyed it. I was out for hours. The weather was a bit too hot for me though. Then, on Saturday (yesterday) I reached the peak of my activity. I started the day off by going out and listening to some music. By accident, as I was listening to some random music, I came across a couple of P.O.D. tracks and decided to shuffle some more of their songs. It was a good choice. Not only did I translate the second chapter of my book and enhance the instrumental for "Poet Inside a Black Hole" yesterday, I also spent some of the greatest moments in my whole life while listening to old P.O.D. classics. I can't believe I had forgotten songs like "Will You", "Change the World", "The Messenjah" etc. The rest is in the inspiritive songs of the week list, which became pretty big this time. But it's defnitely worth a check. I think that before yesterday, I had never appreciated P.O.D. as much as I do now, despite the fact that they have been my favorite band for over a year and a half now. Marcos Curiel and Jason Truby are such great guitarists both... I also re-wrote the chorus for the collaboration, but due it still being in process, I won't show it to you yet. But its going to be mind-blowing...

With the update of the "Inspiritive Songs of the Week", I also added a new "Inspiritive Album(s) of the Week" feature. Check these two out when you have time to see what I'm into.

Then back on random stuff. The LPP Awards ended during the week, and I won 3 categories in "Best Lyricist", "Best Journal" (I have been posting this same blog over there in case some of you don't know) and "Favorite Mod". I appreciate all your votes, and am extremely thankful for these wins, it's an honour. In a way, it's relieving, because now I got one thing less to worry about.

For the record, this is the 30th post in this blog, hence the title. I can't believe I have posted that much, though, when you remember that I started the whole thing in last April, it's quite a small number. Still, it's worth mentioning in my opinion.

Today, even though the clock is already almost 3 PM, I'm going to write some new pages for the book, work on the lyrics for the collab and make progress on the instrumental. I'll let you know in the evening what's been up, and share some things I might of forgotten to type in this post. Until then, this is all I got...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Doesn't Feel Mercy

Hey you all. Unfortunately, today I have no time (I need to go to bed soon actually), but I thought I'd take some time to post the second chapter of my book - translated in English. Sorry I haven't posted this week at all until now. I will explain what's been up lately tomorrow morning. But, for now, enjoy the second chapter.


The time of miracles isn’t over

- Can somebody tell me, how much do you get, if you add -3 to the following expression?
No one bothered to answer, even though teacher Strait asked a question, which even an average sixth-grader would’ve know the answer to. Whispers were everywhere, and Strait started looking for a victim with his falcon look, to come on to the board and do a harder puzzle. That’s what the hoary math teachers always did, when questions weren’t answered. In other words, it happened often.
Mark was bored, as usually. Double-math would end the long Friday at school. Mark didn’t hope for anything as much as the end of the school day.
For now, he and Hannah hadn’t talked with each other yet. Not even said a hello. He was even a bit surprised that Hannah hadn’t tried to open a conversation. Maybe she really had forgotten Mark. As depressing thoughts elapsed as a continuous chain to mind, Mark had finally decided to ask Hannah out after the classes. Math classes didn’t fit to this plan, as the math teacher’s numbing talk about which leads into a positive and which to a negative total, made Mark think and wait for the end of the class even more.
Quickly, Mark glimpsed his cell phone’s clock. 13.52. Only less than 10 minutes left. Mark knew, that the following 8 minutes would end up being the longest ones of his life. From his corner of the eye he saw, how Strait circled around the class room and stopped by the classes funny guy, Rock.
- Rock, would you tell us what the answer to the question on the board is?
- Eh, my sight is quite bad today. I can’t read those scrawls.
The whole class started laughing. But Mark didn’t. As he looked around, he noticed that Adrian didn’t laugh either, but instead sat faceless and still by his desk. As far as Mark was concerned, Adrian hadn’t had a chat with Summer yet either. On some strange level, that gave him more self-confidence.
- Oh well, go to your homes already. Rock shall stay to the class.
Mark got absolutely terrified. Strait didn’t usually let the pupils go this early. So why did he have to do it today? Well, better that the thing gets solved as quickly as possible, I guess. And if not, then Mark’s grades would probably just go downhill and his average mood would go down, like in all TV shows.
Mark grabbed his bag from the side of the his desk, ran to the door and from there to the hall. Hannah was about to take her coat from the coat rack. Mark made sure, that there were no friends of each around – because they might mess the whole thing up - and walked carefully towards Hannah.
- Hey-y, Mark began carefully.
- Hey, Hannah answered smiling, which didn’t really help Mark’s task.
- How are you? Have you… Like… Gotten used to the new school? Mark felt failure in his spine. Hannah would never go out with him.
- Pretty well. This is somehow more boring than the school I was in previously, but so far it’s been ok.
- Okay. Good. Hannah stayed waiting for Mark to say something more, but then she left. Mark bit his teeth and said to her:
- Hrmm, well… Do you happen to remember last week when we met at that party?
Hannah turned around. Her smile was even more stunning than before.
- Of course. What about it?
- Nothing… I mean… I was wondering, if you’d want to take it all over again… Like in the form of movies for example…
Hannah laughed at Mark’s shyness by herself.
- Are you asking me out?
- Well… If that’s what you want to call it… Then I guess so.
- Okay. Which movie could we possibly see then? If I say yes, I mean.
- Well, I haven’t thought of that yet… But I believe that anything you want to see is fine. Mark felt himself as stupid as he possibly could.
- Oh, I could choose? Hannah tried to look like she was thinking, even though concession pounded wildly in her chest. – Then I’ll say yes. Mark couldn’t believe his ears.
- Okay, good, Mark said while he couldn’t come up with anything else to say, and a short silence was awaken.
- When?
- When what? Mark was so happy, that his brain were frozen.
- When shall we meet?
- Ah… Well… Say today at seven?
- That would be great, let’s say so. Hannah’s smile didn’t curdle, it just kept becoming more beautiful and beautiful.
- Well, I shall come then, Mark said and laughed a bit himself. Hannah turned around towards the school gate. Mark let his bag down and sighed of pure relief. For a moment, he felt like in Heaven – before he realized, that he would have a date tonight.
Man I got so much to type tomorrow... Could make it easier and type it today... But what can you do. Goodbye for Now!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blame the Sunday

Aight, here again. I got some things to share, so let's begin.

First of all, I had a great time yesterday evening, as I was sitting alone in my room by the window, listening to KoRn's Untouchables (one of the best albums ever made in my opinion) and writing some lyrics. The outcome is a great memory and this progress I've made with the demo:

Humble gaze, silent praise
I inhale through my veins
Countless prayers without a face
When I’m falling to your embrace
Seeking for an inner core
to relate with remorse
Please attach the pieces
of my broken faithfulness

This summer inside’s
as deceiving as ice
it wakes up the cold
with it’s evil tropes
As this loop gets closed
everything I’ve ever known
drowns deep inside my soul
and I’ll sense Your blind tone

Pretty good I'd say. Other news are, that I recently downloaded Rage Against the Machine's debut album. They were the pioneers of nu metal, as many of you might know, but I haven't really gotten into them until now. Judging by the first couple of tracks I've heard, they are good, but not really something I could imagine headbanging to all day long. Instead, they are just "nice" to me. But, I'm hoping they will grow on me slowly.

Today, I haven't really made progress with anything - I tried playing some guitar, and actually came up with some riffs, but they are still a work in progress, barely anything worth mentioning.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do some homework again to earn money. Also, on Tuesday, I will be leaving to visit my grandma for the whole day, so I might not update this blog until Wednesday. I wish I had something to write about now, but I really don't... Oh well, hopefully next time I will. "It's on!"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Everything I've Known of Saturday

Here is the first chapter of my book. If you have no time to read it, save it please. I live through comments.


Fate and it’s inscrutable purposes...

I stared to the ground. Snowflakes were clutched to the bottom of my old winter shoes, but left the ride a couple of meters later. Expectation towards the winter holiday coming up in 2 weeks caught me to see a ski run somewhere far outside my thoughts. Thoughts, which were an echo from last Saturday. Thoughts, which I wanted to return to repeatedly. Thoughts, which’s center was only one name…
I awoke, and realized that I was standing in front of the school building. I glimpsed the clock – 7.56. No worries, the last busses weren’t even in the crossing of the roads yet. I stepped slowly towards the stairs. First lesson would be chemistry.
Halfway through the longest hall of the school, which lead to the chemistry classes, I ran into Mark. He waved his hand blandly, giving me the feeling that he could have somewhat the same thoughts than me.

I tapped some snow off from my shoes while saying hello to the driver and walking to the back of the bus. I sat down to a window seat in the second last row. I looked outside and jolted back when the driver pushed the gas.
I watched how the trees carrying snow in their branches swtiched into a hollow highway scene. I opened my bag and checked, that everything which was supposed to be there, also was. I took my mobile and started playing a football game. After a while I gave up.
Whatever I did, I couldn’t forget last Friday. I had been on a camp organized by the school, which had been a big disappointment – until I met Hannah. She was probably the nicest girl I had ever met. Those 30 minutes I spent with her, I was able to be myself for once, unlike normally when I was with girls. When it was time to go to bed, we had switched phone numbers – but I had been too nervous to call or even text message to her during the weekend. I was ashamed of my behavior. The girl had probably already forgotten the whole half an hour, which I myself was still thinking every second minute.
The bus stopped. I freaked out thinking we were already in school, but then I realized, that that it was just a temporary stop. Some dreary-looking boys walked in and sat down to the first row.
I took out a creased piece of paper from my pocket. For a moment, I had this stupid look on my face, as I stared alternately at my mobile and alternately at the paper which had a phone number in it. Finally I placed the paper back into my pocket and stuffed my mobile back to my bag. I couldn’t do it.
After five minutes, the ancient, squeaky and coughing bus stopped in the schoolyard. I started walking as slowly as I could, because I had no rush to get to class. As I got to the door, I opened it carefully and went inside slowly. I started walking towards the chemistry class. Just before I had arrived to the class, I remembered that I had to return a math test. I swore by myself, but what the heck, I had to turn. On the way I saw Adrian. He looked more apathetic than usually.
- Hey. I’m returning this test, you want to come with me?
Adrian nodded. Something was terribly wrong, if he didn’t say a word.
After I had returned the test to the yawning teacher, we walked back to the chemistry class. The lesson had almost started already, when we knocked at the door.
- And where have you boys been?
- We had to take a test to the teacher’s lounge, I said calmly. Chemistry teacher Alderer looked somewhat disappointed.
- Well, it’s okay then. Though I don’t think that you both were needed…
Alderer walked behind his table and me and Adrian went to our own places.
- Now when the boys are here too, I’d like to make an announcement. As some of you might of noticed already, today, we have 2 new students here.
People started talking. No one seemed to notice who were old and who were new – behind every desk there was a same-looking, tired ninth-grader than behind the previous one.
- Silence, please, Alderer shouted. – Without further adduce, let’s welcome Summer and Hannah to 9C!
At first, I didn’t realize a thing because of my disturbing thoughts, until I noticed that everyone was staring at the last row of the class. I turned myself. Firstly, I just made a quick look towards the row, but suddenly turned again. It took a moment, until I realized that the same, shining Hannah was the one sitting there, smiling sorely to everyone’s looks.

Later on the same day there was a lunch break. Food was pretty bad, like always. Adrian and Mark sat in the school’s dining room. Adrian had finally decided to ask straightly what was bothering Mark, even though he had his own worries too.
- What’s up in your mind? You haven’t said a thing during the whole day.
- Nothing, I guess I’m just starting to get sick, Mark lied. He didn’t like hiding things, but he didn’t want to tell the truth either. At least not yet.
- You can’t lie to me. I know you. Something must be bothering you.
Sweat became to show up on Mark’s forehead, like always when he was nervous.
- Yeah. Can’t you let it go?
Now Adrian really realized that whatever was bothering his friend, it was something serious.
- Okay, okay. How did the camp go?
- It was nice… Nothing special… I mean… It was fun. Adrian nodded. The thing bothering Mark apparently had to do something with the last Friday’s camp.
-So you had fun… So you met a girl ha?
- No… And it’s none of your business.
Mark left the table and walked away, without taking off his tray. Adrian had never seen him act this strangely, even though they had known each other for 10 years. He ran after Mark. This had to be solved.
- Well, is she good-looking?
- Who… Stop, I met no one there! Mark yelled while Adrian lifted his eyebrows.
- Come on, you can tell me. Adrian turned his eyebrows to an even more unnatural position and Mark tried to fight against laughter.
- Believe me already, there is nothing to tell… Mark’s poker face failed and they both started laughing.
- Will you tell me or do you want me to punch you in the face?
- I will I will, Mark said and went serious again.
They sat down to the end of a seat near the school fence. Mark seemed even more nervous than before as he started to share the story.
- On Friday, at that camp, I had an awful time. Probably no one else from our school was there. Plus, the night went really slow. But then, somewhere near half ten, this girl came to me to ask for the time. She said that the battery in her cell phone was empty. Then, we started chatting, and somehow the next 30 minutes I felt like I was flying. At ten she had to go somewhere, and we switched phone numbers. She was really nice.
- Good-looking?
- That too.
- Well, what is the problem then? Call and ask her out, Adrian encouraged.
- I guess I should, but I’m too nervous… This morning, in the bus, I was going to call already, and I probably would’ve at least text messaged her during today, if she wouldn’t have came here…
- Came here? To school?
- Yeah… She is one of those new students that came to our class, Hannah, Mark said awaking a silent moment. Adrian buried his face to his hands.
- This was like the last thing missing… And they are sisters of course, he said while staring to the ground.
- Who? Mark said feeling confused.
- Well, the girls… You see, I met the second one of them – Summer – on Saturday at Yuccas party. We had a great time… And we already exchanged phone numbers too.
Mark couldn’t believe his ears. Had the girls decided to came to this school together, just for him and Adrian? The thought already made Mark so frustrated, that he didn’t even dare to say it out loud.
- Well, this sure is a mess then, Mark said carefully. Another long silence was awaken, until Adrian had the courage to ask:
- Are you going to ask the other girl, Hannah, out?
- I really don’t know…
- You like her?
- Yeah. That half an hour was really enjoyable.
- Maybe you should ask her then… Adrian said and sighed.
- Okay. But only with one condition.
- Which is…?
- You will ask Summer.
The break ended. Adrian looked thoughtful. Finally he said with a grin on his face:
- All right.
They gave each other a high five, picked up their bags and started walking towards the biology class. -----------------------------------------------------------------To be continued...

Then, I shall share what else has been happening lately. Since Wednesday, I have been working at home and earned some money (which is being saved for my drums). I've also made some musical improvements to "Poet Inside a Black Hole", the bridge to be exact. The reviews you have already read (hopefully), have taken a lot of my work and time too. Plus all this, I've also gotten much more into KoRn this week, as I've got 2 new albums from them - the one I made the second review of, See You on the Other Side, and another one, Take a Look in the Mirror - and listened to some of their older stuff too. Conclusion is this - KoRn has definitely became one of the huge isnpirations for me at the moment, and I've really learned to know them in a different way during this week.

I've also been writing some new lyrics. I got 2-3 potential verses, and this is the best of them in my opinion (though it's kind of short at the moment):

Humble gaze, silent praise
I inhale through my veins
Countless prayers without a face
When I’m falling to your embrace

You can already see clearly, that I'm taking a religious direction with the lyrics that are going to be used for the collaboration. It's going to be a fun thing to work on and in the same time, an extremely serious project by it's theme. I'm looking forward to it.

Now, I'm going to enjoy my Saturday evening with some music. I'll probably make a new post tomorrow. Later!

Friday, July 4, 2008

See You on the Friday Side

During the past couple of days I've been working on another review. It's a review of KoRn's See You on the Other Side. Because it's pretty long, I think I'm just gonna post it and tell you more about my week tomorrow.

Review: KoRn – See You on the Other Side

1. Twisted Transistor

This experimental, 7th studio CD by the hard rock group KoRn, was definitely something new for the band - with the old KoRn-flavor still existing somewhere in between the political subjects and industrial rock-influenced melodies. The change isn’t that recognizable in the radio edit of the album’s lead single and first track, Twisted Transistor, though on the album version there is an intro, which includes some reversed guitar and other weird elements, making it a good intro not only for the song itself, but also for the whole record. “Twisted Transistor” includes many elements the old school KoRn fans will surely recognize and enjoy – good examples of these are the solid main riff and Jonathan’s trademark singing/lyrics. There are some old KoRn-elements that have been left out though, like second guitar (due “Head” Welch leaving the band) and the drums, which seem to be having a stronger and more important position in the composition than before. A very good opener - one of the tracks on the album, which remind me of the old KoRn the most.

2. Politics

“Politics” is the first step into the unknown for KoRn, if you can say so. The sound is overall more industrial-influenced, the lyrics are surprisingly political (KoRn is one of the bands many people would’ve thought to be the last act to have a political song on their album) and somehow the song instrumentally reminds me more of classical hard rock than nu metal, which KoRn is known for of course. Not complaining though – actually, I consider this being one of the best tracks on the album. The lyrics are a bit controversial, but that is just the style Jonathan has always written his lyrics with. Suddenly there occurs this funny thought - maybe KoRn has always been a bit political, and this is just them opening up.

3. Hypocrites

The intro for the second politic anthem on the record includes a funky, Wes Borland-ish riff, with yet another industrial loop on the background. This track is one of the catchiest on the CD, however, not even close being the best. The song is full of the same riff - just modified a bit at parts - and no matter how you listen to it, the song never goes anywhere. I’m however sure that many new and old KoRn fans will like this creepy-effected rally. Without the structure literally being stuck throughout the song, this would make a great track.

4. Souvenir

“Souvenir” starts with an interesting riff and bass line, and as it reaches the verse, it ends up being one of the funkiest tracks on “See You on the Other Side”. The verses are pretty un-KoRn-ish vocally, however, it does fit and the chorus is good enough to make this an enjoyable track. Nothing special yet, though. During the first tracks on this album, there seems to occur a lack of using diversity wisely, as all the 4 tracks have included heavy guitars like on previous albums. With potential to have the funk, metal and industrial all separated, it’s such a shame to put them all together on all of the tracks. The first tracks have been fresh though, and for KoRn, the change has worked out pretty well.

5. 10 or a 2-Way

First track on the album to really impress technically! Industrial verses sound wicked with a drum comp using a lot of hi-hats and Jonathan’s basic vocal delivery. The chorus is crazy, old school KoRn alike. And, the bridge is really hard-hitting, unlike the previous bridges, which have been a major let down so far. A track you can easily like and head bang to during the chorus. Only con is the stretched outro, which is meant to be an interlude I guess. Bagpipes are okay, but it feels like a filler.

6. Throw Me Away

Finally, KoRn has stripped down the hard guitars, and “Throw Me Away” floats around your head with industrial effects and a simple drumbeat, as Jonathan sings emotionally. The chorus does include some guitar, but overall the song is a peaceful, distorted power-ballad. After a fumble start, the record has taken a good turn. The distorted guitar solo is something you could never imagine to be made by KoRn, but something you can still enjoy as a fan. Yet again, the end is a bit stretched, but overall, track # 6 offers you a really unique and powerful 5 minutes.

7. Love Song

Despite the name, this is one of the most in-your-face songs on the album. Following a similar formula than the previous track, the verses are quiet, and in the chorus the guitars hit in, but only to color it up, not to make it a “jump and blow your house up” kind of a song. You can’t define the song with words like “pop”, “ballad” or “slow rock” by any means though. A mediocre track, which makes you relaxed with it’s hidden heaviness. Not impressive though in the middle of these songs.

8. Open Up

Now I’m starting to get bored. “Open Up” is another song with an unfortunate lack of guitars, and it doesn’t offer you anything special. What has the band been thinking while making this tracklist? I’m sure many people would appreciate this album much more if it was balanced better. But hey, what am I complaining. The song has a good vibe, and it’s extremely funky. It does show another filler-interlude, which makes me laugh at times though with it’s unique use of different effects. Overall, a funky track, where I can sense some holding back though.

9. Coming Undone

Yeah, back on topic, finally! Some reallygroovy riffs and hand-clapping on the background, without forgetting Jonathan, who throws himself in the game once more. Perhaps the catchiest track on the album – it’s guaranteed, that this will get stuck in your head for days. The chorus is a distorted and solid package, however, the bridge is a bit disappointing. Verses are making sure that this is the return of the heavy pace on the record though. Overall, the song full of different, yet great stuff.

10. Getting Off

Old school KoRn-flavored groove is something you cannot say no to. Explicit language yet including a message behind them, aggressive riffs, screaming and rhythmic drums. Something missing? No. Any reason to complain? No. Surprising is, that you can hear an almost unnoticeable progressive-influence here, as the time signature seems to change a bit between the verse, pre-chorus and chorus. The bridge is something worth mentioning for also – unfortunately, that is only the second time on the record this far though. However, definitely never get off your room while this song is playing!

11. Liar

“Liar” is yet another groovish rally, this time having a more straight up rock feel than it’s heavy predictors. The theme is pretty clichĂ©, but the lyrics are overall pretty edgy, however not in a over-explicit, aggressive, KoRn-ish way like you could predict. There are some soft and melodic guitar parts too, which remarks a very well working contrast. Again, a track which only a rare number of fans could’ve predicted, but still something you can enjoy. And, this time, the bagpipe-interlude is a bit more restrained too.

12. For No One

This is one of the tracks on the record, that has all the potential to be a good track, but still it isn’t. The chorus is a bit lame, and like on “Hypocrites”, the riffs could be changed a bit more - though the bridge does offer something different from the song's other structure, however it's not anything special. Besides, the lyrics are just ridiculous, even for KoRn. Let’s skip into the next track, shall we…

13. Seen It All

"Seen It All" has a nice, industrial intro, though it sounds like something I have already heard earlier on the record. The first riff does take you with itself, but the verse part is a bit flat and strange while compared to the chorus. One of the most industrial-filled tracks on the album, and this time, don't press forward. The overall theme is very emotional too, and the bridge is one of the most sensitive ones KoRn has ever written, starting silently, and building into an orchestra-filled moment. It also mentions the concept behind the album cover in it's lyrics. A track that won’t maybe please you at first, but will grow on you. The stretching is again big con though. Why do they have to stuff the bagpipes into every song? And always to the outro? Don’t get it, but what I do get, is that this is probably the best and most impressive mark of change for the band on this record. And, for the first time, I can say that this is something special.

14. Tearjerker

If the previous song felt special, then this is just mind-blowing. An amazing closer for the record that at times has lacked entity, but has definitely offered a nice and refreshing change for the old and new fans of KoRn. As for this song itself, it’s the slowest one on the record, and as some might say it’s lame, it definitely shows that KoRn does have talent in writing something else than just heavy guitar tracks and aggressive lyrics. The song’s industrialism and certain type of horror-concept combined with it’s emotionality feels special, and Jonathan really touches your heart with his lyrics and the delivery of them. Perhaps the best song on the album, though it’s quite hard to compare it with the rest of the songs, especially the heavy ones. All I can say, is that if KoRn messed up the majority of the tracklist, they sure placed the right song as the closer. And – no stretching!

Turn it up while playing:

10 or a 2-Way
Getting Off

Seen It All

Turn it low while playing:

Love Song
For No One


There are going to be some new lyrics, the first pages of my book translated and other stuff tomorrow, so don't miss that post!

"And I wish there was something, please tell me there's something better and I wish there was something more than this/saturated loneliness..."

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Tuesday Remains Insane

So, was too busy to post yesterday, but here we go again. And guess what - it's July! Terrifying, my holiday is shrunking... *shakes head and sighs* ah, enough with the stressing. I had a good day today, as I was 6 hours with my friend. We swam, hanged out, played floorball etc. It was fun, made me forget about many things. Really something refreshing I was in need of.

Yesterday evening I made a review of P.O.D.'s The Warriors EP. If you care to read it, here it is.

Review: P.O.D. – The Warriors EP [1999]


All P.O.D. fans who were expecting something new and mind-blowing from the group back in 1999, were surely not disappointed when they inserted “The Warriors EP” in their CD player and pressed play to hear this unpredictable intro, which includes a great bass track by Traa and an accordion, which gets stuck in your head very easily. And believe me, it’s not one of those tracks that annoy you while they’re playing inside your head continuously. This intro is really impressive and a great introduction for a beautiful, hard-hitting and catchy half an hour.

Southtown (EP Version)

Next up, the demo version of P.O.D.’s first-ever single “Southtown” gets played, which might just be my favorite track by the band. The lyrics hold a great meaning, as they talk about the everyday struggle of Christians, and the band’s hometown, San Diego, which they refer to as “The Southtown” (hence the title). The musical side is even better, and it really shows how diverse scale P.O.D. has in their music. I love the raw feel and emotion this demo version has – that is the one thing I find a bit missing in the final version. They both still rock loud though. This demo version is also more experimental by it’s structure than the final version, as the bridge hits already after the first chorus, and is extended by a half. Not complaining about that either though – as a matter of fact, while the song is my all-time favorite track, this bridge just might be one of my all-time favorite bridges. I just love the contrast and how it builds up.

Breathe Babylon (EP Version)

When I first heard this song - it was an old live performance I found from YouTube - I didn’t really like it, but with time, it has grown on me. The energy is just amazing, and the intro is really powerful, yet again building itself up starting with a solid guitar riff and a banging drum comp. The guest raps by Dirt fit well, and I think his voice harmonizes together with Sonny’s pretty well overall throughout the song. I’m not that sure of the meaning behind the anthem, but I guess it’s about hypocrisy and religious war, so again a really meaningful concept. Not the best on the EP, but definitely a P.O.D. classic I enjoy.

Rosa Linda

“Wow” is all you can say after hearing this moment of Marcos, where he does some nice Spanish guitar. As a diverse music listener, I can say that I really love all the different things P.O.D. is doing, and one of the things that makes this EP so awesome is that it literally has everything. The track could be a little longer though, but still, one of the best tracks on the release.

Draw the Line (EP Version)

Now I don’t know what’s up with me. Draw the Line is one of the most wickedest, straight up rock tracks ever written, but I’m just not feeling it. To me, the track just seems so annoying by it’s lyrics, and even though the musical side has some really heavy energy as on tracks like the previously mentioned Breathe Babylon and the demo It’s About Time, it just lacks something really big. Sorry guys, I love all your work, but this just doesn’t have that P.O.D. element most of your other tracks have.

Full Color (EP Version)

When talking about the most emotional and heartfelt songs, this is like The One in that category. Not only are the lyrics dropping you on Sonny’s shoes, but the delivery makes you feel like Sonny is tearing the pain out of his soul and places it right on your chest. The verse melodies are funky, which in a weird way fits the song (because after all, funk is usually set behind happy lyrics) and the chorus guitar is like a choir making the pain even more sensible, but in a hard-hitting, P.O.D. way. You cannot get sick of this track – however, it needs a certain type of mood for you to catch it. I don’t mean you need to be sad or something, but neutral and open for all kinds of feelings that might come up while listening.


This is the closer track of the amazing EP, which eventually became “Follow Me”, the second last track on “The Fundamental Elements of Southtown”. I’ve always kind of appreciated this instrumental version more, as it puts the guitar on the front instead of Sonny’s lyrics, which are good, but not his best on the final version. And the instrumental then – well, that is one of P.O.D.’s best. The song ends with a nice, rain-filled effect, which has been in the background for the whole EP actually, making it a great EP to listen to in times of autumn or summer rain. Overall, the song is a pretty good choice for a closer to this pre-release of the band’s best album.

The EP is something you definitely need to hear as a whole, but here are some tracks you should listen to and some that you should ignore if busy.

Turn it up while playing:

Southtown (EP Version)
Breathe Babylon (EP Version)
Full Color (EP Version)

Turn it low while playing:

Draw the Line (EP Version)


Incase you are wondering, the number scale is 1-5.^

As of today, I've also decided to quit being lazy. I'm going to go out more, work, and write. I need to catch up everything I've lost during the first 4 weeks of the holiday (as it hasn't been that satisfying with the expection of the progress I've made with my songs). But no worries, I'm also intending to post more in this blog.

I think you had enough while reading the review, so I'll keep it short this time. Next time I'm most likely going to post on Thursday (or possibly already tomorrow).

"Soulfly... Fly high... Soulfly... Fly... *gibberish scream*!"