Sunday, August 31, 2008


Despite the bored, moody state I was in yesterday, the night was amazing. I translated 1/3 of the fifth chapter of the book, ate pizza and listened to Project 86, came up with a verse riff for Silence and watched a document/concert on TV by the late -60's rock band Cream. Not the best possible Saturday evening, but very enjoyable. It didn't make it any less atmospheric to hear the rain pour outside.

As for this morning, I continued translating the chapter but then decided to leave it half-ready and begin a whole new chapter. However, just so you won't be left with empty hands, I'm showing you the first half of the chapter now.


Freak, Part I

Raindrops poured down the school’s scratchy windows. The whole school was locked inside. Hannah couldn’t think of a time when it had rained as much as now. It did, however, support her current mental state perfectly, so it didn’t really worry her.
Hannah, Mark, Summer and Adrian were all together for the first time in the school’s music class. Music being the previous subject they had, they had asked teacher Aspenforest if they could stay to play. Aspenforest had given a permission with the condition that all the instruments would be back on their places as the next class would begin, and that the noise wouldn’t be too loud. All in all, the music teacher was pretty calm, so often his warnings or conditions weren’t supposed to be taken seriously, because they definitely weren’t meant to be received that way.
As the most excited, Adrian had already started circling around the keyboards. Moreover, he had already placed the microphones too. Mark had grabbed the guitar and played some chords, to warm up I guess. Summer was tuning the strings of her bass in the back of the class. Hannah was the only one who hadn’t taken her instrument yet or even prepared for it. She stared outside with an empty, translucent look and sat on an old wooden chair motionless. She had shut all outside factors out and concentrated fully on her thoughts. It was a lot to do, because her head was like a hurricane with all the vain thoughts and confusing feelings. Hannah would’ve loved to play, but her state in that moment didn’t simply let her to.
- Are you okay? Summer asked so abruptly, that Hannah startled. After she awoke, she noticed, that Mark and Adrian were staring at her too.
- Yeah, I am, sorry, I’m just a little absent today, Hannah explained and got up from her chair. Summer seemed worried. Hannah tried to reach Mark with her look but he had already moved his concentration back to plucking his guitar.
Hannah sat down behind her drum set. She took a pair of wooden drumsticks. She hit the bass drum a couple of times with her feet and revered the set with her eyes – partly cause her own set was half smaller, partly to have something else to think about. She noticed how everyone else seemed to be warming up professionally, playing complex chords and lines, while she was just kicking bass. She was a bit embarrassed. What if she was too bad to play in the band?
Suddenly the door got opened. A tall, brown-haired and black and blue-wearing boy came inside carrying a guitar and a handful of papers. He seemed a bit surprised to see that the class room wasn’t empty.
- Oh, sorry, I didn’t know there were some people in here…I’ll come back later, the boy said with a low voice and turned back towards the door. Adrian remembered to be polite.
- It’s okay, come in, there’s plenty of room to play, he said and smiled friendly. The boy turned again, but only to say:
- Thanks, but I prefer playing alone. Nothing personal, I’m just shy. You’re having a band, right? Good luck with it. Well, I’ll come later.
The door was closed as the boy left the room and the class was filled with silence. Mark and Adrian looked at each other and Summer tried to reach Hannah’s eyes too, but she had already fallen back to her thoughts and went through things which she had forgotten concerning drums. Surprisingly, Mark broke the silence by saying:
- Should we actually play something? I mean like a cover at first?
- Probably, but I guess we should first see what everyone of us can do, Adrian said. Afterwards he realized that he had sounded ruder than he had meant to sound. Mark looked at him strangely, but turned his look away from him while saying:
- Well, I don’t think that anyone of us is really good. I guess we can start with something simple like Smoke on the Water.
Hannah let her thoughts go and lifted her head. Mark was surprisingly cold. Was it because of the break-up? Hannah continued watching, as Mark played the main riff and tried to remember, how the Deep Purple classic went. Hannah couldn’t concentrate at all.
- Don’t tell me we’re just going to start off from scratch? Shouldn’t we first at least know the tabs, Summer pointed out asking. Hannah and Adrian seemed uncertain, and Mark even disappointed. For a moment there was a dead silence controlling the room, until Adrian decided to break it.
- Yeah, it’d be really hard to start playing just like that, I can’t remember the song completely myself. Everyone seemed to agree, except for Mark, who wasn’t even listening.
- There’s nothing special about it except the main riff anyways, Hannah said trying to sound convincing.
- Moreover, this is the first time we’re trying to play it …
- Alright, let’s do it like this then, Mark interrupted. Let’s look up some tabs from the internet and then practice them alone, and then let’s gather say at the end of the week. Fine?
Everyone looked a bit confused, but in the end everyone nodded one after the other. Adrian looked at Summer and smiled. Summer smiled back. Hannah looked beyond the drums for a moment and broke Adrian’s and Summer’s contact. Adrian tried to shake the embarrassed feeling out of himself by glimpsing at the clock instead. The break would soon be over.
- We are going to play something at least, aren’t we? Or practice? We soon need to quit, let’s try something at least.
Adrian’s idea must have been great in everyone’s opinion, but it didn’t receive any response. Everyone was either too concentrated on their own stuff or then they just didn’t have the right words. But Adrian was too motivated to let the last 5 minutes go to waste. He glimpsed at his keyboard and started to improvise something high-pitched. No one said anything or reacted in any way. However, after Adrian had played the loop a few times Summer followed with a bass line that fit the keyboard beat better than well. Hannah decided to start a double-bass comp . A short, improvised keyboard loop had developed into a nicely going song. Only Mark’s guitar was missing.
Mark took a glimpse around. Everyone was expecting him to come in. Mark’s mood was in need of something heavy. So, by heart, he tuned the guitar down to D and started playing a strong power chord. In the end it completed the song as a whole very well. Summer took her line a bit higher, while Hannah switched the original cymbal to crash. After a couple of bars Adrian switched his keyboard track, this time a bit lower. One after the other everyone kept changing the thing they were playing, making the others follow. Mark played a short solo in the end of the jam. After they had ended the song, the break was already over and Mark realized, that they were all late. Soon they placed the instruments to where they belonged, grabbed their bags and headed off the class.
Before stepping out of the class as the last one of them, Hannah looked outside one more time. The sun had started to shine and once again it supported her state flawlessly.

I also finished my lyrics for the collaboration today, and during the next two weeks I'm planning on giving it the final touches with Bass-Meca. Moreover, I tried some new tunings for my guitar, but couldn't come up with a strong and solid one I'm looking for. And no, MEMORY is not going to make any progress before I do find a new tune and am able to come up with the guitar parts for it.

I'm really annoyed to go to school tomorrow, this weekend has been a really refreshing one (not only concerning my projects, but the atmosphere). Let's just hope the next weekend will come soon enough. And remember, during the week ahead I'm going to have a plenty of recording sessions.

But now, it's time to say goodbye August and start looking forward, as September begins.

"She's not ordinary... She's not ordinary... She's not ordinary... She's just like me."

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shall I Burn My Bridges?

So, it's been another week (well, almost), and I've been blessed with a lot of things. You're aware of the extended weekend I had, which was not only refreshing but also something I was in need of. Nothing major happened during Monday and Tuesday though, unfortunately.
However, as the school week began, I started developing a lot of songs on my spare time, especially during Wednesday and Thursday, and I'm proud to say that the estimated release date for Autumn Scream which I mentioned earlier is much closer now. I'm working on so many songs right now - old and new - that it's just going to be sick.
And this is not the end of good news. Yesterday evening I recorded and mixed the official, instrumental EP version of Strayed. I love it and so far it has gained good comments from the people that have heard it (and those are just a few rare and selected ones). As of Monday I'm going to start working on some vocals for it and if everything goes well, by next weekend I will have at least 2 completely finished tracks, if not more. Despite the fact that I'm still in the middle of the writing process with some songs, October is optimistic at it's least for Glimpse at My Horizon EP.

The bad news are that I haven't been able to translate the new chapter of the book yet, nor have I gotten the chance to extend the original one. MEMORY hasn't been developed much either. Hopefully, I'll fix these two into good news during today and tomorrow though.

During the week I've also been hugely inspired by Project 86, and they're slowly becoming my number 2 band (again). Shadows Fall has kinda faded due the over all roughness, and I haven't really given Nonpoint a chance after Tuesday. But that might get fixed tonight too.

Yesterday, there was also another very important happening for me. The traditional "going out to listen to great music and enjoy the night" happening was huge for me spiritually. I don't want to go into detail, but it made me collect many thoughts and let go of some others. I can sum it up in one word: Tribulation.

I'll possibly post again tonight, and if I don't, then I will tomorrow for sure. Let's hope I got something new for you then.

Until that...

"The only thing I recall is the shadows coming my way... Comforting me with their searchlights to guide me home again... We will take, we will take... That wretched heart away... And when you come to you’ll thank us... For the new you we’ve made..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As I was away from school today also, I decided to postpone the making of this post with a day. I've been enjoying two days of complete freedom and now it's gone. Let's go on with what has been happening lately.

First, I've been listening a lot of new music. I've gotten into a completely new band called Shadows Fall, which is a hardcore/thrash metal band that fuses elements of melodic death metal and poetic lyrics well together. It's heavy, but the honesty and un-satanism of the lyrics make it good for me. And, I don't mind the music either of course. Yesterday I also got the only Project 86 album I didn't have yet - Truthless Heroes. As a concept album of a person's life who has gone a rough childhood, it's a masterpiece. The industial influences are barely noticeable, but they make it perfect, along with the trademark lyrics and singing by Andrew Schwab, without ignoring the clever bass lines one of the world's best bass players, Steven Dail, plays on the record.

I also got 2 Nonpoint albums today, which both have seemed great so far. I got only one song by then before these two albums, and as it was from their first major label album, a great change is noticeable. Hard-hitting guitars with melody, powerful vocals (to say at least) and a mid-tempo, bass-filled rhythm are once again some of th emain things I should mention.

As far as my projects go, I haven't done much. I started translating the next chapter of my book today, but the chapter is probably the longest of them all and it's taking it's time. I've been working on some new songs, but with nothing worth to mention yet. Despite this, these 2 days were needed and it was nice to spend sometime alone at home - being sick didn't really make it worse.

There is this one drawing I did yesterday, so if you want to check it out, here it is:

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll be able to make another post with the new chapter, or at least a half of it.

The more I taste the more I need... The more it makes me ill...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ink Please?

Good evening. Despite the fact that I haven't posted anything, I've been full of inspiration this weekend, even though I've been sick with flu and throatache. But I'm quite fine. So let's get straight down to business.

First, I recorded a new instrumental version of Lie Down on Friday, which you can download below. Now, this is NOT the version going to be used on the EP, not even the guitar track for that version - I just wanted to give you an idea of where the song is going. I've also made an acapella of it, which is, though, awful quality what comes to my singing. So I'll keep it to myself.

I've been working on a lot of guitar tracks lately, and I'm currently deciding on whether I will or I won't develop Silence and Whirlwinds into full songs. I love them both lyrically, and I already got main riffs for them, but I really have no space left on the Glimpse at My Horizon EP, and I'd really like Autumn Scream to only include new songs. I know it sounds like I'm making it hard for myself, but I've made my plans further than you think. I just need to balance out a solution.

Last night I started the 7th chapter for my book, which I eventually ended earlier today afternoon. It's quite interesting I must say. I haven't translated anything new, but I'm planning on doing so next weekend (or maybe even earlier, who knows, but I'm not promising anything). Can't wait to hear what you got to say.

Like I promised last week, I'm posting the current lyrics for MEMORY now. I've written the second verse just today. Here we go.

The view inside me echoes
my desiccated soul
the seeking desire
awoken by my faith
- blue wings of fire

My eyes walk alive

The anticipation shouts inside
folding even the night
Wish my longing stain
could reverse the rain
freeze my shade to wait

My skin is numb, turning to blue
I will receive The Truth
Locked up mood
the eyes that look
beyond the moon

I’ve felt the prize

In flames I’m eternal ice
sand that never flies
the past is my place
outside this haze
my soul’s misplaced

As you can see, it's missing a chorus, but I will write one soon. And no, the suprise concerning this song has not been revealed yet.

It is also notable that on Friday I also spent my now traditional happening of going out at the evening and listening music. It was great once again. I've been practicing some songs lately too, mostly Linkin Park ones. And I've made progress.

As the Olympics ended today, I'm kinda sad that I won't have the chance to view them anymore, but it's okay. We only got a bronze medal from Javelin Throw yesterday, but over all we got 4 medals which is great. I enjoyed these two weeks very much, and the peak was definitely this week's Thursday, as I was watching when 2 out of the 3 best throws ever in Women's Javelin Throw were thrown, and how USA and Great Britain didn't make it to the 4 x 100 metres relay final.

This is not everything I've been working on and done recently, but I'll spare you and tell the rest later, or then keep it all to myself forever. It's possible that I'll be home tomorrow for the whole day, and that means I'll be at least making a post.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Seems like I need to start cutting my posts to 1 per week, 2 max. With my 2 hours of computer time/day I barely have time to check all the forums I need to, and my projects should still be kept alive too, don't you think? I'm having more time on the weekends, but I really need to balance with things on my free time.

I got good news too though. I recently started the bass line for Lie Down, and have also been going through some drum patterns for it. I've also made some progress on some other 2 demos, that are going to be included on my next project, Autumn Scream (is it a full-lenght album or just an EP, don't know. I'm shooting for a December/January release though). For the first one of these two, Run, I got a promising, Winter-a-like guitar track already written and recorded (though it's still under major construction), and for the second, MEMORY, I got a lyrical verse. There's going to be a small surprise on the latter, so you can be hopeful.

I'm revealing the current lyrics for Run, feel free to comment on:

Seeker - sore-minded
Dreamer - re-defined
Tempter - evil, betrayed
Temper - broken his faith

Crawling - deep within
Breaker - blindfolding him
Border - burdens of sin
Escaper - beyond the brim

Darkness descends
while walk deepens
Breathing on me
stream fills harmony
Diving to fear
my pace linears
Forgetting home
I'm becoming a...

Writer - of the rain
Prayer - suddenly afraid
Flyer - in his skin
Timer - when it dims

Piercing previous life
Sinner - with an alibi
Photographer - of the sky
The past has been tied

Concerning my future lyrics, you can expect some more variation, as I started my German studies this week. I only know some basics for now, and I'm not going to make that much progress this year yet anyways, but it's an interesting language so far. There's really nothing I'd like to say about the rest of my first school week, apart from the fact that I'm happy it's over (even though the week ahead is going to have some even more annoying happenings).

On Friday night, I went out to listen to some great music while enjoying the view and the atmosphere. It was once again beautiful. I'm thinking of making it a Friday night tradition.

Then to other subjects. The Olympics have been really interesting this far, and the number of medals Finland has got so far is unpredictably great. I can't wait until Javelin Throw next week, from which we are probably going to win 1 or 2 more medals. I'm a bit prejudiced of China's success though. Seems like they aren't playing fair (like with the singing girl in the opening ceremony... Ridiculously stupid excuse to leave the "less-attractive" girl out). All and all I've enjoyed the Games this far (even though I haven't had much time to watch them, as the time difference is 5 hours and when the most interesting happenings are on, I'm at school).

During the weekend, I've also came across a new band called HURT. They're a diverse mix which I've started to enjoy very much. I only got 1 album so far, but I'm looking forward to hearing the rest.

Not to make this post too long, I'm going to stop here and HOPEFULLY post before next weekend. I'm going to try to stuff this blog into my schedule. Thanks for being patient.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Here we are. The last, 70th day of my summer holiday. It's warm and sunny outside, even though the last two days it's been raining. I'm sitting in my bed, listening to Ünloco (which by the way was one of the best new bands I came across during this holiday) and typing the last blog post of the most amazing summer of my life.

During my last week of holiday - or like I call it, the aftermath - I've been around a lot of changes. My room got completely refreshed with furnitures switching places and taking out of the whole room. I also cleaned my shelves and threw away a lot of junk. Why did this all have to be done, you might want to ask? Well, it's all because of this set I picked up on Wednesday with my dad:

It takes about half of the space I have in my room, so yeah, it wasn't only an investment, but a sacrifice. I don't feel like I have a room anymore - instead, I feel like I'm living in a studio. I don't mind though. I already wrote 3-4 drum tracks during Thursday only. Plus, I've been working on some new guitar stuff too - I've got the guitar parts for the collaboration almost finished and a brand new guitar track for a song that's going to be used in the future, outside my EP.
I've also written some new lyrics, and translated the 4th chapter of the book. Let me show the latter now.


Feelings aside

Adrian woke up with a strange melody playing inside his head. Slowly he opened his eyes and stared at the wall of his room. Soon he realized that the melody wasn’t strange after all – it was his ringtone, HIM’s The Kiss Of Dawn – and that the melody wasn’t playing inside his head, but right next to his right ear. Quickly Adrian turned to sit down, picked up his cell phone and tried to open his eyes. Summer’s name was flashing on the screen. Adrian had the urgent need of answering – immediately.
- Adrian…
- Hey, it’s Summer here. Have you already heard the news?
- Which news? I just woke up and it’s Saturday morning.
- Good point… But anyways. Guess who is on the way of making a band, Summer said with an excited tone in her voice.
- Well, I don’t know…
- Could you even try?
- Okay… Your dad?
- No… Hannah and Mark!
For a moment, Adrian went though emotions of surprise, happiness and bitterness simultaneously. Did this mean that Mark and Hannah were together now?
- Oh, well that’s great, was the only thing Adrian could say.
- Well yeah, it is. Guess who they want in?
- Who?
- You’re not trying at all today.
- Okay, fine… Me?
- See, correct! They want you to play keyboard and sing, Summer said.
- They do? That’s… Fantastic.
- Isn’t it?
- Yeah. I need to go now, I’ll call Mark later.
- Okay… Congratulations once again! Summer said to end the call.
Adrian closed the phone. He was still shocked. He and Summer had decided last night that they’d just be friends. He finally had taken all the bravery it took to ask her out, but in the end they faced the conclusion that they were too different and better as friends. Adrian really liked Summer, but he didn’t want a relationship that could never lead anywhere and in which he couldn’t enjoy the same things as her girlfriend. Still it hurt him to know that Hannah and Mark were together, but he and Summer couldn’t. Playing in the same band might get really awkward.
Suddenly Adrian remembered how Summer had said that she likes bass and had played it a bit sometimes. Asking Summer into the band could result into Adrian being saved. Asking couldn’t possible do any harm… And Adrian couldn’t say no to the chance of playing in a band anyways. He grabbed the mobile again and dialed Summer’s number.

Mark sat in front of a wooden kitchen table with a coffee cup in his hand and started to read the Friday’s newspaper. He yawned while reading how Kimi Räikkönen explained how the winter tests had went well. Mark had never liked coffee, but he had to drink something to wake up. He couldn’t remember when was the last time he was so tired and excited in the same time.
Mark’s mother stepped in the room. Mark said good mornings before she even had the chance to open her mouth.
- What’s up now?
- What do you mean? Mark tried to look confused.
- Usually I have to wait long before I receive an answer to my greetings…
- Oh… Well yeah… I’m just on a good mood.
- Well then, I won’t make further questions, his mother smiled, poured some coffee for herself too and walked back to bed with a cup. Mark continued reading the paper, but couldn’t handle the coffee any longer. He poured the rest of it to the sink and took a new glass of juice.
After Mark finished reading the paper he went back to his room. He wondered would it be too early to text Hannah. After thinking a while he decided it was not, but as he picked up his cell phone he noticed a new message. It was from Hannah. Mark read the message half-aloud after checking that there was no one else in the room.
- Adrian is in, and Summer plays bass. Should we take her in?
Mark struggled with the thought for a moment, and decided why not. He was interested about how Adrian and Summer’s date had been. He didn’t have to think about it for long though.
“Their date went pretty badly though… Call me when you have time, we need to talk.”
Well well, how to take that then? Mark didn’t have the guts to dial Hannah’s number and call. Not yet. He needed to think about things before he could.
Last night had been the best one in a long time. Mark had never enjoyed the company of a girl in a similar way before. Talking went well, and when it didn’t, chemistry took care of the rest. Besides, Hannah was really beautiful. Mark closed and then opened his eyes again instinctively just to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming. Did Hannah want to break up? No, she couldn’t, she had been so happy the last night. At least it seemed like she was… What if she was just acting so she wouldn’t hurt Mark’s feelings… Mark couldn’t take it anymore. He had to know.
- Hey, I was already expecting you to call.
- Yeah, sorry, I was eating breakfast.
- It’s okay. You probably got my message?
- Yeah, I did. It’s fine, I mean Summer coming into the band, Mark said with a tone of excitement in his voice.
- All right, nice.
A short silence occurred. This time there was no chemistry to fix the situation.
- Erm, you wanted to talk about something? Mark said sounding careful.
- Yeah… You can’t really talk about it on the phone. Shall we meet each other?
Mark started to get worried. However, quickly he consented:
- Okay. Say the ice cream bar at 12?
- Fine. I’ll see you then.
Mark still wanted to say something but Hannah had already closed her cell phone. While feeling confused Mark put his mobile down and went to the bathroom.

At two minutes to twelve, Hannah sat to the corner table of the ice cream bar with a chocolate ice cream in her hand. She glimpsed the time and sighed deeply. Soon Mark would step into the room and sit down to wait what Hannah had to say. Hannah was already scared of the thought concerning what would happen during the next couple of minutes. She didn’t have time to worry any longer though, as Mark was soon already picking his ice cream.
Mark greeted carefully and sat down. Hannah smiled a bit and tried to open the conversation, but couldn’t say a word. Mark, instead, wanted to know what was going on, so it didn’t take long before he began:
- What did you want to talk about?
Hannah ate some ice cream so that she couldn’t talk, but couldn’t stay silent for long.
- Well, about the date… I mean Adrian and Summer’s… It didn’t go too well and they decided to stay as friends, Hannah began insecurely. She breathed in and decided to continue due Mark’s pressuring look.
- And then again, as our date went so well… To me, it feels somehow wrong against them, Hannah explained. Mark nodded with sympathy, and said:
- Yeah, I agree… But what should we do about it?
For a moment, Hannah had had the thought that Mark had understood what she was trying to say.
- Well, as we are in the same band, friends and all… Maybe we should select either one, Hannah circulated. Mark looked even more confused than before when he said:
- I don’t follow you now… Do you want us to be separated around them or…
- Well, no… I mean, that maybe we should pick which is more important to us. Dating or friendship.
Mark almost swallowed his ice cream the wrong way while finally realizing what Hannah was talking about. He didn’t know what to say. Hannah seemed to take care of the situation by herself though.
- I’ve picked friendship. I’m hoping that we could share that too, I mean friendship.
Mark gulped in a continuous manner and felt himself uncomfortable. Is this how it would end? Mark wanted to say something, but he wasn’t able to. He was locked out of shock.
- You don’t have to say anything. I know what you would probably say anyways. I like you and I know, that you feel the same way. If the place, time and the conditions would’ve been different, then this could’ve been something special… But in contrast to other, more important things it’s not worth it.
Hannah smiled carefully, but started to stare at the ground after seeing that Mark didn’t react. Soon Hannah’s cell phone rang and she had to leave.
- Listen, I got to go. We can talk later if you want. Are you sure you’re okay?
Mark nodded and waved his hand tamely. He was able to smile a bit, but it was all just acting – after Hannah had left, the corners of Mark’s mouth went down and he sighed.
Feelings had been pushed aside and a truck had went over Mark.


Tell me what you think about it please.

Then to other subjects. As many of you are aware of, it was the 8th day of the 8th month of the 8th year of the 21st century on Friday. I came up with a bunch of stuff related to "8", but didn't have time to post it. Let me redo it now.

8 was the second weakest number in my school report. I got it from Gymnastics, Chemistry and Maths.

8 is the grade I was accepted to come on (passed the 7th).

8 is the approxiamate number of days it took for me to realize I was on holiday.

8 is the number of weeks I wasn't alone at home on my holiday (I spent the first 2 weeks alone, then my mother started his 7 week one, and my dad had a 3 week one which ends today as well).

8 is the number of tracks I had from Disturbed's Indestructible on the 8th day of June.

8 is the number of days it rained on during a week of June.

8 is the number of new tracks I got by the band Ünloco on the 29th of June.

8 is the maximum number of prayers I sent to the Lord during a 10-day period on this holiday.

8 is the number of projects I had during this holiday (Writing lyrics, writing music, writing the book, translating the book, doing homework to save money, helping to arrange the LPP Awards, remixing, writing album reviews).

8 minutes is the approxiamate lenght of Soar.

8 is the number of new, non-Finnish bands/artists I got into during this holiday.

8 is the over all number of people I have on my ICQ and AIM contact lists.

8 is how many parts I have in my drum set (counting the Hi-Hat, Crash, Ride, The 3 toms, the bass drum and the Snare).

That's all I can remember/come up with. Coincidence?

I'm simply shocked that I have to go tomorrow, as I've totally relaxed this week and have forgotten about school (nothing bad about that though). Hopefully it'll go well.

On Friday, I ironically once again had one of the best moments of my holiday though. It was mdnight, as I stood outside listening to music I've listened to this summer. It was great - not only was it a touching moment, it also brought many memories to mind and one of the last things I wanted to make this summer came true.

Btw, I got the 2 albums by Ünloco I've been looking for today. Ironic that it's the last day of the holiday when I get them, ha?

I guess I shouldn't be so depressed, I got the weekend after all. I can't be on my comp that much anymore though, so don't be surprised if I only pop in once in a while.

I'm possibly posting later today.


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Stress, Emptiness, New Stuff Part 2

All right, I got myself to write this post, so let's get over with it.

Today has been a more boring day than I thought it would be. I had a bunch of plans - as always - but only managed to do one important thing. It was really imporant though.

Today, on August 3th, I recorded the latest and final version of Intro [The Anticipated], with bass and guitar. Now, I wanted to upload this because I want you to be able to get a preview of how the EP will sound like (my current equipment is the single one that will be used during the end of the project), but it doesn't mean that I will be offering the full songs I'm recording in the future. Only the rare and selected ones will get to be inside the studio process. As for the others, you need to wait for the EP to get released.

But anyways, here is the final version of Intro. Turn it up, it starts with a whisper.

Also, just for your information, it took me countless re-takes to make that intro what it is currently. Now I feel like Jimi Hendrix, who, legendarily, was a perfectionist too, and needed countless takes also.

I'm also announcing that the first b-side track I told you about yesterday is halfway-finished now (at least lyrically). It's my most poetic outing yet. I'll show it to you soon, possibly already tomorrow.

I need to go to bed soon, but before that I'm planning on writing something - perhaps a review or start the translation of the next chapter. Whatever it'll be, I'll report it tomorrow.

Feeling proud and ironically, depressed - Jon2

Saturday, August 2, 2008

World's Longest Blog Post

Hello. Without further apologies for not posting this week nor updating the lists, I'll start off with what's been going on.

On Tuesday I got a new microphone, though due my amp cable (don't know how it's called, but it's the thing you plug between your amp and guitar) is making some extra noices because some juice fell over to it (hilariously amateurish, I know). So the quality isn't really that much better. Anyways, I'm not going to buy a new cable because I've already spent too much money, and I'm going to spend even more soon - it seems that I'm finally getting the drums next week.

This week I've also made some finishing touches to the Intro [The Anticipated] and as it's fully written now (with bass), it's only missing the final recording, which I'll hopefully be doing tomorrow. You on the inside (shieldnoshield and Bass-Meca just to give you a hint) have already heard the latest version of it, and it has received some good feedback (meaning it hasn't been completely positive, but constructive).

I've also already started working on my next musical project (whatever it'll be), as I got 2 - yes, you heard me correctly - new songs. One of them is currently just a verse with great lyrics and a riff, and the second is just a reggae-influenced riff, which has potential though. I'm also doubtful that the EP will be out by the end of this month as I promised - not because I'm working with other projects so much, but because due the drums I want to write some drum tracks and take the time to make the EP as perfect as possible. So, at the moment I feel like the end of September/beginningof October. But it can and it will change. And, who knows, the EP might be finished by the end of this month after all - just saying that things should pick up quite fast for that to happen, unfortunately.

I've also written a whole new chapter for the book this week. I haven't had the inspiration to translate anything new though. Hopefully I will soon so you can catch up.

Even though I still have 1 week left of my holiday, I like to think that it's over and the following week is just the aftermath. Here's some stuff I'd like to share about the best holiday I've had.

First, I'm proud of myself as I've made 2 completely new songs during this holiday (Poet Inside a Black Hole, Soar), written 3 bass tracks for Intro, Strayed and Winter, photographed and selected a cover for my EP, decided on the name of it, planned the project a lot further and already written a lot of b-side material. During this holiday I've realized that the best thing about writing music and lyrics are the memories and emotions the progress awakes in you and creates. For example, the way I wrote Poet Inside a Black Hole during the rainy era of June is just totally unforgettable for myself. Even though the pleasure of being able to enjoy your own writings and music is huge, the process has even more to offer.

Secondly, I'd like to mention all the new music I've come across. As during the whole year, I've kept finding and exploring new bands and artists constantly. As a flashback, here are the bands and their albums I've been into this summer, in order of interest (also the old ones I've gotten into again are included): Disturbed (The Sickness, later on Music As A Weapon II and Indestructible), Breaking Benjamin (Phobia), Skillet (Collide [Bonus Tracks]), Project 86 (Project 86), Sonata Arctica (No seperate album), Five Finger Death Punch (The Way of The Fist), Ünloco (No seperate album), P.O.D. (The Warriors EP, later on Payable On Death, Testify [Limited Edition] and Satellite), Deftones (Around the Fur), KoRn (See You on the Other Side, Untouchables, Take A Look in the Mirror), Rage Against the Machine (Rage Against the Machine), Alter Bridge (Blackbird), Head (No seperate album), System of a Down (Untitled Demo Tape, Demo Tape 1, Demo Tape 2, Demo Tape 3, Hypnotize), Scars on Broadway (No seperate album, later on Scars on Broadway), Shinedown (Leave A Whisper), H.I.M. (Venus Doom), Junkie XL (Today), Limp Bizkit (Results May Vary, Significant Other, The Unquestionable Truth Part 1). As you can see, the latest 2 are new additions.
Earlier today, I shuffled my cell phone's mp3 player a bit, and by skipping some tracks, I came up with a great 1-hour playlist that sums up all the summer's musical influences by different acts and albums. Some are missing though, but this playlist is pretty good over all and it brought up some great memories.

Skillet – Open Wounds [Collide (Bonus Tracks)]
Project 86 – Rebuttal [Project 86]
Five Finger Death Punch – Ashes [The Way Of The Fist]
P.O.D. – Change the World [Payable On Death]
KoRn – Play Me [Take A Look In The Mirror]
Disturbed – Inside the Fire [Indestructible]
Alter Bridge – Ties That Bind [Blackbird]
Deftones – Be Quiet And Drive (Far Away) [Around The Fur]
KoRn – Liar [See You On The Other Side]
KoRn – Hating [Untouchables]
Shinedown – Better Version [Leave A Whisper]
H.I.M. – Sleepwalking Past Hope [Venus Doom]
Ünloco – Empty (Live) [Music As A Weapon II]

This blog has also been a big part of my holiday. I've spent a lot of time updating this whole thing so you'd be able to catch up everything. I've also made some philosophical writings which I hope have made the same impact on you than on myself.

As the summer has gone by, my moods have gone up and down. In the beginning of the holiday, I was a bit down because of the rainy weather, but later on I've started enjoying it very much. I've been more and more stressed concerning how the holiday has slowly started coming to it's end. I've also had some of the most beautiful moments of my life while listening to music and walking in the rain for example during the last couple of weeks.

As all of you know, my music and the book haven't been my only projects during these last 2 months. I also worked hardly on the LPP Awards 2008 and did some remixing in June, and wrote reviews throughout the beginning of July. And let's not forget all the homework I've done to earn money. Sometimes it's been really annoying, but no matter how cliché it sounds, in the end it has payed off.

One last thing has been my refreshed interest concerning sports. As I haven't really been into any sports during the last year, the Euro 2008 really got me excited and track and field sports have yet again been really interesting to follow. Over all, I've found sports very close to my heart again, though I'm not that good in any myself.

Incase you got this far, congratulations. If you just skipped everything, then no problem, it's okay - it's just that you missed 9 weeks of my life.

I won't make any promises, but hopefully I'll get myself inspired to write tomorrow.