Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Desperate, One

So, despite the fact that I never started a new chapter for the book, I've done some stuff worth to mention over the past 24 hours. Last night I wrote 2 verses worth of pointless lyrics with the goal to let out some thoughts. I feel no need to post them here at this time, but maybe later. Then, today morning, I wrote 3 new riffs and they eventually became the half-finished instrumental for Memory and the middle solo part for Poet Inside a Black Hole. I also went through some tabs on the internet, mostly KoRn ones, and learned a couple of them. Over all it has been a pretty boring day, because nothing else has really been going on besides the things mentioned above. And I'm really tired (only got 6 hours of sleep last night). As the new school week is ahead, I'm left somewhat disappointed... About everything. I hope I still find time to get something done tonight.

Here's a little preview of what I was thinking last night to end this empty, desperate post.

"The dark blue of my dreams, and the variety I lay within/set off a brand new life, a memory withers and dies"

Saturday, September 27, 2008

13 Days Later...

...I am sitting in my room, listening to KoRn, with a long test period almost done and no progress on pretty much anything. My guitar is lying on the floor, 2 metres from it's stand, and the skin of my fingers is worn out because yesterday I played guitar for the first time in approxiamately 6 days. For three heartbeats I glimpse the opened booklet of Project 86's Truthless Heroes, and remember how it arrived on Tuesday, and how I was the happiest boy on Earth until I opened the TV an hour later and saw the news stating that there had happened a shooting in a school in Kauhajoki with 11 victims. Suddenly I start wondering what my test results will be, and remember that I still should be preparing for 2 more tests. As these thoughts start recalling last Saturday's school day and I slowly return to writing this post, I find myself with not much to say...

Plus everything mentioned above, I've been listening to Soulfly, Metallica, KoRn, Head, Disturbed, The Rasmus and Shadows Fall a lot recently. I'm really getting into some thrash now, as you can hear. As with my music, even though I haven't really made any progress with my EP recordings, I did develop Poet Inside a Black Hole and Lie Down yesterday and today. So, if everything goes according to the plan, I should be on schedule for my EP to be released on my birthday.

As the main reason for the fact why I haven't done much progress with anything is school, it's only one partly. The other reason has been the fact that I broke a string last week and didn't find time to replace it immeadiately. It's taken care of now though. I swear that I will never try tuning my guitar to anything special from now on, at least not with this guitar and these strings.

As promised last time, here's some of my recent lyrics.

Current demo version of Martyr:

I ‘m not a martyr
I ‘m just a creature lacking belief
And I could not die for Him
Until, I ‘m aware of the Truth

The other night I was standing outside
glimpsed at the sky with tearful eyes
The searchlight upon me reflected the sound
of something poisoning my heart with a fraud
The whispers in the autumn recall
how my belief used to be primary
With all the comfort now being torn
nothing remains the way it should be

My only fear is that the evil
rips off my heart and wrings it to black
The dreary angels set off my dreams
The moody prayers are no more in blaze
Tribulation or human need
Burn my neck so I foresee
Is there grace above my cry
or was I too weak to take the wine

And then, the chorus for Memory:

The time staggers in the void
downcast set beyond control
injection of bless lifts me home
risen hope, the wings of the dove
The time staggers in the void
downcast set beyond control
injection of bless lifts me home
risen hope, the glory of a dove

As I couldn't spend my traditional Friday night last week, I did so this week. It was good. I've recently struggled some with my faith, and went through a huge scale of problems and emotions, but they're settled now and I have actually started reading the Bible as of yesterday.

Tonight I'm hopefully going to make progress with the book and write some new lyrics. I'll post tomorrow.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Another hard week is gone. Due many happenings I don't want to bore you with, I haven't been able to make much progress. I have finally finished Strayed, and I've started recording Lie Down, but it's really nothing else yet than a first verse drum track with an acapella. So, my only goal for next week is to finish it with that one.

Outside my projects - Friday was a really unique day for me. Instead of recording and writing at home, I first hung out with my friend and then went to arrange a disco with my class. I was quite prejudiced about it, but it turned out to be fun. And my walk home alone at 9.30 PM was beautiful. So, in the end it was a great day, despite the fact that I couldn't make any progress with anything.

During the weekend, I've so far finished a new chapter for my book and written a bunch of lyrics. Today I'm also going to play some guitar. Over all, the week(end) has gone really fast, which means that next weekend should be here soon enough - too bad that I have to go to school next Saturday (it extends my Christmas holiday with 3 days though). October is still realistic...

I've also gotten into a new band called 10 Years, and been listening to a lot of Project 86 and Deftones during the week. On Tuesday, my friend ordered me the Truthless Heroes CD by P86, which I should be receiving sometime next week.

I will most likely post again tonight with some lyrics.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Prejudices Aside

So, as we hoped, there are some good news. Not from last night though... But let us begin.

Yesterday I did not make progress on anything really, apart from getting my guitar out of tune. It was an ok night though, like any Saturday night is even at it's worst. But I don't mind that I couldn't end up with anything except frustration, because today things started picking up.

First, I grabbed my guitar again and started tuning it to Drop C, a very common tuning meant to make power chords easier to play. It took a while, but the outcome was great - and indeed heavy. So, immediately I started jamming, and came up with a pretty solid riff in my own opinion. So I'm very proud of myself on that.

Then, I decided to continue the chapter # 8 of my book, and it's doing well so far. Not fully ready yet, but I'd say half-ready. And the plot is once again taking a good turn.

I also started working on the lyrics for the chorus of MEMORY. I won't be revealing them just yet, but it's going to be a really powerful track...

Outside my own projects, I've gotten to some new music during last night and today. As I already mentioned, Metallica's new album is in my playlist, and today I erased another prejudice, as I downloaded the Broken EP by the Nine Inch Nails. The first definitely rocks hard and is something that will stay on my playlist, but as for the latter, I'm not so sure - as the riffs are catchy and Trent Reznor really seems like an inspirational musician, Industrial-ish music isn't really my style. But I've enjoyed the EP and I hope I can get influenced by NIN someday in the near future.

So as I'm smiling, with this following sentence, I'm ending the over all 50th blog post of mine:

"No one to blame always the same/Open my eyes, wake up in flames"

Saturday, September 6, 2008

They Seach and Strain and Drink and Stagger

As I'm writing this post, it's Saturday evening and my mood is quite unrelaxed. I was suppose to give Strayed and Intro their last touches this week, and if time would be on my side, start recording/mixing another song. But time was on everybody else's except my side this week. Guess what, I got the drums for Intro, and I got the acapella for Strayed, recorded and mixed, but... I wasn't able to make the mixing smooth enough with Intro and the vocal delivery with Strayed is just horrible. I don't stay in tune at all for about 1/3 of the track. But it's fine for now. I'll see if I got any time next week and try recording a new vocal track for Strayed, or at least redo the first verse, which is like bad karaoke right now. But as for Intro, it's the best I can do.

What has been keeping me out of recording then? School, that's it. I got like 3-4 tests coming up, ad the stress is killing me. Not only that, I've been suffering from a headache and a lack of inspiration with a lot of stuff. For example, I was going to play guitar, write the book and all today but I just can't find inspiration to do it. Oh well, hoping my mood will change, because next week it's just going to be really difficult to do or write anything in the middle of the test season.

But hey, enough with the whine. There's something positive too. I've been working on Silence a lot, and I got a lyrical outro for it now. I'm also working on some more riffs for it. Concerning Glimpse At My Horizon, I've completed a bass line for Poet Inside a Black Hole, and have been thinking about a lot of stuff about the EP like possible release dates for it, possible changes for the artwork etc. Moreover, this week I finally completed my Project 86 collection, by getting their most recent releases Rival Factions and The Kany Mutiny EP. Both are different, but amazing. Yesterday I had my traditional moment out at night, and also jammed with my dad for a bit, which was fun. So only thing missing from this week really is an inspirational Saturday night you can be satisfied with...

Well, that's about it for now. I'm going to get into some Metallica now (their newest album is my first by them, and so far it's been good). I'll post tomorrow, with - I'm getting tired of saying this - hopefully some happy news.