Sunday, November 30, 2008

Watch Your Words

I apologize, but after a short evening including pizza, music and a few new lines added to my new song, I got nothing new to offer really (because I really don't want to show you the lyrics while they are still very incomplete). As far as today goes, I woke up pretty early and went to the Church as planned, and it turned out to be a really long visit, which I couldn't really enjoy (not that Church isn't a peaceful and relaxing place spiritually, but whilst surrounded by friends and other people you can't really pray and sing in peace). With the occasion held after the Church, about 3½ hours of my Sunday had been taken. Not really nice, but what can you do, I want to graduate from confirmation school. For the rest of the day I've been playing guitar, surfing around the net and other boring stuff. I'm probably going to read and maybe play some more guitar during the rest of the evening, I'm really tired.

So that this post won't just be another whine, I'll promise to keep you more updated on The Breath of Darkness awards, which will be held in December. It's really hard to decide on a date just now, but I presume my last week of school will be the first potential option (that's in 2 weeks). Believe me when I tell you that it's worth the wait. I'm also planning on making another musical surprise for you (the first one was the Spanish acapella of Memory on GAMH, incase you didn't notice). Just hang in there... I know I will.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


After a pretty solid week I'm spending the last saturday of November with open minds. I have to go to the Church tomorrow morning because of confirmation school duties, and due that I'm a bit stressed, but I think I'm still able to make the best of tonight.

As far as the past week goes, I've been developing a new demo in the side of studying. Also, this week I've been watching TV more than ever. I've started watching a Finnish music channel called Voice, and noticed that in between the basic pop and gangsta rap songs there's some 'real' music too in the mainstream - e.g. Coldplay, Kings of Leon and Kanye West. The prime has found its way to my playlist too - yesterday I got Coldplays Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends, and even though I haven't really given it a proper listen yet, it seems very creative and, no matter that it's a lot more mellow than the music I have come to listen to recently, I see it having its own special place in my playlist and inspiration zone at the moment. They've also started showing the re-runs of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and that if something is a classic TV show which I enjoy.

Earlier today, I got Linkin Parks new LPU CD, which, for everyones surprise, is full of humoristic studio demos similar to childrens songs. Many have been disappointed by it, but for me, as a former LP fan, it's a sign that LP might not be such a sell-out band afterall and that they still deserve a chance from me. Of course, Minutes to Midnight was a step forward and the peak of creativity for them, but it was just too soft for me... Oh well, maybe listening to Coldplay might get me back into Linkin Park too - besides, their old material still rocks hard and the whole band is the reason why I'm into heavier music anyways.

Yesterdays Friday Night Event didn't really happen, because for some reason I couldn't make my headphones to work. This morning I was able to make them work okay and I was able to go for a walk on the afternoon. The playlist looked like this:

1. HURT - Losing
2. Coldplay - Lost!
3. Adema - Everyone
4. KoRn - Here It Comes Again
5. Demon Hunter - Coffin Builder
6. Skillet - Open Wounds

For tonight, I'm going to continue developing the new song (which is going to be amazing by the way), read, think about the past month (which has been the best month of my whole life so far, by both, negative and positive experiences) and listen to music until my ears hurt lol. Let's see if I have anything new to offer for you tomorrow.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, another weekend has passed. While studying, listening to music and making 3 walks outside (one each day), I've been frustrated and my countless guitar playing and time spent wondering around what to write hasn't resulted into anything new. I still have got a few demos, but those haven't developed much at all during these 2 days.

Ignoring the undeniable frustration, I have been able to relax at times and especially my walks outside have each been unforgettable. As presumed, I haven't had any time or inspiration to continue reading, and my extra space left for reviewing or such didn't really happen. However, instead of being sad about it, I have already made some plans for the following week and the next weekend already - until then, I do have quite a lot of stuff to go through though, e.g. 2 very important tests. But I'm pretty hopeful at the moment.

The music I've been listening to has stayed pretty Tool-related, yet I have kept my player on shuffle quite a lot as usual.

Not much to talk about here... As a side note, Christmas is coming and I'm very excited about it. The whole week has been surrounded by a winter-alike weather, and I'm pretty happy about that too. Let's just hope I can hang in there for 4 more weeks...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prying Open My Third Eye

Good Saturday morning. During this post I'm going to share a lot of different stuff that will hopefully make you feel as delighted as myself at the moment.

Firstly, this week I've been experimenting more than ever, as I've been practicing my voice for hours (and in my own opinion, made some progress already), played guitar for at least an hour every day, and also started playing keyboard a little. Not only have I came up with a plenty of new stuff going around, I have learned to experiment and try new things too. I've also started listening to Tool again and that way matured even more, and as a conclusion, I think that this week has been one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of my musical development.

My school week was pretty medium harsh, but I was able to go through it properly. I had a difficult test (and more to come next week) and yesterday was a pretty awful day. Seems like the schedule for the next season of school is an absolute let down. I gave the EP to my music teacher though and the week could've gone worse too...

Here is the playlist for last evening's Friday Night Event:

The Accident Experiment - Arena
Ünloco - Empty
P.O.D. - Cain
Deftones - Fireal
Project 86 - Hollow Again

During the weekend, I will have to read for a Chemistry test next Wednesday, however I'll be writing new material for sure and listen to some more Tool and perhaps take another new band to listen to too. I seem to be having a progressive phase right now, first AeX, now Tool, and who knows what next. The Accident Experiment and Tool also have another thing in common - both have very poetic and secular lyrics, and that has influenced me to write lyrics also very poetic and multi-interpretational. I can already say that there's at least one future song by me in process that's going to be strongly influenced by Tool, especially their album Ænima, which is actually the album I've been the most into this week.

I've read over a half of the book I started reading last week, and so far it hasn't let me down. Might be that I won't have time to read it this weekend though. Despite this, I'm going to leave some space for a moment to write a review or finish the chapter I started last Saturday. I will make a report of what's up tonight or tomorrow.

'til then...

"Come down... Get off your f**king cross. We need the f**king space to nail the next fool martyr! To ascend you must die! You must be crucified! For your sins and your lies! [sic] GOODBYE..."

And no, that's not atheistic. Look deeper into it...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Arena of Life

So yesterday, I was supposed to celebrate my birthday for real. As I couldn't really think of a reasonable way to party, I wrote a lyrical demo and started a new chapter for my book, while eating lots of icecream, cookies, chocolate and pizza, without forgetting quality music. So in the end it was a pretty normal Saturday, yet I don't really mind, because I enjoyed it as always. Also, this morning I was able to come up with a riff for the demo.

As far as "quality music" goes, recently I've listened to a lot of The Accident Experiment. I also got Grammatrain's debut yesterday and early this morning it was time for some Stone Sour. I just love how I got the time to get to know new bands and new stuff again.

Just so you won't be disappointed, instead of revealing the lyrics I wrote yesterday, I'm going to show you another demo that I wrote last weekend.

How does it feel like
tonight’s paralyzed
and in the same time
it holds peace inside
Wicked whispers fly high
while I come to life
the fall has captured
my empty state of mind

What has came to be
In this slate of disease
the silver is blue
and the gold turns to hue
The weak touch of light
hurts my bare eyes
But no one can sense
what I do above this fence


Set what you hide
deep down in your mind
To some other place
Somewhere out of graze
Stare at your fate
and if it’s incomplete
concentrate on faith
and make it complete

Ride on to low
stop before dawn
follow the purity
metaphors of thorn
I came to feel
Something unseen
rock my soul, play it out
feel the rhythm, without a doubt


And it’s not only a dream
to be able to breathe
the same word than Him
until the rebirth
I will stay standby
as far as the light
reaches my bleeding
my wait is unhealing

As far as the rest of today goes, I think I'm just going to be lazy, read and not hold any pressure about anything. It's time to turn quality music and relaxing activities into quality time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Truth Behind

Alright, I got a ton of things, but let's start from the very beginning of this week, while I was busy with finishing off the EP. I was able to mix Soar and make sure all the songs were decent enough by Tuesday night, but then had a sudden change of plans, when I had to mix Ascend Me, Blind Tone myself as Bass-Meca couldn't find a way to fit the guitar in or put the vocals on key. So it took me basically the whole evening to even come up with what it is right now (which clearly isn't the best mixing result). So, most of the finishing work concerning the booklet had to be done early on Wednesday morning. It was all fine though, and I don't remember being so excited in a long time.

On Wednesday afternoon, I released the EP, and also joined, while my excitement was high throughout that time. However, seeing the first reactions the EP received and wasting the night with no party spirit, stuck with studying, in the end of it all I was disappointed.

During these last two days I've been thinking about what people have said to me about the EP, all the negative yet encouraging feedback. There has been a lot of it, and after being depressed and mad about it, I've come to terms with it and now I just can't wait to start practicing even harder and come out with a more mature, professional and overall better material. I have realized that I rushed too much with Glimpse At My Horizon, especially with the drum and the vocal tracks. The latter ones suck, and the drums are flowing with the guitar too much. With the feedback and my own honest observations I think that I'm able to improve on a lot and will evolve as a musician very strongly during the next few months. My intention with the EP in the first place was to fulfill my dream, yet I've now realized that God had a vision to make me face the bottom, and make me learn not to take everything I do for granted. In the end I'm feeling pretty positive right now.

Considering other things, I've started reading a new book, it's a sequel to the one I read last summer and really liked (and which also inspired me strongly with my own book), called "Snow Drift: Riff". It's at least as good as the first one and I'm literally addicted to it at the moment. I had 3 tests at school this week, and they all went either well or good enough. After releasing the EP I've also been able to release some stress and while I'm going to celebrate my birthday for real this weekend, I'm very relaxed and happy.

My Friday Night Event was spread to two parts this time, as I did it for the first time in 3 weeks. Here are the playlists:

During my walk/run in the rain:

Demon Hunter - Through The Black
Korn - Here to Stay
Project 86 - Pipe Dream
P.O.D. - Bridge to Burn
Shinedown - Better Version

During my regular event:

Alien Ant Farm - Wish
Skillet - Forsaken
Demon Hunter - Screams of the Undead
P.O.D./Christian Lindskog - Anything Right
Demon Hunter - Coffin Builder
Skillet - Open Wounds

Now I'm just going to enjoy the rest of the Friday night by reading and relaxing. I will post tomorrow - hopefully after a wonderful day.

Once again, thank you all for your support and feedback. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Glimpse At My Horizon EP

IT'S HERE! No time for explanations, I'm just going to copy/paste the text from one of the booklet's pages and post you the link to the EP. Don't forget to leave feedback!

In November 2008, while turning 14, Jon2 sets off his Wicked Breath project with the Glimpse At My Horizon EP. With no further skills than imagination and passion for making, listening to and living through music, the 13 (now 14) year old boy has created his own style of simplistic hard rock riffs combined with dark, Christian lyrics and basic yet rhythmic drum comps.
While you, the listener, one of the rare and selected ones to receive a hard copy of this EP, might notice that the vocals are often off-key, the guitars are sometimes untuned and that the volume and the different levels switch a lot, you can’t deny the talent in the lyricism. After studying and writing lyrics for 3½ years, Jon2 has learned to combine metaphoric and advanced writing with a Christian touch to simplistic and dark story-telling with little sparkles of hope. As a novelist too, this boy might just hit it big someday, so don’t put your expectations too high for this EP, but definitely take it seriously.

Wicked Breath is: Jon2 – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums

I’d like to thank my parents for giving me birth, looking after me and loving me no matter what, my fellow friends and supporters Max, Sheldon, Sam, Aarne, Dequartas, Frank, Sanfer, Jason and Shade, and everyone who has ever loved, hated or been comfortable with me or my work. However, most importantly I’d like to thank my Lord for giving me this life and the strength to go on, not only with this EP but with life in general. This is the ultimate prize and proof of that.

12.11.2008 @ Jon2Studios



Friday, November 7, 2008


Sitting in my room, surfing the net and listening to music while having a break from recording and mixing, has never been this serious or restless. I've been busy this week with a lot, however now I'm settled down and just trying to relax by eating pizza and listening to the Deftones.

Soar is about 70 % ready at the moment, and as I'm in a critical hurry, the EP is still very close yet so far. The booklet is about half-ready and Soar is missing a few drum and bass parts. In the middle of a test period I've been able to write a few new demos too, but it's as if working on the EP has been nothing but an endless struggle. Next Wednesday, however, it will end one way or another.

That's right. Next Wednesday, the 12th of November, I leave another era behind myself and turn 14. I'm planning on having a small party for myself next Friday, but the release of the EP, however, shall offer the biggest pleasure. I will make a post on Wednesday at exactly 1.59 PM with a link to the EP (2 PM is when I was born). That is, if everything goes according to the plan.

Influence-wise, I haven't come across anything new, but I've downloaded some Project 86 and P.O.D. rarities lately. Sad news concerning the latter is the rumor that they've cancelled their Europe tour and gone on hiatus. For a band that's bigger than just a musical act, I feel really bad for this kind of thing happening. As for the reason of the break, nothing has been announced yet, but I speculate it has got something to do with Marcos again.

I hate to leave this post so empty, but I really got nothing else on my mind right now. I haven't had any time to read, continue the book whatsoever, and TV has pretty much been my only way of relaxing this week in between of studying, recording and mixing. I really need rest from all this.

There is one thing I would like to talk about a bit, and that is the US Presidental Election that was held last Tuesday. I've been on Obama's side since I started following the politics last winter, and it was a joy to see him give a beautiful speech after winning the race (pun intended). This is a huge step forward for the USA, no matter how cliché that already sounds. I really believe in him and his visions of stopping war, poverty and healing the economy, slowly yet certainly.

With that note, I guess it's time. I won't promise anything about tomorrow this time, but I swear that on Wednesday I will make a new post.

"I feel sick, right here! I FEEL SICK!"

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breakdown Is Near...

This week has been completely insane. Not only has it gone really fast, I've basically finished Winter when it only had some guitar parts before this week, started recording Soar and started 2 new songs. And the 2 new songs are both heavy and potential-rich, and I already have a lot of plans for them.

Of course, getting back to school has slowed my work down a bit, and for example, the book hasn't done any progress (and probably won't in a while). During this and the next 1½ weeks Glimpse At My Horizon EP is my priority, and I'm full of enthusiasm for releasing it on my brithday, 12th of November.

Outside my projects, I've spent a very unstable week. The first 2½ days were really difficult for me, and the next 2 were really nice, mostly due my positive attitude. During the start of the week, I also spent a lot of time on mixing and recording Winter, so it increased the amount of stress and that's probably why I was so uptight. At the moment I'm feeling pretty neutral, knowing that next week is going to include some tests and tribulations.

Yesterday I didn't do my traditional Friday night event - first time since it's so-called birth. I was mixing the last bits of Winter and I wasn't really on the mood either. In the end, I didn't feel so bad about not doing it anyways.

Today, I mixed Winter so that it's 99% ready, and have been pretty loose since then. Might write something tonight, don't know yet really, but fact is that tomorrow I want to get free from all the mixing and recording for sure. Maybe I'll translate a chapter, maybe I'll just watch TV and read all day long.

One last announcement is that this week I've gotten back to Papa Roach (thanks to a buddy called FCY-JMDK-WLKY). I got their Getting Away With Murder album, though I haven't really given it a proper listen just yet.

So, until tomorrow;

"So come on and shine with me, like the beautiful star you are... And leave it behind with me, 'cause forever is not that far..."