Saturday, December 27, 2008

Fixation on the Darkness (The Last Saturday)

So, as I am spending the last Saturday evening of 2008, I'm happy to tell you that I've made progress on the new song and have written about 500 new words to the book. The new song is really going to be great, probably my best new song musically, and the lyrics aren't that bad either. I guess I could already reveal the theme: it's simply a lonely, homeless man's thoughts on a Christmas eve. It's very deep yet it combines my two different styles of writing nicely.

Just to remind you, everyone who is reading this blog and hasn't voted on the awards yet, you have a rough 25 hours of time to vote. At the moment I have received 5 lists back, which is already pretty satisfying, but I won't draw a prize unless I can get 2 voters more, so get on voting! It seems like a few categories are already settled, but that doesn't mean your votes can't affect.

My Demon Hunter & Killswitch Engage interest continues, as it seems that I just can't get enough of these two melodic yet heavy metalcore bands at the moment. I'm downloading the latter's Alive or Just Breathing bonus discat the moment, and I couldn't be more excited. Who knows, I might even drop a review next week.

As I got my interest back on writing the book again, I can pretty much promise you to translate a new chapter next week. It's been awhile, so I suggest you take a brief look on the earlier chapters. I'm also going to start a completely new chapter in Finnish incase I got time during the rest of the holiday. As already stated, the new song is nearly finished what comes to the guitar parts and the lyrics, and I'll be really annoyed if I can't get it finished soon.

That's about it. Bye bye Saturday...

*Headbangs to the breakdown of One Last Sunset by Killswitch Engage*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Infected, Pt. 2

Sorry for not posting in a few days, I've had a lot of stuff going on, Christmas only being one of them. I've been scheduling my next EP (yes, it's going to be an EP), started a completely new song and finished the lyrics for the collab, among with eating tons of chocolate, Christmas ham and other Christmas food. I didn't have that much presents this year, only some basic things like clothes, chocolate and shampoo, but it's fine - I did get 100 euros and I'm getting an effect pedal next week. And Christmas isn't about material things for me anymore anyways. It's more about peace, relaxation and holiday for me now, without forgetting the spiritual context.

Even though I've already been extra industrious, I'm going to continue on the same path and write something new for the book tomorrow, and possibly finish the lyrics and the guitar track I started today. Lately I haven't been listening to any Christmas music despite the season - I've been more comfortable with Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage. With the 100 euros I got for gift I'm actually thinking of buying the prime's live CD/DVD set 45 Days. We'll see if I can find it from a local store.

My guitar has became a true friend for me lately (lol), as I've played it for hours this week too. I've been learning some Demon Hunter songs and I've given a second try for alternate tunings (the new song I started today is played in Drop C). Even though I still need a lot of practice on the cover of One Step Closer I told you about, I have a feeling that I'm starting to get advanced with guitar.

As far as the awards go, they haven't really taken off yet, as I've only received one list back, but I hope it's only a matter of the fact that everyone has been busy with Christmas lately. However, I feel that it's necessary to remind you that the voting closes on 11 PM THIS SUNDAY (28.12), so do make sure to drop in your list until then.

Just incase you haven't seen the lyrics for the collab yet on LPP, here you go:

Hanging on a letter
never sent or received
Tears cleanse the stains
which never breath here
I blow a black whisper
below the seeping pain
so your heart will grasp it
and let me down once again

I want to be sick! [X2]

Sucking me closer to
a state of emptiness
your threading perfume
scrap me into pieces
Losing all these memories
Darkness makes me demur
Feeling so lonely now
I crawl to lament for you

My wishes come true [X2]
but so do you

This season of perplexity
bleeding and ardor
Flaming my darkness
with fireworks of God
the fuse must be burnt now
my icy heart is moaning
I’m sliding to roses
And towards to thorns of love



And yes, the bridge is going to be screamed. I'm so excited of this new, heavy direction of mine... Yet I promise that there are going to be some of those melodic, guitar-picking parts too like on GAMH.

I guess that's it... I won't post tomorrow unless I got something big for you, so I guess my next post will be on Saturday.

"Lightless, in fear, Karma shove, me down; December, inside this ice"

Monday, December 22, 2008


First things first, A THOUSAND APOLOGIES for not posting last weekend. I've been struggling with a virus/spyware infection for the past 4 days, and the only way to access internet was using safe mode (which, eventually, lead me to having 200 infections more). Now I think I got everything back to normal again though, let alone the fact that my windows has reseted itself and my keyboard is pretty messed up.

But let's go deeper in with what was up before the infection. During Monday-Thursday, I developed one wicked drum track for the collaboration between me and Shield No Shield, and decided to start another collaboration with my fellow friend Max (who most of you know as e-pcMAKzzz), which is going to be a cover of Linkin Park's One Step Closer. The rest of the week, during the moments when I've been stressed out because of the viruses, I also completed the solo for Memory and started a new interlude track which will probably be used as an intro piece for my next EP/album. I still haven't recorded anything major though, if we ignore the short drum demo I recorded on Thursday. Hopefully, as soon as I get everything sorted and all the Christmas presents etc. handled, I'll be able to offer something new for you. I feel your hunger...

But you know what, that's enough with my whining and updating, here comes the thing you've all (hopefully) been waiting for: The Breath of Darkness awards begin as of this moment! Please click the link below and download the text file which has a list of all the categories and nominees, with small descriptions for each. Then, select your own favourite out of each category, make a list of them and send it to me over MSN, ICQ or Yahoo, OR then simply drop your list in the comments of this blog. The deadline is Sunday night (28.12) 11 PM, when I will start counting the votes. IF there are enough voters, I will also offer a prize for one of the voters that's going to be drawn. Next Monday, I will present you two winner lists: one based on your votings, one based on my own decisions.

The categories and nominees in an .rtf wordpad file:

Now that I'm on holiday and my computer seems to be working again, I think I can finally relax, make music and enjoy Christmas. Clearing up the virus really wasn't good for my schedule though, and I still got a lot of stuff to do... But the awards are on now, Christmas is here and I don't have school in 14 days, so why complain?

"Cover up my twisted thoughts, shattered all around
Muffled sounds, recurring dreams;
Melatonin smile"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winters Lost

I'm afraid I have nothing new to share for you this time around. While I have spent time jamming with my guitar for hours today, it hasn't really resulted to anything major. I haven't written anything new either. Overall it has pretty much been the kind of a day when you just do nothing big and rewind a bit.

If nothing else, there is one new thing about today: Thanks to FCY-JMDK-WLKY, I've come across a band called Riverside. They're a progressive rock/metal band from Poland, and after hearing a couple of tracks, I'm downloading their Rapid Eye Movement album now. Too bad I won't really have any time to give it a listen today.

Just so that this blog post won't be so short, here is a preview of one of my newest demos, currently untitled:

Sometimes my paranoia
poisons me to think
of something stabbing me inside
sanctifying itself
I hate myself for this
deviation of thought
And I, cannot understand, or
push aside this blur

Now my self-destruction revolves
My hateful shadows will remold
Instead of exploring my blindness
my faith is wounded

I’m walking on a bridge
of strings of burn
which fly me and abide
through these eyes
So I lay my flesh
arise beyond myself
these lonely clouds of torment
and destructibility

My body cramps and crumbles down
My senses divide disconnecting the bind
The artificial walls shove me into the absence
Until I drop the lens

With those words, I'm ending the week. Next time that I post, it's holiday and Christmas is only a few days away...

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Okay, first the bad news. I'll have to delay the awards for at least another week, I'm just not ready for them yet. I know, it sounds like it's never going to happen, but just be patient, it will.

Then the good news. I've been working on about 3 tracks this week - one of them being Memory, one being a collaboration between me and Shield No Shield, and one being the instrumental for the track so far known as Martyr. Memory is going to have a solo added, and I've also been fooling around with some drum patterns for it. So far, the collaboration only has a guitar track from me, plus some raw lyrics that are currently unfinished. And, as far as Martyr goes, I've got a chorus melody and a potential verse riff. I think I've showed you the lyrics before, but incase I haven't, here they are (note that this is only a rough demo version at the moment):

I ‘m not a martyr
I ‘m just a creature lacking belief
And I could not die for Him
Until, I ‘m aware of the Truth

The other night I was standing outside
glimpsed at the sky with tearful eyes
The searchlight upon me reflected the sound
of something poisoning my heart till it slips to the ground
The whispers in the autumn recall
how my belief used to be primary
With all the comfort now being torn
nothing remains the way it should be

My only fear is that the evil

rips off my heart and wrings it to black
The dreary angels set off my dreams
The moody prayers are no more in blaze
Tribulation or human need
Burn my neck so I foresee
Is there grace above my cry
or was I too weak to take the wine

The grace is beyond my careful reach
But somehow the light offers me relief
How could I accept the freezing of today
while my circle gets broken and open for pain
Oh God please forgive me, my faith crosses failure
you have the power I shall be afraid of
take my regret and heal my soul free
until I stray to seek for an easier way (again)


I will make a bridge for it later. Another good news is that I finally realized how to make my guitar sound heavier this morning. It was as simple as turning the guitar's volume settings to maximum. The outcome is great and there's clearly a new, raw edge hearable.

Once again, yesterday evening I had to go to church. It was actually pretty good, even though you can't really relax with your friends around. Walking home on a dark evening was yet again amazing. Here is the playlist:

P.O.D. - Draw The Line (Fundamental Version)
The Accident Experiment - Mind Death Machine
Head - Save Me From Myself
P.O.D. - Lie Down
Shinedown - Fly from The Inside

This week I haven't listened to anything new really, just tried to settle for Killswitch Engage and some random stuff my player picks. Tonight, I'm just going to sit back and take it easy. Christmas is only 1½ weeks away, and I only have 5 days of school left to go. As my music is doing well too, life's certainly good. However, one negative thing is, that I haven't written anything new for the book lately. Maybe tomorrow I'll make something new for it. No one knows what will happen, so until then;

"Kill the day and fill me, break my past renew me/Lift up my head, I'm weary/Strip my thoughts and I'll...

Kill this day, now fill me"

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take This Oath

So, last night I wrote a 2-verse demo, which is pretty much a love-related cry-out song. I actually have a riff for it already, and it's going to be a very strong power-ballad. Today, I've been pretty tired, and I've done nothing new really, though I have started one of my old forums going again. Addiction For Art ( is a forum I started last spring, and it's meant for all kinds of artists from poets to designers. I've already had a couple of new users, so it should be fun. If you're an artist, feel free to join or at least check the site out.

I'm currently working hard on the awards, and I might get them going already next weekend. Don't forget to vote when they're being set off, because the voting time will be exactly one week! I want all of my readers to get involved. Who knows, I might even have a prize on it's way for the voters...

As far as the future goes, meaning until the next weekend, I'm more relaxed than in a long time now and I should be full of energy when the next week starts. I will keep practicing with my singing, guitar playing, keyboards and drums, and I bet I will have some sort of a recording for you next weekend already. School-wise, no one knows how stressed I might be tomomorrow (I still don't know a half of what has been going on last week), but I'm pretty positive at the moment. We'll see how everything works out.

The snow has melted all around Finland, but it doesn't stop Christmas from coming... So, everyone, "Open your eyes, look to the sky, I got my wings, and I'm starting to fly... starting to fly... starting to fly, yeah..."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Different Kind of Freedom

This week I've been able to do a lot stuff I've wanted to do for awhile now - I've been sick for most part of the week (Monday-Thursday) and so I've been able to relax and stay home for the past 4 days. I've made a lot of progress on my demos, and soon I should have something out already. Too bad that now I have to work harder than usually to catch everyone up in school.

Being sick has also inspired me to look for new bands and new music in general, and I've been into 2 new bands this week - Killswitch Engage and Kinetik Control. The prime is a metalcore band very similar to Demon Hunter, and at the moment I got 2 albums by them. I pretty much love their ability of mixing up melodic and heavy riffs together, plus they got really unpredictable rhythm changes throughout their songs. As far as Kinetik Control goes, they're a Finnish hybrid bringing metal, pop, rock and electronica together. They've only released one album and one EP so far, but I think that their sound is very unique and full of potential. The fact that they're Finnish makes it almost unique for me already, because I usually don't listen to many non-US bands (because lets face it, the best music is done overseas where I live).

If there has been something negative about this week, it has been the lack of my writing. I've probably spent around 10 hours playing guitar and read for about 5, but writing lyrics or stories just hasn't been my thing lately. I'm going to get something done tonight though, because I've also started a collaboration with Shield No Shield and I feel like I need to write something else before starting the lyrics for that one.

No Friday or Saturday events have been held for 2 reasons, one being that I want to play it safe and not go out yet at this condition, and second being that any shops aren't open today because it's the Independence day of Finland. While I know that going to school on Monday will be hard, the fact that in 2 weeks an equally long Christmas holiday will begin, gives me hope. By the way, don't worry, I haven't forgotten the awards - they'll be set off soon too.

I guess that's it... With all the great memories and a completely new spirit this week has rewarded me with, I can't wait (and am hoping that you can't either) for Christmas and my further musical and lyrical efforts. So, here goes my One Last Sunset of the week....