Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fully Alive

The title tells it all. After studying hard for the whole week, I've been very active - yesterday I continued writing the book again after a break, and today I've been working on the new demo, first time in days. I also went for a very refreshing walk, and it's certainly nice to see that the spring is coming.

Musically, I've kept listening to some Sepultura, but mostly I've just listened what my player has shuffled. I got Flyleaf's debut album earlier today, which I already have owned once, but lost when I switched computers. I'm thinking of getting another Sepultura album tomorrow, but I'm not really sure yet which one.

Most of my week I've spent on a new forum called Quills. Even though a very small community so far, it's a rather warm and friendly environment, and most of the users are some sort of writers, which is a clear plus of course. I've made like 200 posts so far over there and I think that number tells you all you need to know about the time I've wasted, haha.

Considering sports, the Formula 1 season has begun as of this weekend, and even though I can't follow it live, I'm very excited and satisfied with everything that has been going on so far. The qualification was very interesting and full of surprises, so I can't wait for tomorrow's Grand Prix.

As I've done 3 tests this week, I still got one more to go next Tuesday. Also, I have to finish a Geography portfolio during the next few days, so I'll be busy. I still got some time left tonight though, and I'm sure I can arrange a moment or two of free time tomorrow and on Monday to work on the new song and the book. I'll see if I can get anything done to present here, since I feel kind of guilty for not posting here in days and then only offering a small post such as this one. But by next Wednesday, things will hopefully starting picking up again.

Tomorrow is my name day, so incase I don't post, at least you will know.

Goodbye for now...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Out From Under

Since nothing really exciting was going on yesterday, I decided not to post. Today, on the other hand, I stayed home and wrote another review, this time of RED's Innocence & Instinct. Don't worry, it's only about 500 words, haha.

RED – Innocence & Instinct

RED’s sophomore effort, “Innocence & Instinct” shows the band experimenting a lot more and concentrating on heaviness more than before. With tougher, Drop-Bb tuned guitars and more artistic lyrical delivery, the album is unquestionably a step forward for the Christian, Nashville rockers. There are, however, still a lot of factors that either hold RED down or hide their talent in songwriting.

The first two songs, the desperately strong single Fight Inside and almost hauntingly starting Death of Me, which uses the traditional trouble-love concept in its lyrics, appear as hard-hitting and string-decorated power cries – a formula that sets the structure for most of the remaining tracks too. While both are catchy and easy to relate to, you can’t help but to think about how calculated the overall structures are: intro-verse-chorus repeated twice, and then a breakdown. RED’s strength in this matter is, though, that the blend of string and piano melodies combined with the powerful guitars and vocals that vary from screaming to clean singing to whispering, is very unique. Unfortunately, most of the time, the band is missing the will to experiment with their capabilities. From the first half of the record, Never Be the Same is an exception, as it includes acoustic verses and one of the most stripped down atmospheres on the CD, and a crystal clear Skillet influence.
The latter half of the normal edition of the album begins as unwaveringly as the whole record did. Confession is a lot shorter and more hardcore-ish than the rest of the album, barely offering any space for the listener to breathe, except for maybe in the chorus which is softly sung and the guitars only add a slight extra punch to it. The next two tracks in line are just what the album needs at this point, despite the fact that the average listener won’t necessarily expect them – Shadows finally shows some truly diverse experimentation as it begins with a crunchy guitar riff and later on switches between the soft verse part and the undoubtedly uplifting, sing-along-chorus, while the Duran Duran cover Ordinary World is simply perfect, with a bit more edge than the original version, yet delivering it with a serene charge. Out from Under is another heavy journey with arguably some of the most poetic lyrics Michael Barnes has ever written and an overall very well-flowing atmosphere, including the tempo change in the harmonizing bridge. However, the last 3 tracks along with the whole rest of the album are being topped by the hollow closer, Take It All Away. The song builds up slowly from a verse only consisting of 3 sung layers and a bass, and finally fading into a string section halfway-through the song, which then bursts into a screaming-filled, guitar strummed outro with the help of a marching drum beat. Even though a song that needs a certain type of mood to work its magic so to speak, it’s phenomenal on a technical level, especially compared to the rest of the album.

Overall, RED hasn’t made much significant changes, only developed their already existing radio-friendly Christian rock sound into a more comforting and straight-up one. With more tracks like Shadows and Take It All Away, which experiment with the band’s full capacity, a perfect RED album might be on the way for both, critics and fans.


Yesterday evening I made some very little progress on Night + Day = Awake, but for the rest, I've been pretty lazy and just tried to relax and lie down. And in the end, that has worked out pretty well. Let alone the reviews, the music and the time I have given myself have inspired me a lot (just for your information - alongside P.O.D. and RED, I've also been listening to some Sepultura and their album Chaos A.D. lately). As I'm a bit concerned about my voice (haven't practiced at all in a long time), I do feel very confident about my nu metal guitar skills at the moment and my drum jams last week were overall satisfying. So, as my the last thought before I go - be ready, because I'm coming...

"You've stripped me down, the layers fall like rain... It's over now, just innocence and instinct still remain. You watched me while I slowly disappeared... I reached for you to save me; you were frozen in your fear."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

52 Minutes of Heaven

Today has been awesome. I've taken a break from all my projects and all the music I've been listening to lately. I got 2 tracks more of the rare P.O.D. demo tape, along with their latest release, the Rhapsody Originals, which is a live album recorded about a year back. You wouldn't believe how much I enjoyed it while I listened to it from the beginning to the end. I even decided to write the following review, and it was really hard to make it objective. The review is almost 1000 words in lenght, but I don't have much else to say in this post so please, go ahead.

Rhapsody Originals – P.O.D.

Rhapsody Originals is the pioneering, Christian rock band P.O.D.’s second (official) live album overall and a part of the Rhapsody Originals series, which consists of live recordings made specifically for the US service of the same name. Recorded in Las Vegas, just weeks after the release of the band’s latest studio album, When Angels & Serpents Dance, the CD thankfully includes audience, and without that massive energy the fans focus on the band and vice versa, this live compilation would most definitely be a lot less its own as a whole.

“Check check, what’s up family? Let’s have some fun. Feel free to bring it in, feel free to make this not so stuffy and organized. Feel free to release your souls.”
The above quote opens the CD itself, as the echoing guitar sound-check bursts into Set It Off. While the rocker is a bit different from its own studio version, it sounds almost epic in the verse with melodic, delay-effected guitar and accompanying, soft drums. The climax in the song, which is the hard-hitting chorus along with the solo-ish bridge, is overall weaker in strength than on the studio version, but it’s understandable, since the studio version is almost 7 years old and the band isn’t filled with youth like back then. The next two tracks (which are both from When Angels & Serpents Dance) can easily be categorized as the safest efforts on the record - Addicted and Kaliforn-Eye-A are both too loose and lack power. The first is only a decent interpret of a great track (but a definitely enjoyable moment for hardcore fans like the undersigned) and the latter is nothing more than a letdown compared to what the album has yet to offer (though you will hear that the live version is a lot better than the studio one).
Despite the not-so-special beginning for the CD, Boom and Southtown sound better than ever, as the first gets the energy up in its usual style and the latter has a completely re-interpreted bridge, making the blend of powerchord-play and short, Spanish solos even more varying and balanced. Shine With Me, another new song, starts with Sonny saying “This is a love song” and ignoring the small difficulties he has with singing the track flawlessly, the song is amongst the definite highlights on the album. As almost each track on the CD has a small mistake or a beauty spot, the energy covers it so that if you ever see these guys live, you won’t be paying attention to how accurate the riffs are or how well does Sonny’s voice last. It is, however, a tiny letdown that Sonny doesn’t pull off the screams in the bridge, and the background-screamer & guitarist Marcos Curiel performs the only vocal duties in it. Jason Truby, who was a replacement for Curiel during 2003-2006, wrote some great songs during his stay in the band, with the next track, Lights Out, being one of them. It’s nice to hear Curiel add his own flavor to the song with his signature playing style and background vocals in the mix. As the song picks the speed of the album up, it would’ve been nice to hear some more songs from the so-called Truby-era.
The latter half of the album begins with a short version of Without Jah, Nothin’ from the band’s hit album Satellite. The verse parts don’t have much to offer due to guest Bad Brains missing on this version, but the song introduces the old, hardcore background of the band nicely with its fast-paced drumming and guitar strumming, not to mention the wide vocal range Sonny shows by jumping from the casual rough vocals in the verses to the softly-sung choruses. Then it’s time to be emotional and slow things up, as Youth of the Nation surrounds the listener with atmosphere. Though not so great on the record, the crowd singing “We are we are, the youth of the nation” live must’ve been beautiful, not even mentioning Curiel’s deep, Santana-picking.
The next track is the title track of When Angels & Serpents Dance, which flows into a ‘slowed down’ version of It Can’t Rain Everyday, a Youth of the Nation-a-like story with a clear message many can relate to. This is the point where the usual listener presses the skip button, but if paying attention and having the right state of mind, the song truly touches you. And for once, the bass played by Traa Daniels can shine alongside Curiel’s guitar.
Usually, when Alive is being played in a P.O.D. concert, you know two things instantly – for one, there’s going to be a lot of community singing and two, the show will be reaching its end. This time around, while Sonny does arrange a beautiful, I shall go as far as saying an imperial moment for the fans, there’s one more song coming up. Though a must from the new album, God Forbid doesn’t end the album and the performance in a way that’s justified. Anyway, who wouldn’t enjoy some of the hardest riffs Curiel has ever done combined with Sandoval’s strong, screamed chorus vocals? Especially with the lack of them in the music the band makes today.
Overall, with the hiatus speculations and the obvious getting-old thing on P.O.D’s neck, Rhapsody Originals is more than a solid record and for sure it could even work out as the final CD for the group, as it ties most of the band’s best songs into one. With a few songs that could’ve been done better, the majority will make you either headbang hard or sing along and close your eyes, and 52 minutes will go by before you even know that the CD is rolling. So, hardcore fans, get this digital CD immediately, and new fans of the band, grab this to feel what the band truly is about.


For the rest of the day, I've been doing some school stuff while trying to cure from a flu I'm currently under (yeah, once again). The night won't probably be much different, as I probably will just listen to music and enjoy. Tonight I don't want to stress about developing the new song, translating the book or writing anything new. This is me time.

"- God Bless you, Sonny!

- God bless you too brother."
(The gap between Kaliforn-Eye-A and Boom on the Rhapsody Originals)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Life to Lifeless

After a week of studying and developing the new song slowly yet steadily, I'm more than ready to settle down. I got a tough era in school at the moment, including a lot of tests, but I think I'll survive. I've added 3 more riffs to the new song, which is a bit over 2 minutes in lenght right now, and the evolution has brought a heavier part into the whole too (hence the demo name, which is Night + Day = Awake). Currently it's a lot like Soar, but obviously a lot better.

I finally decided to get the new Killswitch Engage album yesterday, and so far it's better of the two albums with Howard Jones in my opinion. I've had a little trouble getting used to his vocals, because his clean voice annoys me for some reason. The instrumentation is technically better than on the band's first two albums, but when I want to listen to Killswitch, I want it heavy. So the new melodic direction has it's good points, but I prefer the old, hardcore sound. I also got RED's new album "Innocence & Instinct" today, but I haven't had time for it just yet.

As this blog isn't just a way to get my stuff out to you, let me rant a few lines about the series finale of Kyle XY. It was a really great episode, but only as an episode - as the series finale it left way too many doors locked and questions unanswered. I really hope there will be a season 4 now, even though it's not that possible. I guess I'm alone?

During the weekend I'll just have to study for next week, and see how my time can be adjusted. Hopefully I'll have something new out for you soon. I'll be pondering the new song for sure, just not sure will I get anything good out of it.

"This is daily crucifixtion/and these rusted nails leave scars/My jagged crown is on my side/because it never fell"

Nighty night.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stars and Bandaids

The last 24 hours have held a lot of emotions, interests and experiences for me. Some I won't even share here. Nevertheless, let's get this 85th blog post going.

Last night I was filled with frustration as I couldn't develop the new demo the way I hoped. Hours had passed and another Saturday night was fading to waste. I did, however, as my last attempt, write something after midnight.

0.22. It’s all quiet in the park. A few owls are trying to catch their nightly meals while the city is sleeping. Street lights glow above a shattered street. Not even a sound can distract the silence of the atmosphere.
Slowly a shadow reaches the road, as if it was escaping something. Then an echo of someone running can be heard, while the shadow is being pulled towards the park by other shadows. Before the owls get a chance to notice it, the figure has appeared into the place they thought they were alone in.
The figure is shaky. It makes a sound that’s the opposite of the joyful singing the birds have a habit to produce every morning. The park lets the figure breathe a bit, but soon it becomes curious. Midnight is usually peaceful and no one or nothing ever comes running to the park, and making a sound so suspicious. What is there about tonight that makes it so special?
After a while, the figure turns and the face of rage is being revealed. The owls fly away as the shape tears off grass from the ground and shows other signs of desperation. Then, when no one isn’t looking anymore, it takes some sort of a pipe made of lead from its pocket, stands up and writes something really quickly onto a tree. Then, the being disappears as quickly as it appeared. Slowly, the park comes alive again, and everything is how it should be.
Everything, except for the tree, which now has a rind that says with big letters: NEVER AGAIN.

It has no basis as of so far, but it took me 20 minutes to write and I do have some sort of an idea where it might develop into, incase I experience a similar need of writing something random anytime soon.

This morning I woke up really late, after seeing a very weird dream. After being awake for a while, doing ordinary stuff like switching sheets, I noticed that my finger was bleeding, even though I didn't recall hurting it. It sounds like an ordinary morning, doesn't it?

Lucky enough, I just wrote a new part to the new song, and it still remains short yet potentially awesome. I'm going to make it really diverse from now on, and I also got some rough, scrap lyrics written. So, my emotional state has changed from desperate to satisfied.

Other stuff: I've been checking some old school Project 86 videos and music today, including bootlegs from YouTube. I've also been learning to play some of their songs. I'm hoping, though, that next week I'll discover some new band, since I haven't done so in a while.

So, the week is over. I got to say it's been one of the best weeks of this year. The new song has got me mad excited, and the overall mood has been pretty positive. I can't wait for next weekend, and next week as a whole (for example, the possibly final Kyle XY episode of ALL TIME will be shown).

"Breathe on me... (for my new...) Breathe on me... (for my new be...) Breathe on me... for my new beginning, for my new... (BREATHE) for my new... (BREATHE) for my new... (BREATHE) for my new BEGINNING"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Night + Day = Awake

It's been a great day. I started a new song yesterday evening, a very melodic one (which means I dropped the previous idea I had). This morning I kept developing it, and even though it's so far only about 1 minute in lenght, it has all the potential in the world and I can't wait to finish it.

I just went to my traditional walk outside, but didn't enjoy it that much. Anyway, this is what I listened to:

P.O.D. - Lie Down
Demon Hunter - Through The Black
Demon Hunter - Relentless Intolerance
Killswitch Engage - Numb Sickened Eyes
Shinedown - Left Out
Project 86 - Breakdown in 3/4

I also decided to listen to some old stuff which I haven't listened to in a while tonight (like Project 86's Songs to Burn Your Bridges By, which helped me a lot last Spring) while trying to develop the new demo. I'd like to continue the book but at the moment I'm kind of stuck. I know what the plot will be like, but how to write my way there is another thing.

I don't often talk about other stuff apart from my projects, but I do ordinary things too (haha) and watching how Finland ruled the winter sports today was awesome. Anssi Koivuranta won a competition in Nordic combined, and since it was the second last one and the difference in points to Magnus Moan (who is second) is 99 points, he basically won the World Cup already. Sami Jauhojärvi won the 50 kilometer country-skiing competition, which was his first to date. Finally, Tanja Poutiainen won the giant slalom world cup by scoring second in Åre. And one of my favourite teams in hockey is fighting in the quarter finals of the Finnish championship league! Can't believe what I missed when I was too busy to watch any sports earlier this year.

I finally took the time to update my "Inspirational Songs of The Week" and "Inspirational Albums of The Week" lists. Go ahead and read them if you're seeking for an inspiration too.

Now I better go... Keep your comments coming, even though I will post at least one more time this weekend. I might even post a few times during the week since I'm still over 10 posts away from reaching 100 posts until the 1 year anniversary of this blog. And you know, even though it sounds cliché, I can't do it without you...

"This is the sound that drives you to deny/These are the words that remind you we're alive/This is the voice that haunts you in your sleep/Outdated, forgotten - we're yesterday's obsolete"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mini Maggit

Friday the 13th... A day which holds a lot of myth and is an easy excuse to use if you screw up during the day. It is, however, not an excuse for me to not drop an update - in fact, the matter is the other way round in my opinion.

This week has been pretty nice in an ackward way so far. Musically, I've done very little progress, but it has been very interesting. I've started working on the drums for Dive Inside and gotten around with a few new ideas. It seems that even though I'd really like to write some melodic stuff to get my EP balanced out a bit, I can only come up with hardcore riffs. But it's okay, I think I need to study some theory anyways until I can start building up something really picking-filled and harmonizing.

Throughout the week, I've been seeking inspiration through Mute Math, Tool and the Deftones, and the latter has became a favorite again for me after ignoring them for a while. By listening to them, I also feel that on a certain level, I'm helping the band and Chi (incase you haven't heard, head here, it's worthy:

As far as the weekend goes, I'll be developing the ideas I got floating around, while at least writing something new for the book. I'm definitely inspired right now, so at least that isn't holding me back. Unfortunately, I haven't had chances lately to play much drums, and recording has been a big issue. I'll keep evolving though, and I don't know if you knew it yet, but I've been playing at least an hour per day, so I'm certainly keeping myself active.

To fill out this post, here's something I wrote some time ago (I'm thinking last week but not sure). It's called Nothing and it's just a quick improvisation, however it does have some potentially great lines in my opinion.

One window
one mind
a soul forgotten and left behind
demonic burdens
a war of night and day
re-evaluating the stress within the pain
move the switch, move the trepidation
ignore the paranoia on the neck
remove the clutch holding yourself down
let yourself shine with another light

No confidence
No knowledge
to continue without the circle of separation
a board of unbalance
a water being dried off
the fear keeps blocking itself and finding relation
borrow my eyes, see for yourself
what’s there to look for anymore?
No echo of dreams, no passion to breathe
I’m standing with completely NOTHING That's it for tonight. Now, with the following line(s), see you tomorrow.

"Hey you, big mood, guide me, to shelter/'cause I'm through, when the 2, hits the 6, and it's summer/COME..."

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Yesterday didn't help me in anything, but don't worry, I'm currently working on something new, and it's going to be really melodic. Since I got no major news or anything to tell you about considering yesterday, I'll just post some of the lyrics I've recently been working on.

This is my newest one, Dive Inside.

I've tossed all the letters
of self-destruction
Now receiving all the greatness
perceiving by the light
The red on the inside
is burning like a spill
I'm seeping hope tonight
instead of rage within

Dancing with the thoughts
of uplifting howl
my heart is drowning
into a pool of love
I hush my shallow senses
and sink inside perfection
I focus on the beauty
of inner resurrection

Now benumbing insomnia
diving inside, internal bright
exhaling passion (fruitfulness) towards the night
I'm flowing through, star coated tunnels

Diving across the valleys
of dreams of awake
embracing the colors
I have yet to relate
The wind is sincere
redeeming my rest
The twirl cradles me
defusing my zest

The surface caresses
my heaven made of mint
I rise up from a stellar state
feeling needles and pins
I'm ascending my stars
onto a black and dark scene
but there's no ending, not tonight
just the lasting harmony


The sky becomes white
while the air becomes blue
the lights dim out
while the darkness dies away
I blink a signal
of my mind telling me to wake
but my heart is dying, my soul is fading
without the spring I live inside




This is the song I was working on around Christmas, called Lightless. The bridge is still a work in progress.

Silence hurts like a nettle
on my skin
bare hands, pulling shadows
with a sore grip

I walk the stripe beg the sky
for one more desperate time
until the cold finds its way
into my homeless soul
Deceitfully lurking me
the spirit comforts everything
(but it’s killing me) as I weep
I set my wish “redemption please”

Lightless, in fear
Karma shove, me down
December, inside this ice
Empyreal, residence
my forbidden bless
Family, burnt away

By the night I become a prey
I settle down my knifes
My only friends die inside my glimpse
white tears itch and whirl
I’ve decoded about my creek
is loneliness a sign to stop
(breathing) my fingertips crumble down
With my last touch into the ground


I’ve only fed my own stupidity

but ironically, it has made me see
that now I can’t reach a vision
to convert my state of depression [x2]

Lightless, I’m lightless
I could kill just to sense that vision
And the light will fade…


One more - a song that has the most interesting title out of all my songs so far, which could possibly be rapped (!) and to which I already have a guitar part done. You said it. This is Sun. 06.

Breathing a precious gift, drip of vitality
holding what isn't there wanting to join the drift
Opening the box within, finding the void of dim
seeking eternity to fill it with sin
Keeping the dreams aside following every tide
learning of scriptures written into mind
I open the closure now, live again every foul
The mirror I've bled down is my fist screaming proud


'Wise' is just a phrase, figure of speech, a name
standing up to explore is what really opens doors
Desire is fleeing away deeper down everyday
everyone has the tool no one wants to use
I liberate every dorm let myself be detoured
my demons are hiding, they scheme and play on
Vibrating like a string, I'm tempted to feel as thin
I cannot evolve 'til I am weakening



I'm really looking forward to hearing feedback from you on these lyrics. I still got a few demos in storage to unleash, but let's leave that to another time. Incase I make any major development during the afternoon, I'll post again, but it's highly unlikely. I want to reach 100 post in time for this blog's 1 year anniversary though, and it might be that I have to doublepost quite a lot in order to reach that.

Anyways, bye bye for now. :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Before I even give you the chance to think that I forgot to post last Sunday, let's go straight into business (haha). Besides, my last post was so long, that barely no one even took the time to read it, let alone leave a comment, so I'll just save your time and post my results for the Breath of Darkness awards.

Best Song: This was a very hard decision, I mean for real... And to be honest, I just couldn't choose one favorite, so I'll call it a tie between Every Time I Die by P.O.D. and Empty by Ünloco.

Best Band: This was actually one of the easiest categories. For a few years now, there has been no question about my favourite band, which is... P.O.D.

Best Christian Band: Even though the goal of this category was to find a Christian band which isn't necessarily the best one out there, but which's lyrics are the most pleasant for a Christian, it still didn't change the winner, which is P.O.D.

Best "Heavy" Band: Metallica was an outstanding winner according to your votes, but I honestly think they're overrated. So, my choice is my overall second-favorite band at the moment, the Christian metalcore group Demon Hunter.

Best Progressive/Experimental Band: This was an interesting category. If I would've chosen the winner according to my current favouritism, the winner of this category would've been Riverside. However, as this is the Breath of Darkness Awards 2008, I think it's only fair to make my choice the way I would've done it last year. So, that's why the winner is the Deftones.

Best Album [All-Time]: I've had a little second thoughts recently about the nominees I put into this category, but there is one album here that beats all the rest. And that is... P.O.D.'s Testify [Limited Edition].

Best Album [2008]: To be honest, the year 2008 didn't really present any 'great' albums, so this category was pretty much a tie between three records. Since When Angels & Serpents Dance wasn't really the best P.O.D., and Head still has some balance in his music to conquer, my choice is Disturbed - Indestructible.

Best New Influence: No one really caught the idea behind this category. The truth is, that I've been influenced by a lot during the last year or so, but there's still only one new band which influenced me the most during the year 2008, and that was Tool. My good friend Shield No Shield didn't lose much though.

Best Lyricist/Singer: This category was a tough one. The winner had to be all of the following; a good lyricist, a good singer and dedicated to his game. Andrew Schwab of Project 86 probably has the best texts, but the true winner of this category is someone who I can relate to, someone who has proved to be able to improve on every record and someone who has both, a simplistic side and even though a very insignificant one, also a more complex style. The winner is Sonny Sandoval.

Best Guitarist: This category for sure created (and still does) controversy, but before presenting my winner, I have to remind you that these awards aren't objective and that I haven't ignored Jimi Hendrix and his talent even though he's not the winner here. The true winner is a guitarist who has influenced me the most and is able to combine more styles than a lot of the other guitarists out there today. My choice is Marcos Curiel (just for those who are interested, Jason Truby and Jimi Hendrix didn't lose much).

Best Bassist: I'd say this was the hardest category right after the best song category. As all nominees were great bassists, the winner had to be decided based on who is the most unique player and whose playing can even play a bigger part on the music than lead guitar sometimes. Based on all this, the winner has to be the bassist of P.O.D., Traa Daniels.

Best Drummer: A tough battle here, but the winner is the ex-drummer of Demon Hunter, Jesse Sprinkle.

Best Wicked Breath Track: Hmm, you voted for Lie Down... For me, it's extremely difficult to vote for a favorite, because like they say, the songs of a musician are like children to him. But, I think that because it's one of the 'better' tracks on the EP, and during the process of it I was having the time of my life (last June-July), the winner has to be Poet Inside a Black Hole.

There you have it. I know that it looks kind of ridiculous to see P.O.D. win over a half of the categories, but you voted them as the winner on 5 categories too, and what can I do if they just are the perfect band for me?

This post will become way too long too if I post any lyrics, so I'll just share some stuff about this week and post the lyrics either tonight or tomorrow (I promise!). I've been listening to Demon Hunter, Riverside and Killswitch Engage this week (surprise surprise) and seems like I'm also getting back into Project 86. I have tried to come up with something new musically for the whole week, but with low success. Hopefully the weekend will change that though. I'm also intending on writing some lyrics soon. I did, actually, write down some lyrics during the week, but those were just to release my mood, and I doubt they will be released anywhere.

Yesterday morning I felt sick and stayed home, and completed the work I had been working on for the whole week - my MySpace. So far I've been pretty inactive with my account there even though I've had it for 2 years already, but that'll change now (don't worry though, I won't stop writing here, this just might increase it lol). Basically, MySpace will be my second channel for my stuff (among this blog), mainly music. I got a new layout and all, so feel free to check it out and add me if you haven't yet here.

I've ran out of Kyle XY episodes to watch, so now I'm just annoyed until Tuesday when the new episode will probably appear on YouTube[/rant].

That's about it. Later!