Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bleed # 100

First of all, yes, you read the title correctly - this is the over all 100th post of my blog! Quite an achievement, don't you think?

Today I haven't really been working on anything, mostly because yesterday I already worked on so many different kind of songs that I kind of got bored with working on music. I have been trying to write something new for the book, but it hasn't really taken off. As I haven't been that productive, I have, though, kept looking for new music. I got yet another album by Earshot (The Silver Lining) and the most recent album by 10 Years, Division. I'm really starting to get into Earshot, as they seem to have a more unique sound than the other bands I've been checking out lately. As for 10 Years, I'm a bit disappointed, because I really preferred The Autumn Effect. Division is anyhow good, since it deals with a lot of subjects and rocks hard, as predicted.

So far I have only received one opinion on the package I uploaded yesterday, so let me remind you that even though I do understand you have your own lives that undoubtebly are more important to you than mine, I do appreciate feedback more than you can imagine and I wouldn't have put the package up if I didn't want any. So please, download it, give it a listen whenever you can and give me your honest opinion.

To make this post a little longer, I'll now post a list of songs that are almost certainly going to be on the EP and which might end up there. The EP itself won't be finished until August (to say the earliest) and this list will change, but it's done just to give you some sort of an image of what it'll be like, because radical changes probably aren't going to be made.

H.F.D.Lf... [Intro]
Dive Inside
Winterstorm in the HÆrt
Night + Day = Awake

Possible addings/b-sides

Soar V2

Note: The [UNTITLED] part describes all the random riffs I have written which don't really have a strong structure or are just something I really want to include on the EP, but am kind of stuck with.

I'm heading off now. The following school week is only 4 days long for me because of the First of May, and during week 19 I'll be working in a store as a part of a project of our school's students getting to know working life (sorry, I really don't know what the short term is in English). So I should be stressing a bit less during the next few weeks - and since I only got one more month of school left before summer begins, things couldn't be looking much brighter.

A little bit, a little bit closer...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Lately, I've been more than active. I've gone completely nuts to be honest. Not only have I downloaded 3 new albums during this week, but I've also been working on pretty much my whole EP, finishing songs I had already forgotten about and so on. Moreover, I've started yet another collaboration with some artists of The Linkin Park Projekt (the other people contributing are pretty much rappers), but will it be developed towards a real, serious song is still uncertain. Before you start worrying about me, thinking I'm burning out, let me tell you - I'm feeling better than I have in weeks.

The new music I've been into consists of Sevendust, Disciple and Earshot. From Sevendust, I now have 2 albums - as from Earshot I just got the album Two about three hours ago, and from Disciple I only have some songs from their album What Was I Thinking. The reasons for diving into so many bands at the same time are my thirst towards new influences and new music and the fact that I've started keeping a list for bands and artists that I need to check out - and it's currently way too long. From the three bands mentioned above, Sevendust has stood out to me as the best one so far. Disciple has some good riffs, but the singing and the over all flawful song structures haven't impressed me (I've so far only listened to songs from their debut album though, so I think I'll give them a second chance). As for Earshot, they sound promising, but it's too early to say anything final about them yet.

Since I can relate to your frustrating feelings towards my lack of posting new demos in here, I have now made a RAR package for you which includes 5 previews of some of my new material in midi format. Why it is in such a format is simply because I don't have a chance to record much right now and Guitar Pro only allows me to save music in that format. Don't worry though, you can play all the files in Windows Media Player - it's the sound quality you're going to miss. Nevertheless, I hope it's satisfying, because right now it's the best I can do for you (I have cut the songs a bit so they aren't the full versions, just to keep you hyped). Please let me know what you think so that I know you haven't turned your backs on me yet (ok, that sounded a bit too pathetic, but meh, you get the point).

Here's the link:

Tonight, I hope I'll be able to write something instead of making music, just to balance my projects a bit. We'll see about it tomorrow. I'm taking a more or less of a break on serious stuff right now, but whenever I feel like it, you'll get a taste of my thoughts again. It depends on you if I will decide to go deeper with the flow then (I need to hear your opinions too!).

I cant wait for someone to hear me,
And wait for someone to touch me.
And wait forever to be told,
I'm forever alone.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Today I've been working on the project I have yet to reveal along with some school stuff, watching the Formula 1 and getting into Thrice and Sevendust.

The Formula 1 race was again a rainy one. The safety car had to be taken on the track 2 times and the race was full of spin-offs and excitement. In the end, Sebastial Vettel and Mark Webber took a one-two on their Red Bull cars, beating the Brawn GP team for the first time this season. Brawn's Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello eventually scored right behind them at 3th and 4th. The McLaren's had finally found their speed, as Heikki Kovalainen came in 5th and Lewis Hamilton 6th - while the Ferrari's continued to struggle with Felipe Massa's retirement and Kimi Räikkönen's 10th place. I honestly think that if after the next 2 races Kimi is still in a situation where he has no points, or say less than 5, the championship has basically slipped out of his reach already. Positive thing for today was of course Kovalainen's 5th place. Not only did he reach the finish line for the first time this season, but he also beat his team mate, so I'm very happy for him.

Thrice didn't really take off with me. Apart from a very few tracks, like Firebreather and Digital Sea, it was a bit too industrial for me, and anyone reading this blog should know that that's one of the rare genres of rock I have yet to get into. Anyhow, today I got Sevendust's second album Home, and so far it's sounding really good, at least better than Thrice.

Not much to say now cinsidering I don't want to spoil the surprise by posting the lyrics I wrote today... I kind of feel like leaving the next serious thingy to next week, just so I can handle a few things on my own first. You won't be disappointed though.

I'm home - leave it to me
(leave it to me now that you've seen)
I'm home - leave it to me
(leave it to me)

From left to right... from left to right... from left to right... from left to right.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Lunatic Soul

It's been a crazy week. Since last weekend, I've barely done any progress on Night + Day = Awake, but I got another project going on now that's just going to blow you all away for sure. All I'm going to hint you with is that the song is my second one in total to include drop C tuned guitars and bass. The question is - can you feel the hype?

Since I had to go early to bed yesterday evening in order to go to a meeting concerning my confirmation school this morning, I haven't really been doing anything so far during this weekend. I will work on something tonight though, you can count on that. Will it be a song, a lyric, a story or something else, don't know yet.

Since I received very low feedback concerning the lyrics I posted last time, I want to mention that I still haven't made my decision and if you want to give your criticism, do it now. Your support is more than appreciated (as always) and I need it in order to evolve. I can't read your mind, remember?

I've been hugely into Riverside this week, as I've finally gotten their whole discography (got their debut album Out of Myself and the first and currently only EP Voices in My Head this week). Earlier today I downloaded an album by a band called Thrice, and during tonight and tomorrow I will check what they have to offer.

The Formula 1 weekend has so far been pretty surprising - the Brawn GP cars reached only places 4 and 5 in today's qualification while the pole went for Sebastian Vettel, followed by the biggest surpriser, Fernando Alonso. The sad thing is, Ferrari's are still not in for the victory - Kimi Räikkönen doesn't start any higher than place 8. It's worth a mention though, that McLaren isn't doing well either - Lewis Hamilton only managed to score place 9, right behind Kimi. The diffusor protest was declined earlier this week, which basically means that the two big teams mentioned are in for a struggle for the rest of the season.

With the inspiration received from the religious morning today I have a few things pouring in store I really want to share. We'll see about something serious tomorrow - or maybe already tonight, depending on my activity.

Wherever the wind blows...

Monday, April 13, 2009


Sorry for not updating yesterday. I was pretty bored all day, but I didn't remember the whole blog until I was too tired to write anything.

Yesterday I wrote two different versions of lyrics for Night + Day = Awake. The reason for this is simply the fact that I'm a bit uncertain of the subject of the song. Should I build it around the original concept or the one that has been fascinating me lately? I'll post both of the versions and you can share your opinion, even though, in the end, I'll be the one to decide of course.

Version 1.

The day is swathed, sleeping
in its amnesty
ataraxic smoke
within the air of grit
until the beast
comes to kill the...


I’ve always had to squint
my senses to begin
this time I’m wide awake
ahead of my first blink
Glance behind the forest
painting so incomplete
I step closer to the sun
deeper into fantasy

(subir y lucir)

I’ve seen the nightmares
I’ve praised daylight
But while I reborn
the night and day do too

Version 2.

The day is swathed, sleeping
in its amnesty
ataraxic smoke
within the air of grit
until the beat
comes to kill the...


I’ve always had to squint
my senses to begin
this time I’m wide awake
ahead of my first blink
Glance behind the leaves
a painting I complete
I receive a holy prayer
and turn it to my dream

46 +2
44 and 2
46 is true
44 must lose
46 +2
44 and 2
46 is true
44 must lose

I’ve seen the nightmares
I’ve praised the daylight
But while I reborn
the night and day unite
I’m frightened

They don't differ that much, I know, but the thought behind them is very much different. The original one was intended to be taken more literally, while the second version is very much related to the subconscious research I've been doing recently. If you find that some parts don't really make sense (especially the bold parts), I hear ya - that's partly intentional.

Currently I am downloading "Out of Myself" by Riverside, and can't wait to hear it. I registered to last night, and incase someone is interested, my profile is located here.

Now onto the serious discussion.

So that I won't bore you to death, I've decided to switch the subject again. This time we will be talking about a very general yet interesting subject. Christianity.
The way Christianity is often presented as is that in order for you to get to Heaven you have to believe unconditionally, go to Church and try to live your life like Jesus did (or would in the modern world). This is why many people ignore the religion, resign from their Churches or simply talk against it. However, it is a completely different thing to be a part of an organized religious movement than it is to really believe and have a straight-to-person relationship with God. Because the fact is, when talking about getting to Heaven, only the latter counts. You don't have to go to Church and hear all that preaching every Sunday if you can figure out the way to God on your own (which I'm sure a lot of people can better than through Church) and then again, if you do go to religious meetings, try and live your life helping others and so on, but never really form a relationship with Him, you're not going to be spending an afterlife (my theory is, you won't go straight to Hell that way if you're a good person and all, but you won't get to Heaven either if you don't have any faith).
As far as I'm concerned, the way Christianity is often presented is way too simplistic. People say you have to believe and that's it. The fact is, however, that the purpose of belief in my opinion is not feeling comfortable and secure and having a relation with God - while it is those things too, most importantly it's a constant search to reach a certain type of level in life and spirituality. This level that I'm talking about is closer to God's way of thinking and his creativism than the current state of the human society is. This level is what is going to make you differ from the teachings of the modern world and especially the Church - this is the level where you've been able to separate the body from the mind (and vice versa), and discovered everything there is to discover about yourself so to speak. This is the level which in my opinion, is related to the subconsciousness.

Now discuss. School begins tomorrow, so I'll probably be updating a bit less, but anyhow, I'll be working on some stuff. I will for sure be relaxed after spending this great Easter.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


With no further introduction, here is the rest of the chapter 8 of my book:

Elsewhere, the girls had gone shopping to a big mall in the neighbor city. Clothes were obviously the target of their interest.
- How about this? Summer asked Hannah’s opinion on a dark top she was trying on.
- Looks nice, but I don’t like the color, Hannah stated. – And the price is quite high too.
- Who cares? Winter holiday is only once a year, Summer said and laughed.
- Well, if you can afford, buy it then, I’m fine with it. But I really can’t spend much, Hannah said calmly. Summer seemed a bit offended, but decided not to buy the top.
After spending half an hour going around the mall the girls decided to go to the checkout with about a dozen of clothes with themselves. They both had a bill of about two and a half hundred. Slightly disappointed with their findings, the girls decided to go to the indoor ice rink which was about half a kilometer away, since Hannah had promised to go and watch her little brother’s home match. The match had already begun when the girls sat down to the middle row of the empty auditorium.
Hannah couldn’t concentrate on the match at all. He started to think about the band and the slight tension between the members, especially Mark and Noah. Hannah was able to be objective, since she hadn’t known the boys for a long time yet, even though he had went out with Mark once. As with Noah, she knew him even less, but if he had met them both during the last week, she would probably be on Noah’s side, since Mark had acted in a way that was annoying everyone. Hannah wasn’t completely certain was it because of her or was it just the way Mark always acted, because if it was about her, would Mark make it so obvious?
- Hello, Hannah?
- What? Hannah had awoken from her thoughts by Summer’s soft voice.
- You were looking so thoughtful that I decided to make sure if you were under hypnosis or something, Summer laughed.
- Oh…
- What were you thinking then?
Hannah swallowed. She wouldn’t have necessarily wanted to talk about Mark with Summer, but in these circumstances, it was allowed, perhaps even for the best.
- Nothing special, just the mind of boys. What’s wrong with Mark?
Summer seemed surprised, but soon she got her mouth open and her tongue to work.
- Well, someone could say that it’s about you and your break-up, but it isn’t necessarily the only reason. As far as I understand, Mark never talks about any personal stuff… Maybe he is having trouble at home or some other personal problems, Summer thought out loud. Hannah’s little brother was tripped onto ice in a way that seemed really evil-looking, but Hannah didn’t care about it at all.
- I was thinking the same. On the other hand, it’s hard to tell – what if he is always so moody? We can’t possibly know, because we haven’t known him long enough.
- We should probably ask Adrian, Summer suggested, but then closed her mouth, before the conversation would drift to her and Adrian. While Hannah had been pondering about Mark, Summer had been thinking about Adrian and Noah, two boys she was feeling big emotions towards to, but couldn’t handle or understand them. Even though Hannah had been her friend for quite some time already, Summer wasn’t ready to share things with her which she couldn’t even deal with herself. For Summer’s luck, Hannah settled with her suggestion and decelerated completely, moving all her concentration for the first time to the match itself.
After the match Summer and Hannah went separate ways, as Hannah had to walk her brother home and Summer was in a rush to go to her dad’s birthday party. Hannah wasn’t really on the mood to walk kilometers with her talkative little brother, but she had to, because she knew that her brother would also be delighted to tell their parents incase Hannah wasn’t watching after him properly.
- Did you see that sweet goal by Jack? Straight to the up corner! I wish I could do goals like that, the brother named Samuel yelled. Hannah didn’t even bother to answer, but just in case she decided to nod to match stories she had no interest listening to.
- If he wouldn’t have been tackled so badly in the end, we would’ve won the game, the story continued. For a moment, the walk was one hell for Hannah, until she suddenly heard a scream from behind.
- Hey, Hannah!
Hannah turned around rapidly. Mark ran across the street towards them. He was wearing headphones. He was obviously jugging.
- I was just looking for you, Mark said after he had stopped to the right side of the street while trying to calm down his gasping. As Hannah lifted her eyebrows, he decided to add: - I wanted to talk about the band. When is our next rehearsal?
- Um… I don’t think we have agreed on it yet…We did agree on going to Noah’s place on Saturday and play over there…
Mark seemed offended. Once again, no one had told him anything.
- Oh… Mark said blandly with the lack of a better vocabulary. Now Hannah realized that she shouldn’t have said what she just did and lifted her hand up to cover her mouth.
- I’m sorry; you didn’t know about that yet did you?
- It’s fine, I don’t mind… But would I be welcomed then?
At this point, Samuel decided to open his mouth and note to Hannah that there was only about half a kilometer to their home anymore and that he could walk it by himself now. Hannah had forgotten the presence of her brother completely and waved him to leave. Samuel shrugged and started running with his ice-hockey accessories on his shoulder.
During a brief silence Hannah bit her lip thinking how to reply to Mark. She had nothing against Mark coming over at Noah’s on Saturday; contrariwise, she wanted him to come, but were the others willing to receive the troll? Hannah had an idea – maybe Mark’s anxious behavior was just a short phase, which he was already done with. At least right now, Mark was sounding like himself again and seemed like the same boy Hannah had had a crush on a few weeks earlier.
- Of course, at least I don’t mind, Hannah smiled. Mark seemed grateful and for a moment his glance disappeared somewhere far away.
- Is everything alright? Hannah asked. Mark’s glance returned.
- Uh, I’m just sorry because of the way I’ve acted recently. I mean towards everyone, the whole band. Me and that Noah guy have almost had a fight already, Mark laughed. Hannah seemed compassionate. Deep within himself Mark was thinking: the plan is working.
Suddenly Hannah turned her head. Samuel scuffed a couple of hundred meters away, trying to carry his ice-hockey bag with him. Hannah turned back at Mark but before she had a chance to say anything, Mark urged: - You should go. I’ll ask Noah about Saturday and let you know then. Hannah’s face showed an objection, but once again, Mark was quicker. – I promise to say things properly. Maybe everything works out well and we can sort things out. Hannah still didn’t look convinced, but Mark’s last words made her feel relieved.
- Just trust me.

Concerning other things, I've been more and more into Tool today, and the evening I've spent developing Night + Day = Awake with Guitar Pro (yes, I got it to work). The latter is turning out great as soon as I get it flowable enough. It feels unreal that two days have been passed already and that there's ONLY 2 left (I know I'm being negative but I can't help it). Anyhow, I'll just have to take everything there is out of those 2 days.

I better go now and finish my work for today. See you tomorrow - I have a feeling I might have something serious for you in store...

Friday, April 10, 2009

94 (Subconscious Research)

It has been a short yet productive week for me so far. As Easter begun today (Good Friday), I started my 4 day long holiday by completing the part 4 of Walk and almost finishing the translation of the chapter 8 of the book. I've also been working on some final guitar touches for Night + Day = Awake. I can't seem to get Guitar Pro to work anymore though, while it used to work fine (although the trial had expired). I guess it's just back to the same old thing then, going through all my ideas in my head...

Throughout the week, I've kept listening to Trapt, while also getting to know Serj Tankian's debut Elect The Dead. The latter was heavier than I expected (which is a good thing, of course) and overall very diverse. Trapt is, however, still on the top of my list from these two, simply because they got hooks I just can't forget (first I was hooked to Headstrong, then Hollowman, and now Disconnected). And oh, how could I ignore the influence of Tool especially since I've told you about my recent interest in the subconsciousness?

During the next couple of weeks I'll be really busy, so I doubt I will be able to work as much as I have so far with my projects. I'll do my best though, and I think I'll still be able to offer you something new every week.

Anyhow, here is the part 4 of Walk.

A few seconds later, I found myself from a chamber. It was filled with a threading, distinctive smell and decorated with wallpaper that was patterned with white flowers. I had to squint my eyes to see, because the space was surprisingly bright. After realizing there was once again no exit, I took a glimpse up and shouted: “Now what? Am I supposed to get out of this place without a single sense of how to?” I waited, and after a while I saw a cigarette landing down, surrounded with light. As the cigarette got closer to me, it started to burn. At a certain height, it stopped falling, and the light disappeared.
I had never smoked before. It was one of those things I had thought of as a taboo, and had decided to leave for the people who felt that it made them feel stronger, cooler, whatever. However, now I was in the middle of a situation where a cigarette was my only key to continue. I stepped forth, so that I was standing only a few inches away from the cigarette, wanting to see what it was like. It was dark brown and it seemed steady while it was floating in the air. It wasn’t an ordinary cigarette though – if there was something I had learned so far, it was that nothing was ordinary on the journey I was.
I saw no other solution than to smoke. I slowly took the cigarette between my fingers, and placed it slowly against my lips. It did not taste good. I sighed for the last time and begun to smoke.
First it felt like the most terrible experience of my life. I had heard about smoking being awful when you start it, but this was indescribably bad. I didn’t quit it though, and that’s probably why it started to taste better with time. Not good, but better. During the time I was ready to puke for just tasting the cigarette, it didn’t burn away like it should have, but as I started liking it more, it started shrinking. First slowly. Then faster. And faster. Before I knew it, the cigarette was gone, and I was ready to go mad if I wouldn’t get another one.
- Hey, you, above! Give me another one! I can’t solve this without another cigarette!
Nothing. No reply, no light, no cigarette.
- Please! If you can hear me, I NEED another one! I got nothing to begin with!
The place started changing. The white flower-decoration turned to black and I started to see these different types of illusions, ranging from colorful shapes to memories I thought I had forgotten. One last time, I let my thoughts flow to my tongue.

As the Easter is really inspiring to me, especially spiritually, I have high hopes for the rest of the holiday. We'll see where things go. I decided not to make a serious discussion this time, but I promise I'll type at least one of those too during these next 3 days.

Until tomorrow, lets keep searching for our subconsciousness shall we...

Monday, April 6, 2009

Boy With a Dream That Came True

So, it's the date I've been so hyped about. This blog has now officially been up for one year. That year has been the most awesome time of my life so far, and I've shared it with all of you, posting 93 posts in total (counting this one). Sharing my book, lyrics, musical interests and my own musical efforts, stories, reviews and other unforgettable moments of my life only form a part of what this blog has been about. While delivering all this to you, my readers, this blog has also operated as a personal diary for myself, which means that I haven't only been able to keep book on what I've been doing, but with what I've been thinking, feeling and so on.

During the starters of this blog, I wrote about a lot of serious stuff. I'm sure some of you can still remember my heartfelt and honest opinions on afterlife, what God thinks about today's music and the universe. After refreshing my memory a bit, I was shocked how well written and flowable my blog was back then, and what it is right now. From now on, I'm reaching out to change a few things up. Tell me what you want to read about, what should be improved and so on. This is your chance to affect on my blog.

To end this post and this blogging year with dignity, I'm going to discuss about subconsciousness, a theme that has been in my mind for quite a while.

There's a thing inside all of our brain that is scary, wonderful and mysterious all in the same time. A part of us which we cannot access, but which can access us. Something that rarely activates, but does control our dreams for example.
Our subconsciousness. Is discovering it what it takes for us to evolve as species and as individuals? Why do we have one in the first place? And the most interesting question - how do we access it?
With my very short self-studies so far, I happen to know something that possibly will help you on all these questions. I'm going to discuss about this subject more and more in the future, so it's probably only a good thing that I don't reveal everything at once. Anyway, here is the thing.
Tonight, when you go to bed, shut all the lights and close your eyes, do the following. Instead of reaching your ordinary sleep state, concentrate. Pick a dot in the empty space you see when you close your eyes and hold on to it. Keep concentrating. After sometime, you should start seeing these different type of colors, shapes and maybe even full images inside the state you thought was empty. This is your third eye activating (yes, we all do have one). If it doesn't work at once, try again, since this is very fascinating. You can also try practicing your third eye while awake, by simply focusing on the area between your eyebrows. It sounds weird and corny I know, but if you are interested in the subject of self-exploring (both scientifically and spiritually), try this. Music also usually helps with this excercise and makes it more enjoyable.

Let's hope this blog can stay up and running for another year! You can make it happen. Don't hesitate to drop a comment. This is your time to type, let me know of your wishes, thoughts and feelings concerning this journey of the blog. And this goes out to all of you, no matter are you reading this from the original site, or through some other site or forum. I can't wait for another year.

I'm out.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Got to Have Faith, Pt. 2

As I kind of promised, I started translating the 8th chapter of my book today. I'm now going to share about a 1/3 of it. The rest will be finished and posted soon, but this way it might be slightly easier, since you don't have to read so much at once and I can have two mid-long posts instead of one short one and one large one.


Blindness Drives to Insanity

Mark marched straight to his home and stepped in slamming the door behind him. He walked directly to his room without taking his shoes or his jacket off. He kicked the door and lay down to his bed with his clothes full of snow and his heart full of rage. There was no way he could perceive what was happening to his life.
Two new people had appeared to his life out of a sudden and Mark didn’t know who to trust anymore and how to deal with people he thought he knew. The band had turned out to be a complete opposite of the vision Mark had had about forming one. Mark didn’t like that the band consisted mostly of those exact same amateurish players who had just appeared to his circle of friends. Mark didn’t think of himself as Jimi Hendrix, but the girls had not played in years and Noah’s style seemed a bit too simple taking he was a solo guitarist. The skill, however, wasn’t the only reason to why Mark didn’t think Noah was appropriate for the position. Mark didn’t think he was appropriate because he was certain he had not practiced as much as Mark had throughout the years – Noah hadn’t sacrificed hours and hours just to learn chords, wasted his savings for amplifiers and guitars or dreamt of being a rock star since the age of 4. Never.
The only reason why Mark had decided not to leave the band after Hannah had left her was simply his feelings towards her, which were still there. For some reason, Mark couldn’t shove them aside to die. Mark’s glance still wandered towards Hannah when she was in the same room with him. He was still silent when Hannah was present. And, on top of it all, Mark still hadn’t said a single ‘hello’ to Hannah since the break-up. He simply couldn’t do it.
Suddenly Mark awoke from his thoughts and realized that he needed some music for his mood. So he walked silently to his record shelf. It was dusty and wide, full of hard rock and metal. After some thinking, Mark decided to put Soulfly’s Prophecy on.
The music couldn’t, however, make Mark’s thoughts diminish.
Why had Adrian taken Noah’s side? Mark had the impression that he knew Adrian so well, that he wouldn’t suddenly start trusting a sincere seeming, yet clearly a hypocrite boy. Maybe it was because Summer – for some strange reason – trusted Noah and Adrian wanted to act something to Summer by doing so too. Mark started to attach impossible yet, in the same time, likely patterns together. How did Noah benefit from all this was the only thing Mark couldn’t understand. What he did understand, however, was that something had to be done, and as soon as possible.
Mark walked into the hallway and took his clothes absently to the rack.

The Formula 1 race earlier today was really exciting, even though Kovalainen didn't even make it to the second lap, Räikkönen was left on P14 due to a tactical error, Vettel had to retire, Kubica was having problems ever since the beginning and retired also, and Rosberg was only 8th because of wrong tyre choices. The rain played a big part on the whole race and eventually, after lap 32, the race was stopped and never restarted. Nevertheless, I can't wait for the weekend in China that's in 2 weeks.

That's all for this weekend. I still got 2-3 hours of time to do something creative, but I doubt I will, I'm already satisfied with this week (I've completed a new chapter, developed new song(s), translated half of a chapter...). Can't wait what next week brings, along with Easter.

Got to Have Faith

I can be pretty satisfied with yesterday. I spent hours working on Night + Day = Awake, completing half of the bass parts and developing the guitars. I also wrote some continuation to Walk. Today, I'm planning on translating a new chapter of the book, possibly working on the song again and maybe, just maybe, finishing part 4 for Walk.

Trapt's second album wasn't really any different from their debut. A few excellent hooks, some mediocre stuff, and all the rest was pretty much the same as all the nu metal out there. They got one more album I have yet to listen to, and it's the one that has received the best reviews, so I'm not losing my hope on them just yet. Besides, it might be that the songs just take time to grow on me.

The Malaysian Grand Prix is starting in about half an hour, and it seems that the rain could mix things up so that the race will be extremely exciting, and even the drivers who failed in the qualification might have good chances to even win the competition. My best wishes go to Kimi Räikkönen and Heikki Kovalainen of course, while I'm also hoping that such drivers as Sebastian Vettel, Robert Kubica and Nico Rosberg will succeed.

I'll post again today evening. Remember, tomorrow is the anniversary of the blog and I'll be making a post although it's going to be a Monday. Who knows, maybe I will have a surprise for you too... You'll see.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I FINALLY finished a new chapter for the book on Wednesday evening. I now have 10 chapters in total and I'm about to translate the 8th one soon. I've also started thinking how to continue the short story so far known as Walk. During this weekend I just might finish the part 4 for it.

On Thursday evening, I downloaded the debut album by Trapt, and I was surprised how some of the tracks were outstanding yet the rest just seemed too ordinary. Today I'm going to download their second album and see if they've improved any. I already got Headstrong from their debut stuck in my head.

As far as my equipment goes, I got a new sound card on Thursday which should improve the quality of my recordings quite a bit. I'm still having some difficulties with the mic though. One thing is for sure - I won't take this anymore. If I can't get it fixed next week, I'll break into a bank if I have to and buy a new mic.

I'm currently under quite a lot of ideas, but the problem is that I still have to finish quite a few already started tracks and there just isn't enough space on an EP to put all my ideas in. So I'm currently kind of balancing between different options. I'll keep you updated. It's possible the tracklisting I've come to know myself is going to change radically (but no, I'm not ready for a full lenght just yet).

Depending on what's up, I might post later today. For now, this is pretty much it. I'm off for a walk now.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What's There That I Can't Reach?

I'm finally free. A new season in school has begun, and I don't have to study that much right now. I've been, though, pretty much just studying for the last 3 days or so, so I still got nothing new to lay down on the table I'm afraid. Anyhow, weekend is here in 2 days and I'm feeling rather inspired, so we'll see what comes out of it all.

As I still got nothing new to offer for you, lets just go through some ordinary stuff. The Formula 1 GP in Melbourne last Sunday was very exciting. Too bad Kimi Räikkönen and Heikki Kovalainen had to retire, and I would've so wanted to see Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica be on the podium... But no can do. I just hate Hamilton, he was really lucky once again. It does seem like McLaren isn't any better than Ferrari currently, because Ferrari was faster the whole weekend, and Hamilton got a clear adventage because of the Safety Car entries. I'm not bitter though - instead, I'm looking forward to this weekend's race in Malaysia even more. I've been so filled with F1 fever lately that I even downloaded a simulation software, which I've been playing every now and then.

The other day I came across some Jonathan Davis' solo stuff - or simply put, 6 tracks written by him from the Queen of the D***ed soundtrack. They really showed me another side of his creativity, and I've been really hooked to a few of the songs. Other than that, I've just been shuffling my player, but I guess if not tonight, then at least tomorrow I'll get myself something new to listen to.

On a side note, I just jammed with my guitar a bit, and I think that the final heavy song for my upcoming EP is starting to find its shape. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Night + Day = Awake though, and I'll work on it during the next couple of days too. If everything turns out right, you might be listening to a demo version sooner than you think.

I think it's time to end this post here. At least I'm once step closer to 100 posts now. Remember, 5 days, and this blog is 365 days old...