Sunday, May 31, 2009


YEAH! My summer holiday has begun! I have 10 weeks of relaxation, music, writing and sun ahead of me. But first, let's break this week down a bit, shall we?

During this week I've been listening to my music library pretty randomly. From Monday to Wednesday, I was pretty much into Soulfly and Taproot's older material, but afterwards I haven't been into anything in particular - if something, I've been aiming towards heavy sounds. Lately, I've also been giving The Listener some finishing touches what comes to the guitar and bass parts, and due my high amount of inspiration, I'm thinking of still doing one more song for the EP. It's no wonder, since I've been writing new riffs like mad this week. Soon I should be able to start offering something more than just demos in MIDI format, so keep your eyes and ears open...

My school report was alright - I was really satisfied with most of the grades I got, but Finnish was a disappointment. I'll get over it though. I planned to stay up all night long yesterday, but it didn't really work out if you know what I mean (I fell asleep, lol). I'll try it again tonight though, because I have a feeling staying up 24 hours at once might inspire me, and I got a few ideas concerning my projects that I would like to complete nightime. About the band project, we haven't done much progress, but we're expecting to during the next couple of weeks.

Here are some sketched lyrics for The Listener:

Taking control of the dam within
a glimpse as deep as a butterfly illusion
you stare
I cry

I took a walk
to scream out my heart
to bleed a whole new start
But my burden
was so much more stubborn than I knew
cutting the light, it replaced
my spirit with grey

My speed increases
towards the white dawn
I gasp and seek for understanding
for a brother soul
then the pillow above me starts to shine
indicating some sort of sign
wiping off cold around the seas
A friendly wave welcomes me

to my home

I was closed inside
but now I’ve found the lime
within reprise
The listener lies
in front of each decline
right by my eyes

I haven't had a single negative comment on the song yet, so expect it to be huge...

That's about all I got for now, I will post later on though, with hopefully some more interesting updates...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Inside And Out

So, Tool's 10,000 did actually surprise me. At first it didn't sound nearly as good as Lateralus or ├ćnima, but it fastly grew on me, mostly because of the latter half of the album. Besides that and Jimi Hendrix, I've been heavily rotating The Accident Experiment in my playlist today, so you could say the music I prefer right now is mainly progressive.

Since my last blog post, the band has had two online meetings, both of which haven't resulted in anything major, but have helped in all of us getting to know each other. We're going to make a cover soon as our first song together, and I bet it'll already raise some attention. Since my role in the band is rather small (output-wise, inside the group I'm doing the most work at least at the moment), I'm looking forward to seeing how everyone else can contribute on making our sound original. No matter how long it will last, I'm sure this whole project will be a very pleasant experience, and not just for me, but to all of us involved.

This time around as my serious discussion, I really want to go over the top. I want to talk to you about the feeling of being a target. About being afraid of surveillance. About spying and violating privacy. Yes, I'm going to be talking about something that some of you see as the government, some of you see as normal people and some of you simply see as paranoia.

First - why do we feel this way? Why do we think there's someone out there watching us? Well, it's a stereotypical thing for sure, but that's not everything there is. I think the main reason for why the human nature works this way is our aim to be independent and trust solely on ourselves. It's the instinct we have been living with throughout our generation and evolution, no matter what social freaks are going to say. One thing that certainly affects this sense is also the fact that people in today's world seem to be creating trouble for themselves and situations that make their adrenaline flow even if there's no reason to. That is why paranoia exists. It isn't a disorder, it's the result of the modern world and it's shape, which is based on stress, violence and cold souls. Enough to make you fear yourself? No? Well, I haven't stopped yet. We're just getting deeper now...

What if there really is a government or some other real life system that does spy on us and tries to control us? Is there any way we can prevent from getting watched on? Can we make them disappear? Well, taking it's all true of course, there's no way we can. There has been talks about v-chips and hidden cameras for years, decades actually, and if that all ended up being true, is there really a way to escape it all? Moving away and starting a new life isn't the first option you'd like to think about as a US citizen. However, if you do decide to do so, please select Finland as your new home. We're the most uncorrupted country in the world you know. But be careful not to step into Russia - it's a place so cold that it'll only feed your paranoia and with the corruption out there, you simply won't survive...

Okay, so there was my attempt to be both, serious and funny. Discuss. I will have a few tests during the next few days, and then, I'm free. I will post next weekend, and you can count on me when I say that'll be the start of a new era...

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)

I wish this day would get better. Because then it would be perfect. Yes, no matter how crazy it sounds, I have never felt this relaxed while studying, writing a school presentation and listening to Tool and Jimi Hendrix. Never. But then again, I have never come to use such mix of things to focus my mind into before.

Early this morning it got confirmed. My - oh wait, let me correct myself - our band now officially has a drummer. That means we're a six-piece. Six different people from all around the world. Six completely different personalities. Six very diverse music listeners and artists. Okay, maybe that sounded a bit too much like over-hyping, but I'm truly excited. And why wouldn't I be? This is the first real band I'm a part of, and I even formed it myself. Taking I started from scratch, this is quite and achievement already - but of course there's no way I will settle for this. Now it's time to get working on the music. We have an internet meeting later this evening, and I'm hoping we can find some sort of a plan together. I will keep you updated on how this all starts rolling, of course.

The school presentation I'm working on is actually one about The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Axis: Bold as Love, hence why I've been listening to them (and him) so much after a long break. I also got Tool's 10,000 Days just like I said I would, and I'm having very mixed feelings of it at the moment. At first it sounded like a Lateralus part 2, but now I've come to find a few very, very interesting tracks and elements within. I bet the whole album will eventually grow on me, but I doubt it will ever become as huge for me as Lateralus and ├ćnima are.

That's it I guess, just wanted to give you an update. I will post again tomorrow (and that's a promise), just in case I actually got something new to share, or I've become a stress freak again. Haha, we'll see.

Friday, May 22, 2009

New Zone

This week I've finally been able to relax. I spent 4 wonderful days at home since I had some minor fever and a flu. While the sickness wasn't really that serious, I was stress free and actually enjoyed my time worryless, which was really, really comfortable after being so stressed for weeks, if not months. Now I only got 6 days to go concerning school, and I feel like the divine summer is just a step away...

Even though I got tons of school stuff this weekend to keep me busy (and thus I won't be working on much), I got a couple of new things to present to you which I just know are going to make you excited. First one is the project I hinted you about 2 weeks ago, saying it was still too early to reveal anything more. Well now, the project is nearly ready to be set off, and it's time for me to share it with you (even though quite many of you already know about it since I've been sharing ideas and asking you to come in). *drum roll* It's basically a band I'm forming that'll work solely through the internet. So far it includes me and 4 other members while we continue to seek for one more member to be our permanent drummer (if you're interested or you know someone who might be, please contact me). While the idea for the whole thing was purely spontaneous, we're not going to start throwing music around until next month, but since that's not so far away anymore, I thought it'd be for the best to let you know of this whole project already. We're also yet to decide on a genre, but it's going to be some sort of a hybrid for sure.

Now the other thing I want to talk about is an idea I just came up today. I don't want to reveal the idea completely just so a few of you out there who won't be participating will be found surprised in the end, but what I want you to do is take part on my next EP (that is the new Wicked Breath EP, not the band's EP). So por favor, if you got any sort of recording equipment or you have possibilities for getting/using some, contact me via comment or e-mail (those of you who are readers should have my e-mail already). Even if you had no time, please do the previously mentioned, since this is going to be something really special yet simple for you to do. I will reveal more info in the near future.

During the relaxed week I've mostly been focusing on music by Riverside, dredg, Linkin Park (yes you heard it) and Static-X. From Static-X I got another album, Shadow Zone just today, and I will try to keep it in my playlist for as long as I can. I'm also planning on getting 10,000 Days, the only Tool album I do not have and some more dredg stuff. Will keep you updated on my musical interests, like always.

Now I hope you will contact me concerning the EP thing and will keep your thumbs up for the band project. With all this new hype coming up, I'm sure the following summer won't let you, me or anyone down.

All in wait...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Listener

Dredg's El Cielo definitely did not let me down. With a style even more art- and experimental-centered, the album is truly inspirational and so far I haven't found a single weak track from it. I will check the rest of the band's discography next week for sure, and maybe even drop a review...

During yesterday and today I've probably spent at least 5 hours on just working with the solo parts for the new song (which is titled the Listener as of yesterday). It's already over 2 and a half minutes long, and I've also been working on the lyrics for it today. Unfortunately, I haven't been working on anything else besdies that, but next weekend I'm hoping to complete something for the book again (after a long time). And let us not forget that I only got 10 days of school left before summer begins (and I already got a day off next Thursday)...

So I won't leave you all hungry for more of my stuff (haha), here is the chapter two for the story I started working on a few weeks back.

The next day I wake up late. It’s 10.30 AM as I sit by the kitchen table eating yoghurt and rye bread with margarine and cheese. I shower myself quickly and get dressed. Since my everyday life of boredom and lying around the house tends not to fascinate me, I decide to go out.
My walk of no particular destination ends in the nearby record store. I say hello to the owner, who I’ve seen rather less since I moved – I remember buying all the records I needed at the time as soon as possible, and since then I haven’t given any new music a chance. I instantly walk up to the hard rock/metal section, and start looking for something new and innovative. Everything still seems old and familiar though. No fresh bands like Rage Against the Machine, P.O.D. and Killswitch Engage were at their time. I feel frustrated and decide to go towards the heavier stuff in the heavy metal section, but as I turn, I hit someone.
- Oh, excuse me...
- No problem, I reply. I take a few steps forth before I stop. I realize that the voice sounded familiar.
- Sam, is it you?
The man I just hit turns back.
- Christian? Man, it’s been a while! We shake hands and greet each other in a way that makes the owner of the record store laugh out loud. As we both set an evil look towards him, he seems embarrassed.
- What are you doing in here? I heard you won over a million dollars in the lottery and that you moved far away from your home, I wonder. Sam’s look tells everything I need to know before he even opens his mouth.
- Well, things didn’t really work out the way I wanted them to… I invested money on some stocks and they all went down. I nod trying to look interested. Economy has never been my thing.
- Thank God I didn’t invest all that I had. I still got my house and my recording studio, but I lost the car… And all the girls, obviously, he continues. We both laugh and leave the store imperceptibly.
- Why don’t we go somewhere to eat and catch up on each other’s lives? Sam suggests.
- Cool idea. Is McDonald’s alright?
- Oh Christian, you haven’t changed a bit! You still eat trash food in places with bad service instead of a good meal in a high class restaurant…

As we arrive to the nearest McDonald’s and get our table, Sam starts asking about my life.
- So, what’s up? You still studying?
- Well, not really… I’m actually sort of looking for a journalist’s spot on one of the local papers.
- Oh really? That sounds…
- Ridiculous? I assume by the look on his face.
- No, no, not at all… I mean it sounds like a decent job that could make your life more balanced after all you’ve been through before moving here. I can’t help but to agree, but I decide to change the subject quickly before the discussion leads into what happened or what was happening a few years back.
- How about your studio? Have you been pushing any hit albums out lately? Sam bursts into a loud laugh before answering:
- Ha-ha, nice one. I barely got any artists that even bring money to the studio. Most of the people are just there to hang out and have fun, and it’s really getting hard for me to control it. If only I would’ve known…
- I see. I stare outside and feel how jealously is going through my body. Here we are, two kids from the same neighborhood and the same school, yet one is a successful record studio owner and one is a pathetic, unemployed dreamer. Sam was always more ambitious than I was. I always blamed it on his good luck, but eventually I couldn’t do that to myself anymore. Jealously was what was destroying our friendship inside right from the start and I know that it’s doing the same thing to our meeting right now.
After talking some more about music and life, we are leaving. I’m thinking of maybe inviting Sam to one of my parties, but then I remember the beer bottles again and decide to shut up. Before we go separate ways, Sam receives a phone call. Even though I don’t intend to, I hear every word of the conversation.
- What?! Next week?! Yeah, of course, I know that… This is just so sudden… Of course. I will. OK Bye.
- What was that about?
- Um, nothing really… It was Elias, you remember him right? No? Well he is my partner over at the studio, he does all the paper stuff and so on. Anyhow, there’s this new Christian metal band he is so hyped about and now he wants me to get my ass over to California so I can invite them to record in our studio. He says it’s like a matter of life and death concerning our money situation. I don’t know if he just wants to get rid of me though.
- Sounds like you got nothing to lose, I decide to comment.
- I guess so. It’s just that I hate travelling, you know?
- Yeah, I know that. I still happen to remember how Sam never went to school trips and how I never did either because of that.
- Wait a sec. What if… you come with me?
- What? No…
- Oh come on, for old time’s sake! It’ll be fun. We’ll meet the band, invite them to come over and then relax and do whatever we want to for the rest of our stay. You can write, I can sleep. No one loses.
While I know that Sam is right, I feel forced to say no.
- How about money? It isn’t a free trip now is it?
- Well, that’s true. What if I borrow you some money?
- Nah, I won’t take that to my conscience, I say as Sam glimpses towards his clock.
- Well I got to go now, but promise me you will at least think about it?
- Alright, alright, I promise. Sam has a twisted smile as he runs to the street shouting for a taxi. I start walking back home, thinking what I have just promised. And guess what - the first thing I notice when I get back home is the blood donation ticket on the kitchen table.

That's it for now... Bye!

"Taking control of the dam within
a glimpse as deep as a butterfly illusion
you stare...
I cry."

Saturday, May 16, 2009

El Cielo

Ups and downs have been the key happenings and feelings for this week. Seems like whenever I feel excited about something, I'm letting myself down somehow. But I know you don't want to read about it, and since I don't really want to talk about it, lets move on to how it has affected my projects.

I am now on the way of completing the 8th track for my EP, and it's turning out better than I expected. I have a nice little concept built around it, which will be more like a story than just a song theme (but I won't write it down, I'll just keep it in mind while writing the song and especially the lyrics). For those that have checked out the package I uploaded a while ago, the riff on "Demo 24.4" is heavily used in the song. It's also going to be very progressive, but I bet it will be more shorter than Night + Day = Awake, and more importantly, friendlier looking from the listener's perspective (meaning it's easier to understand and it will be more catchier).

I've barely checked out anything new this week what comes to music (at least comparing to the last few weeks), but I've been back into Riverside again and I also got their singer/bassist Mariusz Duda's solo album Lunatic Soul earlier this week. Even though far less heavier, less progressive and less varying than Riverside itself, it has offered me some inspiring moments so far. During the start of the week I was also very much into Dredg, and right now I'm downloading their second album, El Cielo (while I already got their debut, Leitmotif last Sunday). Dredg has widely inspired me too and the new song I'm working on has various elements that are influenced by them.

Last Saturday I finished the lyrics to Night + Day = Awake. Here they are (it's long I know, but believe me, you don't want to miss these):

The day is swathed, sleeping
in its amnesty
ataraxic smoke
within the air of grit
until the beat
comes to kill the...


I’ve always had to squint
my senses to begin
this time I’m wide awake
ahead of my first blink
Glance behind the leaves
a painting I complete
I receive a holy prayer
and turn it to my dream

46 +2
44 and 2
46 is true
44 must lose [x2]

I’ve seen the nightmares
I’ve praised the daylight
But while I reborn
the night and day unite
I’m frightened
so frightened

What is this contrast about
I feel my soul forced to the ground
being tossed, thrown like a puppet
yet a flame is born and I can’t stop it
I have arrived to the state unknown
covered in sand, covered in snow
covered in everything I must let go
Oh my Creator, where’s your unspoken word?

Now, I cannot replace
the smiles I once had, the love I once lost
everything that I lost, when I took this turn
towards a new phase, evolution escaped
And I confess, that I did not obey the way
I strayed from my heartaches, to pursue a darker day
I will awake to the exact same day again
with no routine, no surprise, no end, no connection to find a friend


will see
sun setting down.

As you can see, I decided to keep the version 2, and even though the ending is maybe a bit more simple by it's story-telling than the rest, the context is still something you need to keep your mind open for.

After working for hours on the new song I better get some rest before enjoying the rest of the night. The Eurovision song contest is tonight but I'm much more excited about my projects right now. I'll keep myself inspired for sure, and tomorrow I will at least post once to tell you what I liked about the Dredg album. Until then...

"He said: faith, distrust, and reason...
With this you'll be kneeling.
Before the world,
and drop down,
to the ground...
It's all we are.
It's all we are."

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Path Less Taken

Who would've known that I would be standing at the point I'm standing at right now when this week begun? I, for one, didn't.

First of all, I have a whole new project going on, and it's going to be something you would have never guessed... But since it's really just in its starters as of yet, I won't reveal more. It's worth the wait though, trust me.

Today has been one crazy day. I've been jamming on both, drums and guitar, and it has been really great - I have came up with at least 2 new song ideas. Earlier this week I finished Night + Day = Awake, and it eventually became a 6 minute long progressive rally with some very interesting twists - I still have to tweak it a bit though to make it perfect, not to mention I haven't even started on the drum parts yet. But it is for sure going to be better than its so-called predecessor, Soar.

This week I've been more and more into Static-X, but before I got too comfortable with them, I switched to Taproot just yesterday. Today I've also been listening to some Bad Brains, which should also be a huge step forwards for my musical likings and why not even compositions (for those of you who don't know, Bad Brains is one of the pioneers of hardcore punk and they also perform a lot of reggae and metal).

I haven't, so far, worked on anything writing-related, but I will try to later tonight and/or tomorrow. I have a few pretty good ideas for lyrics and the chapter 3 of the latest story, so I'm quite sure I will at least have something new to offer tomorrow evening.

Finland won Canada on Monday with the score 4-3. It was a really great match and winning it showed some good signs... Though on Wednesday, Finland faced the end of its tournament this year, failing to win USA and go into the next round (which would've been the semifinals). I'm not that disappointed though, because it was the first major tournament for the head coach Jukka Jalonen and while the results weren't always pleasing during the tournament, what happened on ice mostly was. Since I'm really back into sports now, I'm really happy that the Winter Olympics are being held next year.

The work experience week was alright, and even though it wasn't required, the owner of the shop I worked in paid me some extra for the week, and concerning my current money situation it was a really nice bonus.

That's it for today, I can't really say anything more about the week before officiallly announcing the new project... Although, if everything goes well enough, I might be able to announce it already tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.

"Cleanse & Purge the ill from the inside
A burning conscience severs the stem."

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Invincible, Pt. 2

Today, I wrote a review of Earshot's debut album Letting Go. I'll copy/paste it here now, just for starters:

Muted, pummeling guitars with repeatable powerchord structures, funky and very recognizable bass lines, aggressive, half-melodic and chaotic soundscapes. Sounds like nu metal, doesn’t it? Well, even though Earshot sounds a lot like what’s been described, they are able to stand much on their own with a rare Tool resemblance and the unique vocals by Will Martin - who actually sounds like a young Maynard James Keenan in many aspects of his voice. Letting Go, the band’s debut released in 2002, attacks your ears with a shot of mixture and intelligence, and if released 10 years earlier, it could easily be considered one of the best rock albums of all-time.

Headstrong opens the album with a high-pitched effect very similar to that of Tool’s Eulogy, before the guitars burst in. The drum work really doesn’t lose much to Danny Carey’s, and Keenan’s – sorry – Martin’s vocals lift the chorus to a very full and listener-wise, pleasant level. When it’s time for the bridge, everything fades out, leaning towards a melodic, whispery and eventually climatic breakdown. The guitar delivery could be a bit heavier, and Martin can’t really scream as good as Keenan does, but the outcome is more than satisfying nevertheless. Headstrong sets the bar high, and lyrics like “Downfallen on, yes, you mean the world to me/my sweet love, so headstrong/Are you? Strong” seem catchy – but can Earshot keep this sort of a level throughout the album?

The answer is a definite yes. While Misery and Get Away aren’t really surprising with their typical nu metal angst, in Not Afraid the band concentrates on the atmosphere more than in the earlier tracks, and a peaceful keyboard riff is the only thing missing from this lyrically stubborn track. The verses and the bridge are brilliant, building around melodic guitars, Martin’s charismatic vocals, a few distorted solos and a harmony only this band can produce. Ordinary Girl being a small letdown and a bit mainstream attention-seeking, we move onto We Fall, We Stand. Now this track has got some groove and rhythm. The heavy guitars hit instantly, and while the song relies on two very simple powerchord patterns throughout, the chorus is just the cure to get you pumped up after a hard day. The song sounds like a mixture of P.O.D.’s Boom and Korn’s Here to Stay for a rough 2 minutes, until you hear a short, dramatic string arrangement, preparing you for what might just be one of the best guitar solos on the record (though it’s pretty much just the notes of the main riff played a few octaves higher, so nothing mind-blowing here). Finally, the song ends with another Keenan-a-like scream.

Wake Up includes some steady, Disturbed’s Down with the Sickness-a-like drumming and a hauntingly melodic guitar riff covered in a thick bass line and Martin’s patient vocals. The song has plenty of harsh distortion too though – seems like Earshot can’t survive through a song without some, and that is starting to come out as a flaw. This World is probably closest to the Earshot of today from this album, with hard rock delivery that focuses more on harmonizing with the vocals and being straightforward by its rhythm than completing an early-Tool a-like, aggression-centered sound. That is certainly needed to prevent the album from getting too predictable, and another thing missing until now, which is originality, is being taken care of with the echoing verses of Asleep, I Lie.

As we get closer to the ending of the album, we come across two very different listening experiences. Unfortunate is very similar to We Fall, We Stand, scoring amongst the best tracks on the album with its slow verses, where the drums do wonders for the whole (especially with the altering bass drum signature) and the muted guitar riff is delayed nicely. Even though hitting well over the 5 minute mark, the song doesn’t bore you for a second. My Time, however – the ending track of the whole CD – is one strange rally. Almost like a punk rock song, the song is built around an up-tempo guitar riff and a bass line that is heard throughout the verses. Even though similar to the first Tool songs Hush and Sweat, the song tends to feel a bit pointless, and for a closer, it’s probably the worst choice. Oh well, a band can’t be perfect, especially not on their first release.

Overall, Earshot’s debut isn’t your everyday hard rock. Even though Letting Go includes massive potential, there’s still a lot to improve on – mainly being more original and developing their sound, which has the basics, but is nevertheless still in the early process of evolving.

Not Afraid
We Fall, We Stand
Asleep, I Lie

I haven't received any feedback from you, the readers, yet on the short story so I won't post the chapter 2 yet. I know there aren't many out there that like reading full stories but it's not long (at the moment at least) and I have a feeling that if you find my lyrics enjoyable, you'll find this story too. I remember a few people saying that they expected something deeper when I started my book, and now that you have it, you can't complain, just read and tell me what you think.

Tomorrow is my first day of work experience. I'm stressed, but in the same time I'm comforting myself with the thought that I don't have to go to school, hence I don't have to study in a week. I'm sure it'll be fine, I'm just the type of person who stresses out of the smallest things you know. I have to admit though that it's a shame I'll be missing some matches of the ice-hockey WC.

I might keep you updated a bit more next week than during a regular week since I should have plenty of spare time, but if I got nothing new, I won't.

Invincible, Pt. 1

Yesterday I was as productive as the day before. I wrote another chapter to the new story, and even though maybe not as interesting as the first one, it's floating towards an interesting plot. I might have to reconsider the whole lenght of the story though - it might become as long as a book after all. We'll see.

Finland lost to Belarus yesterday in ice-hockey as you may well know. And no, I don't want to talk about it.

During yesterday I listened to a lot of Skillet and got their album Invincible. As it is as industrial as Alien Youth, I'm enjoying it so far, a lot. I also got Static-X's debut Wisconsin Death Trip, which seems to have some sick riffs but not enough electronical stuff really to call it industrial or to make the music near perfection.

Today I'll be writing again - what exactly, that God only knows...

In the mean time, here is the chapter one of the short story.

Sweat. Fear. A feeling of being strangled. An ache in the bottom of my stomach and on the top of my tongue that just won’t go away. Darkness. Dirt all around. I squint and finally start making some sense of all the figures and shapes in front of my eyes.
I stand up, away from the cold and wet sheets I’ve slept in. Another nightmare - fourth one this week. I feel frustrated and try to remember what it was about this time as I walk through the hall towards the kitchen. There’s a light burning from the roof as I grab a glass of water and light up a cigarette. With the flame I also fire up a candle. Unpaid electricity bills are still lying on the table, and I acknowledge that getting into huge debts is the last thing I need right now. As long as the situation stays as what it is currently, I don’t care.
After finishing with my cigarette I start collecting the beer bottles of the night. Someone has “accidentally” puked into one of them. I sigh and remind myself of how I hate parties. Only reason I organize any is to keep up with my friends – only problem with that is that my friends tend to bring their friends and they bring their friends and they bring their friends…
After putting the bottles to a plastic bag I decide to take them to the garbage canopy outside. I’m too tired to change any decent clothes on so I just grab and put on some of my worst jeans and a blue winter jacket that’s hanging from a hanger in the hall. I unlock the door with my bundle of keys and instantly feel how cold it is outside. I run to the canopy and attend to come back as fast as I can at 3 AM in the morning, and lock the door behind me tight. There’s something that stalls me though. On the notice board of the housing cooperative which no one ever looks at, I see a poster that catches my eye. First it’s because of the bright colors, but it turns out interesting. One of the new employees of the post office have accidentally put a notice on the wrong wall, and instead of the casual warning statistics, a form for blood donation is taped to the middle of the board. Lucky for me, since I’m in need of money. I take a lining ticket just in case and go back inside.
After washing my hands with sticky soap and tepid water, I take a pen and some paper, thinking it’s for the best to try and reconstruct the dream I had by writing it down.
After a rough 15 minutes, I let my hand finally rest and take a glimpse towards the clock. 3.26 AM. I doubt I could sleep anymore, so I open the TV. Some Formula 1 compilation is coming on. As Jarno Trulli passes Fernando Alonso and I fall asleep on an armchair, the paper with my dream in it lays on the kitchen table.

“It was on a field. A long field. There was a mixture of grass and sand under my feet and the sky was grey and white. I carefully walked down a path that lead me across the field. After walking a bit, I saw something red in the ground near me. It was blood, or at least I automatically assumed so. First time I decided to just ignore it, but it continued to appear every now and then near the path. Finally, after I had bowed down to see the red mark a bit closer, I noticed that it was indeed blood, and that it was bleeding from my wrists. I took some grass and tried to cut off the bleeding, but it only started to increase. As something bright rose up to the sky, I felt like I was having way too much blood loss to survive. The worst was yet to come though. For some reason, I was able to get up and start running, which I did. Everything went well for a while, but then I tripped on a piece of root or something and fell to the ground. I fainted. Next, I woke up from a bed. It was a very uncomfortable one and the walls around it were filled with violent images and people who were pointing at me with their fingers. Soon enough, though, I realized that those weren’t images, they were real people. Jen was there. Joseph was there. Even Shawn was there. I tried to ask what was going on, but when I opened my mouth, I was spitting daggers instead of words. The daggers hit every one of the three to the heart and they died on the floor. I tried to scream but I was only able to produce more daggers. This time they hit the roof and were ready to burst in the middle of my chest. I closed my eyes and thought this is it. But the way it ended wasn’t the way I would’ve imagined it to end…”

Incase you were wondering, there is a part two coming for this blog post too, so anticipate...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hail To My New Beginning, Pt. 2

The day has been just the way I imagined - I've been really active and inspired. I started a new short story (like I planned) which is untitled as of now but already has a solid plot and the first chapter finished. Currently I'm working on a solo for Night + Day = Awake, and it's turning out really sweet so far - it's surprisinly flowable considering it's only the 3rd solo I'm writing and it's already starting to gather the whole song together, thus making the song nearly complete.

One thing I haven't talked about lately is sports (apart from the F1). As the 2009 IIHF Ice-hockey word championships are currently ongoing, I got to say that I'm very excited. Finland has a few problems (like their defense situation), but over all they have a good spirit in their team this year (as there aren't too many 'star' players) and I believe they can make it at least to the semifinals. Canada has been strong as always, and it has been interesting to see teams like Sweden and Slovakia trip on smaller teams like Latvia and Belarus. Russia hasn't really been as good as I expected them to be, and Czech Republic has a big goalie problem. It's very hard to say anything about USA, but I'm guessing they have small chances of making it to the top 4. (For the record, I know many of you probably don't follow ice-hockey, but remember, this isn't only me ranting at you, but outletting stuff just for myself).

Besides Prayer for Cleansing, I've been listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold today, as the two have a very similar sound. I think that even though it's been over 6 months since I got into Demon Hunter and Killswitch Engage, I still need time to get used to the whole metalcore genre. Tomorrow I'll be checking something new out again, and maybe I'll get that review going like I promised.

I won't post the chapter I wrote today just yet, but if I make progress on the story tomorrow, I definitely will. I'm sure it won't let you down...

Hail To My New Beginning, Pt. 1

What's new? Well, I'm almost done with the guitar and bass parts to Sun.06 now, and 99% done with the lyrics. Ever since I decided to start working on it again, it was suprisingly easy for me to come up with a really cool breakdown and some vocals for it, which vary between whispering and screaming. I've also written a rough 30 seconds long continuation to Night + Day = Awake and I'll keep working on the latter today.

Influence-wise, I've been into Earshot A LOT. They're probably my favorite band right now, despite the fact that they're pretty melodic and mostly hard rock, which is a surprise considering I've been into more and more heavy stuff lately. Right now, though, I'm downloading the discography of a band called Prayer for Cleansing, which was one of the pioneering metalcore bands in the end of the 90's. Yesterday I also re-discovered Skillet and their album Alien Youth, which is very industrial - thus I'm thinking of checking some more industrial stuff out, like In Flames, for example.

Since I now got 3 days off, and then I got my work experience week (a week when you choose a job and go there for the whole week instead of school), I'm feeling like there's a ton of possibilities for doing things. First, with my recent musical discoveries, I feel like doing a review. Second, I feel like writing something new, a short story maybe. Third, I feel like jamming because I'm so inspired right now... And the list continues. Hopefully I'll be able to do all that during the next 1½ weeks.

I have received very positive feedback so far on the package I uploaded last week, and I just want to thank you all for your support and time. I'm sure the future won't let anyone, me or you disappointed. Or, at least, not terribly, haha. We'll see how everything starts really taking off in a month or so, as school ends and the summer begins.

Before I leave you alone to celebrate May 1st, I'm showing you the full lyrics to Sun.06.

Breathing a precious gift, drip of vitality
holding what isn't there wanting to join the drift
Opening the box within, finding the void of dim
seeking eternity to fill it with sin
Keeping the dreams aside following every tide
learning of scriptures written into mind
I open the closure now, live again every foul
The mirror I've bled down is my fist screaming proud


'Wise' is just a phrase, figure of speech, a name
standing up to explore is what really opens doors
Desire is fleeing away deeper down everyday
everyone has the tool no one wants to use
I liberate every dorm let myself be detoured
my demons are hiding, they scheme and play on
Vibrating like a string, I'm tempted to feel as thin
I cannot evolve 'til I am weakening


causing my
stressful nature
Open minds
locked up to skies
release control
if you’re worth the untold


Inner I
clouds divide
teaching me
to believe
taking the reversed turn
smothering the mundane burn
bow into the river now
the sun is waiting to be found

at all