Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Day That Never Comes...

Here we are, the day that was supposed to never come. My second EP, Autumn Scream, gets to see the light of day for the first time in just a few minutes as the first reader of this blog entry, no matter who it is, will (hopefully) click on the link I'm presenting below and start downloading the product I've been working on with blood, sweat and tears for the past 9 month or so. I had a very detailed post planned for you here but since I've seem to have forgotten it I'll just write a few paragraphs before I let you slip away to the listening process.

The meaning of this EP is a very complicated matter. For you out there that'll probably get it, listen to it once or twice, leave feedback and then forget that it ever existed it's most likely a very potential-filled yet incomplete release from a young and talented musician. For some of you, it might be just slightly more than that - an effort that you actually appreciate very much as you've witnessed the steps of its completion virtually. Nevertheless, for me, the meaning of this EP is more than anyone could possibly imagine. Not only does it show that I have the ability to someday be out there, making music that people actually listen to, and like listening to (maybe even for a living but chances for that are 1 out of a million, as we all know), but also, it shows true emotion, dedication and the love I have for music. This EP is very important also because if this had become as bad or worse than Glimpse At My Horizon (which I believe it's far away from) it could be that I would be so down that I would even be considering taking a break of some sort from all music. Anyone who has talked to me about my music knows how I feel about it and how I work hard to paint my own vision with it as well as continue developing during every moment of my life, and expressing that might just be the most major meaning behind this EP, and all my stuff, basically.

Then a few more sentences in my defense. First I'd like to mention the little cracks and distortion (not talking about the guitar) that you hear on a few spots. Those are common things that happen in Audacity when you have either recorded too loud or you have 5 layers or more playing simultaneously on a high volume, and trust me, even when I have tried to put the volume down it hasn't helped, because when the damage is done it's done. With my current skills I just am not able to master or do any better job in mixing and we all just have to settle for this. The good thing about GAMH is that in situations like this, though, I can always say that at least this and this here is better than this and that on my debut, haha. Then, another thing - my vocals. As the instrumental progression is more than significant, my singing, while becoming more on-key (notice, I said more, not completely) and variable, it still hurts your eyes from time to time and I get that. Thing is, like one of my best supporters, Gazzy, once pointed out, with my voice still evolving and changing the singing is pretty at it's maximum goodness here, and with no vocal couching or anything I think I did a fairly decent job no matter what anyone has to say about that (don't hesitate to tell me though!). I even have some parts that I have recorded in a flu (most significantly Winterstorm in the HÆrt) but can you really go out and say that you would've known that without me telling you? ;) Last thing I'd like to say is that remember to keep an open mind while listening, a mind that's open for mistakes but also for complex lyrics and both, progressive and more simplistic music and structures.

Wait, let's go back a bit. "With my current skills I just am not able to master..." But hey, thankfully, there is someone who can! Timothy Vanvaeck, who you probably know as either Dr. Icecream or Nuck Chorris, is mastering the whole EP as we speak, doing some slight mixing and things like that, and I will be offering the mastered version of the EP as well to you out there interested as soon as he completes it. The difference is very noticeable, but remebering my obsession towards making everything myself so that it's just the way I like, I decided to put the two versions out separately, so it's your decision to go with either one or both. I'd like to take this opportunity to already thank Nuck, and all of you out there reading, downloading and listening - I can't even type all the appreciation I have for you all. :)

Okay, my rant is over. Download link - Enjoy.


This season of perplexity, bleeding and ardor, flaming my darkness with fireworks of God
The fuse must be burnt now, my icy heart is moaning, I’m sliding to roses and towards to thorns of love...

Friday, August 28, 2009

For The Travelers

Here is the post that I promised to make - please note that I'm making this in extreme rush so no guarantees this will be correctly written what comes to grammar and all that sort of stuff.

As we're just hours away from the release of Autumn Scream, I'm REALLY on the edge here. I estimated the time I got this week way wrong (even though I was sick from Monday to Wednesday) and during the next few hours I still have to mix and deal some other minor yet multiple things, such as handling the booklet before I put the final product out there for you to listen. Apart from me being busy everything is coming along really well though, since the last stuff I have completed this week has been just as good as the rest of the EP, if not better. But why am I hyping anymore anyway? You'll be able to judge yourself in about 12 hours or so. ;)

Just some things I'd like you to know: as you've probably been guessing already, The Listener won't be released as a single anymore since after the release, the EP will be available for everyone and I see no need for any singles anymore. If the time had been right and all it would've made a great single though, creating as much hype as Night + Day = Awake did for sure. Another thing I sadly have to inform you about is that the collaboration with Shades of the Atmosphere didn't happen in the end, but I took the priviledge to complete the song (entitled Winterstorm in the HÆrt) myself and you can hear the song on the EP.

One last thing, when I do release the EP I won't be informing you separately about the surprise or any of that - it is your own mission to go and check out the AS site (and your e-mail, hint hint) at some point tomorrow since all the info you need will be presented there.

Alright, I should get back to working with the final touches and all now, so I'll just hit you all up tomorrow morning with the release - that is if everything goes well and I don't pass out or something, haha. Wish me luck. :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Below Summer

I'm in the mood for writing, and since I don't have much time, I'll make this quick. Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I basically did everything possible except for writing - I worked on 2 new songs, did a back cover for Autumn Scream, mixed a bit of Lightless, worked on the stuff some of you have sent me (if you're one of those you'll know what I mean) and got into some new music. I spent about an hour trying to find something really worth the listen, and I ended up getting an album by a hardcore quartet called NORA. Their music has been really refreshing even though I don't really often listen to hardcore with thought but with emotion, if you get what I'm saying. Today, I also got into another band called 40 Below Summer, but even though critically praised, their early-Taproot vs. Limp Bizkit vs. Sevendust vs. Korn sound is yet to impress me. I also watched some screaming lessons from YouTube - first just for fun, but after a certain time with the intention to try and actually learn from them. After being awake for over 19 hours I went to bed feeling very satisfied and I really don't see a reason why I shouldn't have...

At this point I'd also like to make a small announcement. As much as you probably hate them and I suck at keeping them, I have one last surprise for you concerning Autumn Scream. What I'll reveal for now is that in order to know that surprise, or more accurately, to be a part of it, you need to join up at the Autumn Scream site ( before the release date, which is one more time, 29.8.2009 (8.29.2009 if you're from the US, duh). That means that you have to join in by 0.00 AM (GMT + 2) next Saturday morning. I assure you it's not hard and really, really worth it. Only problems that might occour are with your e-mail and in those cases you can contact me and we'll sort something out.

So, only 6 days until release now... I got another tough school week ahead, and the fact that I still have to record and mix songs next week will make it even tougher. In the end it'll all be worth it though, I hope. ;) I'll try to make one more post until the release, most likely on Friday. Until then;

You hear it...
You feel it...
You pin it to your heart and you keep moving.

We're not going to save the world...
We're just learning how to live...
We're not going to save the world...
We're just learning how to breathe.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Okay so first of all, apologies for letting you all down with my lousy updating. Stress has hit me, and it has hit me hard. I've had 3 tests this week (would've had 4 if I had not been home all day today due to a slight sickness) and while recording, mixing and preparing the EP release I've also been trying to find some time to watch the IAAF track and field world championships in Berlin. Everything hasn't been all that smooth, but enough for me to share some details...

First I have to thank you all who have participated on my EP as of now. I've now received all the material I am going to use except for one person's recording, which I will hopefully receive soon. Only 8 days until release... and I'm more excited than I was of the release of Glimpse At My Horizon, haha. What comes to the songs, I'm almost done with 7 of them - I still have to mix a quarter of Lightless and about a half of The Listener. Next week I'll record and mix Winterstorm in the Heart - that is if Shades of the Atmosphere (previously known as Shield No Shield) can give me his parts for the song either this weekend or during the first days of next week. Anyhow, so far it's all going as I've planned and even though I have an extremely busy week ahead, I have all the faith in the world to believe that it's all worth it. Earlier today, I also did a new trailer for the EP, and guess what - this one includes studio footage! It's basically just a one-minute clip of Lightless with me playing it on drums, guitar and bass and singing it, but it's worth a look. To view it, just go to the Autumn Scream website, sign in (or register if you haven't yet) and view the video from the Promos section.

Last Monday I finished reading Speak and I have to admit that it's by far the best book I've ever read. As for the track and field world championships, I've enjoyed watching them - too bad Finns just haven't succeeded on anything really, yet. On the last day of the championships, which is this Sunday, that'll hopefully change though, since we got 4 men in the Javelin throw final and even a triple-win is possible. Oh, and Usain Bolt has been stunning, but I guess I don't have to tell you that...

Besides all this I've also been working on arranging some collaborations lately. I have a very detailed plan following Autumn Scream, and all I'm going to say at this point is that collaborations play a big role on that puzzle. Oh, and what me and the people I'm collaborating with are working on will blow your mind, that's for sure.

Not much else to say, is there? During this weekend I hope to finish the artwork for AS and mix the remaining parts of Lightless - I also might write something random but I will probably keep myself so busy that I won't find any time or inspiration for doing that. Nevertheless, I'll post again soon. And that's a promise I will not break.

One more thing, incase you are wondering - no, I haven't checked anything new out musically since I haven't really had time for any music at all.

Later. ;)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ain't Okay, I Got No Way To Switchback...

First beyond everything else, I got to say that if anything, this will be a very difficult autumn for me. Besides the final phases of the EP I have a lot to stress about during the next few weeks, and that'll be just the beginning (ninth grade is a nightmare for an over-stresser like me). Not going to the details, but let's just hope this will work as an inspiration on my works and in the end turn me out to be a better person.

Then to other, more positive things. :) During the past week I've been completely taken by Celldweller and a book that I'm reading, Speak. The firstly mentioned is a very diverse industrial/electronica/metal solo project by a musician called Klayton. I got their - or shall I say his - self-titled EP on Monday, and the next day I got the debut album, also self-titled, released in 2003. Both are amazing, and I think that Celldweller really is something that'll do good for my influence range. I've already been playing with the idea of making a song of the same genre(s) myself. As for the book, it's a very gloomy yet fascinating book about a girl who is raped just before she starts ninth grade, and during the semester she rarely speaks or pays attention to her studies. She shows much talent what comes to drawing but to say that she has difficulties in her life would be an understatement. All in all, I think it's the best book I have ever read, and I'm currently looking for the movie that's been done based on it.

My own projects have, as expected, faded away. I have kept working on the EP as I'm now halfly done with The Listener and Lightless (started recording/mixing the latter yesterday after finishing with the composition), but it might just be that I have to delay the estimated release date if I can't get them both done next week. If I can, I will have one more week for Winterstorm in the Heart and that should be enough, but you know what, God only knows what'll happen, so I'm not going to say anything furthermore at this time. As for writing, I haven't done anything new recently.

What about this weekend then? Well, I have to do some homework and I already have a minor test on Monday but I should be able to either mix or write something. Sports will be taking my attention obviously since the track and field championships in Berlin have just started, but I'm pretty sure I'll find some time for other, more imrpotant things as well during these next two days.

I'm not going to bore you with anything else for now, so until the next post (which I'm hoping to make tonight), bye bye...

Wait, how can it be too late? 'Cause I don't want to play, with such a price to pay...
It's too late to look back...
(Too late to)
Ain't okay, I've got no way to switchback.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two Months From a Year...

Even though I know that my school is starting in just 3 days, I have remained very active. Besides recording and mixing, I have also been working on lyrics and new material just in general. As I'm done with Sun.06 now, I have yet to record the vocals and do the mixing on The Listener - but I still got Monday off and I'm planning on finishing it then.

dredg and 36 Crazyfists have been entertaining me musically these past 3 days or so, with both being very different from each other yet very addictive and inpirational. From dredg I have mostly been rotating the albums Catch Without Arms and Leitmotif, and from 36 Crazyfists I've been listening to A Snow Capped Romance as well as getting another album called Bitterness The Star.

Before I get back on the material I've been working on let me make a few quick announcements/reminders; the forums on the Autumn Scream site have been quite dead the last 2-3 weeks and today I decided to ressurect them a bit, so whenever you have time, check it out. The current topics aren't anything mind-blowing but surely worth commenting on. Another thing I have to keep mentioning is the deadline for sending in your work concerning my EP (yes, I know a half of you don't know what I'm talking about and no I don't want to reveal it to you publically so hit me up somewhere else) thing. I now got material from 3 people but I need more, guys and girls. I promise, this should not take much of your time, yet in the end you'll be happy that you participated. One more time, the deadline is the 23rd of this month, meaning you (and me) have 15 days left.

Okay then. On Wednesday I posted you about a half of the lyrics for Trepidation, a new track to be included on the follow-up EP to Autumn Scream. Guess what - I'm now giving you the other half which I just finished this morning. Feel free to merge because copy/pasting the whole thing here would probably take too much space.

God has set something on my soul of vain
to purge confusion and shame away
Even though my mind is sharp and cold
In my heart chamfered is an eternal door

And it opens, suddenly… When I least expect it to
and that grin starts turning into a smile of a holy fly
And my fear becomes shattered glass

What I’ll do next is what I can’t conceive
I can’t control or see
with conquered self it’s meant to be
One last gaze into the circle I
surrounded my soul with;
a goodbye to my bleakness

Now that I have shared you the full lyrics that most likely won't change, I obviously expect some feedback... No pressure, but as this is for a new project and I've also tried to reach a new style here, I really want to hear if you have any complaints or anything.

That's about it as far as I can reveal... ;) I'll try to post more rapidly from here on since the final phases of Autumn Scream are coming together. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Plan B

Okay so during these last three days I've done pretty much nothing but recording, mixing and useless hanging around. I've now recorded (most of) Sun.06 and am slowly yet steadily mixing it - not much to say about it except that the sound is more fuller than before, and that the 'rapping' I was hyping isn't really rapping but really quick, monotone singing, haha. While it's a minor step back, I know, you have no idea how many drum and vocal tracks I've recorded for it... Not to mention I'm in favor satisfied with the overall sound. Anyhow, tomorrow I'm starting to record The Listener, which will also be released as the third single sometime next week.

The reception on Night + Day = Awake has been stunning - if not impressed, everyone has at least admitted being surprised of the musical progression and whatnot. I myself consider The Listener having more potential, but we'll see how it goes - I never thought Night + Day = Awake could be so good prior to recording so the thing with The Listener can be the same, or the exact opposite.

The all nighter last Saturday was successful - I stayed up all night doing random things such as writing, listening to music and just relaxing after all that work I put on Night + Day = Awake. I could've been more productive I guess, but I think that the fact that I went to bed at around 6.15 AM (on Sunday morning) can well be used as my defense, haha. And working wasn't my goal for the night anyway.

Apart from a few hundred new words I haven't continued writing the book or the short story, and probably won't during the end of the week because of the recording and mixing that'll keep me occupied. I start school next Tuesday so I still got Monday free to record and write too though, and looking at my schedule, currently it seems like I'll be having the EP out on the 29th of August, 2009 - but don't mark your calendars yet, because like I've said, a lot depends on this week and I really don't want to rush this whole thing like last time. But yeah, at the moment I see no reason for the EP not being out that day. :)

Currently I have very little time for music and when I do have time for it, I just pretty much listen to my WMP on shuffle - the promise I did in my last post is being kept though, don't worry.

Once again, just a quick update... Before I go, here are some lyrics for a future song.

I know the light has chosen me
to squeeze my heart and bleed
my faith onto the leaves
of eternity
But no, it’s just another shade
swallowed while pity lays
its dirty sheets on me

Metal clutching on my skin
I want to hide within
until I’m on my knees again
(I wish I could)
Even whisper myself
how my voice is weak and thin
just like my soul of torment
and scratches

Trepidation is onto me
covering all I see with an empty grin

Slowly, I soak my toes into
the cold and wasted dew
the burn is challenging me
to do
what I’m afraid the most
piercing me like a ghost
the breath drowns me with its dose

I have more... Just don't want to lay all my cards on the table, not yet. ;)

I'll be back by the end of the week with yet another update.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

1, 2, 3, Here I Come With The Wicked...

Today, on the 1st of August, 2009, I'm releasing the second (so-called) single off of the Autumn Scream EP - Night + Day = Awake. Before you even click the link, let me just say that I have NEVER been this proud of a track of mine. The clean singing and the growling are alright, but what is most important is that this song is probably my most emotional one vocally - and as you will hear the guitar finally has some variation in its sound with both, clean and distorted settings used, not to forget the drums that are my most accurate ones to date. The grungy bass is still there as well, and so the whole is richer than it has ever been. I should probably let you be the judge, but I'm just so stoked and excited that this version I'm showing you probably isn't even the final mix (but then again, I mixed Memory again as well after your comments).

I also recorded the intro, HOPE. FEAR. DOWN. LOVE FOR... on Thursday, so I got about half of the EP done now. Next week I'm trying to get 2-3 songs recorded, and if I succeed in that, you can be almost certain that I will be releasing the EP by the end of this month. Having said that, I'm already announcing that if you want to take part on the EP like I have encouraged you to, you have to contact me/send in your 'work' by the 23rd of August, 2009, which is in about 3 weeks. This is simply to make sure that I won't have to be working on any artwork/songs/mixing just hours prior to release like last time.

Outside my music, I have now started writing the 14th chapter for my book. I begun working on it on Wednesday night, but due to all the recording/mixing etc. I haven't had time to get to it the past few days. Tonight I'm planning on pulling off an all nighter, since it's pretty much my last chance on this holiday, and so if I can pull it off I will probably work around the book a bit more as well.

My interest on Cold has remained strong - since my last post I have downloaded their second album 13 Ways to Bleed on Stage and it is definitely a very original hard rock album - the thing that saddens me a bit is that they're more softer on this record though than on their debut, and if Wikipedia is trustworthy on this matter, they've only gone softer since then. But meh, 13 Ways... is still a great album. I will try and get some albums by bands I haven't been into recently during the next week (such as dredg), along with some new metalcore.

Before my last 7 days of holiday begin, I will probably make another post tomorrow. No matter the stress that's going to be getting tougher and tougher, the future is looking bright for me at the moment. :) Let's just hope that it'll remain like that and that I will be able to enjoy my last days of free time.

I can't explain this little man, taking over...
Can't explain the way that I feel...