Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rest Inside The Flames

Long time no see, haha. I'll begin straight on. Last Saturday, I went to my grandmother's funeral, which was also the first funeral I had ever been to. Even though me and my family are Lutherans, my grandmother was an Orthodox, so the funeral was kept in a slightly different form than a Lutheran funeral would've been. It was beautiful though, and I feel like it gave us all peace and comfort. She's in a better place now, that's for sure, and now that the most necessary things after her death are done and over with, everyone can sigh for relief.

Then, on with the projects. Just about an hour ago I finally finished the lyrics for In The Art of Dreaming, which is going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G (I know what you think, but trust me, it really does seem fantastic in my criteria and I also have a few surprises on the way, wink wink). I've also been making progress on Xie Xie this week (lyrically that is, not so much musically) and out of surprise, I've found inspiration to write a completely new song that won't be included on the upcoming EP at all. The working title for the song is currently Beautiful & Penniless and I have a lot of ideas for it (lyrical and musical), but no clear basis yet.

HURT has been kind of left behind now in my musical influences, and this week I've been more into AqME and 36 Crazyfists. AqME's second album, Polaroïds & Pornographie found its way to my computer earlier this week and just this morning I got 36 Crazyfists' third album, Rest Inside The Flames. While the latter sounds like some of the best metalcore I've ever heard so far - slowly making me an even bigger 36CF fan than I was before - Polaroïds & Pornographie is not as strong as AqME's debut was and thus I'm a little bit disappointed. Still, I've been and will be filled with wonderful music, once again.

During this busy weekend I still plan to continue with the development of Xie Xie, read to some tests I have coming up at school as well as a very fascinating detective story by Mats Wahl that I started reading yesterday, follow the last race weekend of the Formula 1 season, work on a collaboration, listen to a lot of great music and much more. While today is the last day of October, it's time to say hello for November, and soon enough, also my 15th birthday. Speaking of which, I have a little surprise for you on that date (12th of November)... But I won't reveal more of that yet. ;)

One last thing - looks like my posts per month are going down pretty gradually. July - 9, August - 8, September - 7, and most likely, October is left with 6. Ah well, no can do... It's the context that counts anyway. See you later :)

"The air cuts like glass and you taste like winter
And how long will you last - forever..."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A half of my holiday week is now gone, so what's new? Well, I got plenty of good news. First, I've been working on Xie Xie almost every day, and while it's still not even near to completion, it's certainly going to be a monster once it does get finished. It's already equally long with Lightless, and let us not forget that the latter was the second longest track on Autumn Scream. I've also written a few hundred new words to the book, began writing the lyrics for Xie Xie and started reading a fantasy book called Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr. So, it has definitely been a fruitful and relaxing holiday so far, but unfortunately, it's been passing me with terrible speed...

The Autumn Scream site has now also been revised completely. As we speak, the site is no longer dedicated to my previous EP - it has become Wicked Breath's official website and thus it now serves The Art In Dreaming EP (yes, I have finally decided to settle for that title). With some promo material and more updates coming on the way, I feel like I should almost demand all my readers to go check the site out once again at (and join up if you haven't yet here.) As you can see, I chose not to change the site name, since Autumn Scream is rather memorable and it would've cost me money to change the address. Anyhow, please do post around the forums a bit as well - I got a few new categories going on now and they're just waiting for you to hit the "new topic" and "post reply" buttons you know...

Third paragraph. As usual, I'll be telling about my recent listening preferences. I was just out having a fresh breather, and while walking around I was listening to a new band called Janus and their album Red Right Return. All I'm going to say is that I had a great time, and while the band is too often kind of stuck in the boundaries RED and 30 Seconds To Mars have set these past few years, they're worth the listen (and definitely need to get signed, haha). While HURT has remained, Sepultura and Earshot have also stopped by my ears these past few days. I also joined up Earshot's official message boards yesterday after hearing their new single, The Ugly Truth.

I'll leave you with that. Let's hope the rest of the week goes well and I'll get more and more stuff done. Until the weekend (when I will most likely post again);

Lights out! Wake up! Stay calm... Decide!
Reach up! Stand, or be an eyesore...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

150th Breath of Darkness

(150th post, yeah!) My holiday week has now officially began and the way it has began has been great. On Friday, I jammed a little more on drums and came up with a very soft comp that I'll use for the outro of 15th Pb (actually, I had had that comp in my mind for quite a while already, just hadn't tried it on drums before). I've also continued on Xie Xie's guitar and bass parts (the whole song is about half-done now, crossing the 3 minute mark) and the lyrics for In The Art of Dreaming. During the following week I'm hoping to finish all the lyrics for the EP except for Xie Xie and develop some, if not all of the drum tracks a little bit. I'm about 55% done with the EP now, if I divide the process so that drums, guitars, bass, lyrics, additional instruments and recording/mixing are all equal.

Writing-wise I haven't done anything new lately (except for the lyrics) but during next week I am planning on finishing the chapter for the book I started a while ago and possibly, at last, begin writing the short story I've had in mind for about a month now. Now would be a good time to share the concept for the latter by the way, wouldn't it? It's basically about a young man who decides to move away from his home in Europe (I haven't decided which country shall be his origin yet) to the other side of the world, USA. I won't make him a musician but definitely some sort of an artist since I'm both, familiar with that subject and able to write about it in a fascianting way. The story might evolve into a book if I really get into it, and I already have a lot of ideas for the possible happenings so it will most likely at least become longer than the short stories I've released previously this year (which we're both right about 4500 words).

My HURT research has remained strong. Last night I downloaded their self-titled and now I have 4 of their 5 albums in total. Besides the Re-Consumation, I'm also still missing the Blackmarket EP. Going through their lyrics and melodies has made my interest and fanatism grow even more, and HURT has now definitely established itself a spot in my favorite bands list. As I'm still working on a plenty of material for The Art In Dreaming/The Art of Dreaming EP, I'm very open for HURT's influence on me and maybe, instead of being overly Opeth-influenced, Xie Xie (for example) might sound more like HURT in the end. Main thing is, HURT is very underrated and I'm glad I've finally opened my eyes for the beauty in their music.

Earlier this morning, I took an old bass-only demo I had and continued it with a few riffs just for fun. My intention was to make it an interlude type of thing that would work well as an intro for a live show, for example. Anyhow, I think I did an okay job with it. Here's the MIDI if you want to take a listen: Note that this is by no means a preview of any of the tracks for the EP, just something short and mediocre I've done partly ages ago, partly just recently. Feedback would be much appreciated as always though. :)

I'll post later during next week, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday. Let's hope that this holiday will help me be very productive and in the same time, have some time to relax.

Somebody take me,
away from the darkness,
somebody take this from me.
If anyone's out there
If anyone hears me?
Somebody take this from me...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Light & Sincerity

Thursday already huh? It seems that the first half of my week has literally flown out the window. One reason for that probably is my job rehearsal, which really hasn't been all that bad. I only got one day left of playing board games and such with little kids (I 'work' at a nursery school) and it's been alright so far, if not even rewarding (there's a certain type of sincere warmness around when you work around children, you know? That inspires me). Somehow I've managed to stay busy while at home as well - I've done significant progress on the drums for 15th Pb and continued with the writing of the guitar and bass parts for Xie Xie. I've also joined an online racing game recently which has taken small bits of my time here and there. After tomorrow, though, I'll be completely free for the following 9 days and we all should acknowledge the meaning of that when it comes down to my projects...

The music I've been hearing has been mostly random this week. I got to admit that while making some addings to my P.O.D. library (with the help of another P.O.D. collector), I've been having yet another P.O.D. listening phase though. HURT is another single band I've been listening to a lot, and their latest album Goodbye to the Machine - which, to be honest, I didn't really give much of a listen back in July - was at the top of my list especially during Sunday and Monday. It has taken surprisingly long for me to discover full potential in the extremely original and spectacular combination of not-so-ordinary hard rock and dark-ish, story-telling lyrics that the group led by J. Loren Wince captures, but it's been worth it. I should go back and listen to them again now, since I didn't even come close to finishing all of the album properly earlier this week...

Just wanted to do a quickie, so this is about all I have to say. I'll post again tomorrow or on Saturday. Until then...

Men of destruction reap iniquity/When heroes of courage die with dignity/How many weapons did I help create?/How many lives will I devestate?/My darling...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Stone

I know I haven't been posting since last Saturday, but I promise that you should be able to see a bunch of updates from now on. You see, as of yesterday, I'm off school for two weeks. That's because next week my class has a job rehearsal and the week after that we have an autumn holiday. The job rehearsal thing will cause minor stress of course, but I think that if anything, these two weeks will be relaxing and inspirational. Anyhow, let's get to what I've been doing this week...

All the songs for The Art In Dreaming/The Art of Dreaming EP are now in process. The latest track I've began working on, currently titled Xie Xie (I'll explain that later), is very Opeth-influenced and so far it consists of a few riffs on guitar and bass in Drop B tuning. It's very promising, and that's because 1) it's in a whole other tuning than anything I've done before, if the random riffs I've been coming up with lately are ignored and 2) it uses untraditional chords like F#sus2 and Dadd11+ that are very prominent in Opeth's music but not mine, or anyone else's really, for that matter. Concept-wise, the song will include a lot of the story and its twists and turns since the lyrics I've been writing so far for the EP have been pretty restrained. Who knows, the song might already be finished after the next two weeks or so...

For Melodia, I've been trying out different drum patterns this week, which has resulted in a few not too complex ones that seem to fit well. Last Sunday I also revised some of the lyrics and the guitar & bass outro for Trepidation. Having written a few new lines to In The Art of Dreaming as well, I've been working on all the songs for the EP during the last 7 days except for 15 Miles. Oh, wait... I've been working on that one too, kind of at least, since I decided to rename it to 15th Pb the other day. Weird huh? Well, to explain it shortly, the number comes from the theory I have about my own life and aging in itself, which is that one's life is at its peak at the age of 30, or just before that (I'm 14 now, turning 15 soon. 15 + 15 = 30. Got it?) The 'Pb' part is simply the chemical abbreviation for lead, and as the protagonist in the story of the EP is predictably an artist, the lead leads us (pun intended) to writing and such.

I've also been active on my secondary area, writing. Yesterday evening I started a new chapter for my book - which I'm thinking of just uniting to the previous one though, since my chapters tend to be pretty short no matter the context. Anyhow, I probably will at least try to develop that chapter later today. I haven't been this excited over a book chapter in a while, so expect it to be good. I still have that idea for a new short story I've been telling you about too, I just haven't started on it yet. I want to be patient with that one.

You probably know what's coming next, don't you? That's right, what's been influencing me this week. Well, I've been listening to a lot of Dead By Sunrise (I got their album Out of Ashes last week after it had leaked, sorry that I forgot to mention that in my last post) plus Opeth and Tool. From Tool, I've particularly been listening to the album Lateralus. A new band I just checked today, called ASHES dIVIDE, has been on my playlist as well. So far, I'm not totally convinced though, so I'm thinking of moving into A Perfect Circle - a mix between Tool and ASHES dIVIDE. I've been meaning to check them out for a while now, anyway. Reading has been taking some of my time too this week, and during today and tomorrow I'm about to finish the book I started about a week ago, which is about a girl whose little brother disappears one night and ends up missing for months.

Everything I feel like typing is pretty much there. I promise that I will post again as soon as I can and I have something to post about. If you haven't noticed yet, I've added a counter to the right of the page now, and to my surprise, it has counted up pretty quickly. While I'm away, keep on getting it up, will you all? :P

Friday, October 2, 2009

October Road

As October has began, it's been a more or less death-centered week for me. On Monday morning, my grandmother (from my dad's side) passed away in her sleep at the age of 76. While that has saddened, inspired and made me thoughtful (in that order), I know that now she's in a better place, and not just because I'm a Christian, but because prior to her death she wasn't really in a state you would call good and healthy. Anyhow, I'm very sorry that she's gone now. While I still can't believe I will never see her again on Earth, I want to leave a few spaces here for her memory, since I can't type silence.

That's 76 spaces. Goodbye, grandma.

Another death-related thing I've experienced is a band called Drowning Pool. I've given their debut Sinner half a spin just today (sounds good so far, the guitar sound is almost mind-blowing), and I was intirigued to discover that each of their 3 studio albums include a different lead singer - the second one left and... you guessed it, the original one died of heart failure. Let's give Dave Williams a few spaces as well.

11 spaces, just as many as there are tracks on Sinner.

Then to other, more positive things. My weekend got an early start because today we had a day called tax free at school, which basically means that for the day you don't have to go to school, as long as you bring 10 euros on Monday that'll be donated to some heart organization. Many people do not actually work for that money but I cleaned a little bit at home, just to stay rightful. The day off has already paid off too (pun intended) - I've developed In The Art of Dreaming to a state where it's only missing a few harmony/solo bits guitar-wise. Even though I haven't written any drum tracks this week, I have been throwing some potential song and riff ideas around. Seems like I got a lot of inspiration right now, but not much patience to fulfill every single spark of it...

Now that a new season at school has finally began and I'm free of tests for a few weeks, I'm going to enjoy myself as much as I can. I already lent a few books from the library today afternoon and I've also decided to start my second short story of the year (which hopefully will become the third short story I'll finish this year) as soon as possible. I still got the stress-filled work experience week ahead in 9 days, but I'll survive.

I'll keep you updated about everything, and please, let me know about anything you want and have to say. ;)