Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Alibi of A Tyrant

This week has been a little easier on me than the previous one was. I'm still not fully done with In The Art of Dreaming, but I'm getting very close - I only have one guitar part, one piano part and about a half of the vocals left to record, and the mix is about half-done, if not more. I was away from school on Tuesday and Wednesday because I was simply too tired to go (watched too many late night broadcasts of the Olympics, I guess :P) and I was feeling pretty bad in general as well. Didn't hurt anyone at all, since I didn't miss anything major in my studies and I was able to work on the recording even more. My estimation for the completition of the song now is next weekend, but I'm not taking any pressure on finishing it anymore. Melodia and the rest of the EP will just have to wait. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again: this EP will be done so it's as near perfection as possible, and I'm going to make sure that there's no limits to prevent that from happening. So far so good...

The line-up for my other band is now complete, and even though we haven't had a chat yet where all the 6 of us would've been present, there have been 2 chats since my last post where 3-4 members have shot ideas to each other and decided on some things. One of these decisions is the band name, which is now - temporarily - Shyoul. It's a portmanteau and stands for the words "Shed Your Soul". Even though it's very original, catchy and describes our future message quite well, it is still a very uncertain name, because after all, we've just started and we haven't even started working on any music to describe yet. We have a lot of ideas, that's for sure, and I'm already positive that this project is going to last much longer than the band I gathered last spring, which broke up almost immediately. Who knows, Shyoul might just grow itself a spot as big as Wicked Breath's in my heart... If you get me. :)

Stress and that depressive mood I had last week have been less present lately, but like I hinted in the beginning of this post, I'm still suffering from some sleep deprivation. It's worth it mostly though - I've been following the Olympics - particularly ice-hockey - as much as I've been able to and I've been really taken by the Olympic spirit so far. It's not a secret that I'm a big sports fan to anyone who's reading this blog frequently, but maybe I'm beginning to sacrifice a bit too much for it already... I do need my occasional rest. Then again, watching the Olympics is kind of resting for me because I don't have to worry about much while I'm at it, and no matter how important sleeping is, relaxation when you're still awake is even more important, don't you think? Now I'm starting to over-analyze again, sorry about that, haha. Anyhow, for my country, the Olympics have been a disappointment to say the least - yet in my favorite game to watch (ice-hockey), we're doing really good. Tomorrow's match against Sweden is going to be tight, but if we win it, the sky is truly open... All the way to the finals. This tournament seems to be the ultimate opportunity for our team to win Olympic gold because the presumed favorites, Russia and Canada, haven't been that convincing. Most of the players in our team are playing for Finland for the last time, anyway, so what would be a better crown than to take the win for the very first time? I'm quite sure we'll at least win a medal, but anything can happen when it comes down to the important matches.

Lastly, my recent musical influences. During the weekend I've been listening to a lot of Soulfly and Ill Niño when I haven't been mixing. Both are very unprejudiced metal bands in using elements from Latin and world music, so listening to them has been a bit thematic. From Ill Niño I now have two albums: Revolution/Revolución which I've had for months, and the one I just got yesterday, Enigma. I've had Soulfly's first 4 albums for quite a while already, and today I'm thinking of downloading their fifth or sixth one. During the week I've also been listening to some Brian "Head" Welch and his debut.

Quite a good way to sum this week up is my Thursday afternoon - Friday morning. I fell asleep at around 5 PM,  woke up once at 6 PM and again at 12 AM, before finally getting up at 1 AM to watch the Olympics for two and a half hours, and then going back to bed again for 3 hours. I swear that was the first time in my life when I've had such a crazy schedule and have voluntarily wasted an evening in sleeping (though I had no idea I would sleep that long). Probably not the last time though... :P

After 5 more days I have a winter holiday ahead, meaning 9 days off-school and the possibility to do basically whatever I want. You all know me though - I plan to be VERY productive. ;) While waiting for that...

Walk off the edge, no one loves you... As always
Cover my eyes, no one needs you... As always and ever again"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Untying The Spirit of Dusk...

Depression, frustration, enormous stress, studying, recording, mixing, sleep deprivation... Sounds like a mix of two lives, one of an emo teenager and one of a hard-working musician and student to be exact, doesn't it? Well well, more or less unfortunately that's just the story of my week made short. I'm most likely exaggerating everything I say from now on, but I've literally been stuck inside my head all week, having generated 2 new songs (or ideas, rather) and a total mess of recordings and unfinished mixes. I'm alright at the moment, but the thing that I've come to call mid-winter syndrome still has a shade or two hanging over my head and what I do. It's needless to say that I haven't finished anything significant these past few days, but my hopes are that In The Art of Dreaming will be done at some point next week so that during the last week before my winter holiday I can finally move on to Melodia. While this is a realistic goal, it also requires a lot of work... And that work requires time which I currently do not have endlessly, especially since I don't want to miss the chance of following the Winter Olympics a bit - after all, the next time that they'll take place I'll be 19, and that's shockingly close, yet still 4 years away.

Anyhow, there is something quite positive that I am willing to share with you as well. Even though nothing seems to work or really go anywhere concerning my own independent projects, the band project, on the other hand, is doing fine. Last Wednesday we had our first online meeting and ignoring that we're still in need of a drummer, things are about to take off. The line-up now consists of me as the bassist and occasional vocalist, two guitarists from the US (who are brothers, by the way), a long-term friend of mine from Germany who will mostly do screaming vocals and such, and a French keyboardist, who is also a good friend of mine, but is only a temporary member for now. I'm basically begging you readers to let me know if you're interested in the drummer spot yourself or happen to know someone who might be. This project is simply too big already to fail... And we're not just talking about music here, but also my mental health. I really need something positive like this in my life right now, and I think it's about time I begin socializing a bit more through music (even if it does remain only internet-based) and making collaborations come true instead of just planning or starting out and then never finishing them.

Another very positive thing this week has been, once again, Major Label. I got a physical copy of their debut album ... And The Machines Will Never Wake Us earlier this week (ordered by my best real-life friend) and I'm totally loving it. I happened to have 4 songs out of 10 from the album beforehand, but it was still well worth the money - and, my favorite Major Label track of all-time was luckily not one of those 4 tracks, so I was rewarded for a fair bit for buying the album. I've also been listening to a punk rock band called Gob more and more lately (not just this week, but this year in general). They are the favorite band of that previously mentioned real-life friend, and after a long break of not listening to the band, I'm really beginning to realize the enchantment as well.

Now that I've had my rant, I'll probably end up studying for a bit and then mix again for some time after I press the "Publish" button. It's another stressful day ahead of me... But I have to keep my head up high and trust that this period will be redressed at some future point of time, even if most of my distress might just be caused by me being a stupid human (cf. I'm selfish and teased by evil no matter how I try, and thus I am getting what I deserve, like all of us sooner or later). Simply put; tribulations come and go... But hope shall remain

Here's for better moods and an upcoming refresh. And no, I didn't forget that it's Valentine's Day today... :) Have a good time everyone and enjoy life.

You could run, but you'd run
for nothing, nothing
Hope one day, you'll wake up
with a voice, to call out the rain...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soul In Flames

February has come, yet my problems haven't gone anywhere. My mic worked alright during the recordings I did this week, but the efforts to mix during the weekend have shown me that the recordings themselves need some improving here and there - nothing too big, but still, I will be dedicating tomorrow for some re-takes that are needed. As State 18 is now entirely done for my part, the recordings I'm talking about are ones for In The Art of Dreaming - the drums and the piano to be exact. Nothing in the song itself is hard, but I've once again been rushing for a fair bit with them as I have had a lot of studies to complete too this week - not to mention that there's going to be A LOT of layers in the final mix. Ah well, at least this time around I'm making sure those rushed versions of songs won't get released. The bad thing is that even April isn't a likely release month anymore with this pace... But I guess I should just stop worrying about when the EP will be out since it'll just stress me out even more. I really need to get the EP out before the summer though, and we have to remember that May is going to be a one heck of a month because of my junior high school graduation and everything, meaning that I probably won't be able to make much progress during that month if I'm still working on the EP then. Concerning next week, besides the re-takes, my aim is to finish all the guitar and piano parts for ITAoD, and if I have any time, I'd be happy to start recording the vocals for the song.

One reason to why I haven't posted here that much is simply the lack of things to post about. Besides that rant you just went through, I really don't have much else to say except for some information on what I've been listening to. During the past 7 days I've checked out one new band, Thursday, but I haven't listened to them enough yet to really say anything for now. Just so you know, Thursday is pop punk/hardcore by their genre and while it's not totally new for me, it's definitely different from my recent musical likings. I've also been listening to some Kinetik Control again, and during Friday and Saturday, I even tabbed some of their songs by ear.

The new song I started last week, Stars Over Kerimäki, is a bit longer now with some variations of the main melody added in, but it really hasn't progressed significantly. I am hoping to find more time to work on it again next week/weekend since I only have 2-3 more tests to worry about and they're not as important as the ones I had to do this week. My next holiday is just 3 weeks away so even if February is still testing me, there's definitely some light at the end of the tunnel visible.

One more thing - please, if anyone out there is in any way or form interested about the internet-based band thing I told you about some time ago, comment on or contact me otherwise. I'm still badly in need of a member or two. Thank you. We'll catch up again next weekend, readers... 'til then:

"Just ahead I see you winding up
And you're dressing this color on the edge of fire
Until these tightened strides
They march in time again
I don't know if I will cut through..."