Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diamond Words

Sorry for not posting at all last weekend. I intend to make a post tomorrow on top of this one to make up for it. I kind of have to, anyway, because I have so many things to share.

First of all... Yesterday, I finally had my live debut (excluding the singing contest I participated on in 6th grade). I performed three songs with half of my music class (4 girls and one other guy) in front of about 200-300 people at school. We onlyplayed Finnish pop songs, so my "real", Wicked Breath live debut is still yet to come. I am happy that I was able to pull something like that off, though. I did some mistakes while playing bass in one song and drums in the two others and despite the fact that I can't stop thinking about those mistakes, all in all the performance left me feeling positive. Our class might perform again at the end of the month as ninth grade ends for us and it's kind of a tradition that those who have chosen alternative music classes will play something, but I don't want to stress myself with that now. I wouldn't mind doing it really because after yesterday I feel like showing everyone that I can do better than I did, but it's the first of May today and I've promised myself not to slip from the celebration path, so more on that later. :P

During the last two weeks I've been particularly into the Deftones. I got their newest album Diamond Eyes right after my last post, and have had it on rotation since, even if it doesn't quite reach the title of a masterpiece like White Pony. On top of enjoying Diamond Eyes, I've went back and listened to some of the band's older material a lot, such as the said White Pony album and their second LP, Around the Fur. Last weekend I also completed my Deftones discography by getting the B-Sides & Rarities album, which hasn't truly grown on me yet, though. Most recently, I've just tried to shuffle some songs in my library to get a casual and liberated feeling for the start of the last month before summer.

Then to my works. I've been surprisingly productive composing-wise during my absence, since I have almost completed a new, very Deftones-influenced song called Cyan Lie, finished writing an interlude called Finland (which is mainly based on the rhythm of an ice-hockey chant, haha) and developed my previous demos a little bit as well. I have some sketched lyrics for Cyan Lie written on top of its simple yet very catchy instrumental, and some background shouts set for Finland. Before I give away too much about my current ideas, here's a list of songs and demos that I've been working on during the process of The Art In Dreaming EP, excluding the ones that I have more or less abandoned, and the ones that are going to be on the upcoming release, obviously:

The Flame
The Month of Tribulation
Stars Over Kerimäki
The Pendulum Effect
Blue-Fragmented Pilgrimage
Sweet Oblivion (White Shadows)
Scoff 2
[Has no relation whatsoever to the other demo with the same name]
Cyan Lie

They are in chronological order, as you perhaps noticed. ;) I also have some random riffs (and titles) that I intend to use somewhere, but those don't really have any names or even a direction, necessarily.

While I am still unfinished with the mix of Melodia (though extremely close to finishing it), I have recorded the drums for Xie Xie now as well as the bass for 15th Pb. The reason I jumped on the latter already is that it's very simple and thus, I stayed on schedule when I couldn't/didn't want to play the drums one day. With the recording I'm still right on schedule for the beginning of June, but mixing-wise, it'll be tough. I won't give away my estimated release date, but just so you know, things are progressing so well that I do have one already. Next week, I plan to record the piano and the bass for Xie Xie.

Last thing I'll rant about is filming the MV. I am now done with all of the scenes for the guitarist, and missing 2 scenes for the bassist, which I will film later today. I really enjoy filming on Saturdays, and this will be the third Saturday in a row when I am doing so. After I finish the bassist scenes and get a haircut on Tuesday, I will keep another break from the video though, since I really need to concentrate on the recording/mixing more throughout May. The scenes for the drummer and the singer should be rather easy to handle, anyway, so they can wait.

That's about enough, don't you think? Ha. There's at least one more important announcement that I have to share soon, so anticipate a post tomorrow as well. ;)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watch The Weather Change

Lately I have been using such phrases as "it has been one heck of a week" and "a lot has been up this week" to start my posts. Having dealt with all sorts of craziness this week, I have to say that those previous statements have really just been exaggerating. :P Soon you will see why.

Firstly, the bad news. I have done some significant progress on the music video, but since the camera I use fell down on the floor by accident yesterday afternoon while I was finishing up (and therefore doesn't work anymore) I cannot shoot anything new before I get a new one and the most recent videos I shot are stuck on the memory card of that camera which cannot be connected to my laptop without a working camera. If I get a new camera next week, I should be alright though since I only have about 2 minutes of filming to do concerning the guitarist and the bassist. The week has been unfortunate besides just the camera issues, in the sense that my confirmation necklace, my shoes and my jeans all got damaged in way or another this week, but I'm not really at all depressed about neither. As for recording, I have done some test takes on the drums for Xie Xie, but I will keep recording them during next week on top of filming because I've only really been practicing so far.

With Shyoul things have changed a lot lately. We've been considering more possible names and at the moment we're all quite into the names Artificial Winter and Sleepwalkers Escort (though we're by no means choosing a permanent name yet). On Thursday evening we had a little fight over something, but it's alright since we settled it by setting up a poll about what we couldn't decide on, and it was only one of many fights to come anyway, I'm sure. For the new site, I have written 3 biographies so far, but lately we haven't been communicating that much in terms of making mutual progress, so I'm not all sure at what point things actually are with that project.

Now it's time to talk about some school stuff. All of the 3 exams I did this week were stressful but I'd say that they didn't go all bad. As the final courses of high school have begun, I can be pretty pressureless all in all since my grades are unlikely to change for better or for worse. In a way it's really great because instead of studying hard I can have full focus on my projects at home now, and the one school-related thing that I do have to stress about still - the two performances with my music class that are taking place very soon. On Friday, my normal class held a disco for kids which I attended, and it was quite fun (ignoring the kids :P), though I don't feel like going into any details here.

The week has been a strong Tool one listening-wise. Their third album, Lateralus, has been on heavy rotation in particular. Funny enough, I first checked that album out when this blog was set up, which was over 2 years ago. Talking about time passing... I've also kept listening to some Lostprophets and just yesterday morning, I gave Ashes Divide's debut album Keep Telling Myself It's Alright after a spin after a really long break.

The top of the iceberg was last night, when I almost completely spontaneously stayed awake until 5 AM. I didn't do anything that productive, but I had a good chat on MSN and enjoyed my time in general. The con was that I didn't mix Melodia, and now it looks like I'm going to be a little off schedule with that one. Hopefully I will finish it next week, but I was supposed to finish it today, so I'm a little disappointed.

That's my week in a short form. It really has been one of the most unordinary weeks of my life, even if you can't necessarily tell that from this post. Nevertheless, I'll keep working and perhaps the following week will be even crazier... More on that in my next post. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Here we are again, and it has been one heck of a week to say the least. I've been getting into the new Lostprophets album The Betrayed, finished recording Trepidation, worked on a whole new site, and my demos have went through major progress. And that's just the icing on the cake really. Let's break it down a little, shall we...

First I want to share the concept behind the new site. As I told you last time, I tried to save The Linkin Park Projekt with what's left of the user base, but unfortunately, that project failed and got buried. Without going further into any details, I'll just move on and announce that me and the others are now about to make our own site which will focus on the promotion of new and unknown bands/artists, such as Shyoul, Wicked Breath and many others. So far things are going great, and it seems like we might even be getting some support from Styles of Beyond, Julien-K and Innerpartysystem (all well-known and popular bands if you don't know) as well as a record label which Julien-K is signed to. We already have a lot of people in who sure know what they're doing, including some to do the graphics, the design and the coding, so keep an eye on this project, because it has the potential to become very big with time and hard work. ;)

Then to my weekly productiveness. As I mentioned already, I've finished recording Trepidation now, and on top of that I have done progress in mixing Melodia, too. I haven't filmed the music video this week, but it's what I'm going to be doing a lot during the next two weeks, besides practicing and recording the drum track for Xie Xie, I hope. During Easter I came up with a new demo called Scoff which has a very similar vibe than P.O.D.'s Anything Right, and throughout the week I have done massive progress on Blue-Fragmented Pilgrimage. The latter has now been developed from a 1½ minutes long clip to a 3½ minutes long piece with also some lyrics written for it. The song is still far from reaching its climax despite its length, so it is possible that we have another Xie Xie coming in here... :P

One of the reasons why my only goals for the next two weeks are finishing the Xie Xie drum track and filming as much possible is the fact that I have a very busy week ahead with 3 exams and a lot of annoying and stressful things happening at school in general. In the same time, though, it seems that the release estimation for TAID that I have in the back of my mind is pretty realistic after all - so far I am right on schedule concerning my aim to put the EP out in the start of June, and I have been for a few weeks already, which is a strong sign. I will have to make sure not to rush with anything, of course, but putting this thing out just when I finish Junior High School would be a dream come true, I reckon.

The Betrayed has been quite an experience since I thought it would be more metal-alike than it is, but I can't really say that I would be that disappointed because there's a few songs that are very catchy, and the content is quite strong overall, even if some songs are too much the same and too poppy for my liking. I just might check some previous albums by Lostprophets due to this album, especially if it keeps growing on me.

I think we're right about done here. I will try to post two times next weekend to keep these posts a little shorter and more frequent from now on. Everyone out there reading is free to comment on in the mean time, remember that... ;) See you next weekend.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter In The Desert

Happy Easter, everyone. :) For me, the celebration is nearly over since I have began to study for an upcoming Physics test today and I will have to work hard on mixing and such later, but it's fine because so far the week has been pretty fruitful and enjoyable, too. I have now recorded the drums and bass for Trepidation, and finally started mixing Melodia. The latter is going well overall and I am pretty excited of what the final result will be like, whereas Trepidation should be right about ready for mixing after next week. Against my expectations, I haven't been able to film the music video that much though - partly due to lack of time, partly due to lack of inspiration and proper conditions. Without going deeper into the details, I'll just say that 5 Euros will be a very, very low price for all the work that I'm doing for the music video and the special edition in general.

As well as being productive with my regular projects, I've also done my best what comes to saving The Linkin Park Projekt recently. The forums (which I have remained loyal to for almost 3 years now) have been going downhill for a long time already and it has gotten to the point where the place is basically nothing but a playing field for me and a few other long-time members (meaning there's no news, no staff, and very little true activity). We're trying to turn the forums into a general music one now, with heavy focus on promoting fresh and young bands. The biggest issue is the inactivity of the owner of the site, who holds the rights to do any major modifications - thus, before we get him to be active, accept the plan and name more staff to the forums, we aren't getting anywhere. We have plans though, and I'm hopeful. As for Shyoul, we are going to have a new meeting soon and things are going well all in all. We're about to start working through Guitar Pro soon which should make things a lot easier for us all.

I've tried to come up with some new ideas for the book during the Easter as well, but it hasn't been all that successful, unfortunately. I plan to have a pretty casual evening after I finish up this post, so maybe I will get inspired though. There aren't any new demos that I would've come up with but I have been developing Permafrost and a few others throughout the week. I've also kept playing a little bit of MHM2000, but frankly it's starting to lose its glamour now that I am actually successful in the game and it's not so new anymore.

Having witnessed how about 95% of all my plans fail these days, I'm trying not to set any for next week. I will surely aim for doing some progress on all my current projects, but finally I have realized that it's simply not possible, haha. I know I said that this Easter is pretty much over for me already, but the truth is that I still have over a day to do basically whatever my heart tells me as long as I also take some time to mix and study, so prepare for another post tomorrow in case I get inspired.

This post shall end with some words that have been stuck in my head all week due to the new Demon Hunter album The World Is A Thorn, which I've been listening to the most out of all music this week, and by far (I got the album last Sunday). The record is amazing and the line-up changes the band has went through have taken their sound on a totally new, matured level - even if I must admit that sometimes I do miss the simplicity and typical riffing heard on the previous albums. Anyhow, here we go..

"This is what you try to sell me...
Subjective nothingness
Pull your sickness from my throat...
Let me breathe the truth...
Let me breathe, the, truth!

Won't bow to man, won't bow to government
Won't bow to greed, won't bow to false hope...
Won't bow to self, won't bow to modern code
Won't sell my soul to a dead world...

I defy!"

See you, Wicked Breath Warriors. :P