Friday, May 28, 2010

Age of the Sun

My efforts to apologize for the delay in posting shall be skipped - I have something else to tell you which will wipe out that shame like a piece of dust. The first audio webisode in promotion to The Art In Dreaming EP is now here, you see. There will be 4 in total which I plan to release every Friday from now on, each dealing with a more or less different theme than the others. This first one includes general questions concerning Wicked Breath enquired by Jessie Todd, and obviously, answers to them inserted with my oh-so-adorable accent. :P Don't worry, the MP3 clip is only about 5 minutes long, so I'm sure you can enjoy it at some point of your day, whether you're busy or not. And, if you like what you're hearing and really want to get into the promotional team, please, spread the following link around. (Not everyone's going to get in the team out of the ones who have showed interest so far, anyway, and even the old members aren't safe at this rate. Conclusion: every action towards promoting the EP is taken into account and of course, everything's much appreciated as well.)  Remember that the less you know about me, the EP and this project, the more valuable the information this webisode contains actually is - so for new listeners this is extremely useful. ;)

As you download that, let me talk about what's been going on during the past 2 weeks. Nothing overly big has been up really, apart from the fact that my school is getting closer and closer to completion (just 6 days left). I haven't been eager what comes to mixing but recording-wise I've finished the guitars for 15th Pb and so I am only missing 2 vocal tracks and 1 drum track now until I can officially say that I'm done with the entire recording stage. Studying for my last exams (all of which I am done with now, thankfully) has taken its toll - I've done very little progress all in all lately while compared to the previous weeks. I have, however, been editing and shooting material for the special edition DVD of TAID a lot - not to mention coming up with various new ideas, as always. I guess that makes these weeks fairly productive... :P I also have a totally new project going on, but seeing how most of them have failed pretty quickly in the past, I'll keep this one as a secret before it develops and comes clearer.

That's all I'm going to let out for now. Prepare for another post to come this weekend - this is just the beginning of my ranting. :P Until then, nighty night - and enjoy the webisode. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baskets & Pucks

Greetings from a workholiday. :P I got fed up with mixing Trepidation, so here I am, completing yet another task. I've been off of school for 3 days now like I said I would, and I've used it rather efficiently - as with the whole week, really. Even mixing has gained a little bit more interest. Let's peep in to see what's up...

Yesterday, I surprised myself by having enough time and patience to record the guitars for Xie Xie entirely. My original plan was to record half of them and move on to the other half during the upcoming week. I will still be recording next week - the target has only changed from the vocals and guitars for Xie Xie to the drums for 15th Pb now. The other parts I have yet to do are the guitars and vocals for 15th Pb. Conclusion: Only 4 instruments yet to record out of 25, so you could say that I'm getting very close to completion on the EP. Problem is that I've only mixed about a half of those 25 instruments (4 for State 18, 5 for In The Art of Dreaming, 4 for Melodia, 1 for Xie Xie = 14). I'm not going to rant about my lack of inspiration and time as I do every week these days, but... You know the situation.

At school, I've had a lot of fun playing basketball with my classmates, but also been drowning in stress with 2 exams down and at least 7 still to go. I don't want to bore my few loyal readers by ranting more than I am allowed to, but if I survive next week, I'm going to spoil myself - I have 2-3 exams (English = a piece of cake/Finnish = not so easy but manageable/possible Maths one = a nightmare), the Cooper test (which was moved from the 12th to the 19th, in case you're wondering), a speech in Finnish to write and perform (I'm doing it about the state of the mainstream music these days, I'm afraid it might be a little too radical though) plus, of course, all the stuff I'm forcing myself to do at home. On a side note, summer weather has attacked my city this week, and if you didn't know it yet, I hate the heat.

The ice-hockey world champs have kept me intrigued throughout the week and have offered me a nice break every now and then. Finland has really gotten impressive after the awful start and apart from a few problems in goal-making and such, I see lots of potential even for winning the whole thing. Denmark has kept playing strongly as well, while Russia has had to struggle surprisingly much. It's going to be a great tournament, nevertheless, and I'm just annoyed that I don't have time to see all of the remaining matches.

On Friday morning, I had a really weird dream which I intend to write into a story later as I have more time. I've been coming up with new musical ideas too, and they just keep getting better I have to say. The latest one is called Beautiful And Penniless, and it's one heck of a Drop B rocker with Staind influences in the verse (yes, it's quite traditionally structured). The band project has re-activated this week, but I'm afraid the site one is dead by now. Concerning my situation schedule-wise, that's necessarily not a bad thing though. Having said that, I'm quitting my post here and getting my ass back to work. See you again in a week or so - hopefully with more progress done. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

...Until I Come Unknown

With anticipation comes even more work, it seems. I'll start by saying that this week I haven't really even had a chance to listen to any music outside my own, let alone cared enough to be into finding some new. I could never live without music but next to my efforts, everything has become secondary lately (one of the reasons I want to finish working on TAID so badly - to finally have all the time in the world and relax). I have, luckily, made some progress while working hard, but still, it hasn't been a totally non-bumpy week. While I did record Notes to Kill a Man By and even mix it, it's a little off-tempo at points and now I'm left wondering whether or not I should try to fix it or not (we're talking about a few parts where I've played a note decimal too early or too late, which means that it's not necessarily noticeable, and as it is only a hidden track, I really am not sure if re-recording the whole thing just because of those few mistakes is worth it). I have not let go of my aim for perfection, but I am beginning to feel the constant frustration as pressuring. Anyhow, mixing-wise I have started on Trepidation and recording-wise I'm also done with the bass for Xie Xie now, meaning that the only tracks I have yet to get on tape are the guitars and vocals for Xie Xie and the drums, guitars and vocals for 15th Pb. During the upcoming week, my only goal is to re-record whatever I need to + start on the guitars for Xie Xie.

The new stuff has kept developing itself, too. Just yesterday morning I came close to finishing Cyan Lie by writing all the missing lyrics to it and emphasizing the final chorus with an extra guitar riff. The drums in the bridge are now my only concern before the song is ready for recording. I have been getting more title and riff ideas too, but all in all this week has been quieter than the last one was in this area.

Next I have to mention a few things about the Ice-Hockey World Championships that started on Friday. Surprises have been the main subject of discussion since Germany won USA and Finland lost to Denmark in the first two matches of the D group. While I predictably hope for Finland's playing to improve, the rise of the smaller countries has been very pleasant to see. Concerning our situation, us Finns have always been blamed for not being able to win important games and score goals with accuracy, but I dare to say that we have an even bigger problem in our hands now - defense. During yesterday's game and the Olympics earlier this year our defense was confusing to say the least. I really hope that head coach Jukka Jalonen can fix the situation as soon as possible because even if our defenders aren't the best in the world or even in this tournament, they have the potential to do better.

The upcoming week will be a very contradictory one for me. I will be free from Wednesday afternoon all the way to Sunday, but before then I have two exams and a Cooper test to complete at school. The possible re-recordings I have to make aren't helping either, since I am really running out of time these days. Ah well, no gain in complaining. Better get back to work... See you around. 

PS: Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Almost forgot. :P

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lost Tail

Here we are, another post this weekend, as promised. The little announcement I was referring to yesterday will be revealed first. Anyone still remember that little interview I did with Jessie Todd last fall? Well, we're working on another one now, only this time we've stepped it up even more. Instead of making just one written interview, we will be doing it in a podcast form, meaning that there will be 3-4 spoken webisodes released once a week, with the last one coming out just before the actual EP. This project requires a little more effort than the last interview did, and since I want to begin building a fanbase for Wicked Breath this summer, I ask everyone of you reading to not only check the webisodes when they come out (don't worry, they won't be long) but also share them with whoever you think might be interested. The questions we've done so far are quite insightful and give you information about the EP that I necessarily have not shared here in this blog at anytime yet, so this project really isn't worth missing. ;) You don't have anything to lose showing a webisode or two to your friends or posting them on your website, anyway, and if I even gain one new listener that way, your effort will be rewarded somehow.

Now that we got that one out of the way, let me just skip to what's been happening during the last 24 hours or so. This morning I came quite close to finishing the mixing of Melodia, as the structure of the song is now finished and any changes I might do from now on will only affect the sound of the the whole. There are a few parts where a note or a chord lands abruptly or is just a little off-tempo from the rest, but all of those are very, very minor while compared to the mistakes my songs have carried in the past. I am still working on to fix most of what's wrong, of course, but I will also be moving on to Trepidation during the following week to keep up my pace.

To be honest, I don't really know what else to type, since nothing's really been up or down lately apart from what I've already shared. Next week I will have one exam, I'll get a haircut, try to keep recording and mixing for a fair amount and work on the podcast thingy. The band project is going to be rolling slowly for a month or so now that one member quit a week ago and one left to study somewhere for a month where she cannot access the internet often enough, but the project is going fairly strong and we're by no means quitting as a whole. The site project I'm a little more concerned about because we haven't had a meeting together in a long time and progress doesn't seem to be happening. Let's hope that project picks up soon too, but frankly, it's quite low in my priority list at the moment with all of the other buzz taking most of my time.

I really have a blank head right now, so I guess that's my cue to stop writing. :P See you next weekend, and keep your eyes open for all of the great things I will be putting out soon... ;) May, the month of anticipation, has begun!