Friday, June 25, 2010

My Own Summer

Long story short - I'm done with Xie Xie for now and about to move on into mixing 15th Pb. Considering I have yet to do the final level checking, polishing of everything and whatnot for all the songs, I'd say that I'm about 95% done with the entirety at the moment. This week I've faced a few very tricky parts with Xie Xie and looking at it now, I probably could've done a drum part or two better... But what's there is on-tempo (at least more on-tempo than ever in my music) and thus I have no need to go back to recording and the other exhaustive phases I've already been through. What's left should be finished in a few days, so it's safe to say that this time next week you can already have a listen to the EP instead of just reading my tease about it. :P Regardless of how deaf I've become to my own works during this process, you will hear a developed version of my music (and me) soon enough. :)

Midsummer Day is tomorrow and even though it's the Eve today and the whole city has been in the mood all week already, I've barely had any room for relaxation once again. At best, I've read a few pages of a book or played some Floorball on my backyard, plus following the World Cup of course. Concerning the latter, I am hoping for a miracle as I type this since the third game of the tournament for Cote d'Ivoire is about to be kicked off and they're in a very difficult position what comes down to making it to the next round. As all of the African teams seem to be failing one by one, I'm more and more on the side of USA, and the bright Slovakia who surprised Italy wonderfully last night. Ghana will continue to the next round out of my original favorite teams, but all the other African teams have already dropped out with the exception of Cote d'Ivoire. Really unfortunate - especially when South Africa, for instance, really didn't lose much to Mexico, the second team to go on from Group A. I'm happy to see that the tournament has been getting a lot more interesting after the first games though, and it's been pleasing to see more and more goals and brave forwarding.

To go back to EP-related stuff, I plan to shoot the last scenes for the DVD of the special edition package on Monday. I was supposed to shoot them already this week but my mother's been on a brief holiday and on the morning she was outside, I happened to be feeling sleepy. :P Luckily I have been able to shake off the 10 AM waking up rhythm my body seemed to have gotten used to at the start of the week. To keep myself motivated, I'm doing another chocolate strike at the moment by the way, which will end when the internet version of TAID gets out.

Lately I've been listening to the Deftones like crazy, switching between Around the Fur, B-Sides & Rarities and Diamond Eyes. I've even been playing some of the riffs in their songs with my guitar in the past few days which I often don't do with songs composed by others, and on top of that I've been inspired to start working on my own version of the band's hit My Own Summer. So far it has a more uplifting chorus, some additional guitar fills and a bridge I've composed myself in comparison to the original song. I might have a lyrical verse added there too if I think the song is missing something after the instrumental's completion. To conclude my Deftones affectation, I've just downloaded Chi Cheng's spoken word album The Bamboo Parachute. As always, I'm also hoping and praying for his recovery out of coma.

I guess that's all I got for you in this update. I might do another one on Sunday or on Monday depending on how things progress. Until then, enjoy the summer, whether you like yours breezing cold or boiling hot. :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Open for the Flow

Currently I am rather exhausted and unmotivated to write much, but since there is one more webisode left to be put out, I dragged myself here nevertheless to complete my duties. Even though you really shouldn't expect an EP to be out next week (I just don't have enough time to finish it), I see no reason to postpone the release of this clip no more. Be noted that this is a short one compared to the other parts of the podcast, but even more valuable by its content, because ladies and gentlemen - at the end of the MP3 you can download from below is a teaser of song #3 on The Art In Dreaming EP, Trepidation. And no, it's not in MIDI or in some other disgraceful format - it is a 100% real snippet from the actual song to appear on the upcoming EP. So, enjoy - and promote, as always. :)

(For the record, I am still aiming to put the whole thing out until the end of the World Cup - and if that doesn't happen, something has to go really, really badly wrong, haha. Long(er) post with further information coming soon, so stay tuned.)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Horse & Crow

I'm here - let's whine. :P First of all, I want to brag with my achievements. Even though the estimated release date for The Art In Dreaming (the 24th) still seems to be coming way too soon, I have gotten around 95% ready with mixing Trepidation, and tonight I plan to do the ending polishing. The heck with modesty - it's sounding awesome so far. Naturally, I still have Xie Xie and 15th Pb yet to mix starting from tomorrow, but if I keep working as hard as I have lately I should work things out by that. After all, I did mix for at least 10 hours in total this weekend - while another 5 hours or so was wasted by watching soccer. Last week I also finished shooting the scenes of the drummer for the music video, leaving me with just the singer yet to film. I already started on one angle earlier today and I am hoping to finish the remaining two angles tomorrow. I might have been able to pull them off already this morning if I wouldn't have woken up so late... Staying up late mixing just happens to have its downsides, haha.

Between my last long post and this one I have been listening to a Finnish alternative rock/metal band called Lapko a lot. They released their fourth studio album A New Bohemia last March and are currently promoting it quite heavily as you could expect. They appeared in a common summertime show here in Finland called Summeri ("Buzzer" in English) last week, through which I was reminded of the band and decided to check the new album out. Previously I had only heard two singles from them, but both had left a mark between my ears. I've even had the song All The Best Girls on my computer for like a year or so, but had ignored it for some reason. Anyhow, the album is quite an impressive mix of different emotions, ideas and directions and I am currently looking for another album by the band, even if A New Bohemia is far from being the best album of the year so far. I can at least say that I dig 5 bands from my home country now (Lapko, Major Label, Kinetik Control, HIM and The Rasmus to an extent), which is still shamefully little though. Lapko should keep me fascinated for some time, nevertheless. :)

After the book I already read and the walk I took last week I haven't been that active on the whole relaxation thing, unfortunately. I was going to go swimming again today but as I said before, I woke up pretty late and the weather outside has been rainy, cold and dark all day long, anyway. I got 3 more books I lent from the library last Monday yet to read, but they don't seem as interesting as the first one to be honest. I only hope that the weather will be better during the next few days and that the books will start to fascinate me as I get bored with constant working. Watching the World Cup has been quite liberating but I feel that I don't really have the patience to watch the games from the start to the end entirely because of the slowness of the game. Obviously the last thing I want to end up with right now is burning out and not enjoying my holiday at all, so let's just hope I will find ways to sit back and take it easy during the upcoming days.

Hmm hmm hmm... I guess I didn't have that much stuff to whine about after all. I do want to remind you all that the promotion for TAID is already on-going and if you want to get the physical copy of the EP + a special edition DVD with almost half an hour of bonus material, a bonus track and a personal letter from me, you need to begin with your wording about WB to your friends, family, and anyone else you think might be interested, now. MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, all kinds of message boards and your own websites are very efficient ways of promoting anything basically, as you know, and with the webisodes out you also got something to back your promotion with. You don't need to shout to the whole world that Wicked Breath exists - just do some little stuff here and there and you will be rewarded. :) The sign-up for the promotional team begins again in a week or so, and even if you've been a member before, check the site because I will ask some members to re-sign due to their inactiveness.

That's it friends. Go out and play, it's a wonderful day... At least I hope it is somewhere. :P

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hidden from the Light

I just woke up around half an hour ago and so I'm not at my brightest right now - thus I'm not going to rant to you here about my past few days even if I do have more than one thing to share. I just want to to apologize for breaking the pattern with my webisodes. I really was going to release the third one yesterday as the previous two were also released on a Friday, but I fell asleep during the first half-time of the World Cup match France - Uruguay, after which I had planned to put it out. Anyhow, without any further babble, here you go now. (Better late than never, eh?) Talking about the upcoming music video for Xie Xie, the general artwork for Wicked Breath's past and future releases plus speculating with the idea of having another concept album made someday, webisode #3 is located here:

I'll try to stop by here before the end of the weekend to let you know what else is up. ;)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Liberation Celebration, Pt. 1

The title says it all - I am now done with my basic education! It's been 4 days since I left the school building for the last time as a ninth grader, but I can still feel the pride, satisfaction, relief and happiness all around me. Both of the performance(s) I had with my music class went pretty smoothly, at least for my part (we did one song on Friday in an event for ninth-graders only, and that same song + two others on Saturday in the ending ceremony of the semester, with me playing drums in all of them). There wasn't a big amount of mistakes that I committed and the ones I did commit were either rather unnoticeable or made it easy to continue afterwards. It's not like I lost rhythm completely, so I succeeded with my main thing in the performance. All of the songs were once again Finnish and quite pop-ish, but this time I really didn't mind it. Concerning my report, I did excellent - I can't be totally happy with a total average of 8.95 on all subjects, but I was pleasantly surprised that the average of the so-called theoretical subjects was as high as 9.07 (our grade system is 4-10, from worst to best). The latter is all that matters, anyway, as I am entering the local high school in the fall. I did get a scholarship as well, but then again, so did many others. Mine was worth 40 Euros.

Last week was mostly just practice, practice and once again practice for the already-mentioned performances concerning my school time, whereas at home I did my best in progressing with the EP. Before the holiday officially begun I was done with 24 out of 25 tracks recording-wise, and mixing-wise, right about 15/25 done. After 3 days of being productive, I am very happy to announce that the recording phase is now over and that I have also done a bit more progress with the mixing, which shall continue heavily during the next two weeks. The estimated release date for the free, internet version of the EP is the 24th of this month, and if I really want to manage everything before that, I need to work harder than possibly ever before. It gives me relief that for the free version I don't have to manage as many things as for the special edition (which will be available by July), though. Of course, if time seems to be ending too soon... I'll make sure to delay the date instead of getting everything together and out there unfinished. ;)

I still haven't been listening to that much music outside my own projects these past days but more and more now that it's holiday and I want to find some ways to relax, too. Limp Bizkit has been on heavy rotation as well as a new band called Atomship, who remind me of System of a Down quite a lot (I got the band's one & only album The Crash of '47 on Saturday). May their guitarist, who died last December, rest in peace. Last week I was also into God Is An Astronaut quite a bit, including their new album Age of the Fifth Sun. Seems like post-rock is definitely something I become interested about every summer... All the above bands aside, I am listening to The Accident Experiment while typing this post.

My creativeness has been impossible to dam once again - last Monday I developed a demo called Beautiful and Penniless by adding a bridge with some guitar solos and harmonies in it mainly, and since last Tuesday I have been working on another song called Allergy/Anemia. It started as a combination of two older demos - The Pendulum Effect and Stereotype - but through working many hectic nights on the idea it has become a very well-developed demo that already has some lyrics written for it, plus a bunch of very catchy and complex melodies. It's one of my most progressive, love-centered and impressive songs to date, at least in my personal opinion. Working on this fascinating song is my number two priority now right after mixing and getting everything worked out on The Art In Dreaming.

Up until now I have already swam once and spent a wonderful morning at the beach (alone) besides having read a 300-paged book (the third and last part of the "Nietos" book series that tells about a young band and its members' lives, from which I have read one book every summer now, coincidently). Conclusion: I am definitely enjoying my free time on the side of working as much as I can, as you can see, and I hope to continue like that throughout my 10 weeks outside of school. I plan to read a lot of other books during this holiday too and also check out new music much more frequently than I have been during the last few months - without forgetting to follow the upcoming World Cup tournament in soccer. For the second tournament in a row I will be rooting strongly for Cote d'Ivoire, a.k.a. Ivory Coast, in that one.

Anyhow, there's my rant of the day. Beware, on Friday there's going to be more... :P Until then, be blessed with your lives, everybody. :)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Fresh Draught... Before the Storm

This one is a quickie. A thousand apologies for not posting again last weekend and another thousand for not making a long post this time. Truth is, I've been busy all week and tomorrow's the biggest day of my life. I'm already running out of time without this post confusing my schedule. Thank God after tomorrow morning I am free for 71 days in a row, though - or should I say free of school, because there's always my projects that tend to keep me occupied no matter what. :) Anyhow, let's get down to business. The reason I came here to type this post was, after all, the release of the second podcast webisode. The first one was received well in general, so I expect this one to be as well, with a little more downloads I hope (last one has had 6 to date). In this part of the podcast the theme is the actual content of the upcoming EP. Enjoy, guys and girls... And prepare for a massive rant to be appear during the next few days. :P