Friday, September 17, 2010

Let Go

My apologies for not posting in 2 weeks. As you can surely guess by now, my excuse is that I've been studying quite hard - and whenever not, been lacking the motivation to login here and type something up. I'm here now, though, so... :P

First things first - I have now started on part three of the trilogy songs Blue-Fragmented Pilgrimage and Cyan Lie form. This new song (which is meant to give closure to the rather dark love story) is so far titled Let Go and played in a weird pair of tunings - a Drop A# tuned guitar and a Drop D# tuned bass, meaning that I've actually tuned the bass up half a step from usual while sticking with my latest low tuning guitar-wise. Instrumentally, I have about 3 minutes done (without drums) and also some minor lyrics sketched out so far. I've thrown some other new riffs and ideas together as well during these last 2 weeks or so, of course, such as an interlude type of chord play called VW and yet another Drop A# fest titled Maybe I Should Go, which I was actually planning to have as the closure of the trilogy before I got inspired to write Let Go instead. I've had a little less ideas all in all lately, though, as the exams are closing on me. On Thursday and Friday I already had two word exams (one from English and one from Swedish), tomorrow I will have another word exam from English + a listening exam from the same subject + a possible Cooper test in P.E. The actual exam week begins on Thursday with maths, followed by English on Friday. Soon after finishing up with this post I will actually begin studying for the one on Thursday.

Outside school and my music, I've only been watching an episode or two of Chuck during the weekends now. It's turning more and more exciting however, with season 4 knocking on the door already. On another note, I've also really gotten into a Finnish comedy duo recently, Kari Ketonen and Ville Myllyrinne, and their show Ketonen & Myllyrinne, which is currently running on its 3rd season on Finnish TV. Lovely "black" humor - need I say more? I have known the show and the actors for quite a while, and even watched the episodes since last year, but not been this excited about it all up until now. The site project hasn't been going anywhere, unfortunately, but I stand by my promise to let you all know whenever there's news on it. Same goes for Shyoul. My listening appetite has been quite small, with Linkin Park's new album A Thousand Suns being the only significant new release or band I've checked. The record is far from their best in my opinion, but my view on it is pretty neutral compared to the general fanbase, I feel, with most people either really loving or really hating it. I personally wouldn't consider it absolutely horrific or anything, but apart from a few great moments such as the songs Wretches and Kings, Blackout and When They Come for Me, in addition to the wonderful solo in Burning In The Skies, it's a non-innovative product with way too much filler and secondary pop mixed with true potential. The positive thing is that last Sunday I spent the whole evening listening to Chester Bennington's very first band, Grey Daze, obviously inspired by LP. I still love their sound of the 90's, blending hard rock and grunge... Hah. Thirdly, I've been giving myself some sort of a refresh of Deftones' self-titled, which I have been more or less ignoring beside their other records after I first got into it (and the band).

Since my life is getting more and more filled with studies and all kinds of Wicked Breath-associated things, that's honestly all I have been doing in a nutshell. Although the exam week that continues all the way until Tuesday the 28th won't be leaving me with much free time, I'll do my best in being creative and productive next week and share it here as soon as I can. Until then, God Bless and please enjoy the effect of autumn, for I personally have always thought of it as the season that seems to go by the quickest. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


At the moment yours truly is sick with flu, cough and fever, so I won't be making a huge post for your relief. Not that there's anything significant that's been going on anyway. The main news is that what I've been referring to as "the new online project" is still not in a publishable form; however some progress has been made this week. I am rather positive that you won't have to wait much longer anymore to see what I and my partner in crime have been up working with though. Secondly, before moving forward, I want to give my support to the coach of the Finnish national football team, Stuart Baxter, who most fans around here have been almost crucifying after last Friday's disastrous loss to Moldova. I don't think Finland will make it to the 2012 Euro tournament in the end, but I am still anxious to follow the qualifications and I believe that the team has way more to offer than what they did on the disgraceful Moldovan potato field 2 nights ago.

Lately I've spent some time developing a few new songs as well, obviously. I only did some slight modifications and additions to Johannesburg yesterday afternoon but it's already reaching its climax and I have a good view on how to end it. I've scrapped my previous worship song idea and am now working on another idea with the same concept, strongly inspired by P.O.D.'s classic song Alive. New guitar riffs have been floating in the air less frequently than on the past two weeks but there's still been a decent amount of creationism around all in all with once again multiple new ideas saved on Guitar Pro. Shyoul-wise, we're closing on our first song with partial lyrics written and a full structure finalized, only waiting for some polishing touches before we move on.

Studying hasn't eased on me but I am getting more and more used to the pace of it and days seem to be going fast as they usually do in the middle of a new semester. My test this week went well however I'm going to be a little behind from the others next week, as I will have to stay home for at least one work day due to my fever (38 degrees Celsius this morning). We've received our schedule for the exam week (23.-28.9) and it seems fitting to me, so I'm good all things considered on the studying area.

Project 86 has been my biggest musical influence this week with 10 Years coming in second. I have particularly spent a lot of time analyzing P86 lyrics and themes, with their repetitive yet imaginative riffing drawing a line (pun intended) on me as well. Unfortunately I have not been able to enjoy music as much as I would've wanted to, though.

I hope you all will take care, including the ones suffering from a more or less annoying disease (like me) and the ones who're doing just fine and healthy. See you next weekend, as it's becoming a habit for me to post on Saturdays and Sundays only. :)