Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Wazzup. I've been on holiday now for 4 days, and although I don't think I've ever been this bored and reluctant during one, I have made some significant progress on many areas. On Saturday, I started writing a new song called Peach, which is most likely going to be an instrumental played in Drop B tuning. If some day I come up with lyrics for it, they'll most likely focus on love, thus I'm pretty sure already that the song won't be included on the future album. It will, however, still be worked on actively, since you never know if it might see the light of day in another format - plus it's fun and fascinating to work on something without the pressure of it being heard and having to make it as perfect as possible, similar to State 18. Today I've continued this development by writing a few new parts for the worship song I've been working on and off with, and by recording the bass track for Shyoul's first song. The worship song is becoming more dramatic than I expected, which is making me feel a bit uncertain about its direction - whereas the bass track still needs to be mixed before it's officially done. I've also been rehearsing the drum parts for the song since yesterday so I can record them by the end of the week, and hand both over to the rest of the band soon afterwards.

After a tiny break from watching Chuck I've found myself relaxing to the first 6 episodes of season 4 lately. Unfortunately, I have caught up on the US schedule now and have to wait for a week before the next episode is available. I've come to think that maybe that's not such a bad thing, though - I have loads of work to do whether I like it or not, school-wise and recording/writing-wise. Being hooked to a TV show with new episodes available wouldn't exactly help that. One of my biggest concerns is reading a book for school which, despite its interesting nature, seems like an obnoxious assignment to do for some reason. I have read about 30% of it already, but time's running out and I'm not a quick reader.

Before we move on, a quick look onto what school actually looks like for me at the moment. I got another not-so-good grade the other day - 7+ from Health studies - which just adds to the pressure I set on myself concerning the future exams *sigh*. After this holiday ends I have a few weeks of really heavy studying on many different subjects ahead, and so I am entitled to my rest this week on top of all the work really. I'm probably making it sound more serious than it is, but in my life these are big things at the moment. Thankfully Christmas isn't too far away... Amusingly my birthday collides with the next exam week, by the way.

Anyhow, back to some less stressing topics. We are officially just a few days away from the release of the new website I've been promoting for months already. As I'm writing this, the last descriptions and tweaks to the forums and the main site are taking place. My moments as a music listener, on the other hand, have been quite rare recently. When I have been listening, I haven't left the route I was on a couple of weeks back or so, taking some various recommendations from people into consideration while moving with my search for (doom) metal. I've been taking many walks outside in the autumn-meets-winter-scene as well these past few weeks, with my mobile phone's music player shuffling such bands as P.O.D., The Accident Experiment and Project 86 for me.

Pff, I've ran out of what to talk about. That could be another not-so-bad of a thing... Haha. Cya, and blessings all around. :) I'll try to post again during the weekend.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Forecast for Today

I'm officially turning into a doom metal fan. During the past week I've been into Pelican again, a lot, while yesterday I downloaded Jesu's self-titled album. Although Pelican's early material is much more intriguing, I've been very excited towards both bands - aside from some old school P.O.D. and Deadsy that I've also been enjoying. In a way you can also hear the doom influence with some of the new stuff I've composed, if you could access my Guitar Pro files that is, haha. The Black, for instance, is progressing in a good pace again and with the lack of a better way to put it, it's just like one of its lines: "...for this circus has been forced to go so long, it has turned to the other side." There are some really crazy combinations of layered guitars presented throughout the song to begin with, and several polyrhythms, end of the world-esque lyrics and buried melodies deep in the mix are some things that follow their lead. I'm probably making it sound much more impressive and sublime than it is, but one thing's for sure - it's different, for me and for you, I'd assume, once you hear it in its final form.

As much as I hate to think about school on my free time, here are a few things about my study week. I got my first course marks which are 10 for Maths (!) and 9 for Swedish. Both are more or less confusing, but nothing worth complaining much about. Finnish has kept stressing me but I'm doing alright in it for now, whereas German and French do the same thing without making me satisfied with how I'm doing in them. I'm already quite certain I'll quit either one at the end of the first year, because like this it's just simply too much. My health studies exam wasn't exactly a success and I fear the result is a lot the same than with my history exam a few weeks back. Despite all this, however, I've been on a rather positive mood all week. The first snow has also arrived to my home place and though it's a little sad that autumn has never been this short before, it's a lovely view as always.

For those of you wondering about my little site project that never seemed to launch - it's still being worked on. I and my partner have both been busy outside the site but we're doing our best to launch it as soon as possible. In the mean time I'm hoping that whoever reading will make sure to join the forums of the site once it does get public and also let their friends know about it and the main site. It is thematically very wide so no worries if you're not into the whole spiritual discussion and/or the tasteful joking - plus those two, there's music, literature, TV and movies etc. type of discussions and I'm sure that everyone who can adjust to the simple rules of the forums can find something to like and post on.

Concerning the disaster of Finland's national football team that just seems to cut deeper and deeper each qualification match... Baxter has my support, and that is all. Another sports-related news I have is that the play-offs of season 5 in the internet game PowerPlay Manager have been on-going for a while now, and my team Cyan Dreams is currently fighting for place 6 in the IV.7 division. Besides that, I've been taken by another hockey manager game, MHM 2000 (again). :P I'm not overly addicted though and thus I'm not letting the gaming interfere with my studies or the projects I'm working on too much.

Anyhow, it's now time to say goodbye and turn the page, folks. We'll catch up again later - and once that happens, I will be on my first holiday since summer vacation. It will be well-deserved... But filled with working, as you can imagine. Take care, reader #1 and #2... and you too, random bots. Leave me alone!

Friday, October 8, 2010


No posts in 3 weeks... Oh dear. Am I dead? I don't feel so. Maybe I'm just unconscious or something? Nah. It must be the same ol' same ol' - busy when motivated and lazy when there's time. I'm here now, though... :)

How's life treating me? Well, the first exam week is gone now and we've already gotten our exams back some days ago. For me, it was the strangest chain of events ever. I couldn't really tell if any of the individual exams went particularly well or bad beforehand - I mean, I did have some sort of an impression of each, but seeing how badly I was wrong with all of them in the end, I'll rather not share whatever it was that I had in mind. The lowest score I got was from history, which in the same time is also the lowest score I've ever gotten from any exam - 6½, describing a slightly below average score in our 4-10 grade system. Sweet, eh? I wasn't expecting a 10 out of it by no means, but I surely wasn't expecting something so low. The level of my disappointment wasn't overly big, nevertheless, because history has never been at the top of my list in the subjects that fascinate me nor in the subjects that I succeed in the best. Anyways, next up was Maths, which was more than a positive surprise - the one & only subject I had REALLY been struggling with yielded me a 9+, which was also the best score of our entire 1B class, apparently. At this point all the slightest disappointment went away concerning history, and I have to admit that I am going to re-consider my definite no-no towards writing Maths in my baccalaureate. I might do well in it anyway... The remaining two exams were from Swedish and English, with yet another positive and negative surprise included. From Swedish I got a 10-, even though it seemed to me like the teacher had messed up the checking or something due to my many mistakes. Not complaining, however, because I did work hard for that exam in particular. From English I got my second 9+, which in contrary to the Swedish exam was a pretty low grade in my opinion while compared to the amount of mistakes I committed. It serves as a good enough base for my future courses though, and that's the important thing.

The second sixth of year one has begun now and I got to tell you, it's quite a relief after all the stress with the first one. We're now on our second course of history as well as starting our first high school course in society studies. Psychology is really a treat for me, and I'm enjoying it a lot. Other subjects include Finnish, health studies, biology, German and French. The latter four I only got 3 hours a week, while Finnish frustrates me five times a week. Our new teacher in Finnish is not one of my favorites I have to say, and I'd really just like to write during the lessons and not necessarily talk about/study some of the stuff we do. I'm trying my best to remain positive about it, of course, regardless of things not going the way I was thinking. Like I said, all in all this is a much more relaxed sixth than the previous.

Then to some less school-orientated topics. :P My debut album - yes I dare to call it that - is progressing strong and maybe even a bit quicker than I had anticipated. During this week only I've practically started and finished a brand new song called Baptism of Fire, which is however traditionally-structured and a rather short song in my books. Various other new and old ideas have also been developed during this time, as always. A fresh list of working titles and their lengths is up on the AS forums now if you want to take a closer look, which despite the lack of Baptism of Fire is as up-to-date as it gets. Concerning Shyoul, we're preparing to record our first song which is now fully written and composed. I plan to lay my drum and bass tracks on it during my next vacation, which is 9 days long and will take place in 2 weeks.

To keep it short, that's pretty much all I have. I've kept playing some hockey manager games for pastime as well as kept watching Ketonen & Myllyrinne and Chuck every now and then, but being productive music- and school-wise is still my thing, as you all know. Many bands have been floating in and out of my ears, but most notably I've been influenced by a Finnish rapcore group called Jacks of All Trades, with Project 86 and Demon Hunter fulfilling the mix on their part. I also gave Darwin's Waiting Room a chance just after my last post, but didn't find them particularly appealing apart from 2 standout songs on their album Orphan.

Before I let you go, I'm showing you the lyrics for Baptism of Fire. Enjoy (and reflect on):


Crawling on the floor of a station restroom
(Fall is it? Own me, push me and loathe me
Crooning, “I am me”, keeping the truth leashed
Staying untamed so tomorrow can drive me slow)
Lakes they’re turning into mountain vales
(Ruthlessly standing by what I trample
Aiming my vengeance at everyone else
when all the banishment should be laid like mud on me)

Hunting demons down the lane of death
Narcissism is programmed into my brain
Wherever I call for a sincere smile to support
Melatonin attacks, flames charge right beneath my back

Carry judgment I must to be a part of the mass
(The truth, still fizzling under my lungs
filling, this nature covers it up with
Threads do connect but are nowhere to be found at all)
Relying on myself and me only
(For I can’t take advice, I could as well be blind
Seeing moonlight where sunrise is offering blood
donation, my soul lives in daily frustration)


Elements of you and I on the tapestry
of the caves and the modern reins
Insides cry “go away, raise attention you eyesore
or die away”
Lemons, voices, eyes
gifts behind that line
of shifting into an euphoric bond
of esprit and ghosts
I snap, the hoodies are gone off the faces
surround me like haze and fight for their places
In pieces, throwing the torch on the flame, suffocation
it’s freezing, let me in

Hunting demons down the lane of death
Narcissism is programmed into my brain
Wherever I call for a sentimental support
Melatonin attacks, the machine boots beneath my back

(The machine boots beneath my back)
Peace and love. ;)