Sunday, January 16, 2011

Two Thousand And Eleven Suns

Time for my first post in 2011. Once again I've had a little break from posting - mostly due to my third exam week, which fortunately went better than expected at least judging by the first two tests I've gotten back by now. I'm only 0,03 away from my junior high school average now, which is far greater than I could imagine. The new sixth which started this Wednesday seems a little easier than the last one, but Maths and Finnish in particular are for sure going to keep me busy and stressed out. :P Thank God Philosophy has also started, though, and seems just as interesting as I thought it would.

The instrumental for Theban Cycle's first song, 5th Step, is now fully mixed, with vocals being recorded during next week, most likely. It's been a long time since the first idea for the song was introduced, and so it's definitely taken a lot of work to get to this point. I've uploaded the instrumental to SendSpace in case anyone wants to take a listen, here. Some minor changes might still occur as the vocals have to be mixed in without causing the whole to sound distorted, but nothing radical. We're all proud at the moment, that's for sure. :) Concerning Wicked Breath, I had an idea just earlier this week for a song which pretty much was finished yesterday evening, with the exception of the drums I have yet to consider. The song's working title is Unholy, and it's one of the darkest and most metal-like songs I've ever done - but also one of the best in general, I reckon. I've also been working on another song this year which I'm not very satisfied with, called Spine, which is more Staind and KoRn-influenced. Before Unholy, I was really experiencing a downshift in my writing and composing, with several ideas going through my head but nothing that ended up satisfying me. Things are going smoothly for the album again now, thankfully.

The music I've spent time listening has consisted of 5 great new bands for me. First, I really got into A Perfect Circle during my exam week, listening to their debut Mer de Noms and their sophomore effort Thirteenth Step with pleasure for 5 days in a row. This attraction would've lasted much longer, I assume, if it wasn't for my dear friend and fellow MindDeathMachine admin MDM, who sent me a package of 4 CDs in return to the Christmas present I sent him. Conclusion: I've been infected with Ultraspank and grade 8's self-titled albums as well as Agalloch's Ashes Against the Grain and Lengsel's Solace for another 5 days now. The nu metal-ish sound of the first two and the more atmospheric post/black-metal sound of the latter two really make quite a mix, which strongly affected the new song I've made, naturally.

Perhaps the greatest news of all is that Project 86 and Jacks of All Trades will be on the same festival on the 30th of April here in Finland in the city of Kouvola, in an event called the May Day Gospel. Guess who's going? :P It is still a bit uncertain, but chances are that I will go there with some of my friends and have a great night no matter what. Besides the two bands mentioned there will also be a bunch of others which, who knows, might turn me to a fan with their performance. I am absolutely thrilled of a) doing my own live debut in February b) going to my first-ever live show in April, and thus 2011 is seemingly challenging 2010 for the title of the best year ever quite early on already!

It's great to end on that note. Blessings and see you around, folks. ;)