Friday, February 25, 2011


Over a month since my last visit. Wow. It goes without saying that I have kept myself occupied and that there's a lot of stuff I want to type about. Let's begin...

Firstly, the name of this post isn't something I decided to go with just because I had no ideas. It is based on how my listening habits have been these past 5 weeks. You see, after the freshness of Ultraspank, grade 8, Lengsel, Agalloch and APC I went on to re-discover Evanescence, a band I'd assume needs no ado. I  listened to Fallen in utter spontaneousness and unlike a year ago when I tried it last time, it completely blew me away much like back in 2003. I got the band's second album The Open Door a few days later, as well as a bunch of their early demo material, all of which have turned out to be solid releases regardless of the fact that they're not as fantastic as the debut. All in all, Evanescence kept me happy for a long time - and when I say 'kept', I mean it literally, since these 5 weeks have been rather difficult for me all around. While typing this paragraph, however, I'm listening to something else. The act ruling my library since this Monday has been Earthtone9, a very underrated alt-metal band from the UK, which disbanded in 2002 and reformed just last year. After getting several albums by them as well (their second, Off Kilter Enhancement; their third, and considered by many one of the best albums of 2000, arc'tan'gent; and their latest release, the Omega EP) I can't help but to admit that they're becoming one of my favorite bands, due to the variety, talent and permanence found within their discography and repertoire. Each release has almost as much to love as the next one, and that is something I find rather rare. Last weekend I was heavily into Skillet and their album Collide, which for example is their only really amazing album in my opinion. The rest isn't bad, but nowhere near the same level, either. Anyhow, the two bands I've been most into during my absence, Evanescence and earthtone9, both start with E and end with e (if we ignore the number 9), hence the headline. Genius, eh? :P

There was a BIG misunderstanding at school with the whole live event where 'anyone can play whatever they want'. Instead of February, it's due in April - only a day before the May Day Gospel. That means that if everything goes how it's supposed to, I'll perform my own material live for the first time ever on Friday the 29th and have my first real concert experience on Saturday the 30th. How awesome is that? It sets a lot of pressure too, though, particularly since I feel that I'm not at all liked at school for the time being. Still, the excitement is huge.

Theban Cycle-wise, we're still working on the vocals for 5th Step, but it shouldn't take long anymore. We've also made progress with the writing of several other songs, so things are alright. With my own stuff, things have been going forward very smoothly. I've been working on a new track called Better which so far is the most potential song to becoming a single from the upcoming album. (Unholy) Months for Affection is basically written completely. Then, there's an interlude by the name Tear of the Afternoon, based on a poem I wrote one angst-y afternoon. Inspired by the song, I've drawn a picture as well that might see the daylight later. There's also a little something called Silence, which is a full song only missing some bass parts and some of the drums. The original lyric for it was from 2008, and revamping it + writing melodies for it was a lot of fun. The feedback I've gotten has been extremely positive lately concerning these demos, particularly Silence. I also have a new riff I wrote for The White and several other riffs yet to be placed anywhere, most of which I came up with yesterday while jamming for 1½ hours in a row (quite spectacular for me). Sort of related to both of my musical projects is a festival here in my home town that'll be arranged in August, where the band Pariisin Kev├Ąt will also be performing, including two members of the band Major Label (one of my favorite bands ever). I feel it's an opportunity that shouldn't go to waste and am considering whether I should hand the guys a demo of both bands, TC and WB. I've been planning a meeting with the Theban Cycle members and one other internet friend of mine anyway to take place in the summer, and nothing would be better than to have them with me when handing a demo of songs we've worked hard to complete. It's a long way to go, that's a sure thing... Whether this event takes place or not, I have decided that I will put together one last free EP before the album, and hope to finish it by the festival. It would consist of 4 songs, with Cyan Lie and Tear of the Afternoon confirmed so far. Naturally, it would serve as this "demo" I'd then give away.

As stated earlier, I have went through some dark times between this and my last entry. The contradiction winter sets is really quite a trip - the scene and the atmosphere is mind-blowing and particularly this year I've had some unbelievable moments of happiness and excitement, contrasted by angst and several minor issues - which all have driven me creatively, in a massive impact. The burden I've been carrying has consisted of heartache, school, as well as the sole fact that I just can't be perfect and in the same time, can't live without aiming for it. I don't want to sound too depressed though because there have been oh-so-many wonderful and genuine moments, too. The little pieces of negativity just get to me too easily. I have continued getting good grades at school and my friend relationships are fine, not to mention I've been enjoying more walks outside than ever before in my life. There's always just something in the back of my head, so to speak...

I am now on holiday for the next 9 days to come and should have enough time to rest, relax, enjoy and reset. I will post some more during these days as well as after they're gone. The last 5 weeks that are now behind honestly didn't offer me much of a chance to sit down and write this message. I truly must apologize for that. Nevertheless, see you next time, and take care. In the (bitter) end, life's good. :)