Friday, March 25, 2011

Finger of Death

This time the title of my post comes from a compilation of Saturday Night Wrist-era demos by the Deftones that I discovered last Sunday. Finger of Death is a masterpiece of a demo found within the batch of songs, and it's also the song I've listened to the most during the last week or so. The rest of the leak is mindblowing as well, and for the first time since 2005, I think I actually have to place some band higher than P.O.D. among my favorites. Don't worry, they're still steadily my number #2 though... As can be seen from my charts, where Deftones and P.O.D. both crossed the magical boundary of 1000 plays this Wednesday. What comes to the week before, I was really into Parkway Drive and their new album Deep Blue, which despite a fair bit of repetition is wonderfully heavy and enjoyable.

New Wicked Breath material is currently something that I come up with very fast, as if it was coming from an assembly line. Letters from Rats, the song I had started when I made my last post, is now nearly complete. There are 3 new ideas that I've executed in terms of riffs and I have a bunch more in my head yet to be tried out. I've also developed and modified several of my old songs - including (Unholy) Months for Affection (now entirely finished writing-wise), Seven (a.k.a. the worship song) and Let Go. Besides all of that, I've spent time planning and planning the tracklists for the demo, album and the EP, as well as song lengths, structure, flowability, et cetera. Last but not least I've finished the composition for the Theban Cycle song Midnight Sun, and worked on some of the lyrics for it. The rest of the band have been happy with the results so far, and the dark and rather dissonant song has become one of my own favorites. All in all my recent stuff has had even more significant emphasis on the contrast of dissonance and harmony/darkness and light than before.

Lately yours truly has been pondering his future as well. I've done some estimated calculations on how much money I'd need to make it on my own in my own place and everything, which is ahead of me in a few years. Moreover, I've given some thought on where exactly I would study after graduating from upper secondary school and completing my non-military service. Right now the campus of the University of East Finland over at Savonlinna is the most likely option, where I would like to study either religious or psychological sciences. This of course doesn't mean that I want to quit on my dream in music - it's just that regardless of how great the music I make is, the personality of it in contrast to the situation of the music industry today just can't produce me any money to live my life with. Besides, I doubt that without an actual profession outside music I could have as much inspiration and variety all around as in the opposite case. So, everything is still tentative, but things are getting a lot clearer. Moving to America is still another dream I want to make reality, but it'll have to wait for at least until 2018.

School has been mostly really fun the past few weeks and even with the difficulty of chemistry and such, I'm doing well in my opinion just like in the past. We haven't started practicing for the upcoming performance yet, but I've kept looking for the right people and the right way to handle the performance itself. As the days are getting more and more spring-y, I'm getting more and more excited - and a bit terrified, too. :P Summer's basically just around the corner and that means that another recording process is about to begin, this time with much better tools I though have yet to purchase. Collecting money through chores has gone smoothly and mostly according to the plan - just today I earned about 15 Euros more to put in my pocket.

Before the conclusion of this post I want to give my best wishes to all the innocent and not-so-innocent victims in Japan and Libya. With these two crucial areas it seems like the theory of the world coming to its end next year isn't entirely without foundation. Let's just hope and pray for the best, shall we...

Blessings, Joona

Saturday, March 5, 2011

White Fever

It's Saturday and way past noon, thus my mind is slowly approaching school and going back to the weekday rhythm. Regardless of the feeling of down because of this, the past week has been very fruitful and relaxing all around. I've followed the 2011 Nordic World Ski Championships closely, and been delighted to see Finland grab 4 medals, with only 1 day of the Championships left. I've been out a lot, naturally walking and listening to music; as well as indoors working on new music and new lyrics. I've earned some more money by working at home as I'm still saving for Pro Tools and a new mic, but also slept more than during any other week this year. There are also some things I want(ed) but have yet to do. All things considered it's been an absolutely fantastic winter break, however.

Me and the band have been working on a new Theban Cycle song since last weekend, and it's coming along well. I personally prefer some of the previous demos we've worked on, but this one is steadily growing on me. There are no lyrics at the moment, but the instrumental is nearly entirely written. The working title is Dividing By Zero, and much like 5th Step, its basis consists of our guitarist/vocalist Kevin's ideas. As for my solo stuff, I saw a movie on Wednesday night that inspired me to start a new song. It's called Letters from Rats for the time being, and it too is almost finished instrumentally, whereas the lyrics are about half-done. It's quite different in style than the songs I've been working on most recently, with an inclusive guitar solo and a decent bit of experimentation. The lyrics for Better have also been modified and re-constructed, but they are still far from being entirely finished yet. Because it has been a while since I included lyrics in a blog entry, I thought I could share the ones for (Unholy) Months for Affection now. Those of you who are not into moaning, love-centered poetry, skip this. :P

I have a past like we all, oh, we do
In paradox I'm wanting to be with you, but not hurt you
So I lay my head low

(I suffer) with every scent


Such a beautiful piece of perfection you are
welcoming me, but my spine deflects what could be
What I dreamt of for the duration of infinite indications
must be torn 'cause of my inner war

Running through the forest just not to love
Please understand me, get to the car


Longing shall live on

They are quite short and aren't as expressive as some of my previous, but together with the music I find them very atmospheric.

Earthtone9 is the band I've been embracing the most throughout these days, but I've also been introduced to Pendulum and have been listening to a variety of bands, on my walks in particular. The arc'tan'gent album by e9 just keeps on getting better and better in my ears. Yellow Fever has been my favorite for days now, and with its magnificent bridge it describes my understanding of melody perfectly. I haven't given a full spin to their debut album so far, but I plan to do so soon, and there is no apparent reason right now why I wouldn't love it.

The book I was writing early on last year has begun to fascinate me again and I really want to write something new for it tonight. On Wednesday, I already read the last chapter that I had made and improved it a little bit. If only I had more time to work on such things after Sunday... Ah well, time to go back to working, and back to school (Deftones pun intended). Cya on my next break. :)