Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tide of Ambition

Time for my monthly post. Heh. In my defense, times have been busy in between my last post 5 weeks ago and this one. I went to my first-ever concert on the last day of April and not only saw Project 86 and Jacks of All Trades (and many other great bands) play live, but also bought CDs and got one of them, Picket Fence Cartel by P86, signed by Andrew Schwab. I've been practicing heavily for my own debut performance as well which now has an official and unchanging date - the 3rd of June. I've read a book I very much enjoyed called Sokkopeli (which freely translates to "Blind Game") written by Virpi Hämeen-Anttila and started reading 2 others - Musicophilia by Oliver Sacks and Frygt og Bæven ("Fear and Trembling") by Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher and theologian from the 19th century. I've written tons of new lyrics and music as usual, started recording for my upcoming EPs and album, and even began on an entirely new project. My last exam week starts next Friday, and with it also summer closes on... What else could a man seriously hope for from his life? (Well, love... But I'll save that for another time. :P)

First, a more detailed analysis on my concert experience. Due to leaving at 10:30 AM and coming back no earlier than 5 AM, I was quite tired near the end of the experience - yet what an experience it was. oO Seeing so many different bands perform on-stage was one thing - another thing was to be surrounded by so many people in the crowd and share the atmosphere of the place with them. I'm still embarrassed of my brief meeting with Andrew and bummed that I couldn't fully enjoy the performances due to realizing the all awesomeness I was a part of just afterwards really. I spent the entire first week after the concert missing it, and I'm glad I could take so much pictures and video with me to recap almost everything whenever I like. Besides Picket Fence Cartel, I also FINALLY bought P.O.D.'s Fundamental Elements of Southtown, a self-titled album by Stavesacre (which turned out to be a decent purchase though I hadn't listened to the band before), some plectrums, and some RnB CD I bought by mistake thinking it was by a metal band... It shall not be spoken of more than that. :P Without getting too deeply into ALL of the details, I'll just say that I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend 25 Euros and a Saturday than the way I did. Astonishing. (By the way, I made a sheet that said "Dear Project, please play a song from the debut LP" and waved it during P86's performance. They didn't see it nor play a song from the self-titled, but I got to tell Andrew afterwards and saw him post on Twitter some days later that they would be playing songs from the debut on their upcoming tour. :P)

Other musical experiences I've had during my absence revolve around listening to bands such as Dope Stars Inc. (sweet industrial metal from Italy; thank you for the recommendation, you know who you are), Minora (Swedish nu metal/alt-metal, previous EPs sound a lot like grade 8 meets Ill Niño meets Ünloco and the like, while their one & only full-length album Imago is more like APC and Tool), earthtone9 (who recently put out a new EP called For Cause & Consequence, WHAT A COMEBACK), Drudkh (whose music has turned out to be not only beautifully repetitive in structure, but also technically rather inspiring in its simplicity), Limp Bizkit (Gold Cobra is finally knocking on the door, with the catchy lead single Shotgun already out), The Cure (I now have the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me album, and though it only contains one masterpiece (read: If Only Tonight We Could Sleep), it's a very pleasant CD to listen to), Riverside (re-discovered their entire discography last week), et cetera. My own songs have taken a very Drop B-based direction, with shifty and heavy riffs coming up all the time, even more than before that is. My newest efforts for the album are a song called Effect (don't worry, it's just the working title :P), which I'm going to have some help on, making it the second collaboration I might have on the full-length; and Polarity, a prime example of the style I've had going on lately with its moodiness and rapped (!!) vocals. The interesting thing about Effect is that I might have some zither on it, and the lyrics for it won't be entirely done by me or necessarily even sung, making them a poem.

Moreover, I've been planning the recording and such for the album and the EPs more and more. The plan I got right now is to record 7 songs this summer and a little over one song per month during my second upper secondary school year that begins in the fall. The rest would be then recorded during the summer and early fall of 2012. The overall number of songs I'll record is 28 - 4-5 for the teaser EP (with Cyan Lie and Silence OR Letters from Rats also being used for the album/the second EP), 18 for the album and 7 for the EP that'll be released after the album. Of course, I haven't even written all of the songs I'll record yet, but knowing myself the arrangement should work well. I'll just start by recording the songs I know will have to be recorded for sure, and go on from there.

Then, the major news. My new project. As I've been writing more and more this year, I've realized that I just can't fit all of the songs I'd like to on the EPs and the album, and that Theban Cycle is simply making progress too slowly for me to channel my creativity through it as much as I was hoping. Needless to say, I hate throwing songs in the trash bin, so... A new outlet seems like the best thing to do and start. While this new project already has one song almost finished called Clutch, it's really just an idea so far that I got earlier this week. I'm looking for a female singer to collaborate with me at the moment before I move on with the name and all that. Basically the style I'm going for is quite the same as Wicked Breath, only with female vocals or in some occasions, no vocals at all, at least not in "a leading role". If you're interested or know someone who might be, leave a comment on this post please. I believe this could become something great and very unique if everything goes well - though it is required from the singer to be open-minded, and understanding specifically for heavy music is also a plus (though the vocals I'm looking for will be clean). Whoever the vocalist will be, she'll also have a strong say on the lyrics.

Lastly, I'd like to celebrate Finland's victory in the 2011 Ice-Hockey World Championships. In case you don't know what I'm talking about, we won Sweden in the final last Sunday 6-1 and took home our history's second world championship after a not necessarily all-convincing yet well-played tournament. There has been a lot of fear in here over the future of Finnish hockey, and even though the Olympics are the real meter of a country's level in the sport, this should shed some light to our situation, and most importantly, money and more children to practice the sport. Finland has been crazy all week anyway and we're very proud of our nation right now. Including me. =)

That's it quickly typed for now. I'll probably post in 2 weeks or so after my school's over for the summer. Until then, take care and see ya. ;)