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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Guess who's back? To be honest it hasn't taken me this long to make another post only because of being busy but also because I wanted to make sure I wouldn't have any need to bring my angst here again. It's quite an impossible task, but I'm up for it - especially now that I have some updates to do. Let's go...

First and foremost, the tracklists for both, my upcoming album and EP can now be confirmed. I've been working on writing and tweaking the compositions for the EP a lot lately, putting together old demos and ideas to make new songs, and the main structure is now done for all of the tracks. Most of them are finished entirely (if we exclude drums) and are only waiting to be recorded and mixed. Speaking of which, I have really gotten active on recording again, and am making progress in a good enough pace to consider my goal of releasing everything in December if not likely, at least not impossible. I've completed a ton of vocals in particular. Anyhow, here are the tracklists:

Reflections & Realizations (Album)

The Black 6:32
02. Baptism of Fire 4:12
03. Drowning 4:55
04. Cyan Lie 5:06
05. Excruciated 2:12
06. Skies 3:26
07. Half-Heart 5:02
08. Allergy/Anemia 7:18
09. Awaiting The Great Depression 5:12
10. (Unholy) Months for Affection 4:15
11. Sip of October 6:59
12. Precipitation 3:37
13. Polarity 4:36
14. Grain 4:30
15. Wallow In Life 4:37
16. CATS 3:03
17. The White 4:09

This Slut They Call A Heart (EP)
01. Tear of the Afternoon 0:47
02. Silence 3:52
03. The Rose Who Wanted To Marry The Shadow 7:08
04. Permafrost 5:21
05. Emblazoned Doom 4:30
06. Let Go 7:21
07. Johannesburg 4:42
08. Remorse 6:08

And here are the lyrics for The Rose Who Wanted To Marry The Shadow. I'm REALLY proud of these.

Rise from black and be beautiful is what my gods told me to do and let the growing pains begin
they gave the sun as my friend, still I leaned towards the shade
always sought for translucent cry, thanks to whom I shimmer and blaze

I'd run, but my roots beg to differ
I want to change my failed purpose
Even when they say that I'm the needle amongst the hay
My thorns cut through the flesh of messengers
self-neglecting stalk can barely hold me anymore

I have to make a choice; either the conventional, damming inspiration
or aspiration and becoming the heir that's due to be me;
my disease

I let the storm plunder, purify my path, lean on hunger to someday rise from sands
In this hate I make my home, my bed, where I alone contemplate of my kind and fate

Fall to the twine of fate
Dance in the darkness with my hate

Shy, discovered by gardener's wife, put in a glass device, expected to break light despite my spite
Why, sell my soul to find, a purpose for my life?
Already cut my pride while given into lie

I choke on the limelight
starve on this desert of shallow life

Is it my time before it was my time
(I'll rather burn than fade)
I hope they'll smile the day when these words fly
(I'll rather burn than fade)

I'm the rose
I'm the rose who wanted to marry the shadow.

(Needless to say, on top of all work I've done for the album and the EP, I've continued working on other projects and my 2nd Wicked Breath album. In fact, the title of this post takes its name from a new song I made just today. And it. Kicks. ASS.)

I'm attempting to keep this post as short and sweet as possible, but there is another big announcement I have to address. I'm seriously considering the possibility of joining YouTube's album reviewing community. I know I know, I can only dream of the amount of monthly videos let alone viewers guys like TheNeedleDrop or CoverKillerNation have made into reality, but I'd like to articulate my thoughts on albums and music in general a bit more and maybe improve my self-esteem a little in the process by getting comfortable with the camera and especially viewers. It's really a huge trend in my life as of December to review  music (pun intended) from a totally new perspective thanks to the effort I had to put in my releases of the year list as well as rating my albums on Rate Your Music. Moreover, a very serious career choice option at the moment is that of becoming a (freelancer) journalist, writer, whatever I should call it. I feel that I really want to work alone, freely, and in a diverse manner, and perhaps most importantly, express myself. Psychology, my previous dream job, doesn't fulfill that. Music is a tool for expression, sure, but I can't do that all day every day if I want to feed myself and have a roof over my head after I kick myself out of my parents' apartment. It seems that I have some sort of talent for writing, or so I am told, so why not at least consider living out of it? I could write reviews, articles, essays, columns... And maybe even have some time to focus on writing novels and stories. I am not naive and thus do acknowledge that being a freelancer doesn't mean being your own boss all the time or having as much freedom as I personally like. But it would be less stressful than working at an office job. And oh my God, the social nature of it all... Perfect.

Where I'm going with this speech is that you might have noticed the poll on the right top corner. It's simply there so you can vote for the album that you would like me to review first. The reason as to why all the options are what they are is simply because the albums that I think of as my favorites are ones I could easily talk about in the beginning, and introduce and practice my style with comfortably. Of course, the result of the poll only counts IF I actually start on my little odyssey with on-camera music reviewing. It's a terrifying thought at one perspective, and absolutely thrilling seen from another one. But what do I have to lose? I'm already a wreck emotionally, what difference could a few negative comments make? It's time to take some actual chances in my life.

That's about it for the positive. School success is still deteoriorating fast, social connections and love life are a disaster, I feel deprivated and depressed all too often. But at the moment I feel like not caring about any of that and instead I want to at least try being thankful and hopeful. Will you support me on that? :)

(PS: God Bless everybody, and may He give peace to Whitney Houston, Ryan Bright Whosoever, and Sonny Sandoval's grandfather. We people have no idea how lucky we are most of the time.)

(PS2: For those wanting to know about my recent listening trends, I suggest you check my and RYM accounts. The "Inspirational Albums Of The Week" gadget on the right side of this page is also useful. The amount of new albums and old re-discoveries is so much that I'm simply too lazy to make a list or paragraph.)