Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Land Of Sunshine

Tuesday, 17th of April 2012, ~11 AM: I have finished my last exam of the entire exam week (course 4 of religion). I'm semi-satisfied with the exam itself and feeling rather well. I eat at the school cafeteria and head out to buy myself a pair of new sun glasses. It's raining. I stop by the beach to see some nice scenery and buy some groceries for myself and the family.

Tuesday, 17th of April 2012, ~12 AM: I've walked home and am attempting to relax after the pressure of the exams is over. At the back of my head I carry the intention to make my guitar purchase as soon as I'm ready for it. I count the money on my bank account and in my wallet to be sure of how much money I'll have after the purchase.

Tuesday, 17th of April 2012, ~3 PM: After contemplating whether or not I should also buy an amp, a cable, some strings and a stand for my guitar, I go for all the aforementioned except for the amp and confirm my order. I get an e-mail saying the order has arrived and is being processed. I'm beginning to feel really comfortable and happy, albeit less wealthy.

Tuesday 17th of April 2012, ~4 PM: The most unexpected thing happens. I grab my cell phone and notice an SMS saying me and my fellow class mates have made it to the Puruvesi Pop, a local festival that takes place on the 3rd and 4th of August. I'm shocked and thrilled, adrenaline flows and I start telling EVERYBODY about the news. I'm also hit with stress and fear, which gradually start to grow in my subconscious, later entering my consciousness.

Tuesday, 17th of April 2012, ~5 PM: I make the decision to change the decoration of my room just a little bit shelf-wise to make it more clean, have some more room for my rapidly growing CD collection (16 new CDs this year so far) as well as space for the brand new guitar. I spend the rest of my evening cleaning and re-arranging.

Wednesday, 18th of April 2012, ~3 PM: I've arrived home after the first day of the brand new school schedule. I've received all my exams back, and although some of the grades I already knew, most of them I didn't and thus it was a good surprise for the most part. The grades I got were a 9- for the 5th course in maths and the 4th course in religion, a 9 for the 3rd course in religion and a 10- for the 3rd course in society studies. But what makes it all practically fall apart is an old Finnish essay I made two months ago - only 35/60 points, which is not even close to being acceptable for someone who's supposed to become a journalist.

Wednesday, 18th of April 2012, ~4 PM: I'm cheered up again as I listen to my copy of Aion by CMX that I got through mail while finishing up the new arrangement for my room. Just as the CD ends, I receive the last bits of my Record Shop X order - a gift I'll give to a friend and Diamond Eyes by the Deftones, completing my Deftones collection that now includes ALL SIX of their studio records.

Record Store X order:

Deftones collection:

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Howdy! Happy Ma... Shoot, it's April already! And April Fools is done with. Well, we won't let that bother us. I apologize for the absence of posts, but I'm here now.
To be honest not much has really changed although it's been 6 weeks since my last proper update. I've been recording vocals and bass tracks for Reflections & Realizations in a steady pace, but the workload is enormous and as we all know, I'm a lazy mixer. I've calculated that I do have chances of at least finishing the recording for the album in time (end of November) if I record two instrument tracks a week, which for the time being has meant two new bass tracks each week ever since I was forced to take a break from recording vocals. I'm hoping to finish all bass tracks by the end of this month and either continue with the vocals or move on to guitars in May. I'm finally getting my new guitar after the upcoming exam week is over, so I have time to get familiar with it before I start the guitar tracking. Because I have to be quite sure of what I'm recording even if I'm only doing bass for now, all the songs have really taken shape during these past few weeks and all of them are more than 90% finished composition-/writing-wise, with the exception of drums. I've come up with ideas for the second Wicked Breath album, too, but I'm trying hard not to focus on it at all to perfect the first album.

Theban Cycle's debut EP keeps taking baby steps, and I have now recorded 4 bass tracks for what will presumably be a five-track-affair. We're missing the final song for now but our activity has been picking up a little as of late, so a 2012 release date is still possible. Elsewhere, I've decided to keep all my other projects as mainly solo ones due to the affectation I have for the songs that are already done, due to them having no outside input, and due to me not finding good enough reasons to do things otherwise. Sure, having more than one solo project might sound silly to many, but for me it's (mostly) a cool and logical approach. Besides, I just can't find anyone suitable to collaborate with me. Not that I would've been trying to find someone 24/7, but you know... I'm a lone wolf. :P

On top of it all my projects are about to expand from four to five as I'm contemplating to form one solely dedicated to nu metal. I've done some demos for it, but none of them are all that satisfying yet. My fourth and previously unnamed project is now called Pakkasmielteeni (a portmanteau that could freely be translated as My Frostbsession, a combination of the words frost and obsession + the subject I) and I've kept working on it to the extent where I have a tentative EP concept in mind and two nearly finished songs on my plate. The whole project is such a Drudkh-ripoff, but I'm still excited of how it sounds like. In fact, the song Pixie Forest I did for the project a while back is one of the best compositions/poems I've ever done in my own opinion. Just like Drudkh uses Ukrainian poems in their songs, I've thought of doing Finnish lyrics for some of the tracks, but that's still just an idea.

Speaking of Drudkh, I LOVED their new album Eternal Turn Of The Wheel. Chances are I love it even more because I got it in the mail on the release day and immediately played it several times from front to back while reading the booklet (or what I could understand of it) and walking in winter weather. I haven't listened to the album anymore in weeks though. You want to know why? It's because my promise of sacrificing to music this year has been more than fulfilled so far. The amount of new (and old) music I'm listening to these days is so huge compared to the past that it's not even funny. I have listened to 44 previously unheard albums/EPs this year, 12 of which have also been released this year. That in addition means that my end of the year list will be a tricky one to make - and Long. As. Hell. Once again, you can check more details out on my and Rate Your Music profiles. Finnish bands Sara and CMX are the ones I'd like to mention in particular from my new discoveries.

Some fresh CDs I've actually purchased (besides ETOTW) include Eevan Perintö by Kotiteollisuus, When I Am With You You Are Safe by Major Label, The Warriors EP, Vol. 2
by P.O.D., Deliverance by Opeth, ...And The Rest Will Follow by Project 86 and Candyass by Orgy.
At school I'm doing better and my grades are fairly good again at the moment, but I also feel more like an outsider than ever before socially, which is ironic because I'm talking to more people than I ever have. It's just that I talk very little to each person individually (or at least I get very little from it), and they all seem to have a ton of activities with each other while I'm stuck making art that I'm not even sure can be called art because it's so unsatisfying, dull and unnoticed. I wouldn't even necessarily want to be a part of those aforementined activities, but it still sucks to be in the minority. I prefer being what I am rather than becoming what they are - which is only different, not better or worse than them - but who I am just seems to turn against me more than support me. I can say, though, that I could be and have been more depressed than I am these days. And before you take this as 100% teen angst, I do have real issues besides what I'm sharing here that contribute to that depression. Or at least less shallow ones.

I was going to include some philosophy on this too, but I've gotten tired since my inspirational sauna visit and so I'll just leave this post the way it is now. I'll make another post a bit sooner than last time, hopefully with some serious thinking again then.

Happy Easter to everyone around the world, and don't forget why we celebrate! :) Here's to a new beginning and being set free.

CMX - Melankolia

- Eyez