Thursday, June 28, 2012

At Last, From Inside The Fall, I've Arrived To Nowhere

I finally find myself doing what I should've done ages ago: listing the albums I've bought or otherwise received this year and can call my own. Watch and revere

(You can click on the picture to expand.)

How to read the list:
Band - Album
(Purchase date/actual reception date if not the same as purchase date). Order is the same as the one in the pictures, from left to right, above to below (which is also the chronological order of receiving the albums, excluding the DVD).

Nightwish - Wishmaster (January 14th)
God Is An Astronaut - God Is An Astronaut
(Gift; February 9th) 
Major Label - When I Am With You You Are Safe (February 15th/February 17th)
Kotiteollisuus - Eevan Perintö
(February 15th/February 17th)
P.O.D. - The Warriors EP, Vol. 2
(February 15th/February 17th)
Drudkh - Eternal Turn Of The Wheel
(February 25th/February 29th)
Opeth - Deliverance
(February 25th/March 2nd)
Project 86 - ...And The Rest Will Follow
(February 25th/March 2nd)
Orgy - Candyass
(February 25th/March 7th)
HIM - Greatest Lovesongs Vol. 666
(April 11th/April 16th)
Opeth - Morningrise
(April 11th/April 16th)
Sara - Narupatsaat
(April 11th/April 16th)
Katatonia - The Great Cold Distance
[5.1. Mix Special Edition] (April 11th/April 16th)
CMX - Aion
(April 11th/April 18th)
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
(April 11th/April 18th)
P.O.D. - Brown [Re-Mastered] (April 30th) 
Jacks Of All Trades - Teaser (April 30th) 
Demon Hunter - Summer Of Darkness (April 30th) 
Cataract - With Triumph Comes Loss (May 1st/May 4th) 
Kent - Vapen & Ammunition (May 1st/May 4th)
Evanescence - Anywhere But Home
(May 1st/May 8th)
Pariisin Kevät - Meteoriitti
(May 1st/May 8th)
CMX - Aura
(May 1st/May 8th)
Cult Of Luna - Salvation
(May 30th/June 1st)
System Of A Down - Toxicity
(May 30th/June 1st)
Killswitch Engage - Alive Or Just Breathing
(May 30th/June 6th)
36 Crazyfists - A Snow Capped Romance
(May 30th/June 6th)
Project 86 - Songs To Burn Your Bridges By
(June 3rd/June 11th)
Ünloco - Becoming I
(June 3rd/June 11th)
Faith No More - King For A Day... Fool For A Lifetime
(June 26th/June 27th)
Faith No More -
The Real Thing (June 26th/June 27th)
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day
(May 30th/June 28th)
Opeth - Lamentations: Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire [DVD] (May 30th/June 6th)

(Missing from the list and the pictures is Opeth - Damnation, which I have since loaned to someone. It was ordered on May 1st and received on May 4th.)

Keep checking this page. Lots and lots of stuff related to lots and lots of different things coming your way in the next few days. ;)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

There Must Be Something In The Water

After two short and depressing notes, it's time for some action. Summer has arrived, and although it's my least favorite season weather-wise, I got a lot of things to feel happy about at the moment. Firstly my school is over, naturally, and I only have one more year left before I graduate from upper secondary school. My grades at the end of the year once again don't fully satisfy me, but I can't complain too much either. On the scale of 4-10, my current average is 8,88 for all subjects, 8,86 for theoretical subjects. I do plan on studying for the first three baccalaureate exams I have in the fall (English, religion, philosophy) throughout my holiday, but all in all I'll try my best to let go of stress - at least school-related stress, heh. My practice sessions for the upcoming festival performance at Puruvesi Pop aren't going anywhere, and we might even have our own show in the school hall before then. The two performances we already had last month were both two-song-sets. In both occasions I played guitar on one song and drums on the other, and the songs where I played guitar went significantly worse than the ones I played drums on (not that those were perfect either). The songs we played were Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson/Alien Ant Farm + Staying Alive by the BeeGees (at an event called Street Beat on the Savonlinna market) and Rannalla Vihreän Joen by Eppu Normaali + The Boys Of Summer by Don Henley/The Ataris (at the school spring party). Anyway, back on topic... Perhaps most importantly my social life should regain balance during these next two months. I will have to see some people I wouldn't want to from time to time, but it's much less frequent than during the semester.

A piece of information that might not be all that positive or welcome to you all but unbelievably relieving for me is the fact that Wicked Breath's debut album Reflections & Realizations now has a bigger chance of getting released next spring than in December. With the amount of stuff I had on my back last month I could barely give a thought to anything album-related, let alone record or mix. This week I've only managed to record one bass track so far. On top of all else I still have my family trying to relax on their own right in the same apartment as me, so my possibilities and courage for recording are limited. Since I am a realist, I realize that the days and months are fleeting and I'm still not even half-way finished with the actual process of taping and arranging the album together (writing has been finished for months now), so it's only logical that not too many days ago I went ahead and introduced the idea of delaying the album to myself. I'm surprised how it makes me feel. For a long time I was stuck simply because in my mind releasing the album as sort of a Christmas calendar this December, including the song The Black just before the betokened end of the world, was such a perfect conclusion to the project that I was blind to other possibilities that necessarily wouldn't have as much innovation but could prove to be just as good. In fact, releasing the album in the spring of 2013 almost seems like a better plan to go along with than the previous one. After all, that's when I graduate (if all goes well), and I've been working on the record all the while I've been in upper secondary school (the oldest song to be included on the album will be Cyan lie, written in May 2010, whereas I became a first year student in upper secondary school in August 2010). Releasing the mammoth that has taken me countless eons to finish together with graduation and saying goodbye to some of the social connections I can't stand at the moment is going to be such a purifying experience and will help me "turn the page" in oh so many ways.

My creativity can't be fully dammed by anything, but it's true that lately I haven't truly been as enthusiastic towards my own music as before - a thing that has slightly even scared me but is now turning more and more back to normal. Even when I wasn't feeling inspired, I did come up with riffs, and now things are shaping up in the sense that I'm not only coming up with riffs but coming up with good riffs - and have some pretty interesting shapes for songs going on, for WB and Pakkasmielteeni both. My fifth project entirely dedicated to nu metal is still in its baby steps, but I got a few demos hanging around for that one as well, and tons of random riffage. Theban Cycle and Ravinethrall have been on a more or less obvious hiatus. For Ravinethrall's debut EP, I'm thinking of ditching the two songs I never mixed called (Still Not) Burnished and dearth. Winterpipedream can stay, and I want to develop more songs over the vibe of that track, perhaps already this summer. Lyrically I get lines out of nowhere but nothing concrete has really found its way to paper.

If my own music has been taking a bit of a step back, that time and space in my life has most definitely been replaced by new music. I've already heard over 70 releases this year that I hadn't heard before in my life, including 15 or so releases that were put out just this year. I've been checking everything from nu metal to hard rock to pop/rock to metalcore to doom metal and death doom metal to progressive rock and art rock to electronic music lately. As you can perhaps guess by my latest post, Katatonia's Brave Murder Day is the most glorious gem I've found in all of that, and my attempt is to post a video review of the album soon on YouTube. Other close-to-a-masterpiece albums I've heard since April Some of these albums have even made it to my record collection that is growing fast. In the last half a year I have bought and received 29 CDs, excluding CDs I myself have given to people as gifts. As always, for more detailed and up-to-date info on my listening habits and CD collecting you can go to and RYM.

Speaking of, just a brief note: their security was breached a while ago and several passwords were hacked, including mine which also happened to be the password for my primary e-mail account at the time. Having registered to 50-60 different sites it's very hard to keep an individual password for everything and unfortunately I had some bad luck this time. After my account was already blocked once for too much spam, I was able to gain back control and changed my password immediately, and not just for Hotmail. I hope no one on my contact list was affected by the spam they received or were hacked themselves. Here goes a plea to using as many unique passwords as possible, dear internet users, because we've got company out there when we're surfing the worldwide web...

For the time being, I'm trying to relax by listening to as much music as possible, following sports (Formula 1 and + field and track sports in particular, also some soccer naturally) and reading a book. For reasons I won't state here I can't mention which book it is, but it's fascinating and multidimensional as one can imagine. And I love it so far. Walking and going to the beach every now and then is among my plans too, but the water is still cold here for swimming and insects just love to tear the living blood out of my veins. <3 Just sitting and reading on the beach and taking photographs is fun, but I'd like to dip myself into the water a few times before the heat really attacks the northern countries as well and the beach is flooded with other people. As far as relaxing is concerned, let us not forget great food... The pizza I ate last Saturday after not having one in weeks was a lovely reward for finishing my semester.

Now off I go. I wish everyone a wonderful time while I'm gone... Shouldn't be too long though. Remember that love is the cause and consequence of everything... So embrace it in all of its forms if you can! :)