Monday, November 12, 2012

Dead Letters

Hello, and sorry for my abscence. School has been choking me to death the past few months. I've now completed the first part of my matriculation exams, and survived through 2 exam weeks. I still have to do more than a half of my matriculation exams in the spring as well as complete 2 exam weeks, but there is absolutely no exams for me anymore in 2012. Since I just completed my last exam of the year, maths, this is a good time to finally sit down and write a blog entry explaining my current life.

Another reason for this post is the fact that in exactly one hour, I will turn 18. In Finland that's the ultimate age, unlike in USA or some other countries like that. After today I am allowed to drive, drink, gamble, have sex with a prostitute... But those are all things I won't do because I don't want to (or can't afford to :P). The aspect of taking responsibility over yourself, your actions and your life, is unfortunately an attribute I can't avoid. I'm not sure if I'd even like to avoid it though. Today I finally become an adult according to the law, and for a long time I've felt like an adult already in terms of what my mind can do.

Let's talk about my journey this autumn a little bit, albeit most of my time has been swallowed by studies. I've managed to record some vocals for the album, and my current goal is to finish all of them by the end of the year. I have no idea when I'll have a single let alone a music video out, since most of the guitar and drum tracks will remain unfinished until the end of March, which is when I complete my matriculation exams (and intend to focus all my resources on the album and its completion). Maybe June, just before the actual album release in July? Maybe, just maybe, everything remains very tentative. I am doing progress, that's for sure. All the piano tracks for the album and the EP are done now as well thanks to my friend Justine who visited me in Finland last week. We managed to record all the tracks in one night at my school and now they're just waiting to be mixed.

While Justine was here, I had a blast, and it all culminated last Friday. We went to Jyväskylä and saw Junius, Alcest and Katatonia live. It was the best live experience of my entire life. Junius was very atmospheric and their performance from the drummer's energy to the frontman's charisma has made me want to check their studio material out as soon as I can. Alcest was the weakest of the evening I feel, but there were still a handful of wonderful moments, particularly during Autre TempsSummer's Glory and a song from their second album that I have yet to find and hear as a studio version. Then came Katatonia. We had managed to get directly in front of the stage, having waited outside the venue for 1½ hours  (it was freezing, mind you), and Jonas Renkse was maybe a meter away from me the nearest. Half of their set killed me, the other half gave me a rest in between the overwhelming emotion and craziness. My Twin, Soil's Song, The Parting, Forsaker, Dead Letters, Leaders, July, Omerta... Oh my. After their encore, the band threw some things in the audience and I picked one of the setlists. I also got myself a shirt and two custom-made plectrums. Just before going in line we visited a record store, and I bought five new albums. Although I was tired on the way back, I had a perfect evening. The whole week was really perfect, with the recording, a visit to Savonlinna, walks, a lot of music, a lot of talk, an interview we filmed and much more. I know you're reading this, so thank you! :)

So, speaking of albums... Since my last real update, my CD collection has expanded quite a bit once again. The new entrants are, in chronological order:

Kotiteollisuus - Iankaikkinen
P.O.D. - Murdered Love
Kotiteollisuus - Tomusta Ja Tuhkasta
Kotiteollisuus - Kuolleen Kukan Nimi
Opeth - My Arms Your Hearse
Velcra - Between Force And Fate
Megadeth - Rust In Peace
Duran Duran - Rio
Spineshank - The Height Of Callousness
Velcra - Hadal
Storm Corrosion - Storm Corrosion
Katatonia - Viva Emptiness
Lapko - Stacy
Pelican - Pelican
Skillet - Collide
Major Label - Hold Breath Between Lines
Major Label - The Weightlifter
Drudkh - Autumn Aurora*
Fear And The Nervous System - Fear And The Nervous System
Deftones - Koi No Yokan
Korn - Untitled
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Kent - Isola
Sara - He Kutsuivat Luokseen


(Sorry for the lack of picture and detailed dates, not enough time for now.)

The new Deftones album is amazing and I have a feeling that I will spend quite a while hearing nothing but my favorite band from now on. I have listened to a lot of old and new music throughout the fall of course, and as always, you can check all of that at my page and even better on my RateYourMusic page. Katatonia, Faith No More and Velcra are bands I've consumed the most I think. As you can notice by looking at my RYM page, I've been watching more and more movies too. I'm still no freak at that (or actually I am since I've watched so little :P) but I find myself watching at least one movie each week from TV these days.

I've filmed a new video review as well, which will probably be edited and uploaded in two months or so, around the same time as the interview me and Justine did. Anyway, I could go on and on about a lot of stuff, but maybe I'll stop here and go on to celebrate my birthday. It was about time for me to write a little, so here you go. :) More will be on the way now that I have more time... And by that I mean a lot of music-related things. Stay tuned and God Bless!