Tuesday, December 24, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 24: Dispossession

Translation work of the soul is so difficult
when all is concealed by a desperate weight of some sort
I alight to the stream, to the old grave
away from being the possessor
of things that cannot be donated
or given up, for that matter.

It is to see a traitor go free
It is to feel a filter in me
It is to leave the lights that I saw
It is to ask: is it easy to go

In this dead hour, here with you
seconds are worthless
In this dead hour when all is blank
minutes are worthless

How long will it take until
there will be room enough for hope
It is so sad to see dispossession
It has become my obsession now

It is to have a knife in my back
It is to say: my soul got a crack

Monday, December 23, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 23: King For A Day

As I set these familiar parasites
free to roam inside my corpus
I know that no one knows me
or these thoughts I set on fire
deliberately, so I'd remain.

It is not a good day if you are not looking good 
This is the best party that I've ever been to 
Today I asked for a god to pour some wine in my eyes 
Today I asked for someone to shake some salt on my life 

Look, everything's spinning, we're on the ground
Never cheer before you know who's winning, don't make a sound

Sniff the glass and let it roll around on your tongue 
Let me introduce you to someone before the party is done 
someone to look to in need or in want or in war
If you give him everything, he may give you even more 

This is the best party I've ever been to 
Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes

Sunday, December 22, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 22: Ghetto

All the blood in you
fills a window
that never dries.

I believe that this world believes in love

We might never really agree
on anything about the lives we live 
between you and me, so differently
We don't always see things the same
we should agree to disagree 
If we meet at love we can work it out

I believe you and I will overcome 
I believe you and I believe in love 

Whether you think I'm so confused
or if you feel the way I do 
So don't give in to this hate within 

Living in this world of pain 
don't let it bring you down 

The world is a ghetto 

I believe that this world believes in love 
I believe you and I believe in love

Saturday, December 21, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 21: Untitled

It defies the border of illusion
titles and contents exchanged within speed
 but as one enters with conventions
this place vast without denial
it becomes a scare, a fixation.

Friday, December 20, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 20: Revontulten Repijä

I'm a beast silent and wandering
I'm a crippled with mischievous overtures
Beneath my dreams I'm just a part of the scenery
no one was ever supposed to see
Clouds weary from carrying me
Eating away, the marsh smells waste-to-be
Decomposition, please, maybe then I'll be free.

Tähän kuulee meren, se on nälkäinen kuin eläin
levoton ja elävä, tie kaikkialle 
Tähän kuulee meren, rannan talon tuntumassa
rakkaudesta kaukana, päivät pitkiä kuin yöt

Satanut jo monta päivää raskasta ja kylmää, tasaista
satanut kuin meren suojaan kaikki vesi tahtoisi palata
Pian valo värisee ja sammuu, puhe päässä taukoaa
muistan kaiken tapahtuneen kuin jonkun toisen tarinaa

Anna minulle mitä tarvitsen, anna minulle, ota kipu pois
anna minulle mitä tarvitsen
Anna unta näkijän, talo tuultenmurtajan 
revontulten repijän ja taivaista-alas-astujan

Pää on raskas kantaa, kädet puutuneet
Raskaampi vain hellyys jota ei voi selittää
Ei aika mene helminauhaan, hyvin hetkin hyväiltävään
se kuiluun mustaan pisaroi ja maahan imeytyy
Aallot seuraa aaltoja, ja rakkaus hautoo uniaan
Tähän kuulee meren vielä rannan hiekkaa hiovan
kuin hampaita tai veistä hulluutensa suojassa
sadepeiton vihreässä kauheudessa

Thursday, December 19, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 19: Higher State Of Truth

Dam the whispers, obliviate the burden
of knots tightening over the crude material wick
educated logic calls desires a truthful acquaintance
tingle must ordain the order of underwent pain

Where blur overtakes the horizon
a slip, a taste becomes devastation
stones return to their abrading ways
weed grows suffocating the blaze
the blue in your eyes attains an old value
morphed to despise desolation in fortune.

The world is full of beauty 
but I've got only one thing on my mind 
The world is full of beauty 

I have a problem
it's burning a hole in my pocket 
Lose everything no matter how much I've got 
One little kiss never hurt nobody
One little sip to wake up the hunger
and now I starve

Devotion is an open wound

Revenge a higher state of truth 

Uh, what a problem 

Gasping for my breath yet I 
can't think of a single reason to stop
One stab but straight to the heart
One little sting tore me apart
and now I starve

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 18: The Amen Corner

Permeating through
the gaze of mystique
a token of waltz
on iced, ever-lush plains
behind a gleamy midnight drape

Fluttered in one
respirations, nestled from winds
not to usurp apart
will be pierced by a dagger
a dagger that always comes

I opt out from it all
cast away shooting stars that pass
for I can scar myself
all on my own
thank you.

White summer
So far I have gone to see you again
Hiding your face in the palm of your hands
inding solace in the words I do despise

You snatch at every sound
and even though you believe
that I am shackled within death
memories are tainted with paleness
Crestfallen still
those eyes empty like a barren well

It was the only task I would undertake
to reap the harvest that was mine
The seed that had sprung into a florid meadow
and left me helpless in your embrace
The bond we never spoke of
once stark and enticing
now slowly smoldering to dust

The celestial touch, from grey to black
A fathomless void enclosing
Unwritten secrets beneath the cobwebs I can not endure

And so I rose from my sleep
The moon turned away its face
Overture of the long, black night begins
Something you said:
eerie circles upon the waters

Until now we've shared the same aura
My ashes within your hands
My breath in the sepulchral mound
You know that your night is my day
The final spark that blew life into me
the demon of the fall

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 17: Frailty

Grasps are so erratic
even when reaching for soil
dire future ulterior
in the tarnish
of one's skin

Dig into horizons
for creases don't come from age
but from running deep
in the tarnish
of past skin.

I've never shown so much redemption 
I've never shown 

Crawl through the mist to the masses 
Born through sadness 
Endeavoured far too long with this 
I'm past this now 

Your reach is far too long

Drawn to the freedom of action 
Sworn compassion 
Been severed far too long from this 
I'm past this now 

I've never shown so much intention 
I've never known 

Scorn a resist that surpasses 
Fortune's absence 
Been severed far too long from this 
It's fractured now 

And all I've got is frailty to release 
time waits for no one 

Your show won't save me from the past 
Dissolved dreaming it could last

Monday, December 16, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 16: Snowfall

Pilus slackens
slow, powder-coated moves
looming descends to land from heights

Frigidity now reigns
this aeon amongst aeons
an antarctic fire
still emanates to the eye.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 15: The World Is A Thorn

A sip does not know when the glass is empty.

The gavel has fallen along with the rest 
Are we expected to settle for this 
Bring us the plague, lead us away 
Blacken tomorrow with ash of today 
Can't you see the fabric of our standards wearing thin 
See your world in its grave 
at the hands of the enslaved 

Won't bow to man 
Won't bow to government 
Won't trust in a failed system of self-fulfilling lust 
Won't love a world where my God is mocked 
I defy 

a kiss on the serpent's head 
We walk in the line of deceit
The walking dead 
Can't you feel the ground of our discretion giving way 
Refusal of hope, solution demise 
Bury the truth in a mountain of lies 

This is what you try to sell me 
Subjective nothingness 
Pull your sickness from my throat 
Let me breathe the truth 

Won't bow to man 
Won't bow to government 
Won't bow to greed 
Won't bow to false hope 
Won't bow to self 
Won't bow to modern code 
Won't sell my soul to a dead world 
I defy

Saturday, December 14, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 14: Chi

It will never let me go
not even when it's underground
buried in the careless sand
still with woe it burns my hands

It will never let me go
scarred too deep to just bleed on
chambers suffer aftershocks
even after hormone's calm

I sense all nuances
forced act, fallen
 rely on being
let down again

Strangle this cureless fiend
created by the care in me
it will not take note of deed
so bury the fucking pulse that feeds
my existence, vanity
efforts for pathetic needs
ways of death are hiding me
please let me live on scarlet fields.


Buried so far away 
Enter my life of nothing

Sick of the same old thing
so I dig a hole, bury pain

I am so high, always
burying my life so slowly

Opens my mind to feelings
Can't face bottom without something

Me entering my head 
feeling like I'm god 
with the world around me
Can't you feel this pain
reaming through my heart
screaming through my veins
nothing I can kill
screaming a lie I am
Can't you tear my eyes out
Can't you take my heart
to heart

Friday, December 13, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 13: Liisa

I do not fear death
but a painful life
without darkness
without light.

Metallin makua, minä tunnen sen
Ilman värinää, olen nähnyt ennenkin
värejä, minä sekoitan ne;
ääniä, minä sekoitan ne

Liisa sateessa Doorsia kuuntelee

Mutta tie, mä tiesin sen punaisen
Vihreä hanki, mä teen siitä avaruuden
Ja luonto on taas niin ylivoimainen
koska kylpee, lähteessä kylpee nymfeineen

 Ja minä syöksyn kohti varjoani
Ja minä syöksyn kohti rajojani
Luonto pyhä, luonto kertoo sen
Oot sä varma että takaisin tule en

 Ja Liisa ja LSD
Liisa sateessa Doorsia kuuntelee

 Sinä näet peilistä mun ilmeeni
Viel on aikaa korjata mun virheeni
Paha voi tulla ja ilma räjähtää
eikä mulla ole päätä enää

Thursday, December 12, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 12: Triggers

A gauntlet that fades into the morning
has saved all of your footsteps
but don't turn to watch, just stride
closer into your night
give your follower a clear shade of light
for there is only black and white.

Oh sickness, you are a rose

Your power cries, second mother to every man 
Clutch the child, extend to master sun 
Tiny lives burn out like so many ants
Don’t tell but I worked for the sandman
Swallow the stars and die with the daytime
Day after day, time after time
Dig out those grinding lower sounds
Pull out the waves, strip out the insides
A private train out to the center pole
Straight shot into the underworld
Half-derailed, twisted juggernaut
Just one passenger, hell’s biggest client
My sins and commandments fall away
And each face fills the waiting frames
A broken streetlamp, cold and convenient
Yes I’ve seen your work, you deviant

Come to me freely, find a seat next to me
I couldn’t help notice you’ve never once seen me
Find the escape light, no stop is meaningless
Yes I know what it means when I press this thing
It’s a tiny slice of your experience 
Do you really think that the lonely are ignorant

in the shape of the father
The devil’s bell rang 
and pulled him under
You left and left me with this 
final achievement, cursed and unfinished
A young fighter alone on an empire 
filled with beauty and idiots and saviors
Stop running through my favorites
Take the time to go through the other ones
This context makes me meaningless
Wait here while I find that reel again
Take that and delay our death a while
Stuck dry true reports that never fail
Call back all the spent humanity 
Replay all the years you took from me

Come to me freely, find a seat next to me
I couldn’t help notice you’ve never once seen me
Find the escape light, no stop is meaningless
Yes I know what it means when I press this thing
It’s a tiny slice of your experience 
Do you really think that the lonely are ignorant

Climb to the sun soldier, eat of my flesh master 
Suck out my collapsing shell and refill me 
Yes I know what it means when I press this thing 
Finish this one and close out the bloodline 
Don’t tell a soul but I worked for the sandman

[Christmas Calendar] Day 11: The Patient

for gemma
for effloresce
for the gorgeous fall
Lay side by side waiting
feel the looks, endure the spreading cold
Survive only to repeat the viscious cycle
only to fall down again a little harder
only to wait a little longer
only to endure more
Until the passing
and who knows
which to blame.

A groan of tedium escapes me
startling the fearful
Is this a test, it has to be
otherwise I can't go on
Draining patience
Drain vitality
This paranoid, paralyzed 
vampire act's a little old

But I'm still right here 
giving blood, keeping faith 
and I'm still right here

Wait it out
Gonna wait it out
Be patient

If there were no rewards to reap
No loving embrace to see me through
This tedious path I've chosen here
I certainly would've walked away by now
Gonna wait it out

If there were no desire to heal 
The damaged and broken met along
This tedious path I've chosen here
I certainly would've walked away by now
and I still may

I must keep reminding myself of this

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 10: Le Figlie Della Tempesta

Sudden black intertwines
with slowly moving, vanishing remembrance
disguised, the valentines glow to rescue

I've seen it all before
but ticklish voices tame me
one by one they promise me a wildfire

Consent takes me by the knees
drags to the hadal where I bleed
my desires run back if they ever cease

Petrified, I rot
sensing the matches wet;
useless, like tempted men. 

Before I go down
cleave to me, kiss and drown
weave your web of lies
catch the drifters by 

Bring me love songs, sing me black tunes
Read me kind words of sun and moon 
Love me freely, open up to me 
Feel me closely, say you love me 

The wind brings them in
to your den of sin
Caught by your divine spell
Locked within your wishing well 

Ice as eyes lured my soul 
Look of lust froze me cold 
Many lies holds your body 
A true feast for all to see

Men will fall to her song 
Women, too, won't last long

[Christmas Calendar] Day 9: Friends

Bliss in solitude
born from my apprehensions
Dimensions are secret in this firmament
I get lost in without a friend.

I don't know you
and I don't need another friend
Stop, don't come closer
if I'm not brave enough to bend

You don't know me
so I don't need your hand on my back
Stop trying to praise me
'cause I don't need to hear those words

I don't belong here
Surrounded by eyes that burn my back
Strangers around me
taking down the walls I built

Sunday, December 8, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 8: Temple From The Within

Light is in your palm
courage in your toes
wisdom in your wreaths of hair
beauty in your iris
all for you to find
offer, move, comb, reveal.

Make me feel serenity when all is revealed 
So easy to look back in life 
and question but I must seek to find 
the strength to push forward 

I want to see what's so beautiful inside 
as we drink of life eternal 
absolve me through your suffering 

And teach me to inscribe these words upon my heart 
Cover me with the shadow of your hand 

I will not lose myself in everything that tears me down 
because you stand by me 
there's no one to blame for my transgressions 

No one to blame but myself

Saturday, December 7, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 7: Preacher

Summoning an impulse
of crushing capabilities
Stormy oddity infused
into a valley of pinching peaks

I must protect this sensation
with the lush, the fierce lodged safe
kiss away the imperfection
and frozen rivers dye in flames.

We live as free as we can
with the burdens that we carry
Giving thanks for gifts given
and celebrating joys that have been earned

I hope my life is a long road
I hope that the journey is good

Know every day can be a blessing
if given the right approach
Set your intent, never waver
and banish the spectre of negativity

I hope our lives are a long road
I hope that the journey is good

Raise your hands up in a show of unity
The weariness is near
Be in the moment, always focus on the good
The weariness is here

Live long, live free 

Be mindful of the struggles
of those born in different circumstance
Our trials are so trivial
when compared to many of our brethren

Friday, December 6, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 6: Soitellen Sotaan

Place distant
with outer change constant
inner weakness
a strength to conquer the extreme

blood spills
showing affection
and speech

as we trip
in the woods
of insanity.

Tahdon vain elää kädestä suuhun
ja sielunrauhan ripustan korkeimpaan hirsipuuhun
Sillä rauha on minulle kuolemaa pahempaa
sieluni sotaa haluaa, rauhattomuutta janoaa
se tahtoo nähdä pimeän tiet

En kaipaa valtaa, loistoa
en kaipaa kultaakaan
soitellen sotaan vaan marssin ja laulan
Kuljen kohti voittoa
ja viimein multaan maan
syteen tai saveen saan sankarihaudan

Kuljen tien loppuun asti
enkä lopulta välitä, kuinka voittoisasti
Kun vanhana olen viimein perillä
ylpeänä voin todeta, että sydän verillä
sain nähdä pimeän tiet

[Christmas Calendar] Day 5: Nebel

Re-invented for centuries
newly drawn in time and displaced
it touches every breath
of everyone who breathes

She says it's within the chest
he hangs on to his achievement
for you it's a helping hand
for them it's reaching purity
and somewhere it's called nothingness, a vanity
a distance, a trace in the sand

I believe in mist
not to be rid of, not to be increased
just to tolerate and with
minute seconds seize.

Sie stehen eng umschlungen

ein Fleischgemisch so reich an Tagen
wo das Meer das Land berührt
will sie ihm die Wahrheit sagen

Doch ihre Worte frisst der Wind
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
hält sie zitternd seine Hand
und hat ihn auf die Stirn geküsst

sie trägt den Abend in der Brust
und weiss dass sie verleben muss
sie legt den Kopf in seinen Schoss
und bittet einen letzten Kuss

und dann hat er sie geküsst
wo das Meer zu Ende ist
ihre Lippen schwach und blaß
und seine Augen werden naß

Der letzte Kuss ist so lang her
der letzte Kuss
er erinnert sich nicht mehr

Thursday, December 5, 2013

[Christmas Calendar] Day 4: Oroborus

With means of suffocation
branches fight in the coldness
Coldness born from estrangement
Estrangement amongst other trees

Mercyful is the feeding light
Forgiving the roots forgotten
Evolution still leading to digression
and digression to a lost tomorrow

Before it ends, consider lack of life
for a fallen branch can't rise
and burnt wood is ashen
but frozen corpuscles
sleep forever after.

Serpent of light, movement of the soul
crawling stately along the spine
Mighty phoenix from the ashes arises
Firebird, cycle, life, regenerate the cell

Life burns fierce, reduced to ashes
Resurrection from the flame, ageless process
Quest for absolution, out of bounds introspect
Self-consuming womb, ever-present, meet no end

It seems like I always knew this
since I'm a child I can feel it
My inner light everlasting
revolving within a circle
Extended wings I'm flying
over the valleys and planes
The curve of space I'm leaving
death is just an illusion

Oroborus, symbol of eternal life
dig a tunnel through light, through ignorant walls
I'm counting the days but I'm dying
Grow up with impatience, I'm falling down
On the peaks of radiant mountains
this truth is growing before me
My attention fixed on this silence
Rediscover life while I'm breathing
Designing the shape of material
Frozen icon, distant reminder
Mankind has forgotten the gateways
By the mouth of the serpent regenerate