Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Arms

Today I received something.

My first vinyl. EVER.

Isn't it beautiful?

I want to make love to it. NOW. :(

Anyone have a working turntable to borrow?

Flush My Heart Away

First taste of what's to come. I now present to you the Baptism of Fire single.

01. Baptism of Fire | 4:19


I still don't have enough time for the time being to make a proper update, but besides the single, there are some announcements I want to make. First, leading to the release of the album, I will put together a series of track-by-track videos in which I talk about the album's contents. There will be 6 videos in total, each video touching on 2-4 songs, moving from the oldest tracks to the newest. Those will be out as follows:
Part 1: June 13th (Thursday)
Part 2: June 21st (Friday)
Part 3: June 29th (Saturday)
Part 4: July 7th (Sunday)
Part 5: July 15th (Monday)
Part 6: July 23th (Tuesday)

Reflections & Realizations itself will be out July 30th, with an exclusive first listen of the CD arranged in my room to a special few first. After the listening session the album will go online digitally, with the possibility to buy a physical copy (for a fee you get to decide yourself) to follow as soon as possible.

The EP This Slut They Call A Heart, including b-sides from the R&R sessions, will be released some time in the winter.

Stay tuned and be blessed!