Thursday, December 11, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 11: Fusion

A human is like a plum:
carrying a stone is required to bear fruit.

Snowy, peaceful, grand
My mind's wondering on this land
How better I understand the bright
and serene outside and warm sap running in

Boiling, boiling, pulsing, pulsing
Living, living, explosive, explosive

As cold and heat can harmonize
As sour and sweet can embrace

I could be your wild one
You could be my guy. all right
You could be my wild one, all right

You say it's because of
his young age he won't obey
I say a free heart won't be caught
with reins, time and reassuring talk
the flame inside will stay

Care, warmth, loving arms
Little breaks for the wild horses' hearts

I will be your wild one
You'll be my guy. all right
You'll be my wild one, all right
All right then

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("Fusion" by Eilera. Lyrics by Eilera, music by Eilera & Loïc Tézénas. ℗ Spinefarm Records, ©  Spin-Farm Ltd 2007.)

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Joona said...

The post for this week's Thursday is adorned by the lovely Eilera and the title track from her 2007 album Fusion. This playful and lively little tune with a theme of dynamicity was quick to inspire me to attempt being wise in my poem, and stating how each success requires (or comes with) an obstacle or hardship. The photo, taken here in Jyväskylä sometime this Fall, is an additional representation of opposites and different phases of nature colliding.