Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 18: White Knuckle Mountains

Eerie is the open sea
swimming in her
cradling, then drowning her
in the effect of an affect.

Strangers, the faces have changed
but lovers, I still remember
The deep black noise, the crossing roads
the soft blue rivers
The purple hills, the faint explosions
echo cosmic shivers

I'll leave the sadness behind
I'm killing the doubt from my mind
I know I'm strong enough
I keep telling myself
I'll leave the sadness behind
I'm killing the doubt from my mind
I must be strong enough

But now I know there's no way
we can change the past
No way we can make peace last
There's no way we control the future
we can, we can make peace last
that there's no way we could change

The great escape, the soothing rain
the misty winding highways
The warm round curves, a million miles
in the endless burning universe
 I want to hear what you hear
I want to see what you see
Synchronized, collective minds
our faces lose their meaning

White knuckle mountains
they tell me all

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)

("White Knuckle Mountains" by Velcra. Lyrics & music by Jessi Frey & O.D. ℗ & © 2007 Underarts Oy.)

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Joona said...

This entry is about (domestic) violence, told through the metaphor of sea. The photo is once again from the shore at Kerimäki, shot in August. The song is a recent favorite from Velcra's Hadal, one of my favorite albums of all time and a staple of this calendar with The Big Sleep (2012) and Higher State of Truth (2013) having made it in previous years.