Tuesday, December 2, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 2: Flying Whales

Persuading sugars clones
the price imitates aqua
A variable lack of
in a death-esque dessert
Deliberation in decline
in reach the pseudo-divine
Feeding excess throes

as coffee puddles drip, drift, dry.

Waters of chaos have invaded all space
The flood on Earth again, I have to find the whales
that once did guide us to the dry lands of life
I won't despair, I'll break this dark around

Under heavy sea I'll search the flight of whales

Beneath the seas I searched and had a different view
of us on Earth: the sinking ship of men
but it's beyond the stars I found the place
where they were and they finally came to light

Over the winds they dwell in light
like the arrow in the sky I found myself on higher grounds
from up here, for I'd see them, all the waste inside

Now I can see the whales looming out of the dark
like arrows in the sky, I can't believe my eyes, but it's true

Huge tunnel ends in light, like banks of clouds they gather
See massive shape of flesh, swimming giants in the clear
The mightiest comes to me, I'm on the wing wide open
They teach me how to fly, slowly moving in the air, they dance

So much told with no words at all
Powerful presence for only speech, breath

Over the winds they dwell in light

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona TurunenLicensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)

("Flying Whales" by Gojira. Lyrics by Joe Duplantier, music by Gojira. ℗ 2005 Gabriel Editions, © 2005 Listenable Records.)

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Joona said...

The theme for Tuesdays is the environment, emphasized with a green font color. Thus, it's only fitting to start with a song by Gojira, France's own nature-defending warriors. Today, the photo was chosen and the poem was written with the large scale replacing detail, because frankly I would've found it dull if my poem had flirted with low fantasy animal stories like the lyrics, not to mention how it's kind of difficult to take pictures of whales here in Finland. So, I ended up writing a poem that uses an allegory to explain modern deprivation and greed, coupled with a photo that is supposed to evoke estrangement. This picture, taken last Summer, can be approached with humor as well though - these type of birds classify as our own "flying whales", don't you think? :P