Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 20: Ephemeral

shivers after a fortnight
will crucify

You're on the breeze
rest in grey
Eternally sleep
Erase the day
I couldn't see you
through all the rain
Ember's sigh
holding our breath till the end

We end up far away
Out on the breeze
Take me past the horizon
We’re running out of time 

Anywhere is nowhere
Everywhere is fear
And you're just
all the walls of my lonely house
It's like awaiting
the end of the world
it sustains
the end of the world


There is no answer
to all that is crying
We're on to die
and carry on forever

The weakest died
it's the end of the world 

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("Ephemeral" by October Tide. Music & lyrics by October Tide. © Vic Records and Music Publishing B.V.)

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Joona said...

Today's post flirts with quite an obvious theme, but there's an underlying thought I started with and would prefer people to discover. For instance, the photo (taken in January at Savonlinna) is not just imagery for potential death. Notice how the angle makes the sight overbearing and humbling, but at the same time, you can't fall from here. The snow can be seen as a symbol to something recurring, while the rock is solid and always there, unchanged. The lyrics are not so much to be taken literally in this context, instead I see them as describing a mindset at a particular moment. Same goes for the cross-type shape of the poem. Of course, that's only hints to what I had in mind while writing though, and you may take this in a simply fatal manner if you want. Or develop something entirely your own...