Monday, December 22, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 22: Needles And Pins

It tickles light when play becomes
a parlor down in solar flames.

How neat, I'm impressed
how did you come to be so blessed

You're a star, you blaze
out like a sharp machine
like a whale's moan
I'm here if that's what you want

Here we are
You're pins, I'm needles
Let's play
Here we are
If you want this
then come on

Tune out everyone in the crowd
because now it's just me and you
Come fall in love with the sound
Make a pact to each other
when no one's around
Put the cross between me and you
Who wants to fuck with us now

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("Needles And Pins" by Deftones. Lyrics & music by Deftones. © & ℗ 2003 Maverick Recording Company.)

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Joona said...

What ties together a sunset photo taken in August 2014 at Kerimäki, a poem with such images as a light that's tickled or a parlor going down in flames, and a sensual, assaulting yet clever cut from the dark, self-titled album by Deftones? This is the fourth and last entry circling romanticism in this calendar, and the theme is, vaguely put, passion.