Wednesday, December 3, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 3: Blades

Holding hands hails heresy
Owls oblivious of oaths
pursuing paying practices
Explicit entertainment era

Larcenous limbs labeling laws
outlawing ownership
Segregation showers source
Tales token the timeless truth.

You'll find the way
everything will change

We'll find a way
or everybody in this world is gonna stay the same

They're insane, there's no way we can change
dark days, too late

Fuck the system
stand up and listen
we will never be a part of your altercation

We're just waiting for the day when you awaken
staring at the cracks in your pavement

It's time to take action
feels like we're being held up ransom

but I tell you, the faster they're feeding our fiction
don't believe in the jurisdiction
atone proscription

We give them orders, they ignore our decisions
with intent to destroy our religion 

Never give up, we're not gonna stop

You need to fucking wake up
this is a set-up

They just tighten the noose
to corrupt the youth

with twisted brutes
hoods hide the truth

Never give up, we're not gonna stop
there's no one to trust

We'll find the way
everything will change

(Photo and poem ©2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)

("Blades" by Hacktivist. Lyrics & music by Hacktivist. ©&℗ 2013 Hacktivist.)

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Joona said...

Wednesdays are red-colored and celebrate the bands I've seen live this year. Hacktivist, a band I saw in May, is the first one of these. As their name suggests, they are a rather political group and so my poem today also continues on the same path, also utilizing some linguistic play. The picture might seem lackluster in quality, but I personally like how it looks. Moreover, I chose it because it can be seen as a symbol of unity and common decay, all the while showing concrete segregation.