Friday, December 5, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 5: You Again

A fling-like flicker from bizarre hour
now and then flies by the dusk; my wife sour
meanwhile elusive, steady wax incites
enchants wasted eyes, rotten core ignites.

Well I hope I never see you again
Well I hope I never touch you again
Sometimes I wonder what's fucked in my heart
I won't let your fingers tear us apart

It's all so simple, it's all over again
A lack of talent is caving you in
Sometimes I wonder what's fucked in your heart
We're losing grip now, now we're falling apart

Speaker speaks but the words sound haunted
so much it's falling out of your hands
Could you ever tell
And it's there for me, there to see
And it's in full view
Why did I waste my time on you

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("You Again" by Shihad. Lyrics & music by Shihad. © & ℗ 1995 Wildside Records.)

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Joona said...

For Fridays I am introducing quite an original category, as all the songs will be from my first year as a human being. To be precise, I am posting songs that were released in 1995 - their writing and recording may have taken place much earlier. While it's Shihad's new album FVEY that has really struck me the past few months and turned me into a fan of theirs, You Again is still one hell of a song and a bright highlight from the group's acclaimed sophomore record, Killjoy. The photo, taken last Spring, is connected to the song and the poem in various ways this time, most of which are quite far-fetched. Thing is, I have a specific memory of listening to Shihad on this wonderful little lay-by, located a few kilometers away from the centre of Savonlinna. In relation to the theme of hate-love relations and enchantment towards people, one could see some symbolism in the way the branches are of the same tree but going in different directions. Not to mention that every fighting couple should live near a place like this to catch a bit of fresh air.