Saturday, December 6, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 6: The Justice Of Suffering

Betrayal hearkens the soil for weakness of rust.

I curse the love for you and pale souls you've tasted

The songs of filthy passion will soon turn to cries of pain
When I claim what is mine through the justice of suffering

When the paying of her sins comes closer the night will end in tears

And the moment you dirt her skin
with your fingers, 
you'll be sentenced

I, every second with her I count and for every second you'll suffer too

No light will save them now

when the words of hope have all been spoken
And I wash the blood from my hands
let them lie, silent and cold flowers

For my anger is greater

than the hand that once swept your cheek
And my anger is greater
than the human I was
I will claim what is mine
through the justice of suffering

Is the poison in your womb

worth of the burning flesh
in this pyre of ghost lovers

But every second with her I count

and for every second you'll suffer too
The night will end
It will end in tears soon

(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("The Justice Of Suffering" by Swallow The Sun & Jonas Renkse. Lyrics & music by Juha Raivio. © & ℗ 2007 Spinefarm Records.)

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Joona said...

Saturday entries are blue in color and feature songs involving one of my favorite musicians at the moment - Jonas Renkse. The first one out of these is a track off of Finnish band Swallow The Sun's 3rd album Hope, in which Jonas performs guest vocals. On Finland's Independence Day, is there really a better combination than a Finnish band and a Swedish vocalist? Anyway, the picture is first and foremost inspired by the final line sung in the chorus of the song, but I personally think that the stinging nettles also carry the same bittersweet theme of betrayal as the poem and the song as a whole do. In terms of shape, my aim was to maximize concision while writing.