Sunday, December 7, 2014

[Christmas Calendar] Day 7: Megalithic

Every man has to stop by a mountain
one that's ample and won't move

You know the air is too thin at the zenith
for lungs of tobacco to endure;
the climb devours a lifetime
of exhaustion and fall

If you strive to forsake the Earth
the Earth will let you go
Stone above, below and around you
harboring wavery movements
you may scream for grasp or carve in cruelty
but the mountain still won't move.


(Photo and poem © 2014 Joona Turunen. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0.)
("Megalithic (Princess Remix)" by Twin Zero. Music by Twin Zero. © & ℗ 2006 Twin Zero.)

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Joona said...

For Sundays (orange font) there really isn't much of a choice, as I would hate to ignore the fact that it's the day of Advent. In past years I've chosen tracks by explicitly Christian artists and groups for these particular dates, but this year I wanted to do something different, and so I ended up making Sundays the day for instrumentals. Twin Zero is a brand new find, and this song is actually a remix on the second disc of their 2006 album The Tomb To Every Hope. I just had to include one of the four remixes, since they're some of the most enjoyable remixes I've ever heard. The photograph - taken here in Jyväskylä less than 24 hours after I turned 20 years old - and the poem are directly inspired by both the song title and its, well, monolithic soundscape, in addition to spirituality.