Saturday, May 9, 2015

Blood Dribbling From The Edge Of Poison

Wicked Breath - Reflections & Realizations

01. The Black | 
MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
02. Baptism Of Fire | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
03. Drowning | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
04. Cyan Lie | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
05. Excruciated | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
06. Skies | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
07. Half-Heart | MP3
08. Allergy/Anemia | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
09. Awaiting The Great Depression | MP3
10. (Unholy) Months For Affection | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
11. Sip Of October | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
12. Precipitation | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
13. Wallow In Life | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
14. Grain | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
15. Polarity | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
16. CATS | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)
17. The White | MP3 | Lyrics (RTF)

All tracks: ZIP | YouTube stream (only 196 kbps) | Stream |
All lyrics:

Pre-orders for CD: contact me, preferrably via e-mail at or through commenting on this post with your name, address and a price of your choosing. (Don't worry about the amount of money you want to pay not being enough or being too much. If I was expecting a certain amount, I would just place it. Any orders are welcome!) Postage costs are added on top of your price (first class prices are 1,60€ for Finland, 2,30€ for Europe and 5,50€ for the rest of the world). Accepted payment methods include PayPal, bank transfer and cash. Pre-orders will start shipping June 1st, 2015. NOTE: the first 10 orders placed will receive a limited, handmade digipak edition of the CD with only 27 made in total. The rest of the copies will have regular jewel case packaging. All CDs are numbered and come with a 24-page booklet.

Please share the record as much as you like. :)

"Reflections & Realizations was written solely by Joona Turunen, commencing in April of 2010 and ending in July of 2013. The recording, editing and mixing phase took place between October of 2011 and May of 2015.

Wicked Breath is:
Joona Turunen - vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, programming

Additional credits:
Joona Turunen - recording, editing, mixing, producer on all tracks
Justine F - piano on tracks 7, 11, 16, 17

Artwork and layout by Justine F"

(Reflections & Realizations is licensed under Creative Commons license CC BY-NC -SA 3.0. For more info, see

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